Best Quotes About Exceptional

It is always the best policy to speak the truth, unless, of course, you are an exceptionally good liar. -Jerome K. Jerome

The qualities of an exceptional cook are akin to those of a successful tightrope walker: an abiding passion for the task, courage to go out on a limb and an impeccable sense of balance. -Bryan Q. Miller

A novel must be exceptionally good to live as long as the average cat. -Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

Prolonged, indiscriminate reviewing of books is a quite exceptionally thankless, irritating and exhausting job. It not only involves praising trash but constantly inventing reactions towards books about which one has no spontaneous feeling whatever. -George Orwell

Dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real. I guess you could say I've a call. -Sylvia Plath

The thing that makes you exceptional, if you are at all, is inevitably that which must also make you lonely. -Lorraine Hansberry

I believe that history has shape, order, and meaning; that exceptional men, as much as economic forces, produce change; and that passe abstractions like beauty, nobility, and greatness have a shifting but continuing validity. -Camille Paglia

Al Gonzales is a dedicated public servant and exceptionally qualified to be our nation's next Attorney General. I know that a lot has been said about Judge Gonzales' life story. It is a story of the fulfillment of the American Dream. -Mel Martinez

I firmly believe that all human beings have access to extraordinary energies and powers. Judging from accounts of mystical experience, heightened creativity, or exceptional performance by athletes and artists, we harbor a greater life than we know. -Jean Houston

We have to say now we think the character of the party has changed so far it will take something very exceptional, something really out of the ordinary line to make us be convinced there's a chance of winning back the party. -Shirley Williams

I enjoyed the crew. The best part about 'The X-Files' has been the crew. This crew is an exceptional family and to go to work with a bunch of people that you really like is great. They're all the best of the best and they really try to do the best job they can. I'll miss that. -Robert Patrick

With me it is exceptionally true that the Presidency is no bed of roses. -James K. Polk

Object-oriented programming is an exceptionally bad idea which could only have originated in California. -Edsger Dijkstra

My experience has shown me that the people who are exceptionally good in business aren't so because of what they know but because of their insatiable need to know more. -Michael Gerber

For example, I tend to personally reward myself for specific acts of exceptional discipline. -Robert Vaughn

The support that we have from the network in terms of watching us at an unusual time in the year and playing our episodes three times in a given week until we built an audience… is exceptional. -Josh Schwartz

As children we recognized that we belonged to an unusual, even exceptional, family, but the effect was different on each of us. -David Rockefeller

Anyone who claims to be good at lying is obviously bad at lying. Thus – as a writer myself – I cannot comment on whether or not writers are exceptionally good liars, because whatever I said would actually mean its complete opposite. -Chuck Klosterman

We sat down and read it for the first time and I thanked God under my breath, because they were all so good. And my leading ladies are both exceptional. I mean, everybody in the play. I could just go on all night about them. -Gavin MacLeod

He was a very generous soul and was exceptionally dedicated to the medium of photography. -John Sexton

It was an experience that was exceptional. People frequently ask what it was like and it truly was inspiring. Sometimes during his lifetime, people would try and put him on a pedestal and that's not where he wanted to be, but he was really a great individual. -John Sexton

When I teach and meet a class for the first time, you realize that there are people there that have exceptional abilities or have the potential to do exceptional things and you never know who those people are. My job is to provide the best information I can. -John Sexton

Scientists and scholars should constitute themselves as an international NGO of exceptional authority. -John Polanyi

Vitality is radiated from exceptional art and architecture. -Arthur Erickson

The vote by the Judiciary Committee reflects the fact that John Roberts is an exceptional nominee with a conservative judicial philosophy – a philosophy that represents mainstream America. -Jay Alan Sekulow

This woman's work is exceptional. Too bad she's not a man. -Edouard Manet

Unfortunately, goodness and honor are rather the exception than the rule among exceptional men, not to speak of geniuses. -Cesare Lombroso

Many psychoanalysts refused to let me speak at their meetings. They were exceptionally vigorous because I had previously been an analyst and they were very angry at my flying the coop. -Albert Ellis

A Shakespearean tragedy as so far considered may be called a story of exceptional calamity leading to the death of a man in high estate. But it is clearly much more than this, and we have now to regard it from another side. -Andrew Coyle Bradley

I worked with such concentration and focus and I had hundreds of obscure engineering or programming things in my head. I was just real exceptional in that way. -Steve Wozniak

Penn State University is also nationally recognized for the exceptional research and patient care provided at the College of Medicine, located in my Congressional District in Hershey, PA. -Tim Holden

The World Cup tournament overall and, naturally, the new stadiums at its heart, are the ideal platform to portray Germany as a positive and exceptional location, and above all of course, as a highly capable economic location. -Franz Beckenbauer

My mother was a very literate person who had educated herself. She had an exceptional vocabulary. -Lynn Johnston

Cultivating literature as I do upon a little oatmeal, and driving, when in a position to be driven at all, in that humble vehicle, the 'bus, I have had, perhaps, exceptional opportunities for observing their mutual position and behaviour; and it is very peculiar. -James Payn

When you have a country that can boast that more than 95 percent of its eligible workforce is employed and pumping money back into economy, that's exceptionally good news, especially as we prepare to observe Labor Day. -J. D. Hayworth

A lasting solution to this problem will have an exceptionally positive influence foremost on the peoples of Palestine and Israel, as well as on the region and the international community. -Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Life exists in the universe only because the carbon atom possesses certain exceptional properties. -James Jeans

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail. -Giorgio Armani

In all nations an exceptional man exists that compensates the deficiencies of the remainder. In those moments, when humanity is found collectively in a state of decadence, there always remain those exceptional beings as point of reference. -Augusto Roa Bastos

I have learned to keep to myself how exceptional I am. -Mason Cooley

Women, by their nature, are not exceptional chess players: they are not great fighters. -Garry Kasparov

What characterizes a member of a minority group is that he is forced to see himself as both exceptional and insignificant, marvelous and awful, good and evil. -Norman Mailer

Honor means that a man is not exceptional; fame, that he is. Fame is something which must be won; honor, only something which must not be lost. -Arthur Schopenhauer

I am convinced that, except in a few extraordinary cases, one form or another of an unhappy childhood is essential to the formation of exceptional gifts. -Thornton Wilder

The people who went on that airplane were unexceptional. -Paul Greengrass

America is exceptional: but because it yields the likes of Obama, not the likes of Bush. -Eric Liu

I think to be a successful comic, you have to be exceptionally smart and exceptionally perceptive. -Christopher Meloni

You know, my parents have always been incredibly supportive. I'm an only child, so we're very close. There's just the three of us. They're exceptional parents but also great friends. My father was able to take his hobby, photography, and turn it into a beautiful career. So when they saw how much I loved acting, they were 100 percent behind me. -Sophia Bush

I reject the notion that America is in a well-deserved decline, that she and her citizens are unexceptional. I do not believe America is the problem in the world. I believe America is the solution to the world's problems. -Rush Limbaugh

We're at the crossroads. Down one road is a European centralized bureaucratic socialist welfare system in which politicians and bureaucrats define the future. Down the other road is a proud, solid, reaffirmation of American exceptionalism. -Newt Gingrich

My kids love it. I thought I was the coolest dad in the world when I got to be in a Bond film, but 'Harry Potter', too? Well, I think I qualify for a medal for exceptional parenting or something, don't you? -Robbie Coltrane

