Best Quotes About Escapism

People talk about escapism as though it's something nasty but escapism is wonderful! -Margaret Forster

Bond was escapism, but not meant to be imitated in real life. -Roger Moore

I've loved the escapism of being another person, slipping into another character for a little while. -Jeri Ryan

I think escapism is really important. -Jordana Brewster

Music is escapism, it's entertainment. -Andy Taylor

That idea of escapism… these words could sum up my life. -Ella Maillart

I think that you have to bear in mind that music is about escape, and it's not unreasonable to think the music business would be based around escapism. -Peter Hook

Our society's need for escapism has always interested me. -David Lloyd

I had read tons of science fiction. I was fascinated by other worlds, other environments. For me, it was fantasy, but it was not fantasy in the sense of pure escapism. -James Cameron

I sell escapism. -Jimmy Buffett

A great book provides escapism for me. The artistry and the creativity in a story are better than any drugs. -Wentworth Miller

It would be easy to say that I want to play a role that was very much like myself, but more or less with acting, you get to be all these different things, and you aren't trying to be yourself, so it's escapism in a way. -Summer Altice

It's really fun to be in a film that's pure entertainment, that people want to go and see. I think, in the current climate, the state of things, people want escapism. -Sienna Miller

My mom didn't let me play video games growing up, so now I do. Gaming gives me a chance to just let go, blow somebody up and fight somebody from another dimension. It's all escapism. -Wayne Brady

Drama can feel like therapy whereas comedy feels like there's been a pressure and a weight lifted off of you. You come to work and you laugh all day, you go home and you feel light and there's a certain feeling when you're sitting with the audience and they leave after 90 minutes and it's just pure escapism and they're happy. -Gabrielle Union

You come to work and you laugh all day, you go home and you feel light and there's a certain feeling when you're sitting with the audience and they leave after 90 minutes and it's just pure escapism and they're happy. -Gabrielle Union

All through my life what I've loved doing is watching movies. I love the escapism of film, I love stories. So it is incredible to be able to be in them as much as I am, to see them from the first stitch in a costume to the end product. -Keira Knightley

I do like escapism. I like going to the movies on a Friday night and seeing something fun. -Charlie Kaufman

Jimi Hendrix's music was escapism. -Perry Farrell

Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment. -Alexander McQueen

I just wanted to make a record that wasn't escapism. Like, I didn't want to write another record that was devoid of meaningful content. -Dan Deacon

In real life, I'm polite and nice all the time. It's fun to play people who aren't. It's escapism. -Rachel Weisz

I think we simply all like to project ourselves into somebody else – somebody who is better-looking, richer, smarter. It's comforting. It's escapism, and that, of course, is what the movies are supposed to be all about. Ultimately, I think it's just part of human nature to pretend. -Richard D. Zanuck

I see myself as a character actor, and I've always been drawn to playing characters that are different from myself because acting is escapism for me. I've never been that comfortable playing people that are like me. -Alessandro Nivola

Everyone wants to escape, everyone's drawn to escapism to leave their lives for an hour or two, and we're all so curious as human beings. -Josh Bowman

I think escapism is very important, certainly in my life. I love nothing more than escaping into the world of a film or a novel. To be involved in creating that for other people is a privilege. -Ben Barnes

Would we be so enamored with dystopian fiction if we lived in a culture where violent death was a major concern? It wouldn't be escapism. -Maggie Stiefvater

It's all about escapism. That's essentially what all movies are about. It's a vicarious thrill. -Todd Phillips

But I was always much more interested in reading fashion magazines than I was music magazines when I was a teenager. Just that sense of romanticism and escapism and the dream of it has always been quite alluring to me, as well as that sense of becoming a character through clothes. -Florence Welch

Music to me is so internal. It's physical and it's emotional. Whereas fashion is so much about the external that it's almost like a break. It's not inner turmoil. It's total escapism. -Florence Welch

Acting has always been such escapism for me. -Kelly Reilly

Perhaps fantasy offers imaginative escapism more than other genres. -Jasper Fforde

A studio allows me more freedom. You can create your own sort of reality which is actually more exciting than shooting on location. You can conjure up a complete atmosphere of escapism for the public. -Ken Adam

One of the biggest motivations for me with writing my books is to offer girls some escapism, especially girls who really need it, like I did. -Meg Cabot

Music can be a source of escapism. -Danielle de Niese

People want to be entertained when they watch dramas. 'Mistresses' has a mixture of escapism and reality. -Shelley Conn

I think what makes Narnia a magical place is that it offers escapism – escapism from a world that is so different from the reality known by the characters and the reality known by the fans. -Will Poulter

Expeditions are escapism. The stuff that we're normally concerned about just doesn't matter out there. Tax returns, gas bill, none of it. Life becomes very simple, it's about moving in a certain direction – north if you're going north – staying warm and not getting eaten. That's it. -Ben Saunders

I was a big fan of John Cassavetes, his wife, Gena Rowlands, and that era of filmmaking which was about realism and which represented the antithesis of the dreamy escapism you found in musicals. -Carmen Ejogo

Music and art and culture is escapism, and escapism sometimes is healthy for people to get away from reality. The problem is when they stay there. -Chuck D

You're used to having a camera in your face when you're playing a character – it's like having a mask on. But when you have to be you, you're so worried you'll make an idiot of yourself. Acting is a kind of escapism. -Sheridan Smith

I grew up very much in a sporting background. I always wanted to be an actor, but my escapism always came in sports. -Bradley James

There's something about 'Strictly Come Dancing.' Everywhere I go, people wish me good luck; cabbies toot their horns. It's lovely. I have a theory: in straitened times, there's nothing like a bit of unapologetic escapism. -Cherie Lunghi

