Best Quotes About Excitement

Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old. -John Ciardi

Every book has an intrinsic impossibility, which its writer discovers as soon as his first excitement dwindles. -Annie Dillard

In motivating people, you've got to engage their minds and their hearts. I motivate people, I hope, by example – and perhaps by excitement, by having productive ideas to make others feel involved. -Rupert Murdoch

The role we can play every day, if we try, is to take the whole experience of every day and shape it to involve American man. It is our job to interest him in his community and to give his ideas the excitement they should have. -John Hay Whitney

There is no greater excitement than to support an intellectual wife and have her support you. Marriage is a partnership in which each inspires the other, and brings fruition to both of you. -Millicent Carey McIntosh

In a poem the excitement has to maintain itself. I am governed by the pull of the sentence as the pull of a fabric is governed by gravity. -Marianne Moore

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. -Gloria Steinem

The best part of one's life is the working part, the creative part. Believe me, I love to succeed… However, the real spiritual and emotional excitement is in the doing. -Garson Kanin

Discipline is based on pride, on meticulous attention to details, and on mutual respect and confidence. Discipline must be a habit so ingrained that it is stronger than the excitement of the goal or the fear of failure. -Gary Ryan Blair

The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you're learning you're not old. -Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

The creative habit is like a drug. The particular obsession changes, but the excitement, the thrill of your creation lasts. -Henry Moore

The great trouble with baseball today is that most of the players are in the game for the money and that's it, not for the love of it, the excitement of it, the thrill of it. -Ty Cobb

Get excited and enthusiastic about you own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire – you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away. -Denis Waitley

The human mind is capable of excitement without the application of gross and violent stimulants; and he must have a very faint perception of its beauty and dignity who does not know this. -William Wordsworth

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game. -Donald Trump

Faith is an excitement and an enthusiasm: it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure, and not squander on our way through life in the small coin of empty words, or in exact and priggish argument. -George Sand

Dreams get you into the future and add excitement to the present. -Robert Conklin

It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering what my intuition will toss up to me, like gifts from the sea. I work with it and rely on it. It's my partner. -Jonas Salk

I consider criticism merely a preliminary excitement, a statement of things a writer has to clear up in his own head sometime or other, probably antecedent to writing; of no value unless it come to fruit in the created work later. -Ezra Pound

Fear is excitement without breath. -Robert Heller

Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity. -Bo Bennett

If I had my way, if I was lucky enough, if I could be on the brink my entire life – that great sense of expectation and excitement without the disappointment – that would be the perfect state. -Cate Blanchett

It is extremely unlikely that anyone coming out of school with a technical degree will go into one area and stay there. Today's students have to look forward to the excitement of probably having three or four careers. -Gordon Moore

I lost that excitement I had when I first started out. It was all about the need to just get a job, and so I found the joy again when I was writing Deuce Bigelow. I was laughing so hard and along with my writing partner at the time, simply laughing until we cried. -Rob Schneider

Unquestionably, it was going to be highly dangerous. Yet I felt it was quite natural to jump at the task. After all, if you don't like action and excitement, you don't go into police work. And, what the hell, I figured, nobody lives forever! -Eliot Ness

Learning should be a joy and full of excitement. It is life's greatest adventure; it is an illustrated excursion into the minds of the noble and the learned. -Taylor Caldwell

One feels the excitement of hearing an untold story. -John Hope

There is no excitement anywhere in the world, short of war, to match the excitement of the American presidential campaign. -Theodore White

When you coach as long as I did, you can't help but miss those Saturdays – dealing with the players, the game preparation, the challenges, the excitement. -Tom Osborne

Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas. -Paul Samuelson

Found everybody in a terrible state of excitement on account of the enemy's advance upon this place. -John Buford

I try to construct a picture in which shapes, spaces, colors, form a set of unique relationships, independent of any subject matter. At the same time I try to capture and translate the excitement and emotion aroused in me by the impact with the original idea. -Milton Avery

It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living. -David Attenborough

I believe that an artist working for and representing the Kingdom of God should do the best of their ability to show and prove the depth, life, newness, creativity, truth and excitement of their Heavenly Father through the work that is set before them. -Daniel Smith

But I have fun with the fright, work with it. You have to – that's your timing, that beat of excitement. And when I go on stage, it's just like taking a step into heaven. Poof, you know? Poof – and there I am. -Eddie Bracken

If you wish to draw off the people from a bad or wicked custom, you must beat up for a march; you must make an excitement, do something that everybody will notice. -Lewis Tappan

Because of the wealth of fine music spread through the film, working on it held all the fun and excitement of attending a great concert. -June Allyson

I mean, I think I just it added to my excitement to playing today, and just going out there and doing the best I could, and no matter what happened, the end of the day was going to be a good end. -Karrie Webb

I was out of my bed in one second, trembling with excitement, and I dashed to the door and into the adjoining room, where I could watch the streets below from the windows. -Hermann Hesse

Comics as art. I do comics as comics, and my opportunity to tell stories. Simple. Basic. Let the characters have the excitement, not the package. That's where I come from. -Jaime Hernandez

I hope that seeing the excitement of solving this problem will make young mathematicians realize that there are lots and lots of other problems in mathematics which are going to be just as challenging in the future. -Andrew Wiles

No one can deny the excitement of visiting another world. -Barney Oliver

As soon as I started writing Julia, by which I mean while writing its first sentence, I felt a sudden, reassuring charge of excitement. I knew it was going to work. -Peter Straub

The excitement of vitamins, nutrition and metabolism permeated the environment. -Paul D. Boyer

We definitely need to get the excitement back. -Robert Mondavi

The real excitement and big deal for me started when I got cast in the first X-Men, which was sort of a fluke. -Shawn Ashmore

What we do now is to be valued – but we need to do more, so that it's more exciting to other people, and therefore that excitement shines back on us and we're able to have the energy to do more, to widen our creativity. -Siobhan Davies

I entered the Physics Department in 1950, receiving a Master's degree in 1953 and a Ph.D. in 1956. It is difficult to convey the sense of excitement that pervaded the Department at that time. -Jerome Isaac Friedman

There are a few directors around who I have some excitement about spending my $7 at the theatre watching their movies. -Sean Penn

I don't have any particular excitement about working with any specific director or actor at this point. -Sean Penn

The excitement that you were feeling about a special, unique path for yourself as a woman is all part of your identification with and attachment to being female. And that's ultimately all ego. -Andrew Cohen

It's taken us 10 years, and it was constant excitement. I was constantly shocked by how evil he could be. Mao was very, very shrewd but he didn't have human feeling. -Jung Chang

One of the people that I respect the most now, a person I think has done a heck of a lot for this world as a leader, is Margaret Thatcher. She helped create a world that offers us a lot of excitement as we look to the next century. -Sanford I. Weill

I'm glad I haven't married – I crave excitement. -Cynthia Payne

Who knows, I have always lived one day at a time. Probably more adventure and excitement. -Rob Mariano

No, I can't write treatments, I think there's a danger with treatments. That you… you write out your first excitement and enthusiasm in a prose treatment. -Ronald Harwood

At the moment you are no longer an observing, reflecting being; you have ceased to be aware of yourself; you exist only in that quiet, steady thrill that is so unlike any excitement that you have ever known. -May Sinclair

Yes, long hours and a hard life for my parents, but for a six to seven year old every new day dawned with fresh excitement when you have not a care in the world, and so much to learn and witness. -Vernon L. Smith

The overall view of the human genome project has been one of great excitement and positive press, but there are people who have concerns that are quite reasonable, and they are frightened of things they don't understand. -Thomas R. Cech

Yet better for one of my nature to have it that way than to have life a peaceful, placid flow of quiet contentment. I must have days of rushing excitement. -Dawn Powell

Teaching writing over the years intrudes on your own writing in important ways, taking away some of the excitement of poetry. -Robert Morgan

Many have gone on to do important scientific work but all remember those wonderful times when we and our science were young and our excitement in meeting new challenges knew no bounds. -Sydney Brenner

The guitar has a kind of grit and excitement possessed by nothing else. -Brian May

I believe scientists have a duty to share the excitement and pleasure of their work with the general public, and I enjoy the challenge of presenting difficult ideas in an understandable way. -Antony Hewish

You'll be dedicated and that's what you should want to be in anything in life – whether it's sports or academics or your relationship. It all stems from finding that fun, that thrill, that excitement. -Brandi Chastain

After doing so many different roles, if you don't stretch yourself, there's no excitement left. -Christine Lahti

The model should only serve the very private function for the painter of providing the starting point for his excitement. -Lucian Freud

Before my troops reached the little city, and before the people of Fredericksburg knew that any part of the Confederate army was near, there was great excitement over the demand for surrender. -James Longstreet

Sir, allusion has been made, in an early stage of this debate, to the history of the excitement which once pervaded a considerable part of the country, in reference to the transportation of the mails on the Lord's day. -Caleb Cushing

I saw the excitement, going to different places, being able to explore emotion in a healthy way. -Corbin Bernsen

For me, the highest level of sexual excitement is in a monogamous relationship. -Warren Beatty

Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure. -Irving Wallace

When it began to grow dark, the Rat, with an air of excitement and mystery, summoned them back into the parlour, stood each of them up alongside of his little heap, and proceeded to dress them up for the coming expedition. -Kenneth Grahame

The excitement really didn't start to build until the trailer – which was carrying me, with a space suit with ventilation and all that sort of stuff – pulled up to the launch pad. -Alan Shepard

The strength in our third-quarter financial results is cause for excitement. I'm particularly pleased that we continue to demonstrate impressive growth at the same time we are engaged in important merger discussions. -Bernard Ebbers

The most intense curiosity and excitement prevailed, and though the weather was uncertain, enormous masses of densely packed people lined the road, shouting and waving hats and handkerchiefs as we flew by them. -Fanny Kemble

Why is it good for football to take the excitement away from fans by overcharging them for tickets to see their team? -Sepp Blatter

With time, many of the facts I learned were forgotten but I never lost the excitement of discovery. -Paul Berg

However, the occasional visit of success provides just the excitement an engineer needs to face work the following day. -Koichi Tanaka

Going to Omaha for the College World Series – the people there are tremendous – huge crowds and a lot of excitement. I still remember those days – you make a lot of friends that you never forget when you win a championship like that. -Roger Clemens