First, I want to pay tribute to Diana myself. She was an exceptional and gifted human being. In good times and bad, she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh, nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness. I admired and respected her – for her energy and commitment to others, and especially for her devotion to her two boys. -Queen Elizabeth II

You see, as Americans we're not defined by class, and we will never be told our place. What makes our nation exceptional is that anyone, from any background, can climb the highest of heights. -Rick Perry

I am an American, not by accident of birth but by choice. I voted with my feet and became an American because I love this country and think it is exceptional. -Fareed Zakaria

I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. -Barack Obama

My daughter is exceptionally chatty. I'm not a braggy mother but she is gifted – with the personality of a Russian gymnastics coach. -Caroline Rhea

You know the marathon in my country is just exceptional. It's like soccer in England. If England win the world cup and Ethiopia win the marathon – it's the same. -Haile Gebrselassie

Defensive backs are the best players on the field. But when you get an exceptional player like a Deion Sanders or a Darrell Green – these guys are fast and they have very good technique. You have to work a little harder. -Jerry Rice

Social media is a giant distraction to the ultimate aim, which is honing your craft as a songwriter. There are people who are exceptional at it, however, and if you can do both things, then that's fantastic, but if you are a writer, the time is better spent on a clever lyric than a clever tweet. -Bryan Adams

British fans are exceptional, but the American fans are something else. Some of them fly 500 miles to stand in line for three hours, just to meet me, then when they do they collapse. -Craig Charles

We do participate in the government programs, like probably 95 percent of farmers do. People who aren't familiar with the agriculture industry, you know, try and make that look like something exceptional. -Vicky Hartzler

There are divisions between a culinary chef and a dessert chef, also called a pastry chef. There are specializations within the pastry chef field. Some pastry chefs specialize in baking breads, while others are master cake designers. Each field requires an exceptional level of creativity and attention to detail. -Ron Ben-Israel

Little islands of human happiness, peace, and prosperity are so exceptional at this point in history that I'm not even sure we can draw lessons from them. -P. J. O'Rourke

Well, one of the most important things for Americans to be reminded of is that a lot of the exceptional nature of our country is founded in Judeo-Christian values that promotes individualism, personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to family, charity. -Jim DeMint

I want to find the candidates who understand the principles of American exceptionalism and have the character, the courage, and the confidence to actually lead the greatest nation in the world. -Jim DeMint

Candidate Obama was either exceptionally naive or willfully disingenuous when he vowed to change the way Washington works. The very promise of Hope and Change was rooted in uprooting the Washington modus operandi. But instead of rejecting it, he embraced it all – the secrecy, the closed doors, the political favors, the near-criminal negligence. -Reince Priebus

President Obama has made it his mission that we welcome our troops home with care and concern and the respect they deserve. That is how an exceptional nation says thank you to its most exceptional men and women. -John F. Kerry

Mitt Romney says he believes in America and that he will restore American exceptionalism. I have news for him, we already have an exceptional American as president and we believe in Barack Obama. -John F. Kerry

What's amazing is that I'm recognized all over the world through 'Red Dwarf.' British fans are exceptional, but the American fans are something else. Some of them fly 500 miles to stand in line for three hours, just to meet me, then when they do they collapse. It makes you feel like a rock star! -Craig Charles

Everything that everyone is afraid of has already happened: The fragility of capitalism, which we don't want to admit; the loss of the empire of the United States; and American exceptionalism. In fact, American exceptionalism is that we are exceptionally backward in about fifteen different categories, from education to infrastructure. -James Hillman

There was, of course, a global financial crisis. But our Labour predecessors left Britain exceptionally vulnerable and damaged: more personal debt than any other major economy; a dangerously inflated property bubble; and a bloated banking sector behaving as masters, not the servants of the people. -Vince Cable

My father was an exceptionally strong influence on me. -John Malkovich

American exceptionalism is the recurring character in the nation's narrative. -Ron Fournier

It's a deft trick to turn American exceptionalism into an exceptional political tactic. -Ron Fournier

My sister Jennifer is an Emmy winning journalist and mother of three amazing girls. She brings an exceptional dedication to her job, her family, and her community, and has been a role model of mine for many, many years. I'm extremely proud of her. -Ron Livingston

When I was in the 9th grade I was flunking out of high school. And that's why I'm so encouraged by the fact that America is the place where opportunity and American exceptionalism is alive and well. -Tim Scott

I know I'm in the exceptional position of having money but I didn't have it for many decades. -Cameron Mackintosh

Obama learned from Ronald Reagan that it helps to strike an optimistic tone. But genuine optimism deriving from American exceptionalism, it turns out, does not come naturally to him. -John Podhoretz

In 2012 the best venue I played was Union Chapel in London. It's a beautiful room, the sound is exceptional, and they treated us very well. -Ron Pope

Why should a great and powerful nation like the United States allow its relationship with more than a billion Muslims around the world to be defined by the narrow hatred and nihilistic actions of an exceptionally small minority of Muslims? -John O. Brennan

I think that the Cold War was an exceptional and unnecessary piece of cruelty. -Jane Smiley

The notion of American exceptionalism is effective in part because there is little on the face of it that is offensive. -Russ Feingold

The conservative version of American exceptionalism has become a password of sorts for candidates who want to prove their credentials to a right-wing America. -Russ Feingold

As bad as we are at remembering names and phone numbers and word-for-word instructions from our colleagues, we have really exceptional visual and spatial memories. -Joshua Foer

I think monogamy is a little unnatural, if I'm totally honest. You change. Things alter. It's the exception rather than the rule and I think it's exceptional to cope with it and manage it. It's hard work. -Robert Powell

I've known people with exceptional talent – and some have wasted it. Ambition spurs a man on. -Geoffrey Boycott

The greatness of America is capitalism, free market capitalism. The exceptionalism of American business. -Fran Tarkenton

I've just got an exceptional memory, if I say so myself. -Alan Sugar

Newspapers and their editors have to become as accountable as the rest of us – they are not 'a special case,' and they have only themselves to blame for having lost the argument for 'exceptionalism' – and with it the right to 'self-regulation.' -David Puttnam

Communism was something so hideous that you had to be an exceptional conformist or a fool not to see the evil around you. -Donald Tusk

There is something complete about Stevie Wonder, and one senses that he is not only exceptionally important today, but will continue to be for as long as he chooses. -Jon Landau

'Call Me' is not an exceptional Al Green album, but it is as solid as a rock at its center. -Jon Landau

Our success as a global brand has been directly related to how we select locations where we are confident our particular clients desire to be. Los Cabos, Mexico is the ideal Engel & Volkers market, growing in popularity among world luxury travelers seeking exceptional properties for second home opportunities. -Anthony Hitt

Mum doesn't like it when I mention that Dad's a better cook than her. He was born in Spain and spent eight years in Portugal and is exceptional at lots of cuisines. -Paloma Faith

Elizabeth Keckley was a woman of remarkable strength, courage, perseverance, and dignity. She was exceptionally talented, but also very diligent and ambitious, and together those qualities enabled her to deliver herself from slavery and become a successful businesswoman. -Jennifer Chiaverini

Exposure to a diversity of disciplines has been exceptionally helpful to me. -Irene Rosenfeld

As a youngster, I was considered exceptional, and in many ways that was to my detriment. -Michael Owen

I've had this unbelievable amount of good fortune and I'm just so thankful for it. But at the same time I feel exceptionally guilty. I have so many friends who are talented graduates of Juilliard and are exceptional actors and I'm the lucky one that somehow got such a fortunate break. -Matthew Gray Gubler

I know how I felt when I saw things like 'Fame' on television when I was growing up and how that was an exceptional magnet for me to want to explore the theater. I can only assume that 'Smash' is doing that for anyone who is halfway interested in theater already. -Brian d'Arcy James

I love the fact that so many of my readers are intelligent, exceptional, accomplished people with an open-minded love of diversity. -Suzanne Brockmann

Corney & Barrow are proud to have the royal warrant, meaning that they provide the Palace with some of the greatest – and necessarily most expensive – wines from around the world. I am pleased to say that they also hold my own warrant, for providing exceptional wines at – surprisingly – modest prices. -Simon Hoggart

In Beverly Hills, it's very spoiled in terms of the quality of life. I think the climate and the space and the quality of life in Beverly Hills is exceptional. -Lisa Vanderpump

One rare and exceptional deed is worth far more than a thousand commonplace ones. -Saint Ignatius

Finding a programmer to work with if you don't already know one will be a challenge. Merely judging if a programmer is exceptional vs. competent will be very hard if you are not one yourself. When you do find someone, work together informally for a while to test your compatibility. -Jessica Livingston

I very rarely wear suits, and only make one or two per season, so it's about wanting exceptional clothes that don't feel stiff. Fabric and garment washing are a big part of my design process for that reason. Everything needs to feel lived-in and comfortable. -Yigal Azrouel

I'm exceptionally open with my own parents, and they're exceptionally open with me. -Claire Danes

People who are exceptionally intelligent are often lonely because there are few people as intelligent as them. I have two little children, and everyone says: 'I hope they're doing well in school. I hope they're bright.' And I think: 'Why would anyone want their children to be the brightest?' Academia is a lonely world. -Helen McCrory

One thing most people don't know is that Steve Jobs is an exceptional designer. -Jonathan Ive

I didn't know anything about acting, I didn't know anything about theater, but I was just an exceptional student at high school. I wanted to play ball; I'm going after a basketball scholarship and be a doctor. I got injured and my marks began to drop. -Louis Gossett, Jr.

Of all mushrooms commonly consumed, oyster mushrooms in the genus Pleurotus stand out as exceptional allies for improving human and environmental health. These mushrooms enjoy a terrific reputation as the easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious and medicinally supportive. -Paul Stamets

I'm exceptionally email un-savvy, so to reply to my emails is like a torture. It's like literally, half of all my emails, I get my secretary to type out for me. And the personal ones, I avoid and just pick up the phone and call them. -Karan Johar

There are many singers who have got an exceptional talent, but spend their lives singing in local trains or hotels. Does the country even know who they are? Music in India is restricted only to Bollywood. Whoever manages to make a mark there is remembered. The ones who fail to reach and make it big there are forgotten. -Sonu Nigam

I'd say music runs in my blood. My parents are exceptionally talented singers, so even before I was born, it was a known fact to them that I'd become a singer. Thanks to my genes, I started off at the age of three and since then, music has meant everything to me. -Sonu Nigam

I travel to Chicago a lot. And I've followed Obama through his Senate race and beyond. I found him to be an exceptional candidate who was able to transcend ethnic and racial lines. -Sal Albanese

I didn't build Auntie Anne's alone. That would have been impossible. From the very beginning, we had a team around us that was exceptional. Our company was successful because of the dedicated people who worked for us. -Anne F. Beiler

There's an appeal to the American sense of exceptionalism, that we're morally superior, as way to not be self-critical. I think that's a bit dangerous. -Al Franken

Food makes travel so exceptional, because you get to taste what it's actually supposed to taste like. To eat the real Pad Thai or finally have a proper curry is something pretty amazing. -Meghan Markle

I didn't have a manifesto. I had some discontent. It seemed to me that midcentury mainstream American science fiction had often been triumphalist and militaristic, a sort of folk propaganda for American exceptionalism. -William Gibson

I have a whole iPod full of exceptionally bad music, truly awful stuff including a disproportionate number of one hit wonders from the early '80s and lots of hair bands. I find it utterly impossible to love a song until I know every single word, so listening to live music or new bands is pretty much out. -Lauren Weisberger

It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. -Vladimir Putin

The lesson of 9/11 is that America is truly exceptional. We withstood the worst attack of our history, intended by our enemies to destroy us. Instead, it drew us closer and made us more united. Our love for freedom and one another has given us a strength that surprised even ourselves. -Rudy Giuliani

I always think that the exceptional people are those who remain outsiders but still communicate on a grand scale. I think I want everyone to feel more free, and so I feel really claustrophobic on behalf of lots of people. -Bat for Lashes

There's only one music video that had an emotional impact on me, and that's 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash. That's exceptional. There is no music video I can think of apart from that one that really reaches you inside. -Anton Corbijn

In Sweden, only exceptional actresses get major film parts. -Maud Adams

According to Mr. Obama, exceptionalism is so yesterday, an uncool, antiquated and ultimately destructive notion. -Monica Crowley

American exceptionalism is grounded in the founding of the United States upon an idea, rather than upon the ambitions of men. -Monica Crowley

If people are being upstanding citizens of the Republic, then you have to widen the net to incarcerate them. This explains why America's prisons are full of nonviolent offenders – a perfect example of American exceptionalism. -Henry Rollins

Agents are deal makers, and they're really, really good at making deals. But they're also exceptionally helpful after the deal is made – agents act as a good intermediary between authors and publishers whenever disagreements come up. -John Romaniello

A good jockey has to be physically well balanced. They have to possess a strong upper body and a strong lower body. You've gotta have quick reflexes, and you've got to be incredibly coordinated. But it's you're instincts that have to be perfect. You can't be an exceptional rider without instincts. -Chantal Sutherland

It's a special place, and I believe in the prominence of America, and having America be and continue to be an exceptional place, and making no apologies for America being a superpower. -Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

The English playwrights of the '50s and '60s didn't really keep writing or getting produced, while the Irish did. There's encouragement for the younger ones also in the fact that Ireland is exceptional in its ability to make theater part of the national dialogue, and it reaches to all four corners of the country. -Garry Hynes

There was nothing exceptional about growing up as the son of a congressman. -Duncan D. Hunter

Anyone can show exceptional leadership ability in easy times. When all's going to plan, anyone can be inspirational/excellent/innovative and strong. The real question is how do you show up when everything's falling apart? -Robin S. Sharma

My mother was an awful cook, an exceptionally awful kosher cook, but I stayed kosher until I got to college, even though I'd long stopped believing in God. -Simon Schama

I'm not a princess. My mother is, not I. I am the niece of a head of state. And with this status, I have some representational duties – nothing very constraining or very exceptional. -Charlotte Casiraghi

I have done some wonderful television, but you know, there's not as much exceptional material as there is in the theatre. So I do a lot of theatre, but really, as with most actors, I just love going from one to another. It's stimulating, it's diverting, it's a different way of life, and you know, I dearly like a good mix. -Lindsay Duncan

The most attractive habitats for synthetic sentience might be the vicinities of exceptional sources of energy – for example black holes, or even the neighbourhoods of large stars, which routinely boil off the energy of ten thousand suns. These are the destinations they may seek. -Seth Shostak