When David Marr at MIT moved into computer vision, he generated a lot of excitement, but he hit up against the problem of knowledge representation; he had no good representations for knowledge in his vision systems. -Marvin Minsky

This position of this Northern party brought about the troubles of 1850, and the political excitement of 1854. -Robert Toombs

And also the new excitement and variety of ways that the abstract expressionists were applying paint. You could put it on as though it were colored air and it would be painting. -Robert Rauschenberg

Anything outside marriage seems like freedom and excitement. -Jeanette Winterson

We sat around one night and thought that people are going to look back and say, I can't imagine there was a lot of excitement about HER going up! -Christa McAuliffe

The president felt that it was important to send an ordinary citizen to experience the excitement of space travel as a representative for all Americans. -Christa McAuliffe

If anything, the overriding emotion is gonna just be excitement. -Christa McAuliffe

But to be part of helping create a character and be a part of something from the beginning – the excitement of it – it doesn't get any better. -Sarah Chalke

The excitement level for me working on projects is really not a bit different from when I was 26. -Amar Bose

I wanted to capture the excitement of house music, almost like a four-four beat, and the best way to do that was to use a language that was rhythmic and performative. -Irvine Welsh

I'd always liked to read, but when I picked up books I wasn't getting the same kind of excitement from them that I was from going out clubbing. I wanted to get the same kind of feel. -Irvine Welsh

As Ralph's character begins to discover the political thriller aspect of the film, he falls deeper in love with his wife, so the two run together. That's the beauty of this film. It has fast pace and excitement, but it also has heart and soul. -Rachel Weisz

There's this sense of excitement because you invent and control the characters. You decide whether they live or die. I find this type of creative process tremendously stimulating. -Sidney Sheldon

In their eyes as they pass is not hatred, not excitement, not despair, not the tonic of their victory – there is just the simple expression of being here as though they had been here doing this forever, and nothing else. -Ernie Pyle

Without any intended hubris, I've lead a pretty exciting life. What I've tried to do in Mission Compromised is draw on those experiences to create a sense of excitement and realism within the story. -Oliver North

To me, the excitement is in ordering a fine shotgun, going through the process that everybody who has bought one has gone through for 100 years. You order it, you make a significant down payment, and then you wait three or four years for the gun to be custom-made for you. -Tom Selleck

Lyrics are very different. There is a clear line between that and a poem. Something that has been a source of great excitement and delight for me is this idea that I get to rhyme. -Joanna Newsom

I think there's a great difference in consciousness in that same way in that when we're young we read books for the story, for the excitement of the story – and there comes a time when you realise that all stories are more or less the same story. -John McGahern

In other words, I'd say the whole story of Bob Dylan is one man's search for God. The turns and the steps he takes to find God are his business. I think he went to a study group at the Vineyard, and it created a lot of excitement. -T Bone Burnett

Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed. -Cavett Robert

The word 'romance,' according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime. -Billy Graham

There are not a few among the disciples of charity who require, in their vocation, scarcely less excitement than the votaries of pleasure in theirs. -Charles Dickens

The language of excitement is at best picturesque merely. You must be calm before you can utter oracles. -Henry David Thoreau

Some men tend to cling to old intellectual excitements, just as some belles, when they are old ladies, still cling to the fashions and coiffures of their exciting youth. -Jane Jacobs

A tour is the most intense, stimulating way to hear music; it's the best form to receive it. There's genuine excitement from people. I feel like we've stepped up a level. -Julian Casablancas

The formation of the News America Publishing Group will lead to greater editorial excitement, new business opportunities and greater efficiencies and coordination. -Peter Chernin

So this is the only TV show in America where I am quite confident that you, the audience, will share my excitement when I tell you that coming up in our next segment, we have the best graph ever. Best graph ever. -Rachel Maddow

There hasn't been this much excitement since the Romans fed the Christians to the Lions. -Sid Waddell

The excitement right now is coming from the Liberty movement. And the Republicans want a piece of it. -Gary Johnson

It's my mother's engagement ring so I thought it was quite nice because obviously she's not going to be around to share any of the fun and excitement of it all – this was my way of keeping her close to it all. -Prince William

If my world were to cave in tomorrow, I would look back on all the pleasures, excitements and worthwhilenesses I have been lucky enough to have had. Not the sadness, not my miscarriages or my father leaving home, but the joy of everything else. It will have been enough. -Audrey Hepburn

It's just a whole different thing, and it's just that my life has been a blessing, and I thank god every day for the gifts that he has given me and for my daughter and to be able to watch her grow and be a part of her joys and her excitement and what she wants to do in life. -Teena Marie

We have so much pride in welcoming these passengers onto the plane, and they have so much pride in travel. It's something that I definitely always remember, when I'm playing a scene on the plane, just to imbue everything with that sense of excitement. -Christina Ricci

It's an unusual opportunity, a chance for so many people to share in the excitement and the fun of the fact that we may be on to hints as to what the Universe is made out of. I guess the whole point of a prize like this is to be able to get that out into the community. -Saul Perlmutter

There's so much excitement around the Phish tours, and if it stopped feeling that way, it would ruin everything we've done for seventeen years. -Trey Anastasio

You take a vacation to a place like Thailand and you're ready for the excitement of something new and foreign. But when you're working 14-hour days, all you want is something familiar to ground you. And there's just nothing there. -Ed Helms

I have always loved the Bay Area. I spent a lot of time in the Bay Area. I started my career there. That's a huge part of the excitement for me. -Chili Davis

I'm trying to stay as calm as possible and focus one day at a time, but when reality sets in, I feel everything: anxiety, excitement, nerves, pressure and joy. -Shawn Johnson

If you asked somebody, 'what do you wish for in life?' they wouldn't say 'happiness.' I would have answered 'excitement, knowledge,' God knows – I mean, many, many different things, but certainly not 'happiness'. It seemed like a foreign concept to wish for something that specific and that singular. -Connie Nielsen

Even if you're doing the national insurance awards, there's still that excitement when you wonder who is going to win, er, best premiums. -Jimmy Carr

So much of the downstream revenue is linked to that initial excitement, to how much revenue is produced in the domestic box office. For example, what we pay for a film three years later is highly correlated to how well it did in the box office. -Reed Hastings

You lose your energy, you lose that excitement and it gets the audience up. -Don Rickles

I've been able to get an excitement back in the water. -Michael Phelps

Whenever you deal with science fiction you are setting up a world of rules. I think you work hard to establish the rules. And you also have to work even harder to maintain those rules, and within that find excitement and unpredictability and all that stuff. -Joel Edgerton

Just a ton of excitement, and the way the guys are together on this, they're looking at me to grow and to learn, and I'm looking at them to grow and to learn. -Kurt Busch

We have to keep our fans watching not just at home on TV but here at the racetrack too. This is where you sell people on the speed and excitement of racing. -Jeff Gordon

The excitement of the fans in Montreal, especially in the playoffs, I don't think you can get that anywhere else. For a hockey player, I kind of wish everyone could go through that and experience what it is to play there. It's very unique. -Saku Koivu

When I was so fatigued that I couldn't move, the excitement of going to the barn and getting my foot in the stirrup would make me crawl out of bed. -Ann Romney

I grew up in New York City in the '80s, and it was the epicenter of hip-hop. There was no Internet. Cable television wasn't as broad. I would listen to the radio, hear cars pass by playing a song, or tape songs off of the radio. At that time, there was such an excitement around hip-hop music. -Michael Rapaport

When my first novel was published, I went in great excitement round bookshops in central London to see if they had stocked it. -Antony Beevor

There's so much to think about when you're becoming an adult, and there's so many great poems about that apprehension and excitement. -Caroline Kennedy

When I was an academic, I'd sometimes get a little feeling of excitement when I had an idea that was, I hoped, fresh. And whether anyone should act on that idea is a very different question. -Cass Sunstein

I have always wanted to work in the theater. I've always felt the glamour of being backstage and that excitement, but I've never actually done it – not since I was in 5th grade, really. But I've had many plays in my films. I feel like maybe theater is a part of my movie work. -Wes Anderson

There is an excitement about having nightmares. -Betsey Johnson

I always had this thirst for excitement. -Nicole Miller

As a soccer player, I wanted an FA Cup winner's medal. As an actor you want an Oscar. As a chef it's three-Michelin's stars, there's no greater than that. So pushing yourself to the extreme creates a lot of pressure and a lot of excitement, and more importantly, it shows on the plate. -Gordon Ramsay

We all get a little rush of excitement at the prospect of buying a brand-new outfit for a first date, but this is not the time. You're much better off wearing clothes, shoes especially, that you've already tested. -Nina Garcia

The excitement for me lies not so much in interviewing the hard-to-get famous person, but the person whom you are about to discover. You know, like maybe the character actors who are just coming into their own and you're realizing how great they are. -Terry Gross

So the America I came to know growing up was filled with all the excitement and possibilities found in living the American dream. -Mia Love

If you felt that excitement when you voted for Barack Obama, shouldn't you feel that way now that he's President Obama? You know there's something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. -Mitt Romney

The world needs some excitement from fashion. -Christian Lacroix

I navigate through the world with the excitement and determination of a child. That's why I'm an artist. I'd die without an outlet for expression. Unfortunately, more often than not, that childlike energy is the maturity level I bring to many circumstances. -Kurt Sutter

To be able to make decisions and see them come to fruition and feel the excitement around them, what it generates within the company, how the artists get motivated – that's the most rewarding part; feeling I can be a catalyst for an artistic experience for our artists and for the public. -Karen Kain

In the world of classical ballet there are only a handful of story ballets, so getting a new one is cause for excitement. -Karen Kain

Being on a book tour is like being on the seesaw when you're a little kid. The excitement is in having someone to play with, and in rising up in the air, but then you're at the mercy of those holding you down, and if it's your older brother, or Paul Wolfowitz, they leap up, so that you crash down and get hurt. -Anne Lamott

Americans' addiction to sports, with the NFL at the top, is based on the excitement generated by the potential for the unexpected great play which can only happen with honest competition from great athletes. -Arlen Specter

Ironing boards are a classic example of something I find horrible about modern society: the excitementation, for want of a better word, of mundane things. -Daniel Radcliffe