What does the doctrine of American exceptionalism empower the United States to do? Nothing more than to act better than traditional empires – committed to looting and conquest – have done. So that's American exceptionalism: an exceptionalism based on noble ideas, ideas that it holds itself to even when it falls short of them. -Dinesh D'Souza

I had this exceptional classical music voice. If I'd followed a true path for my talent, I would have ended up being an opera singer. -Lesley Manville

I am disturbed by how states abuse laws on Internet access. I am concerned that surveillance programmes are becoming too aggressive. I understand that national security and criminal activity may justify some exceptional and narrowly-tailored use of surveillance. But that is all the more reason to safeguard human rights and fundamental freedoms. -Ban Ki-moon

When you multitask, you believe you're being exceptionally productive, but really, you're fooling yourself. Each time you switch tasks, you have to backtrack a little and remind yourself where you are in the process and what's next. Invariably. you are spending twice as much time on parts of the task. -Karen Finerman

I have known exceptional people who have endured severe trials while others, at least on the surface, seem to have lived charmed lives. -Joseph B. Wirthlin

Cooking skills aside, my mother is an exceptional nurturer. -Jami Attenberg

I started to book good television jobs in 2010. I started to get really close to exceptional jobs in 2011, and then I got 'Arrow' in 2012. I know how lucky I am because just getting the lead in a pilot doesn't guarantee that that pilot is going to turn into something great. -Stephen Amell

I love the fact that so many of my readers are intelligent, exceptional, accomplished people with an open-minded love of diversity. But even more than that, I love it when my readers find lasting friendship with others of my readers – knowing that they met through their mutual affection for my books and characters makes me happy! -Suzanne Brockmann

The British soldiers serving in Afghanistan alongside Prince Harry were in exceptional danger until he was withdrawn. -John Eisenhower

Cheney was among the best secretaries of defence the country has ever had. He was a very effective White House chief of staff. He did not make many enemies, and he had the ability to persuade people with that soft tone and very reasonable style of his. He's always been exceptionally good as the right-hand man. -Barton Gellman

For Net-A-Porter and its customers, luxury means exceptional service, 24-7 – wherever they are, whenever they have time. -Natalie Massenet

I knew my boyfriend was going to ask me to marry him. And I was sure the ring was going to be exceptional, and I bought him a Rolex Explorer. And I engraved 'yes' on it. And when he proposed, I gave him the watch. -Rena Sofer

That's what's great about baseball: some people are exceptional at the game, but still, even people that aren't very athletic, like me – I played Little League! It's one of those games in sports where even if you're not the greatest, you can still play. -Tom Guiry

I've learned that guns are exceptionally challenging to use effectively, with a power that must be respected. But mostly what I've learned is that they're a lot of fun, and dangerously appealing to an active imagination. -Trieste Kelly Dunn

I only eat meat if I go to a nice restaurant and there is an exceptional dish, or if I'm at somebody's home for a dinner, I'll eat whatever is in front of me. Otherwise, I don't eat anything that walks around and has a face. -Bryan Fuller

'Something/Anything?' was kind of a different record, since I'm playing everything myself. A lot of the songs on there have a particular kind of instrumentation that is much like a guitar quartet, and in some ways, it's an exceptional song on that record because so much of the writing on 'Something/Anything?' is piano-oriented. -Todd Rundgren

Affirming belief that America is an exceptional nation has become a test of patriotism in American politics. -Michael Ignatieff

America is exceptional in combining standard great-power realism with extravagant idealism about the country's redemptive role in creating international order. -Michael Ignatieff

Love in capital letters is important. It is impossible to live without love. You must have the feeling of being loved. All artists need love – from the audience, friends and relatives. But true and faithful friends are exceptionally rare. -Mireille Mathieu

The 'Ndrangheta is an exceptionally dangerous, sophisticated and insidious criminal organization, with tentacles stretching from Italy to countries around the world. -Loretta Lynch

I had a baby at 19 and was a grandmother by 39. Now, my children lend me their children to take them off to Brittany. It's divine. I'm quite exceptionally lucky. I've never had a week without having all three of my daughters on the telephone. -Jane Birkin

Our higher education system is one of the things that makes America exceptional. There's no place else that has the assets we do when it comes to higher education. People from all over the world aspire to come here and study here. And that is a good thing. -Barack Obama

I know I'm in the exceptional position of having money, but I didn't have it for many decades. I'm always trying to get shows put on for 25 per cent less production costs. -Cameron Mackintosh

I think there is a real misunderstanding about what the Tea Party movement is. The Tea Party movement is a sentiment in America that government is broken – both parties are to blame – and if we don't do something soon, this exceptional country will be lost, and it will become just like everybody else. -Marco Rubio

I can sit down at a piano or with a guitar and just chug away for hours and be perfectly content with whatever comes out. But when it comes to something that somebody else is going to listen to, then I do feel a great deal of pressure to do something that's exceptional, at least in what I consider to be at the limits of what I can do. -Tom Scholz

Beyonce is incredibly talented – gifted, in fact. She has an exceptional set of pipes and can actually sing. She is a terrific dancer – without the explicit moves best left for the privacy of her bedroom. -Mike Huckabee

I admire Miken's exceptional engineering capabilities and was drawn to their passion for hockey and drive to be the best in all they do. -Brett Hull

Disability doesn't make you exceptional, but questioning what you think you know about it does. -Stella Young

As an immigrant, my wish is that we fix immigration. At Sequoia, we've backed a number of exceptional founders that were born abroad but started their careers in the Valley. They've created immense value, but more importantly, massive numbers of jobs locally, nationally and globally. -Alfred Lin

Everything we do these days – our lust for ever more comfort, pleasure, and distraction, our refusal to engage with the mandates of reality, our fidelity to cults of technology and limitless growth, our narcissistic national exceptionalism – all of this propels us toward the realm where souls abandon all hope. -James Howard Kunstler

I actually hope people don't react to 'Impossible' in a way where they think it's terribly retro. The plot needed to do what it needed to do. But I'm a little surprised to find myself looking a little bit like an advocate of teen marriage. It takes some exceptional circumstances for that to be a reasonable idea. -Nancy Werlin

If someone really takes a risk, it doesn't get dismissed. That's what happened when the Oscar was won posthumously by Heath Ledger, who did one of the definitive villain performances of all time. But it really has to be exceptional in defining everything we previously knew about the actress or the actor. -Robert Downey, Jr.

Essentially what's going to determine how you succeed in New York is how people feel about the space, how delicious the food is, how they perceive the value and, most important of all, how they feel treated. My understanding is Stephen Starr is exceptionally good at all of this and his ability to create a transporting experience. -Danny Meyer

People say America is exceptional. I agree, but it's not the complexion of our skin or the twists in our DNA that make us unique. America is exceptional because we were founded upon the notion that everyone should be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. -Rand Paul

I have led an exceptional life in some ways, yes. I mean, I've been very lucky. I seem to have had a gift for landing in the right place at the right time. -Pattie Boyd

There's so much made of the exceptional and the celebrity, the famous, and the wannabees. -Andrew Clements

The Labour Party in 2011 was in an exceptionally bad place. We'd been hammered in an election. We didn't see the scale of it coming. -Johann Lamont

I believe that good investors are successful not because of their IQ, but because they have an investing discipline. But, what is more disciplined than a machine? A well-researched machine can make many average investors redundant, leaving behind only the really good human investors with exceptional intuition and skill. -Stanley Druckenmiller

I think the problem is, exceptional women will always succeed. But there are plenty of less-exceptional men who succeed. Until we get the less-exceptional women succeeding equally, we do not have full equality. -Cherie Blair

Rooted in the word 'history' is 'story.' And America's story is exceptional. It's amazing. Younger students should learn that we have always been and continue to be a land of immigrants – a land committed to bold new ideas. -Heidi Hayes Jacobs

The best advice is often the compliments received, and they are often about an associate who did something exceptional. I tell my teams that it's the random acts of kindness, the unexpected, that people remember most. -Barry Sternlicht

Whenever I find myself in an exceptionally beautiful environment, I can't help asking myself – what lies beneath? I'm fascinated by the idea of a perfect surface concealing a rotten core. -Sharon Bolton

I do feel as if… Look, I think I'm a very kind of ordinary person, and it seems to me that things that are of interest to me will probably be of interest to other people. I'm not exceptional; I don't have exceptional thoughts. -Kate Grenville

The dragonfly is an exceptionally beautiful insect and a fierce carnivore. It has four wings that beat independently. This gives it an ability to maneuver in the air with superb dexterity. A dragonfly can put on a burst of speed, stop on a dime, hover, fly backward, and switch direction in a flash. This is a hunting behavior known as hawking. -Richard Preston

Lyon is unusual and seems to be exceptionally incompetent at publicising itself. In fact, it doesn't want visitors. It fears discovery. -Bill Buford

I think 'The Americans' is exceptional on every level. -Bryan Cogman

I look forward to working alongside Univision's exceptional team as we work to further realize the substantial growth potential of this dynamic organization. -Randy Falco

Even though it's not a widely appreciated yarn, any suit made from a mohair-wool blend travels exceptionally well. The retention of the mohair fiber bounces back and minimizes any creasing that occurs whilst traveling. Mohair also breathes really well, keeping you cool or warm, and is therefore extremely versatile. -Simon Spurr

The Panda mission really speaks to our philosophy. It is, 'Deliver exceptional Asian dining experiences by building an organization where people are inspired to better their lives.' I'm talking about everyone who works at Panda. They're inspired to better their own lives. -Andrew Cherng

Chance leads to discoveries, and mutagenesis is a way to enhance one's chances of finding a surprise. Often it is the exceptional observations that lead to advances; once you understand exceptions, you understand the whole picture. -Bruce Beutler

One thing an exceptional employee never says is, 'That's not in my job description.' Exceptional employees work outside the boundaries of job descriptions. -Travis Bradberry

While exceptional employees don't seek conflict, they don't run away from it either. They're able to maintain their composure while presenting their positions calmly and logically. They're able to withstand personal attacks in pursuit of the greater goal and never use that tactic themselves. -Travis Bradberry

I find that the Amazon comments often are exceptionally shrewd and insightful, so I'm not going to diss them. But you don't really have any guarantees that what you're reading wasn't written out of friendship or spite. -Michael Dirda

Like most people, I find watching the lazy and quiet underwater realm of a big aquarium exceptionally calming. -Michael Dirda

Francois Hollande, the president of France, and Segolene Royal, a senior cabinet minister who once ran for that post herself, have an exceptionally complicated relationship. The two lived together for 25 years, raising four children over that time. -Elaine Sciolino

Two people happy with themselves can be exceptionally happy together. -Albert Hammond, Jr.

The road to democracy is rarely smooth, but for Egyptian women, it has been exceptionally bumpy. -G. Willow Wilson

American politicians who dwell on American exceptionalism only dishonor us by suggesting we play dumb to our past. -Jay Parini

The Negro race, like all races, is going to be saved by its exceptional men. The problem of education, then, among Negroes must first of all deal with the Talented Tenth; it is the problem of developing the Best of this race that they may guide the Mass away from the contamination and death of the Worst, in their own and other races. -W. E. B. Du Bois

Progress in human affairs is more often a pull than a push, surging forward of the exceptional man, and the lifting of his duller brethren slowly and painfully to his vantage ground. -W. E. B. Du Bois

All you care about with your parents is that they are happy, and my mother is exceptionally happy at the moment, and I've always adored my stepfather, and he's always been a kind and good and lovely man. -Tom Parker Bowles

I felt in my bones that Alfred Kazin was right to suggest that 'the deepest side of being American is the sense of being like nothing before us in history' – a historical conceit that privileged biography as the narrative of the exceptionalist experience. -David Levering Lewis

Under the Constitution, federal law trumps both state and city law. But antitrust law allows states some exceptional leeway to adopt anticompetitive business regulations, out of respect for states' rights to regulate business. This federal respect for states' rights does not extend to cities. -Marvin Ammori

We can only solve our biggest problems if we come together and embrace the freedoms that our Founding Fathers established right here in Philadelphia, which permitted our ancestors to create the great American exceptionalism that all of us now enjoy. -Michael Bloomberg

If you here require a practical rule of me, I will present you with this: 'Whenever you feel an impulse to perpetrate a piece of exceptionally fine writing, obey it – whole-heartedly – and delete it before sending your manuscript to press.' -Arthur Quiller-Couch

You don't have to be in the brightest, shiniest state of being an individual to feel like you're exceptional. -Jenny Slate

Telluride has an incredible history and reputation, and I've long known of it as a unique entity that makes a place for writers – one more aspect of this exceptional film festival in the Colorado Alps. -Rachel Kushner

It seems to me that evolution adds greatly to the wonder of life because it takes it out of the realm of the arbitrary, the exceptional, and links it to the sequence of natural causation. -John Burroughs

The TV world is not what it used to be. I mean, the quality has become something quite exceptional. -Jason Statham

Justin Lin has just been exceptional with what he does with that vehicular action. -Jason Statham

You know how few movies there are in the world about women and their work? I mean, it's like 'Silkwood' and 'Erin Brokovich.' There are exceptions, but they are so exceptional. -Rebecca Traister

Ronald Reagan, who led the larger New Right project of re-sanctifying U.S. foreign policy after its Vietnam disaccreditation, felt compelled to drape his support for Central American death squads in the rhetoric of American exceptionalism. -Greg Grandin

One of the things that has made America exceptional – compared to other crisis-prone and class-conflicted countries – is that it has long enjoyed a benefit no other modern nation in the world could claim: the ability to engage in ceaseless, endless movement outward. -Greg Grandin

America is exceptional, it is asserted, because, with the exception of the abolition of slavery, it has been able to extend the promise of liberal reform mostly peacefully, through its democratic institutions. -Greg Grandin

America's militarized brand of malignant exceptionalism is founded on the idea that the United States transcends history. -Greg Grandin

Beyond institutional amnesia, a rejection of causal analysis is the existential rock on which American Exceptionalism sits. The United States unique sense of itself depends on an ambiguous relationship to the past. History is affirmed, since it is America's unprecedented historical success that justifies the exceptionalism. -Greg Grandin

There is no substitute for American leadership and exceptionalism. -Michael T. Flynn

We need to put our priority on protecting this exceptional way of life. -Chris Gibson

There's nothing exceptional about me, but there's something exceptional about Jaime Lannister, and I think that's what's interesting. -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