Football lost its excitement for me. -Eric Cantona

You know a lot of times wrestlers get too full of themselves. They can't separate themselves from the characters. They get used to the excitement, the energy, the lifestyle and the money and with a lot of these guys, when it stops, they self-destruct. -Hulk Hogan

We're taught to be ashamed of confusion, anger, fear and sadness, and to me they're of equal value to happiness, excitement and inspiration. -Alanis Morissette

I had to find my way of translating the excitement you get when you're reading comic books to the big screen. -Ang Lee

People want to be special. I think ambition can take in a whole package of things, power or sexual excitement. -James Wolcott

You can see girls getting too excited and they start crying or worse. In a lot of these countries they don't get a lot of gigs to go to, so when they get to see their favorite artist they take full advantage of it. Obviously the excitement builds up too much for some on the night and they get a bit… crazy. -Niall Horan

I still have a vivid memory of my excitement when I first saw a chart of the periodic table of elements. The order in the universe seemed miraculous. -Joseph Murray

To drive an F1 car you have to be a little mad. On the morning of a race there's a mix of excitement and fear. If it's a wet track, then it's worse as you're not in control most of the time, which is the thing all drivers fear the most. -Jenson Button

That excitement on the court, I'm the same way off the court. I like to have fun, meet people; I like to give high-fives to the kids courtside. Just have fun. That's kind of my personality, that's how I've been. -James Harden

I have more energy at the end than I do at the beginning. You can be so beat up that you can scarcely walk on stage but when you get to the piano the excitement kicks in, you forget about being tired. -Dave Brubeck

I still have a vivid memory of my excitement when I first saw a chart of the periodic table of elements. -Joe Murray

I've been involved in one or two successes in classical plays but nothing to touch the excitement and the glamour and the gratification of being a children's hero for so long. -Tom Baker

I think it's wonderful when a love story begins with a great deal of romance and affection, passion and excitement, that's how it should be. But I don't necessarily know that it's the wisest thing in the world to expect that it ends there, or that it should, 30 years down the road, still look as it did on the night of your first kiss. -Elizabeth Gilbert

I much prefer touring to anything else. Studio work is great, and can be hugely satisfying, but live work has the excitement and the lifestyle that I love. -Gary Numan

Well, for me, the real excitement of doing physical things in films, whether you're talking about a fight scene or a stunt sequence or even a love scene, for that matter, is by necessity it has to be choreographed very much like a dance. That being said, you have to rehearse it over and over again and find a mathematical precision. -Benjamin Bratt

All the times I've been lucky enough to be a part of a show that's actually gotten on the air, it's always that same mixture of excitement and utter fear. -J. J. Abrams

The celebration… you cannot practice it or anything. It's a moment when the excitement of your goal make you react to the moment. -Peter Bondra

As an astronaut, when you're getting ready to go out of that hatch, you know that's the pinnacle of both your career and your life. The view completely blows you away. The real challenge is getting past the excitement and getting focused and down to work. -Thomas Marshburn

I had so much fun developing and launching my first fragrance with Avon, so for my second fragrance, I really wanted to add a little more edge. Outspoken Intense is a provocative blend of sexy confidence and daring femininity that captures the thrill and excitement of being centre stage. -Fergie

Of everything I have done, 'The Archers' always gets the most excitement; there's a sort of uncontrollable joy from fans of the program. -Felicity Jones

Use people whom you're excited by and who share your excitement… The ideal collaboration is one in which the actor and director are saying to each other, 'I can't believe how lucky we are to be making a movie together.' -James Toback

I think the excitement of movies is discovering stuff you weren't expecting, and I hope to preserve that. -Joseph Kosinski

When I talk about work or my take on life, all the joyfulness and excitement never seem to make it in. -Andrea Riseborough

People are attracted to entertainment, for sure, or jokes, excitement and romantically heightened stories that might be false, but are still attractive fantasies. -Bennett Miller

You go through a process of refinement and getting rid of the excesses of your early youth in terms of your excitement about what theatre can do. -Stephen Daldry

I know that every actor that I know, when Daniel Day-Lewis does a film, and he doesn't work that often, but we run to the theater to see what he's up to, and with such delicious excitement. The same goes for Meryl Streep. -Rosemarie DeWitt

There is always a mix of apprehension and excitement before you try songs out on a new audience. -Dan Reynolds

After the Berlin Wall came down I visited that city and I will never forget it. The abandoned checkpoints. The sense of excitement about the future. The knowledge that a great continent was coming together. Healing those wounds of our history is the central story of the European Union. -David Cameron

People ask me what the appeal of 'True Blood' is and I think there are so many answers to that question, but I think that when there is so much excitement for what you do there is no way that that doesn't become palpable and comes shooting out like bullets. -Michelle Forbes

Most novels I come across have all the excitement of a long trip on a bus with a sensitive glee club. Yammer and chat. -Barry Hannah

I may sing the same songs for over 40 years now but I always sing them in different ways in order to keep the excitement and passion alive. -Eric Burdon

I live my life, breathless… A life of constant motion and excitement. A life that many will envy and most would avoid! -Eric Burdon

I mean, movies are all geared to be basically under 25, and they're all tentpoles, explosions, excitement and all that – they take advantage of the big screen, which is great. -Joe Dante

Maybe I'm naively romantic, but I do believe that spice and excitement doesn't stop once a couple gets together. -Stana Katic

I think track is still one of the most exciting participant sports, but we haven't been able to capitalize on that excitement through television and the print media. -Bob Beamon

Opera was the cinema of its time, so to bring back that popular appeal, you just need to unleash its visceral immediacy and excitement. Most productions don't manage that – but when an opera does do it, you never forget it. -Baz Luhrmann

I was young enough to certainly realize the excitement of how popular 'Seinfeld' was. -Tim DeKay

I have a very big phone book and a very long reach around the world. And I think – I don't think, I know – that 95 percent of the people who I know who weren't born into success who have become successful and done things that are different and made a lot of money and had a lot of excitement in their life are people who never hear the word 'no.' -Jerry Weintraub

The last time I saw Ted Kennedy was a generation after my first meeting, at the Senate subway below the Capitol on Obama's Inauguration Day. He was his usual gregarious and gracious self – with beaming smile and booming voice wishing my husband and me good luck with our pregnancy and expressing his excitement about the new president. -Christine Pelosi

I love the excitement, the childlike spirit of innocence and just about everything that goes along with Christmas. -Hillary Scott

I have a complex feeling about genre. I love it, but I hate it at the same time. I have the urge to make audiences thrill with the excitement of a genre, but I also try to betray and destroy the expectations placed on that genre. -Bong Joon-ho

A sure sign of a soul-based workplace is excitement, enthusiasm, real passion; not manufactured passion, but real involvement. And there's very little fear. -David Whyte

It is with tremendous excitement and pride that EMILY's List endorses Senator Hillary Clinton for president. -Ellen Malcolm

In the digital world, he who hesitates is abandoned. So you have to generate 3-D excitement with as many devices as you can find. -Howard Stringer

Men, in fact, are excited and looking forward to settling down and having families and being true partners with women in relationships that are full of excitement, unpredictability, adventure, and loyalty. -Ian K. Smith

I just really like Houston despite its craziness. There is a sense of energy and a kind of excitement, 'We're going places and God knows what'll happen next.' It's very interesting. It's very exciting. -Gail Collins

It is clear to me that people often want incompatible things. They want danger and excitement on the one hand, and safety and security on the other, and often simultaneously. Contradictory desires mean that life can never be wholly satisfying or without frustration. -Theodore Dalrymple

There is a charm in making a stew, to the unaccustomed cook, from the excitement of wondering what the result will be, and whether any flavour save that of onions will survive the competition in the mixture. -Annie Besant

I can't stay friends with anyone who doesn't have a passion for something; and, generally speaking, artistic people, creative people carry it right into the kitchen, too. They have a zest for life; the excitement of living. All of the great eaters I've known are also men of great wit. -Alan King

I think shoppers are looking for newness and creativity. Look at C. Wonder, for instance. They're dancing in our stores. We don't believe in retail like retail was done in the past. We believe in disrupting the whole environment, offering them amazing value in an amazing package of fun, excitement and whimsy. -J. Christopher Burch

When my mother died, it sort of put a damper on things. My career didn't have the same significance or excitement. It had always been about doing well for my family – my brothers, sisters, father, mother. Then something interesting and important happened – I started doing things for me. -John Travolta

'The Big Sleep' is an unsentimental, surrealist excitement in which most of the men in Hollywood's underworld are murdered and most of the women go for an honest but not unwilling private sleuth (Humphrey Bogart). -Manny Farber

If you make the bad guy enticing and dangerous, that's where the excitement of playing the role really kicks in. I don't get to do that in my normal day-to-day life. Life is too taxing to go to those dark places. -Tony Vincent

I like to be wild, and I like to do wild, crazy things. I need excitement. At all times. Normal is not my type. -Neon Hitch

The grand scale and immersive nature of The IMAX Experience gives 'Spiderwick' a brand new level of excitement. In IMAX theatres, fans will be drawn into the movie even further and feel as if they are actually part of the story. -Mark Canton

I talk to bankers, distributors, marketing people. I used to sit at home in my tracksuit bottoms, and the real excitement of my day would be going out to get a copy of 'Private Eye' and a latte. -Rachel Johnson

If I ask my actors to bare themselves, to reveal themselves as almost naked, I have to bare myself, expose myself as well. That's what creates excitement. -Jacques Audiard

The problem is that music is selfish in that you need to make it for yourself, so that you can give it away, and those two things don't jive. I needed to find the right reason to play that had the magic and mystery and excitement that made me want to play in the first place. -Josh Homme

Football can generate excitement and bring people together. -Didier Drogba

I think making art is something where you think you know, you also know you don't know and you hope – all these things are in play all the time. I think it's what makes the excitement of creativity for the artist. -Eric Fischl

The world needs actual excitement and emotion more than it needs cool people. -Amanda Palmer

There are certain artworks that I respond to, artists that I respond to. It's an intellectual reaction but it's also a biological reaction. And the excitement that the work can generate – how it makes you feel about not only your intellectual possibilities but your physical possibilities in this world. How it feels to be alive! -Jeff Koons

I always like to believe that my work is about the expansion of the possibilities of the viewer. So if you have a sense of a heightened situation where there's an excitement, a physical excitement and an intellectual stimulation, there's just this sense of expansion. Because that's where the art happens. Inside the viewer. -Jeff Koons