An exceptional company is the one that gets all the little details right. And the people out on the front line, they know when things are not going right, and they know when things need to be improved. And if you listen to them, you can soon improve all those niggly things which turns an average company into an exceptional company. -Richard Branson

I have admired Taufik Hidayat for being exceptionally talented and Hendrawan for being a great player only because of his hard work and dedication. I have always looked up to them as players. -Lin Dan

I have pessimistic moments when I think I should go on a diet because people are paying money to see movies with exceptional-looking actresses. But being in college has helped me realize that the best thing I can do is to feel good about myself and forget about other people's standards. -Julia Stiles

There's exceptional work being done on television. Some of our great writers are writing for television. When you have things to choose from, you typically go after the writing – unless you're going after the money. There are fewer opportunities in film to make money with good writing, unless you're an action hero. -Billy Crudup

I went to acting school, and there were twenty other actors in my class who were exceptional. It's hard for anybody to get work. When I was trying to get jobs, I felt a responsibility to be respectful of the opportunities and take challenging things that could be interesting both for me as an actor and for the audience. -Billy Crudup

At the time of the Civil War, there were six democracies in the face of the planet. Today, there's 120 and they've been inspired by the American exceptionalism. -Robert Kennedy, Jr.

People across the nation know Montana as 'Big Sky Country' or the 'Last Best Place' thanks to our stunning landscapes, blue-ribbon trout streams, and welcoming communities. Fewer people recognize that Montana has one of the most competitive business climates to go along with our exceptional quality of life. -Steve Bullock

Anglers who see fish exceptionally well can fish successfully in less productive water than anglers who don't. Fishermen love equipment and are always looking for mechanical advantages, but there is nothing to compare with learning to see well; if you see well enough, you can walk out in the mud with no boat and catch fish. -Thomas McGuane

I am a fortunate man in that all three of my daughters are exceptional. Very high beings, very smart people, very wonderful and very brilliant, very beautiful. They're all artists. -Bob Saget

Some women are able to wake up looking effortlessly chic – as though a bevy of fashion fairies twisted their low-lit locks into a messy chignon while they slept. They choose a frock from their exceptionally curated closet and leave a trail of custom fragrance and perfection in their wake. -Meghan Markle

Great directors turn in mediocre work, and first-time directors turn in exceptional work. No matter how good a person can talk about what he wants, you never know. You just have to go with a good story and a script that you like and people that you like to work with. -Thomas Jane

I didn't think I would be an exceptional writer, and I thought I might be a useful publisher. I've never regretted it. -Sonny Mehta

The detainees at GTMO are treated exceptionally well – so well that some have even declined to be resettled, instead choosing to stay at GTMO. -Mike Pompeo

Americans generally regard themselves as belonging to an exceptional nation. And in terms of living in a religiously tolerant and enormously diverse country, Americans can certainly take some justified pride. -Peter Bergen

When I joined the SEALs, no one knew what a SEAL was. What intrigued me was the level of commitment, the love of country and desire to be the best in the world at your vocation. Watching American exceptionalism in action. -Ryan Zinke

I believe in American exceptionalism. As a Navy SEAL, I fought so that I would never have to see my president bow to anyone. -Ryan Zinke

Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton both had exceptional natural abilities. Nelson Rockefeller was very good statewide but never gained national traction. -Henry Kissinger

Rove, of course, is an exceptionally good, exceptionally skillful campaign guy, and Bush himself is really gifted at the political end of politics. But he's always been, as he says, misunderestimated. -Molly Ivins

Eazy was an exceptional human being. He was a visionary. He was very Machiavellian, he understood power and how to use it. He was a good-hearted guy, a good father, just an exemplary human being. I couldn't be any prouder of him than if he had been my blood son. -Jerry Heller

For too long, history has imposed a binary condition on its black citizens: either nameless or renowned, menial or exceptional, passive recipients of the forces of history or superheroes who acquire mythic status not just because of their deeds but because of their scarcity. -Margot Lee Shetterly

The problem with some of our noisier exponents of 'American exceptionalism' is that they lack Reagan's moral maturity. -Pat Buchanan

Jacksonville has exceptionally good talent in the areas of modality activities. -Shahid Khan

I know that we will be judged in history by not only how we disrupt terrorism but how we protect the civil liberties and constitutional rights of all Americans, even Americans who don't wish us well. We must do all these things exceptionally well. -Robert Mueller

My hope is that people experience the music and, in that, something works in them, that they realise how exceptional they are. Maybe that it inspires them to do something great in their own lives. -Lauren Daigle

The people with whom I've worked in the Special Operations community are more concerned with an individual's contribution to the team, and their ability to do their job exceptionally well, than their race or sexual preferences. -Brandon Webb

The U.S. is ruled by private interest groups and by the neoconservative ideology that history has chosen the U.S. as the 'exceptional and indispensable' country with the right and responsibility to impose its will on the world. -Paul Craig Roberts

Clearly America is exceptional in its immorality, lack of human compassion, and disrespect for law and its founding document. -Paul Craig Roberts

If all countries are exceptional, the word loses its meaning. -Paul Craig Roberts

Governments unaccountable to law are tyrannies, whatever they might call themselves, no matter how exceptional and indispensable they declare themselves to be. -Paul Craig Roberts

Most of us tend to be swayed by what we read. Judges are not superhuman. They, too, are mortals. This is why they have to be exceptionally careful in rendering decisions, which cause unintended consequences. -Kapil Sibal

The exceptional feature of education programmes in Punjab is that students of all federating units have their due share in them. -Shehbaz Sharif

I used to run track in high school and was unexceptional in every way. -Alex Guarnaschelli

Founders are exceptional, and they all want to go back to creating. And I feel privileged to be able to do that. -Payal Kadakia

I'm as interested in exceptional characters as men are. -Patty Jenkins

I think the institutions, principles, norms, and traditions that make the United States of America genuinely exceptional are at serious risk. It has been hard to think about anything else. -Chris Sacca

'Sour Heart' is a collection of seven linked short stories narrated by young Chinese-American girls living in New York City in the '90s. It's exceptionally hard to describe what I've written without sounding delusional or boring, so I'll just say they are stories about growing up and the pleasures and agonies of having a family, a body, and a home. -Jenny Zhang

One of the most obvious reasons to start using timber rather than concrete is that it's the one commonly grown and therefore exceptionally renewable building material that we have available to us. And it acts as storage for carbon dioxide. -Magnus Larsson

Allan Cubitt has written exceptional material, and I feel very privileged to be working with him and the very talented cast. -Colin Morgan

The biggest and most interesting challenge is to bring Elsa Schiaparelli's legacy to the present and the future. She had an exceptional, incredible, and intelligent approach; she was ahead of her times. -Marco Zanini

The federal government has an exceptionally poor record of behaving responsibly with Americans' personal information when entrusted with it. -Jared Polis

When I look at a leader, I look at someone who is able to get exceptional performance out of others. -Debra L. Reed

We show each day that we are prepared to act as an independence state… Not just in exceptional moments. -Carles Puigdemont

Most Americans are exceptionalists; we think we live outside of history. -Timothy D. Snyder

We are less than honest and commit a grave error if we insist that what happened to Rodney G. King was isolated and an exceptional case. The poor know better. -Greg Boyle

I think when you work with people who are super exceptional, there's simplicity to it because everybody is on the same page in terms of tone. -Jonathan Krisel

One of my most rewarding congressional duties is nominating future military leaders to study at America's service academies. The exceptional young men and women who receive these coveted nominations earn a top-of-the-line education and the opportunity to serve their country as a military officer. -Kevin Brady

The key to victory lies more in manipulation and cooperation than in exceptional personal skills. -Yuval Noah Harari

Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. Not in the Asperger's, autistic way depicted in the very fictional movie 'The Social' Network, the cognitive genius of exceptional ability. That's a modern definition that reduces the original meaning. -Antonio Garcia Martinez

I worry about Google's data ethics and about the idea of handing over the corpus of my life, but I can't deny that it is exceptional at making sense of my ever-growing photo library. -Om Malik

Waking up early was the first example I noticed in the SEAL Teams in which discipline was really the difference between being good and being exceptional. -Jocko Willink

That is what we stand for – for an America that is every bit as compassionate as it is exceptional. -Cathy McMorris Rodgers

The way I love monsters is a Mexican way of loving monsters, which is that I am not judgmental. The Anglo way of seeing things is that monsters are exceptional and bad, and people are good. But in my movies, creatures are taken for granted. -Guillermo del Toro

Actors are divas, and we all make too much noise and complain too much, so if you don't do that, it makes you rather exceptional, apparently. -Doug Jones

There is a view of Russian exceptionalism, that they are a unique civilisation, a view right since Ivan the Terrible that Russia is a special civilisation with a special culture. Putin is pushing that now. -Simon Sebag Montefiore

'Y&R' is the No. 1 show, and the acting company is exceptional. -Justin Hartley

America has long stood before the world as an exceptional country. -Sheldon Whitehouse

America's exceptional nature confers upon us responsibilities. We are not exceptional because we say so; we are exceptional because, over and over, we do exceptional things – things like what Generals Marshall and MacArthur accomplished putting Europe and Japan back on their feet after World War II. -Sheldon Whitehouse

We have ambitious goals for the future, and I know we will achieve them, in part, by working closely with our exceptional extended team. -Dennis Muilenburg

Travelgate eventually faded, and the nation somehow survived – American exceptionalism at work again. -Richard Cohen

I am surrounded by exceptional women on Accenture's board of directors as well as my own leadership team. -Pierre Nanterme

Being appointed as the next Gewandhauskapellmeister of the Gewandhausorchester is a completely overwhelming honour. This extraordinary orchestra and its wonderful musicians are unique in so many respects, and particularly in their creation of an exceptional sound world based on outstanding tradition that is, at its heart, inspirational. -Andris Nelsons

Tracing, freezing, and return of stolen assets has proved in many cases to be exceptionally difficult for most African countries. -Yemi Osinbajo

I'm interested in people with very exceptional world views or realities. -Joe Wright

I have worked with three female first assistant directors – on 'Hostiles,' 'Gone Girl,' and a short film, 'The Human Voice,' and they have all been exceptional. -Rosamund Pike

The energy sector presents exceptional opportunities for governments and investors. -Fatih Birol

What made Louis Vuitton famous was the quality. We don't do marketing; we just create products which are exceptional in their design and craftsmanship. -Bernard Arnault

Whether it be a bolder lip, a dewier cheek, a more lush lash, or an exceptionally extravagant eye, no time is better than the present for unleashing your cosmetic creativity. -Pat McGrath

Working together with our exceptional leadership team, our Ministry of Health was empowered to make smart investments that could unlock our potential by producing long-lasting health and economic benefits for all. -Tedros Adhanom

Among immigrants today, it is increasingly fashionable to reject American exceptionalism in favor of multiculturalism. To pretend that this isn't happening isn't optimism; it's sheer fantasy. -Laura Ingraham

Young people are constantly absorbing – through media, textbooks, and policy – the myths of American exceptionalism; for black children, this means that what they are taught in class does not match the world that they navigate daily. -Clint Smith

America is fundamentally exceptional. No one in the history of the world had ever done anything to compare with what the Founders did, creating a fragile mechanism by which men and women could actually govern themselves. -Eric Metaxas

I loved school, was an exceptional student, and found a passion for math and science that led me to Vanderbilt University, where I discovered the world of electrical engineering. I did well in college, loved the work I was doing, and soon found myself climbing the corporate ladder after graduation. I was one of the lucky ones. -Kimberly Bryant

In exceptional boardrooms, the intellectual rigor generated by a challenging question is both an accepted norm and a precursor to reaching informed decisions. This is the crucial edge that sets apart boards that lead from boards that follow. -Punit Renjen

For a firm to be exceptional, it has to be led by purpose. Our purpose is to make an impact that matters. -Punit Renjen

When you talk about being exceptional, you do two things: You clearly answer the question 'Who are you?' which is your purpose. And you answer the second question, 'Where are you going?' which is your aspiration and how you're going to get there. -Punit Renjen

Leaders who understand the importance of the intangible elements contributing to workplace culture become sensitive to what makes their organization truly special. That is how they define core values and beliefs that are unique, simple, leader-led, repetitive, and embedded – transforming themselves from good to exceptional. -Punit Renjen

Everyone in the street where I grew up was given the same message: You can be anything; you can do anything. That wasn't extraordinary; that was ordinary for us. My folks didn't believe in black exceptionalism. There's nothing exceptional about 'You can have that, too' – except when it comes to justice. You can't have that. -Yance Ford

When it comes to granting unconditional birthright citizenship, the United States and Canada are alone in the industrialized world: North American exceptionalism, you can call it. -Anand Giridharadas

We have funny ideas about how people in mental institutions act. We think of drooling and people going booga-booga and climbing the wall. These are exceptional cases. -Milos Forman

An exceptional career is one that provides an opportunity to serve. It is a satisfying career in which you can't wait to get up in the morning to begin! You have a sense of purpose and mission. You know why you do what you do. It is a response to a call to serve. Once we do that, everything flows positively. -Frances Hesselbein

One of the challenges of having exceptionally high quality talent is that they're constantly restless, and they're constantly on the lookout for opportunities. -Naveen Tewari

The idea that a story has to be 'exceptional' in order to be worth telling is curious to me. What if we looked at every single person's story as a site of possibly infinite meaning? What if we came to believe that there isn't hubris or narcissism in thinking your story might be worth sharing – only a sense of curiosity and offering? -Leslie Jamison

We are thrilled to welcome 'Variety' and its exceptional team into the PMC organization. As a company, we plan to rapidly build upon 'Variety''s foundation while extending this invaluable brand's presence across Web, broadcast, mobile, and international markets. -Jay Penske

The goal is to not be patted on the back for hiring a woman, because it shouldn't be an exceptional thing. It should just be commonplace that women should have equal opportunities as men. -Margaret Qualley

Opera can be exceptionally moving but can also be pompous. -Matt Bellamy

The U.S. government is actually exceptionally vulnerable. -Dmitri Alperovitch

My mother and father are exceptionally proud Indians. They always wanted to contribute, to give back philanthropically, especially in the field of education. -Roshni Nadar

The draft not being exceptionally deep, you basically take the best player available. -Anne Donovan

Throughout every presidency since the heist of our country from indigenous peoples, the black American experience has been exceptional in its discomfort. And no chief executive of this great nation has, in earnest, developed a unique plan to remedy that discomfort. -Patrisse Cullors