When I was younger I always thought, 'If I were ever a comedian I'd make it like a rock concert.' I wanted to generate that type of enthusiasm and excitement. -Carrot Top

What is exciting is taking back the excitement of being able to debut something to an audience in exactly the way you want to. -Trent Reznor

The real excitement is collaborating with computer scientists and neuroscientists and starting to understand in detail how children learn so much so quickly. -Alison Gopnik

Designing is a lot like a high-wire act – if the tightrope walker is only six inches off the ground, where's the excitement? -Douglas Wilson

We very quickly forget about the wonderful things we've got. People lose their excitement because there's too much. Basically we're experiencing nothing, because everything is available to us. -Robin Ince

I think of Alan Thicke as Perry Como without the excitement. -Gilbert Gottfried

For me, the excitement in architecture revolves around the idea and the phenomenon of the experience of that idea. Residences offer almost immediate gratification. You can shape space, light, and materials to a degree that you sometimes can't in larger projects. -Steven Holl

The Connecticut Center for Science and Exploration will be a building that will connect the excitement of science to the surrounding streets, river and highway. These forms are ambitious and dynamic. They appear to reach out beyond their physical limits. -Cesar Pelli

On the song 'Dangerous,' it feels like a teenager picking up a new instrument and writing something with all of that naive excitement. -James Blunt

I love attention. I love going to events and photo shoots… I enjoy it all; the clothing, the makeup, the excitement. -Sasha Cohen

I like to windsurf and ski, and most of all I love to ride horses. The wilder and faster the better! If I'm presented with a fast horse or a fast boat, I still get that shiver of excitement and I cannot resist. Luckily I never seem to have any accidents, and thank God for that. -Andrea Bocelli

You don't really know who you're going to fall in love with at what time in their life. They can be the worst off they've ever been in their life, but you can't help who you fall in love with. That's part of the excitement of life – new people, new experiences. -Kirsten Dunst

Courses can, and should, incorporate the excitement and fun of programming games, apps or even real digital devices. -Geoff Mulgan

Any kind of novelty or excitement drives up dopamine in the brain, and dopamine is associated with romantic love. -Helen Fisher

Your sweetheart calls you by another's name. His eyes linger too long on your best friend. He talks with excitement about a girl at work. And the fire catches. Jealousy – that sickening combination of possessiveness, suspicion, rage, and humiliation – can overtake your mind and threaten your very core as you contemplate your rival. -Helen Fisher

A film has a beginning, middle, and an end. There is a certain amount of time that you have to embody these people. You know the entire story arch. But on TV, you have to let your guard down. You don't know how long the show is going to last. There is this excitement that comes with developing a character long-term. -DJ Qualls

I saw Tina Turner do 'Proud Mary' on TV, and it was so electrifying and such a unique experience. I remember crying out of excitement, and I knew that I wanted to be a performer and make people feel excited and moved, and that's why I gravitated towards it. -Bonnie McKee

Part of the excitement of doing independent film is the complete unknown of what lies in store for the film's future. -Rachel Miner

I get bored very easily. I do like excitement. -Kierston Wareing

I think action movies bring more excitement than tears, but I always want to take it to another level. I mean, I think if one appreciates anything in life to a certain degree, it could possibly bring tears to your eyes. -Donnie Yen

If you have a great day at work and you've been hit with all these great ideas and there's a lot of excitement on your team, your mind doesn't turn off. For years I've kept a pad of paper and pen by me at night, because things just occur to you. -Anne Sweeney

Ironing boards are a classic example of something I find horrible about modern society: the excitementation, for want of a better word, of mundane things. Funny ironing board covers – I hate them. -Daniel Radcliffe

When younger writers and poets, musicians and painters are weakened by a stemming of funds, they come to me saddened, not as full of dreams and excitement and ideas. I am then weakened and diminished, and made less rich. -Maya Angelou

I think as a filmmaker my first contribution would just be to make a good movie that people would love to see and leave the theatre charged, with a sense of excitement. -Michael Moore

Teachers need to feel they are trusted. They must be allowed some leeway to use their imagination; otherwise, teaching loses all sense of wonder and excitement. -Alan Bennett

When a book comes from the publisher and you see it for the first time… Of course it's not remotely like seeing a baby for the first time, but I can remember with each book what room I was in when I opened it. That would be excitement, though, I think. Not pride. -Colm Toibin

The thing that I really look for in people is enthusiasm and excitement and, not to sound really sappy, that fire in their eyes. -Rachel Zoe

There is a tendency for writers to be most exciting by whatever they just wrote. Sometimes that excitement is warranted. Sometimes on further listen it's not as good as something they did a couple of years ago, but it's just not in their sights at that particular time. -Stone Gossard

For so many years, I've been an actor acting in other people's movies, and in 'Unstoppable,' I'm producing it, and I have an opportunity to create some of that excitement with style and form and different color templates and things like that. So, as an artist, it's really exciting. -Kirk Cameron

Anytime I was in Memphis with my dad and at the house, I was happy. That was, like, a given. It was what I lived for. And I still feel the same excitement and warmth. -Lisa Marie Presley

You walk into a retail store, whatever it is, and if there's a sense of entertainment and excitement and electricity, you wanna be there. -Howard Schultz

There's an energy and excitement when you're building a company. You have so much tail wind. You're planting new seeds. But it's also scary, because there's no safety net. -Howard Schultz

Evolution doesn't care whether you believe in it or not, no more than gravity does. I want to rekindle excitement over what we've achieved as a species with the space program. We can't afford to regress back to the days of superstition. -Seth MacFarlane

Thank you… preseason football, for having all the excitement, commercials, and time-outs of the regular season, but with none of the mattering. I appreciate it. Thank you. -Jimmy Fallon

For me, doing a show, the excitement of singing live, and the possibility that you're not gonna be perfect – that's the thrill of it. -Alicia Keys

The Moon was the most spectacularly beautiful desert you could ever imagine. Unspoilt. Untouched. It had a vibrancy about it and the contrast between it and the black sky was so vivid, it just made this impression of excitement and wonder. -Charles Duke

Television cannot film corruption. Television cannot spend five days on a rattling railway train, talking endlessly. Television needs excitement, it needs an angle, it needs a 'sound bite. -Paul Theroux

When a person starts to talk about their dreams, it's as if something bubbles up from within. Their eyes brighten, their face glows, and you can feel the excitement in their words. -John C. Maxwell

I have decided to make a personal message to David Haye. I want him to fight me, to be a man. I wish there will be enough excitement, pressure and courage for David Haye to fight me. -Wladimir Klitschko

In the old days, when Muhammad Ali was fighting Ken Norton, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, there was a lot of excitement in the heavyweight division, I have to admit it. -Wladimir Klitschko

One knew in advance that life in New York would not be easy, but there were cheap rents in cold-water lofts without heat, and the excitement of being here made up for those hardships. I didn't move to New York to make a fortune. -David Byrne

'Green Garden' is about beauty and joy and lush green and dance and excitement and smiling from within. -Laura Mvula

When I first started, everything happened at once. I became religious, my musical career took off, I got married, I had kids, and all that happened within the course of a year. I had an excitement about this newly found faith, and so I was writing about that in a very evident kind of way. -Matisyahu

'StrengthsFinder 2.0' is an effort to get the core message and language out to a much broader audience. We had no idea how well received the first strengths book would be by general readers – it was oriented more toward managers – or that the energy and excitement would continue to grow. -Tom Rath

I've always thought photography was a bit of an adventure, so to come home with the film, develop it, then look at the results has more of a sense of excitement. -Anton Corbijn

I have a general sense of excitement about the future, and I don't know what that looks like yet. But it will be whatever I make it. -Amanda Lindhout

There's always an excitement around the Strip whenever something new being built. It was always the biggest and the best hotel or, you know, over-the-top things. And so, family would be coming in from out of town, and it was such a thrill to be showing them this, you know, erupting new volcano or whatever it was. -Brandon Flowers

I live with my family on the top of a hill in the country, and during the days, my house is quiet, save for the occasional excitement of the FedEx truck heading up the driveway. I write. -Dani Shapiro

That experience with 'Rent' went by so fast. I was younger. I didn't even really know what opening night was. And now I'm thinking back on the times I went to Broadway as a kid and the excitement I felt… And I'm realizing that I'm actually a part of that, so I'm learning to take it in, 'cause so often I shrug it away. -Idina Menzel

The excitement of automobile racing did not compare with what I knew must come with aeroplane fighting in France. -Eddie Rickenbacker

Sometimes, counter-intuitively, it's easier to make a major change than a minor change. When a habit is changing very gradually, we may lose interest, give way under stress, or dismiss the change as insignificant. There's an excitement and an energy that comes from a big transformation, and that helps to create a habit. -Gretchen Rubin

There is no doubt that online shopping has fed the craze for speed, because when you can't touch the fabric or try on the outfit, the only emotion you experience is the excitement of the purchase and the thrill of beating everyone else to it. -Suzy Menkes

As a journalist, I cannot help imagining with excitement a new era with a face-off between Hedi Slimane at YSL and Raf Simons at Dior – a magnificent battle of style and wills to echo the Armani/Versace, Gucci/Prada or even Chanel/Schiaparelli face-offs of earlier years. But I remind myself that this is not a game of chess. -Suzy Menkes

The Oscars is a sport. There's the excitement of watching something live, as it happens. -Neil Meron

I've always tried to seek out environments with excitement. -Kenneth Chenault

When you think about it, three of our biggest financial decisions in life are made at times of peak emotional excitement: deciding to get married, buying a home, and having kids. -Robert Kiyosaki

There's an excitement to officiating a well-played game. A lot of discretion, a lot of judgment comes into play. -Pat Meehan

I'd seen my dad on stage, and that was fine, but the real excitement was – that was my dad. Even now, when I see his films, he's always my favourite person in the movie. -Domhnall Gleeson

I still love Delhi but get scared of the madness sometime. I know that my fans love me. But it gets a bit tough to handle when, in their excitement, they start touching and poking you to see if you're for real. -Preity Zinta

The excitement of stepping onto a stage – there's nothing quite like it. -Lindsay Duncan

I think anyone can fall in love, if you're open and you're willing, but the real test is sustaining it after all the excitement has worn off. -Simon Van Booy

The whole excitement for writing anything is quite intense. And for a day or two, you think you've done everything extremely well. The problems start on the third day, and continues for the rest of your life. -Tom Stoppard

Money plays an important role in football, but it is not the dominating factor. When Chelsea play a Carling Cup game in a small city, and it could result in a draw – the excitement, the spirit, the atmosphere – that's the real beauty of football in England. -Roman Abramovich

I wanted to send a message to the television industry that excitement is not made of car chases. -Gene Roddenberry

Like the skyscraper, the automobile, and the motion-picture palace, neon signs once symbolized popular hopes for a new era of technological achievement and commercial abundance. From the 1920s to the 1950s, neon-lit streets pulsed with visual excitement from Vancouver to Miami. -Virginia Postrel

I enjoy theater just for the sheer excitement of it and the immediate response that you get, and how every night the audience is a little bit different; but then, it's expensive to work in N.Y., and stage work is limited, so you're just doing it for the art. -Dorian Missick

We are ever on the threshold of new journeys and new discoveries. Can you imagine the excitement of the Wright brothers on the morning of that first flight? The anticipation of Jonas Salk as he analyzed the data that demonstrated a way to prevent polio? -Joseph B. Wirthlin

I do miss the excitement of seeing history up close, of having intimate knowledge, through direct experience, of what happens when people and governments clash, but I do not miss the danger or the constant displacement. -Deborah Copaken Kogan

I loved the glamour and excitement of the games and, in particular, knowing the names of each and every one of the referees – that's because my mom, a former basketball player, would yell at them from our front-row seats for making bad calls! -Hannah Storm

When I get ready for a high-profile event, it's really about sleep and making sure I'm eating something healthy, and then it's always important to stretch to stay limber. No matter what, you want to feel as loose as possible, because it's easy to get full of excitement or tension with all that's going on. -Darby Stanchfield

When I think back on my favorite teachers, I don't remember anymore much of what they taught me, but I sure remember being excited about learning it. What has stayed with me are not the facts they imparted, but the excitement about learning they inspired. -Thomas Friedman

It's a small community, the classical music community, along with the excitement of new places and new things and this feeling of being at home wherever you go because that's where your community is. -Joshua Roman

I don't really pretend to know what's going on, but I've been immersed in the excitement of watching sports, particularly football. I like baseball, probably more than football. -Kevin Corrigan

Going into a shoot not fully knowing what I want to do – that excitement, that thing that happens, is just so powerful and makes such great pictures. -Terry Richardson

Since first hearing the story as a child, any mention of the 'Boston Tea Party' has elicited in me an excitement that is uniquely American. When I heard rumblings that there was a new Tea Party, I got goose bumps. I love tea, I love parties, I hate taxes; I'm in! It seemed that most of America joined in my excitement! -Greg Fitzsimmons

For me, graffiti means making marks on surfaces using just about anything, be it markers, spray, paint, chalk, lipstick, varnish, ink. Or it can be the result of scratches and incisions. The aim is to maintain the energy created by disturbance or excitement in the street. -Barry McGee

The excitement of being in a rehearsal room is good for me. -Jane Krakowski

I am not only overwhelmed with excitement to be back in the seat but also to show my support to help raise awareness to end domestic violence and sexual assault by displaying the 'No More' symbol as I pilot the No. 24 car. -Amber Cope

The true excitement comes from the actors – that gives you the true drama – and whatever I can do with the camera, that's icing on the cake. -Tony Scott

Once I go on stage, the atmosphere is totally theatrical. The greater the illusion, the greater the intensity of the excitement it creates. -Todd Rundgren

A great teacher who is full of excitement and love for her students can make all the difference in their lives. -Deval Patrick

There's a village in my computer – friends, fans, readers, and colleagues. It's a populous, sometimes chaotic little burg always bustling with news, gossip, opinions and potential excitement. -Lisa Unger

I worked in Maynard Jackson's first campaign, and I remember the excitement we felt when he won. -Pearl Cleage

You have to have passion for a subject to write about it. You can't expect your readers to feel any excitement if it's nothing but a boring writing exercise for you. -Leonard Mlodinow

Picture books are for everybody at any age, not books to be left behind as we grow older. The best ones leave a tantalising gap between the pictures and the words, a gap that is filled by the reader's imagination, adding so much to the excitement of reading a book. -Anthony Browne

I think I started out just loving the attention. But that's changed into a real love and passion for my profession. Acting has never lost that challenge and excitement for me. -Jane Badler

I was a rotten kid. My excitement came from seeing what I could get away with. -Louis Zamperini

My first time to Rome was when I was backpacking with my best friend around Europe for a month at 18 years old, so I remember that excitement of being away from home properly for the first time. -Natalie Dormer

You have to, in a way, just get your head down and do the work and not expect every day to bring riches and not expect every minute to bring wild excitement, 'cause it just doesn't. It doesn't on films, anyway. -Martin Freeman

All I wanted to do was read, to be told stories. Stories were full of excitement and emotions and characters that entertained and often inspired. -Cynthia Voigt

Romantic Orientalism was fascinated by the color and excitement of a powerful culture, and nearly always approached its subject with love. -Kage Baker

You can't play enough golf or do any of those other things that fill that kind of excitement that coaching gave me in the big games. -Don Shula

I do like a healthy dose of adrenalin, but my character is more rounded. I am not timid; I like excitement. -John Caudwell

I sometimes miss the sense of excitement that I remember having when I was younger. I miss that sense of, 'Oh wow.' I think it's part of aging. -Elizabeth Strout

Any creative process is about being in a territory which isn't secure, isn't necessarily familiar, and isn't convenient in any sort of way. And that's the excitement of it. -Susanne Bier

The main thing as a director, you always want to have a bit of a worry about the material you're going to get yourself into. You want to be a bit scared of it so that you have that excitement of having to climb the mountain. -Susanne Bier

The thing that attracted me to acting the most was I always felt quite unsure or insecure as a kid, and for some reason, when I got to perform these lines and characters, I felt safe. There was this confidence and excitement from performing that I loved. -Christie Laing

I remember the excitement of finding a great pancake recipe in 'Gourmet.' It felt as if it were mine. And it was Berkeley, of course – everybody cooked together. Cooking is what one did. -Mona Simpson

There are some nights where I don't get enough sleep, or we're traveling a lot. And then I'll go do a radio show, and the DJs are usually so energetic. And they're like, 'Why aren't you excited?' I say, 'I am excited. I'm just Swedish. This is my excited. I can't get to an American excitement level.' -Tove Lo

I don't feel pressure in a negative way. I like pressure. I feel excitement and calm at the same time. No pressure, no diamonds. I want pressure: pressure creates drama, creates emotion. -Conor McGregor

There have been two periods in my lifetime when the excitement of government and of public issues drew to Washington many of the bright young people graduating from colleges and law schools. These were essentially the Roosevelt and the Kennedy years. -Katharine Graham

I guess you could say I'm an addict – an adrenalin addict – I get great excitement and stimulation from doing stuff in public, even though I'm nervous and I have very bad stage fright. -Barry Humphries

I have hundreds of poems memorized. Mostly by others, but also my own. I use the poems when I lead retreats for management groups on topics like creating teams, or coming up with a more entrepreneurial system, or creating more excitement. -David Whyte

Great art should be shown with great excitement. -Thomas Hoving

I find that nothing but very close and intense application to subjects of a scientific nature now seems at all to keep my imagination from running wild, or to stop up the void which seems to be left in my mind from a want of excitement. -Ada Lovelace

To me, it was a sad fate to have been born into a period and a world where everything was in tip-top order, and the only real excitement was to be found in history books and occasionally also in the paper. -Hans Jonas

If you write a novel where war is nothing but hell and no one experiences excitement or cracks a dark joke, then you're not actually admitting the full experience. -Phil Klay

I need scarcely observe that a poem deserves its title only inasmuch as it excites, by elevating the soul. The value of the poem is in the ratio of this elevating excitement. -Edgar Allan Poe

Van Gogh never made a penny in his entire lifetime. He painted because it was his soul, his excitement. It was what aligned him with his Source of being. It's the same with me and writing. -Wayne Dyer

To be more childlike, you don't have to give up being an adult. The fully integrated person is capable of being both an adult and a child simultaneously. Recapture the childlike feelings of wide-eyed excitement, spontaneous appreciation, cutting loose, and being full of awe and wonder at this magnificent universe. -Wayne Dyer

I could never ever say enough about Matt Amato. He has an indescribable presence; this warm, loving, serene calm with intense interest and excitement bubbling beneath his exterior. -Madi Diaz

I can be completely spontaneous, which is absolutely wonderful. I don't like it at the same time; no one wants to be nervous all the time, but that nervousness mixes with the excitement I feel on the stage, and it makes for a wonderful performance. -Sophie B. Hawkins

My mother was a great storyteller and a great historian in her own way. She only made it to third grade. She came from Mexico City at the tail end of the Mexican Revolution and that kind of turmoil and chaos and frenzy and also excitement. -Juan Felipe Herrera

We expect the launches of Skylake, Microsoft's Windows 10 and new OEM systems will bring excitement to client computing in the second half of 2015. -Brian Krzanich

When I watch drummers, I always want to see energy. It's not about the proficiency of the musicianship; I'm just into the vibe and excitement of it. With drums, it's such a primeval thing. -Mike Joyce

I didn't do my work for money or prizes – only for the excitement of discovery. -Edmund Phelps

The excitement of being a Task Rabbit is that you can create your own businesses and become an entrepreneur. We're creating jobs for people in this economy. Some of the Task Rabbits are cashing out at $5,000 per month. -Leah Busque

Whatever the future of social reputation online, I'm excited to dig in and help forge the path forward. Not only will embracing and enabling the growth of these reputation elements benefit my business, the consumer in me can barely control her excitement. -Leah Busque

I attended elementary school and high school in Mexico City. I was already fascinated by science before entering high school; I still remember my excitement when I first glanced at paramecia and amoebae through a rather primitive toy microscope. -Mario J. Molina

A lot of times with novels, you can get a really deep, engaging story, but there's not a lot happening, frankly. Those books tend to be super-literary and dense, and they require a lot of commitment, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but if you want fast-moving action and gore and plot and excitement, you can get shorted on that. -Caitlin Kittredge

On the whole, when I travel to different countries, I like to find the hidden places, so I tend to avoid the cities – but in terms of the ease of getting about, finding what you need, the excitement, that undercurrent of whatever you want it to be, it's got to be London. -Will Tudor

You know yourself, once you've had the excitement of riding thoroughbreds, it's not very interesting riding anything else. But I still love horses; I just don't have one any more. -Kate Thompson

ROIers are always reaching out to me to share their appreciation for the experiences, opportunities and connections we have provided and also to express their excitement about taking the next step in their leadership journey. -Lynn Schusterman

The currencies of science are discoveries and ideas; the rewards are the excitement of going where nobody has been before and, if one is inclined to such things, the kudos of peer acclaim, plus funds to do more research. -John Sulston

My work makes me a better mom. It gives me a little door to step out of my parenting and bring the excitement from my day back home. -Christie Brinkley

I never thought I'd do comedy, ever, in a million years. I always thought comedy was just for fun – to me, the real stuff was the real dramatic stuff. Now I know it's all valuable. There's a real excitement, a good feeling when you can make people laugh. -Peri Gilpin

Little moments of excitement shape the sound of a record. You don't have anything, and then you start to have little parts that give you the energy to move forward because you start to see something. -Albert Hammond, Jr.