One of the maddening things about being a foreigner in France is that hardly anyone in the rest of the world knows what's really happening here. They think Paris is a socialist museum where people are exceptionally good at eating small bits of chocolate and tying scarves. -Pamela Druckerman

I have two younger brothers, and I know my parents have spoken to them about driving and interacting with police. They didn't have those conversations with me, but they did have conversations about being exceptional black people. -Opal Tometi

My mom is an exceptionally wise and kind person. -Rod Lurie

The older I get, the more I realize the truth is the simpler the food, the more exceptional it can be. -Joel Robuchon

In France, we have a geographic situation that is very exceptional, and it creates produce that is completely exceptional. -Joel Robuchon

The belief that the law will never 'catch up' to technology is borne in part of tech exceptionalism, a libertarian elitism that derides any kind of legal or regulatory impediment as Luddism. -Sarah Jeong

Because of their exceptional ability to automatically elicit, record, and analyze information, A.I. systems are in a prime position to acquire confidential information. -Oren Etzioni

The success of the few does not excuse the caste-like system that exists for many. In fact, black exceptionalism – the high-profile, highly visible examples of the black success – actually serves to justify and rationalize mass incarceration. -Michelle Alexander

U.S. leadership has been rooted not just in our own belief in American exceptionalism but in the faith of others around the world. By so wantonly discarding that principle, the Trump Administration has done incredible harm to the families they have separated through the state-sponsored child abuse that has been carried out in our name. -Ben Rhodes

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton is exceptionally qualified to serve as President Trump's National Security Adviser, and I fully support his selection. -Martha McSally

I believe it would demean Nobel Prizes if they were awarded to research students, except in very exceptional cases. -Jocelyn Bell Burnell

The foundations of modern civil-rights law are exceptionally secure. Conservative judges nibble around the edges sometimes, and people still debate the constitutionality of affirmative-action programs. But almost no one seriously argues about the basic meaning or legitimacy of core civil-rights protections. -Benjamin Wittes

Progress has always been understood to be driven by exceptional white men. Whether it's the military victories we've achieved, the philosophical foundations that are the underpinnings of the nation, or our economic ingenuity, all this has been articulated through narratives of exceptional white men. -Kerry James Marshall

I'm exceptional in everything that I do and I aspire to do. -Omarosa Manigault Newman

To costume yourself in the way that you fantasize, to make that a reality, and then to go right into the universe looking like an exceptional being takes a lot of courage. -Sasha Velour

I think success is a relative term. If you're a caveman, success is capturing an elephant. Success is achieving better than the norm. Success is being exceptional. It's exceptional reputation, exceptional income, and exceptional respect. -Jon Taffer

While every historical era has its unique appeal as a setting for tales of crime and detection, the 19th century is exceptional – it brought about so much change on social, political, geographical, and technological fronts that the mix proves to be an irresistible one to mystery writers. -Sarah Weinman

The great thing with Usain Bolt is he fell into great coaching, so his talent was exceptional from Day 1. You can coach technique and structure, but not talent. -Donovan Bailey

Even a cursory run through American history shows exceptionalism has been used to justify bloodshed, oppression, and profit. -Ben Fountain

Upward mobility across classes peaked in the U.S. in the late 19th century. Most of the gains of the 20th century were achieved en masse; it wasn't so much a phenomenon of great numbers of people rising from one class to the next as it was standards of living rising sharply for all classes. You didn't have to be exceptional to rise. -Ben Fountain

Negredo is an exceptional player. -Gerard Pique

I worked for a big corporation for a decade for the majority of my youth. Now I really like the opportunity to essentially play my music on as many brands and stuff as I can, and Ring of Honor and Impact have been exceptional. They have been exceptional about that; there has been no pushback. It's all lined up exactly how we hoped. -Cody Rhodes

Honestly, I don't think I'm exceptionally pretty or talented. But the advantage I have is that the performances I do can only be done by me. -Hyuna

Everybody knows that Coutinho is a great footballer – here in England, they call him 'The Magician.' He made his decision to join Barcelona, but every time we meet and play for the Selecao, we have a good chat and maintain that friendship. He is an exceptional guy and one of the best friends football has given me. -Roberto Firmino

I celebrated great successes alongside exceptional players like Philipp Lahm, Thomas Mueller, Manuel Neuer, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose, Luca Toni, and Franck Ribery. -Toni Kroos

When it's all said and done, Linares is an exceptional fighter. -Tony Bellew

Bale is an exceptional player; he's shown that for years. He's Wales' talisman, and he's been that for years and will be for years. He's technically very gifted, very direct, has a wonderful kick and a lot of pace and a good finisher. -Christian Eriksen

To play against Luka Modric is always special because he's an exceptional player and, of course, a living legend from Spurs, where you still hear a lot about him. -Christian Eriksen

Sometimes you want pain to be acknowledged and not whitewashed – or erased by some exceptionalist point of view. -Ari Aster

We are always full of the types of people who retire or die. But they are never saying 'This guy is really unbelievable; we're alive to witness an exceptional performer.' I think we should recognise that while we are still racing. -Toto Wolff

I don't want any country buying up Brazil, but we will do business with all countries, and China is an exceptional partner. -Jair Bolsonaro

Being part of the TV industry for so long, I have met and learned a lot from some exceptional women, be it actors, writers, or creatives. -Jennifer Winget

Ours is a company that doesn't do annualized software, and so when we create a 'Zelda' game, when we create a 'Smash Bros.' game, or a 'Pokemon' experience comes on the platform, it needs to be exceptionally compelling because we plan on selling it for a very long time. -Reggie Fils-Aime

We believe that there are a number of Nintendo titles that could do exceptionally well in the competitive play space. -Reggie Fils-Aime

There's different types of strikers: Harry Kane is a wonderful finisher, Jamie Vardy has great pace and has come onto the scene exceptionally well and is playing consistently, and Wayne Rooney is a player I have admired during all of his career. -Brendan Rodgers

I am constantly reminded that as Texans, we are exceptional people. -George P. Bush

Neymar is an exceptional player. -Gerardo Martino

When you put the sacred Croatia shirt on, you become another person. We have this togetherness, this unique unity – not just in football. We are exceptional in tennis, handball, basketball, water polo. If we were to hold a tournament in ping pong, all of us would be rooting for that single player. -Ivan Rakitic

He's an incredible person. Messi is not simply a uniquely talented footballer. He's also strong mentally, very bright, and exceptionally dedicated to his job. Personally speaking, I enjoy watching him play, and I'm deeply proud of him and what he has achieved. Quite simply, he's the best. -Frank Rijkaard

There's a handful of exceptionally good companies, but there's always one company that's the best. -Chamath Palihapitiya

When you have a guy like me who's a former UFC fighter and who is basically a normal guy who can do exceptional things, that connects with people rather than some random Viking who can also do exceptional things. -Matt Riddle

I find it difficult to imagine Juventus and Italy without Buffon. He is an incredible personality and has had an exceptional career. -Thomas Tuchel

Lewandowski really is an exceptional player. -Lothar Matthaus

I was in Spain, with Mallorca and Getafe, which were exceptional experiences. -Michael Laudrup

There's nothing historically in my life very flashy. I'm not exceptionally beautiful. I'm not exceptionally wealthy. -Samin Nosrat

I was lucky enough to experience an exceptional period with City. We won so much and played great football. -Roberto Mancini

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