Darkness might seem to obscure what's happening, but I find it's always pretty revelatory: it brings out the awe in us, the fear in us, the excitement of exploring the hidden or unknown. It seems to conceal, but it really shines a light on what we want, what we need, and what we'll do to get it. Especially when we think no one can see us. -Kathe Koja

I was involved in Occupy Wall Street as a participant and poster artist. 'Shell Game' is an attempt to do something bigger, to use whatever artistic powers I have to explore the excitements and betrayals of that year. -Molly Crabapple

Pretty much everything I've written is a mix of excitement and fear. -Marlon James

Whether we're looking at the burial box of St. James, a fragment of the True Cross, the Shroud of Turin, or some bones supposedly belonging to John the Baptist, there is always excitement and distrust, faith and doubt. -Jay Parini

Most of my friends are not actors. Most people have an idea of what an actor's life is, and it's pure glamour and excitement: it's easy and free and everyone loves you. But with a certain level of fame, there's a real level of paranoia and depression that comes with what you do, that nobody talks about. -Cush Jumbo

Initial excitement over the announcement that Enbridge was building a pipeline to Kitimat dampened considerably when people discovered that the number of permanent jobs for locals, in the end, would amount to some dock workers. -Eden Robinson

I was at Harvard with a whole bunch of poets, and that was very rare. They published a lot of books because there was an excitement after the war that translated into poetry. -Donald Hall

Our products weren't getting some of the excitement they deserved because you were waiting on hold on the phone, or we missed an appointment. -Brian L. Roberts

Author tours used to have a sense of excitement and pleasure, a sense of occasion. I remember stores having a table with wine and food. It was just a real evening. -Jane Hamilton

Something happens when you feel that energy and excitement from the audience. And you do, I don't know, four pirouettes. You jump higher than you ever have. And it's just this really magical thing that happens in those moments. -Misty Copeland

The one period of glory in NASA was the first nine years when they weren't a bureaucracy yet… and they haven't gotten back to that excitement, that adventurism, and won't. So, I would take most of the NASA budget, and I would turn it into prizes for private sector. -Newt Gingrich

I am proud to have been born in Iowa. Through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy, it was a place of adventure and daily discoveries – the wonder of the growing crops, the excitements of the harvest, the journeys to the woods for nuts and hunting, the joys of snowy winters, the comfort of the family fireside, of good food and tender care. -Herbert Hoover

Earth, Wind & Fire was something new. I wanted to bring something innovative to the music. It was out of a desire to create excitement with music that was pleasurable to play and listen to. -Maurice White

When you get close to race day, there's that anticipation and excitement – it's the same whatever level you're running at because the marathon is like a festival. -Paula Radcliffe

Oh, I miss the excitement and immediacy of Broadway and the theaters. -Nell Carter

Of course I was in love with my father as a child. He was Daddy, and our house came alive in a special way whenever he walked through the door. He'd romp and play with us; my sisters and I would literally squeal with excitement when Daddy came home. -Ilyasah Shabazz

I remember when I got my first (and only) iPad – excitement filled the air as I opened the box and stared at what was essentially a big iPhone but without the phone part. I knew I really wanted it, and at the same time, I knew I didn't need it. -Rhys Darby

By the end of the millennium, despite the continuing excitement of the field, almost thirty years of a detour from chemistry to medical imaging began to pall, and I changed my focus to a field of chemical research, just in time for my past to catch up with me in the form of a Nobel Prize. All detours should be so productive! -Paul Lauterbur

I do not want to repeat myself. I want to reach for something I've never attained. This is the excitement of art. -T. C. Boyle

Every now and then, you'll get one of those days when you're feeling rubbish or when you have to pretty much drag yourself out of bed to get to training. But then you'll see the Olympic pool, and all the excitement and adrenaline will come rushing back. -Aimee Willmott

When I first walked in to London, I was so overwhelmed by the village, the sheer volume of people. I was just so excited. You don't know what to expect. So the level of excitement was almost draining, just taking everything in. I was so exhausted after I swam because of all the excitement in the build-up. -Aimee Willmott

With athletics, you put all that training in for only two major championships a year and the Olympics every four years. So when you get on top of the podium, it is relief and excitement and… Oh! it has all been worthwhile… the hard work, the sacrifices. -Jessica Ennis-Hill

It is difficult to convey the excitement I first felt when it was revealed that His Holiness Pope Francis was invited to Washington D.C. to address the world from the floor of the House of Representatives. -Paul Gosar

When exploring London, you will come across lots of excitement by chance, so try to take everything in rather than just rushing around to all of the major tourist haunts. -Richard Branson

It's always great to see young swimmers and their excitement and the joy that they have in the water. -Katie Ledecky

There is always the excitement of running races. -Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

I've often said it: that it is seen to be a place of energy, of excitement, of enthusiasm. That there's something about Ireland. -Enda Kenny

It was the corner sweet-shop in Australia that first piqued my interest in interior design. I went into this space with a mixture of apprehension and excitement as a child. It was filled, floor to ceiling, with the most incredible rounded glass bowls filled to the brim with bonbons, buttons, and sweets. -Anouska Hempel

I really appreciate what it takes to create a book. I understand the loneliness that it involves and the excitement and the vulnerability: I especially identify with that. -Bill Clegg

Obviously, virtual reality is where I've placed my bet about the future and where the excitement is going. At this point, I could say it's almost a lock. It's going to be magical – it is magical – and great things are coming from that. Along the way, I was focused on the first-person shooters. I said we should go do something on mobile. -John Carmack

I remember the first day of school my first year in the classroom. My stomach churned with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Could I do the job? Could I connect with the kids? Will there be the chemistry to build relationships and get the job done, or will I totally flop? -Randi Weingarten

Among a great many other things that chess teaches you is to control the initial excitement you feel when you see something that looks good. It trains you to think before grabbing and to think just as objectively when you're in trouble. -Stanley Kubrick

I remember being 24 in Los Angeles. And up until that moment, when my mom would call my cell phone and it would ring, I would be flushed with some sort of excitement that we all have – a little dopamine rush, when my phone rings – and I'd look down, and it would say, 'Mom.' It used to feel like a job to pick that up. -Mike Posner

As I began to take risks, leaving my very comfortable and secure job and taking this first leap into fashion, every subsequent risk became easier to take because I began to see the kind of opportunity and excitement that risk-taking offered. -Imran Amed

When you're sitting ringside, there's a primal thing there that hooks into violence and excitement. It's just two guys going at it in the ring – there's no team, no one to pass the ball to – and there's a certain excitement to that. -Antoine Fuqua

If you are wearing the right jersey, people rallying in around you, and hugging each other when you win, and there's so much love and excitement when you're together. And then people seem to walk away, take their jerseys off, and start focusing on the color of your skin. It didn't matter for that couple hours at the game – why does it matter now? -Antoine Fuqua

Once or twice in the height of 'Happy Days' excitement, which had more to do with Henry Winkler as The Fonz than ever had to do with me, we were kind of like a boy band for a year or so, and we would go out on personal appearances and feel the limousine rocking, and the grabbing at your clothes and people trying to steal your cap. -Ron Howard

I have been so copied by those people who have made fortunes that people assume I am that rich. But I did things for the excitement, the dare, the fact that it was new, not for the money. And too many times I was the first, not the beneficiary. -Grace Jones

Quite simply, my writing life has been one of relish, challenge, excitement. -Harold Pinter

There's a constant tension between the excitement of new people and security with one person. If you go with excitement, you create chaos; you hurt people. There's jealousy, and it gets very messy. If you have security, it can be boring, and you die inside because of all the opportunities missed. -Alain de Botton

There is more excitement, more amazement when a first is born. No subsequent babies can have that impact. -Deborah Tannen

Peter Fleming was a famous English traveler, explorer and adventurer, whose non-fiction books were hugely successful. My father owned signed copies of all of them – he and Peter Fleming had become acquainted over some detail of set design at the Korda film studio in Shepperton – and I had read each of them with breathless adolescent excitement. -Michael Korda

When I went back to my old high school, all these kids looking at me like I'm the real big homie, the same way I look at Jay Z, Nas, or Dr. Dre. You would've thought Michael Jackson walked through that joint off the excitement that they had. -Kendrick Lamar

To me, there is nothing like the excitement and unique experience of a live orchestra playing. -Carmine Coppola

The kind of filmmaking excitement that director Peter Weir brings to movies is bone deep. -Elvis Mitchell

When you spend time with potential customers, you get to hear about their struggles firsthand. You see their eyes light up with excitement or darken with confusion. You learn things you would never find in a survey, database, or questionnaire. You learn why people buy. -Jason Fried

Jamming with other people will create energy and excitement that you can feed off, and which will help push you to do things you'd never dream of doing by yourself. -Dimebag Darrell

Hockey, honestly, was my first love. The excitement, the fast pace, the intensity of the game… I still love it to this day. -J. J. Watt

I really wanted to buy a Range Rover. It was a big dream, and the day I bought it, I was very happy, but by evening, I was immune to it. That's when I realized that excitement, if it's happiness, is not in reaching the goal but in the process. Thus process trumps over realization. -Sushant Singh Rajput

The closest synonym of happiness is excitement, and you can generate it by doing something that you can't completely comprehend. This understanding makes the process rich and exciting. -Sushant Singh Rajput

I actually came out the year that AIDS hit the front pages. So there was this mixed feeling about it – excitement that life's finally begun, but it was completely tied up with mortality and danger and politics. -John Cameron Mitchell

I think nerves stop you from doing things. Make you stop and maybe make you withdraw. Then there's excitement where you can't wait to do it. -Michael Pena

I have been doing a lot of romantic movies, so such roles don't excite me much now. I would like to play an out-and-out, really cruel villain once. My character in 'Da Thadiya' had such a streak, but I want a full length villainous role. It is a different kind of excitement. -Nivin Pauly

Kids coming out of college want that urban core excitement more and more. -Dan Gilbert

I'm at the point age-wise where I've decided it's time to pass the baton to people who have several terms in front of them and have the energy and the excitement and the engagement that is necessary to carry it on. -Dan Coats

It is as though nature is a wonderful symphony that science sits in awe of. It looks closely at each player, how the tubas are tuned and how the strings are strung. Creationism lets out a loud 'shush' at such excitement. Just enjoy the show and stop asking questions. -Kyle Hill

As a child, I was fascinated by any branch of physical or biological science. Even today, I find great excitement in discovering the complexity and variability of the world we live in, getting a glimpse into the deeper reality that we mostly ignore in our everyday human activities. -Robert J. Shiller

I believe that if you work hard at a relationship, devoting time and energy to it, being willing to grow and experiment, and never take it for granted, that you can continue to feel the initial attraction and excitement indefinitely. -Sylvia Day

I am endlessly inspired by both the tenderness that can exist between two people and the excitement of falling in love. I'm very fortunate that I've been able to explore that in novels, a television show, some early development film projects, and essays about my own life. -Taylor Jenkins Reid

My proudest thing in my career is that I was able to change it three times. And I'm happy about that. I couldn't have done the same thing my whole life; I would've gone nuts. I couldn't do it, because I do things based on impulsive excitement, and I'm just not that guy that can do something for 50 years and be excited about the same thing. -Jimmy Iovine

I always try to go where the excitement is, where the best music is. I don't care what kind of music it is. I go with the best artist we can find. -Jimmy Iovine

You don't need to be partisan. CNN does need to stick to a nonpartisan point of view. That doesn't mean there can't be more passion and excitement. -Jeff Zucker

Twitter is 'Black Twitter'. That is a brand that 'Black Twitter' has given itself. That's where the hashtags happen… where the excitement is. -Chris Sacca

For me, growing up felt like a roller coaster ride at times, but looking back, I don't think that it was such a bad thing. It was all part of the excitement of being young. -Jameela Jamil

The excitement of wading into 'reality' and just finding out what happens – and then the challenge of selecting those things that happened and shaping them in the editing into a narrative that will have appeal and be engaging – is a great, great thrill. -Jonathan Demme

You immediately hear the word 'Merlin,' you think magic, you think adventure, excitement – you also think 'an old man.' -Colin Morgan

I follow my inspiration to wherever it goes. I do want the fans to feel the fun and excitement about it, and I like for people to be able to make their own interpretations about my work. -Jeremy Scott

The excitement does not change. After 40 years in the business, I still find the show to be a magical moment – the performance anxiety, the litmus test. -Giorgio Armani

As a player, NBA All-Star Weekend contains a lot of joy and a lot of excitement. Even with all the hype built into the game, it's really a special honor to be selected among many great players. -Scottie Pippen

All the weird inconveniences of adult life that you thought they made up to lend excitement and color to episodes of 'Sex and the City' are, in fact, real. -Alexandra Petri

If I go to the department store, I get no excitement: I can buy the entire department store instead of one bag. So I lost excitement of shopping. -Masayoshi Son

The heart and soul of pop is newness, excitement, innovation. -Jack Antonoff

That never stops. That's what drives you: the joy and excitement of doing what you love. -Jerry Lewis

In our early experiences with bitcoin, we found how few people were building bitcoin exchanges the right way. They really weren't taking the regulation seriously; they were taking it too much like how you would approach something when you're 18, full of the excitement of youth and throwing caution to the wind. -Tyler Winklevoss

I think I'll never stop doing theater because it's a more physical and athletic activity. You can't pull any punches; there are no short cuts, and you have to be physically present and committed. I love the excitement and the response of being in front of a live audience. -Sterling K. Brown

I like challenges; I like excitement. I like entering different worlds and trying to succeed – not excel, but succeed. -Brian Grazer

That's what I always hoped for when I became an actor – that you would do something that people can escape to, find identification with and excitement in and be able to talk about it in bars, restaurants, and workplaces. -Andrew Lincoln

Being in a Grand Slam, doesn't matter what you did before, it's always nervous and excitement. -Garbine Muguruza

I think, for me, one of the biggest things that I struggle with is keeping the excitement up when writing a song. A lot of times, I'll get pretty frustrated early on. -Brendon Urie

It never came into question, taking the name away or changing it. Panic! has always symbolised some form of excitement that I couldn't get elsewhere. -Brendon Urie

My main thing is I'm going to compete on every play, try to be focused on both ends of the court. That said, I'll always bring my excitement, my swag, to the game. -Zach LaVine

I love the excitement, the center stage, the limelight. -Bobby Riggs

There's no doubt that the Weight Watchers' long-term collaboration with Oprah Winfrey has certainly accelerated the company's progress since October 2015, with high awareness of her success and happiness with the program sparking interest and excitement. -Mindy Grossman

Today, fashion shows are now blogged and broadcast all over the world via social media. By the time the merchandise ships many months later, the newness and excitement has worn off, and in many cases, the customer has moved on. -Karen Katz

I meet my fears with excitement. They are an excuse to be courageous. -Catherine Oxenberg

The Draft is about the re-generation of hope and excitement for teams. Every pick your team makes could be the next Tom Brady. He could be the guy who turns around the fortune of the franchise. -Rich Eisen

English football has an enormous following across the world, not just because of the players but because of its history, its tradition, the excitement, the capacity crowds. -Fernando Torres

I don't regard myself as a soloist. It's a color; I put it in for excitement. It's not great loss if a solo has to go. We've made songs without solos. -Angus Young

I am never up for rain sequences because nothing can beat the excitement and thrill of natural rain. -Erica Fernandes

All the excitement is during the making of a film. Once I'm done with it, I switch to my next project and am excited about that. -Anushka Shetty

Horns really make a good band. They always create excitement when it's needed. They give the music a broader spread. It doesn't have to be all guitars and keyboards all the time. -Jaimoe

I love the heat and the excitement of Israel, and I will always love Jerusalem. -Simon Sebag Montefiore

For sheer excitement, a weekend in New York is unbeatable. Arrive on Friday morning, leave on Monday night, and don't worry about jet lag – just buzz for four days. -Tim Pigott-Smith

I never think about my age very much. I've always lived my life the same way, full of excitement and anticipation of wonderful things and the knowledge that some not-so-wonderful things come with it. -Joel Grey

I loved being in the theater. It was a place of enormous excitement and happiness and safety and respect and dignity. It was a place where, if you did your job, you weren't a kid – you were a full person worthy of respect from all the adults in the company. -Joel Grey

I am endorsing Barack Obama because he is a new kind of leader: he speaks with a different voice; he brings a new perspective and inspires a real excitement from the American people. -Amy Klobuchar

I think baseball represents something closer to our experience. There's no clock in baseball; it's not over until it's over. It's like life in that there are prolonged periods of boredom and monotony, punctuated by intense moments of excitement and sometimes terror. -Bennett Miller

My films are so new and unique that I don't know where I will end up. Fear keeps me alert. And it's also a part of an excitement. -Aamir Khan

For one person, Haydn is most exciting. Or Bach is the most exciting. For another, it's Carter or Strauss. For me – and for any musician – all of the music is exciting. And if you don't approach it with excitement, we can't be musicians. -Andris Nelsons

The excitement you can get in classical concert is as big, in a different sense, as you can get when you go to the ice hockey or baseball game. -Andris Nelsons

I know how to sell a brand and create excitement around something, and so when you combine those two together -entertaining and marketing – it's like things start to go crazy. -Jake Paul

Competing in my first Olympics in the country where my parents came from is pretty insane. I'm feeling nothing but excitement. -Chloe Kim

Obviously, the competition at an Olympics, the emotions are running high, and the stakes are higher for these athletes, so it does bring an incredible, palpable excitement and emotion into the building. -Tara Lipinski

For acquiring companies, the excitement is almost always about where they are going – that is, their strategy for gaining greater growth and productivity. But when mergers fail, it's often because no one focused on who they are – that is, their culture, which is critical to successfully bringing different groups of people together. -Punit Renjen

You get this feeling in bobsled, like a combination of excitement, anxiety, and pure nervousness, and you get that combination only very few times. -Elana Meyers

When I created Mary for the 'Batgirl' issue of 'Night of the Owls,' there was a lot of excitement at DC. Scott Snyder in particular was a champion for the character, bless him. -Gail Simone

TV has the unique opportunity to take musicals, live events, so it has that feeling and excitement and spontaneity, but still has a camera between you and what you are watching. -Marc Platt

'Tommy' was my first Broadway show. Long Pause. I don't know how you can surpass the excitement or get more excited or feel more on top of the world than when you are sitting in a room singing The Who, and Pete Townshend is sitting there tapping his foot. -Alice Ripley

To make three films out of one shortish book, they have to turn it into an epic, just as 'Lord of the Rings' is an epic. But 'The Hobbit' isn't an epic: its tone is intimate and personal, and although it's full of adventures and excitement, they're on a different scale to those of the bigger book. -John Lanchester

'The Interceptor' has an excitement and grittiness to it, but it's also very entertaining. It lives in this sphere of a slightly heightened reality where, although you completely identify and recognise all the characters in it, they're fun and exciting to watch. -O. T. Fagbenle

On the adrenaline level, the excitement from landing a jump and hooking a big bass are similar. -Scotty Lago

I think I can safely say that, as adolescents, most people have excess energy to spare and need adventure, excitement, and a challenge. -Prince Charles

Sometimes you can gauge the excitement of the rest of the band. If I'm bringing a song in and they're excited, then I'll hold on to that one. But there are times where it's like, 'Eh, I don't really like that one,' and we have to send that one on. -Matthew Ramsey

I was obsessed with theatre and loving the work of Caryl Churchill, Edward Bond, Howard Brenton, and Howard Barker, people doing real formal experimentation. But 'Road' was the first time I'd read a play written in a very true Northern dialect that seemed to have that excitement running through it. -John Tiffany

As one of the leaders in the world for AI, I feel tremendous excitement and responsibility to create the most awesome and benevolent technology for society and to educate the most awesome and benevolent technologists – that's my calling. -Fei-Fei Li

You can beat a dead horse as much as you want, but it doesn't come back to life. And sometimes you just have to change things up to keep the excitement and enthusiasm in the sport. -Kevin Harvick

I am honored to be named Godfather for Norwegian Bliss. This incredible ship and all the innovative activities onboard, from the race track to Broadway shows, perfectly reflect the energy and excitement of our morning show, and we are looking forward to bringing our loyal listeners along for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. -Elvis Duran

NewSpace is everything we want in this nation: energy, entrepreneurship, and excitement that spurs education, innovation, and an enlightened approach to the future. -Rick Tumlinson

Every moment contains an opportunity to create feelings of satisfaction and excitement in a customer. It's up to retailers to make it happen. -Neil Blumenthal

I used to wear the German shirt with such pride and excitement, but now I don't. I feel unwanted and think that what I have achieved since my international debut in 2009 has been forgotten. -Mesut Ozil

I don't think cricket is a game that people who have never played or been involved in understand the excitement. It's a game that is full of excitement, because cricket lovers follow the game and understand the basic principles and rules. They become connoisseurs of the game. -Garfield Sobers

I think with any woman, or any person that's been in love before, you know that feeling when you first meet someone. The butterflies and excitement that's there. -LeToya Luckett

People want a little excitement. I tell the truth, but I do it theatrically. -Mike Cernovich

As a professional ballet dancer, I have to accept that weekends are about work. The notion of a leisurely break with all the buzz and excitement of a Friday night simply doesn't exist for me. -Sylvie Guillem

It's one of my obsessions to come up with ways to reimagine establishing shots in new, non-boring ways. Shots that have energy and excitement. -Lexi Alexander

When you get new people around you, the excitement is new because they have different take on your music. They play it in a different way, and that's always exciting to be around. It elevates everybody onstage. -Jay DeMarcus

Extra weight – whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual – holds us back from our health and our potential. Overeating is a behavior caused by stress, depression, excitement, fun with friends, self-sabotage, and countless other feelings, emotions, and circumstances. There can always be an occasion to eat and overeat. -Tara Stiles

Doc Brown had a feverous imagination. He was constantly coming up with new ways and solutions to various issues, and time travel was one of them. I was just very inspired by being able to portray somebody of that sort. He's a man of tremendous energy and excitement about discovery. -Christopher Lloyd

I would love to do Doc again, no question. It's tough to come up with an idea that contains the excitement of the original three. So it would be a real challenge for the writers to come up with an original 'Back to the Future' story that has the same passion and intensity and excitement as the other three. But it could be done. You never know. -Christopher Lloyd

Regarding my pay, my salary, that I don't 'earn a lot,' these are things that are a result of two years ago when I came to Inter. To me, it was a good contract for having arrived at Inter. I signed the contract with the excitement and desire to prove my worth and be an important player for Inter. -Mauro Icardi

Early 'Top of the Pops' was something nobody else had done. 'Radio 1' hadn't been invented. It was a life of constant excitement for all of us involved. It was a pop phenomenon. -Jimmy Savile

I'm always grateful for any kind of moment that keeps my memories alive and gives me a little taste of the excitement I used to get all the time. -Bret Hart

That excitement of how music makes you want to dance – that's what got me back into it, and that's what 'Honey' is about. Me just being able to enjoy myself again. -Robyn

Despite all the hype and excitement about AI, it's still extremely limited today relative to what human intelligence is. -Andrew Ng

Silicon Valley and Beijing are the leading hubs of AI, followed by the U.K. and Canada. I am seeing a lot of excitement in India, going by the number of people who are taking Coursera courses on AI. -Andrew Ng

I was stealing the ball from all the guys. Every time they dribbled the ball, I used to take it, and I'd go down the court, and I'd either lay it up myself, or I'd pass it to one of my teammates. I was getting a lot of excitement from that; I felt good about doing that. -Muggsy Bogues

I personally find it difficult to accept that there could be anyone on earth insensitive to the comic abilities of Laurel and Hardy, Sid Caesar, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, or Martin Short. But no matter who the comic entertainer is, there is always at least a minority prepared to say, 'What's all the excitement about? He doesn't seem funny to me.' -Steve Allen

I think I am filled with excitement when it comes to doing films. -Ayushmann Khurrana

You see the excitement on the players. I don't know… if they think, 'This coach is crazy,' or if they think that, 'No, this is pretty good.' -Matt Nagy

I like what I am doing. I enjoy all parts of the game – the team building, training camp, game days, the excitement of Sunday… it beats working. -Bill Belichick

Generally, you're going into every game with excitement. You know you're going to play forward and not going to defend. You're going to try to create and score goals. -Christian Eriksen

As soon as we showcased the Wii in 2006, people immediately understood. At that E3 show, I was up on the stage with other Nintendo staff playing Wii Tennis, and I could hear the excitement behind me. -Satoru Iwata

In Europe, we packed in Wii Sports with the console, so one way or another, people processed the Wii by enjoying Wii Sports. The unique, interactive nature of the game was spread thanks to the excitement from the consumer. -Satoru Iwata

I always wanted to be cheered up. I felt like that feeling of the first day of summer or when a girl would agree to go on a date or you found a $20 bill – that undeniable rush of excitement – I wanted to make a soundtrack of music for that kind of moment. -Andrew W.K.

When I started this character, it was me being 12 years old again. We would have other wrestlers come to our promos, and I'd geek out over them and show my excitement. I would just grab them and not let go. -Bayley

If you're constantly stimulated by being called away to the buzzing and the excitement of what's on your phone, solitude seems kind of scary. -Sherry Turkle

It's an honor to play in a Thanksgiving Day game and bring excitement to the entire country. -Matt LaFleur

Freaks was a thing I photographed a lot. It was one of the first things I photographed, and it had a terrific kind of excitement for me. I just used to adore them. I still do adore some of them. -Diane Arbus

In '68 I was 13 years old, so I was a child, but I felt a lot of excitement in listening to things, looking at the pop art coming over from America. My father was an art collector, and he was coming home with these strange pieces of art that weren't exposed in museums. At the time, it was quite revolutionary, very adventurous. -Ludovico Einaudi

My idea is to take the improvisational excitement that takes place with Carnatic music and juxtapose that in different sonic contexts. -Sid Sriram

I agree that some of my performances in America, apart from having drama and excitement, have been a little under my estimation for performance. -Naseem Hamed

Boxing has lost its glamour and excitement. I'm going to bring it back. -Naseem Hamed

My performance against Ruiz was a good one – there were plenty of knockdowns, excitement, and drama. -David Haye

I can't tell you the excitement to be in a new TV series or a play you've got to read for. That's the best. -Nicola Walker

Tennis is such a fun game. One of the things that I really like is that everything depends on you. Before certain matches, you might have those butterflies, but that's the excitement. There's a ton of emotion that you're going through. -Grigor Dimitrov

Sometimes, when it comes to multiple-weight world champions, they have so much skill that it eliminates the excitement out of the fights. -Paulie Malignaggi

The Americans love Carl Froch. He has brought nothing but excitement to these shores in those Super Six victories he produced. -Paulie Malignaggi

Becoming a grandmother is an extension of a woman's personality. It doesn't matter how many times you become one; the excitement is the same. -Hema Malini

As I've got older, the nerves aren't there anymore; they just left one day when I was at Watford. I only feel excitement now, whatever the game. -Ashley Young

'SmackDown,' I feel, has more excitement than 'Raw,' even though 'Raw' is always branded as the flagship show. -Cesaro

I know the names of possible signings get fans excited, but it's a very fleeting kind of excitement. -Ernesto Valverde

I used to just go up to strangers and tell them really elaborate stories about who I was and where I was from and try to spice my story, which I didn't think was very exciting at all. That gave me a sense of life, a sense of excitement – but I don't do that anymore. -Inbar Lavi

I grew up watching 'Taker, and he used to scare me as a kid, so I think it would only add to the excitement to be in a casket match with a guy like that. There's definitely some jealousy. -Baron Corbin

Having played in U.S.A. in 1994, in France in 1998, as well as the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan – the first on the Asian continent – I have witnessed the excitement and passion unleashed in those different parts of the world. -Gabriel Batistuta

I remember the Vince Carter Raptor days: playing all the video games with him. Playing against him is one thing; having a chance to learn from him is a whole – another level of excitement. -Willie Cauley-Stein

The feeling I had at 14, getting selected for Everton's Under-15 side – that excitement, pride, all the emotions – it never goes away. It still happens when I'm waiting for the England squad announcement. I'll get sweaty palms, I'll sit and scroll through my inbox, refreshing it continuously making sure that the email comes through. -Nikita Parris

With a live audience, if you sing with the right feeling, the response you get is a high, an excitement. There's nothing in the studio that can give you anything quite like that. -Asha Bhosle

When someone tells me they've never been to a race, I tell them that the first one they should go to is Bristol, Tennesee. The shape of the track, the energy, and excitement under the lights is similar to what you might get at a stick-and-ball game in college football or the NFL. -Dale Earnhardt Jr.

As a player, you'd rather be up against Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Bayern. Big clubs. Great atmosphere. Real excitement. -Lothar Matthaus

Rakshabandhan is one day in a year I always look forward to… As children, we used to get presents and money, and there would be a full line-up of rakhi brothers, but as I grew older, the excitement was lesser as the love grew deeper. -Raveena Tandon

Tennis does need variety, excitement, and personality. -David Lauren

It's a safe bet most players would get nervous before a match. I do, too, but it's more excitement and more just wanting to get going, and I feel the same. -Johanna Konta

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