As a form of escapism, yearning for the 20th century is understandable, but in practice it would be horrible – sort of like going on a holiday promising yourself you could go without the Internet, only to crumble and walk in a daze to the local Internet cafe to gorge on connectivity. -Douglas Coupland

It strikes me that people want to be engaged, and that those who go into a bookstore in a time of crisis are much more likely to be looking for explanation than for escapism. -Michael Korda

You know, going to the movies has always been recession-proof. It's fairly cheap entertainment; it's classic escapism. -John Lasseter

For me, visuals are as important as the music. I just love escapism and giving people something to escape to. To me, that's what art is. -Iggy Azalea

The narrative of so many fairy tales are timeless in so many different cultures, and they have been since the dawn of man. They represent escapism, but they all feature themes that have such poignancy in a modern world. -Lily Cole

My books are just pure escapism for kids. -Dav Pilkey

To be honest, Peter Pan was one of those fairy tales that I sort of related to, and I think that's the case with a lot of kids. The whole idea of escapism really resonates with a lot of kids. -Robbie Kay

I studied the lives of jazz singers who would tour Europe, and… what I learned was life was big ride for them. They'd seen the dark side of humanity… but touring the world playing jazz, it was a truly carefree way of living. A great escapism, if you like. -Gary Carr

I'm a sucker for entertainment and escapism as much as the next person. I like silly and lowbrow stuff, but I get nervous when I indulge in that too often. I want to know what's going on in the world. I have a morbid fear of being surprised by bad news. I want to anticipate everything. -Martin Donovan

People who read on holiday always have a better time because it's total escapism, both physically and mentally. -Jasmine Guinness

I just enjoyed telling stories. I enjoyed watching films and reading and becoming someone else. I spent a lot of time on my own when I was younger; I enjoyed my own company and still do, so it was a source of escapism. -Tuppence Middleton

The fact that the public are mesmerised by Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and all these miserable people makes me laugh because those celebrities are more miserable than the people reading about them for escapism. -Corey Taylor

It's stupid to say that there's any comfort to be had in 'knowing your place,' but there is a sense of reassuring escapism to something like 'Downton Abbey.' There's a perceived romance and elegance that is wonderful to lose yourself in. -Kate Reardon

The whole idea of escapism really resonates with a lot of kids. -Robbie Kay

Even though music is something I travel around doing, it is also a very private thing. A sort of escapism. -Agnes Obel

Entertainment and escapism – those are the bigger money-making films today. -Robin Wright

The appeal of the paranormal bad boy – or James Bond super-spy, as one example of male escapism – can sometimes make everyday problems seem less dire. Thus, a few hours spent immersed in the world of the wicked yet alluring hero is the equivalent of a mini-vacation. -Jeaniene Frost

Coming out of the '60s and the Vietnam War in America, it was commonplace for people to make films that had relevance to them. And since the '70s, cinema has gone almost entirely in the direction of spectacle and escapism and superhero films. -Dan Gilroy

I think we love the escapism of something like 'Cinderella,' and I think we do with 'Thor.' -Kenneth Branagh

It may be that the seemingly intrinsic attraction that past time has for me is merely a desire for escapism, as I look out at the nation and world with little optimism. -David Souter

Entertainment is needed, and so I do think escapism is needed. -Ving Rhames

All I listened to until age 18 growing up was musical theater. I liked the escapism of it. -Rachel Bloom

I think escapism is something artists write about pretty frequently – it's something everyone can relate to, the concept of wanting something more, wanting to find solace, wanting to have something better. -Halsey

All music is escapism for me, but I like the way that, on a good night, that sense of escapism can be shared. -Jamie xx

I like to make all kinds of shows and films, whether it's fantasy or big-popcorn, big-screen escapism or dramas based on real events. -Ron Howard

It's a crazy world, so sports and athletics and music can be a form of escapism. -Eddie Vedder

Fiction should be an ethically safe space, free of fancy ideas. It should be dedicated modestly to relationships or escapism or the needs of luscious voyeurs. -Lydia Millet

Science fiction should not be dismissed as escapism. It is a profound vehicle for talking about social and political issues. -Robert J. Sawyer

It takes a special, selfless person to make music that accommodates the universal need for mindless escapism – or what I call oblivion. -Greg Gutfeld

I love the ultimate escapism of paranormal and fantasy – all of the otherworldly creatures, magic, and possibilities that transport both reader and writer away from reality for a while – it's such delicious fun! -Wendy Higgins

Our secular culture is adrift in a sea of relativism, escapism, and self-indulgent inanities, with our media and entertainment elites leading the parade. -Tom Tancredo

I'm a fan of the sensibility of comics, and I love the escapism of them and the defining of good and evil. They're just so creative, too. -David Leitch

When I started Participant, I felt that the movie business was ripe for a company that dealt with big issues in a systemic way. I was a little surprised that nobody had done it before. But to most people, entertainment is escapism. -Jeffrey Skoll

If I'm watching 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,' there's a part of that that's just escapism. I'm not watching it with a political lens, but there is a part of me that certain things trigger and pull up, where I'm like, 'Oh, that was really problematic.' -Janet Mock

I think everybody wants to feel validated in some way, and when you're looking for leisure activities or if you're looking for escapism or things like that, you want to read about characters you can identify with. -Christopher Priest

Maybe it was escapism, but I had become obsessed with going to remote locations and keeping myself behind the camera. -Cole Sprouse

I love all that kind of gothic Bram Stoker kind of thing. I love to get lost in that kind of escapism. -Rob Halford

Acting is an amazing job. I'm very lucky to do it, and when you're working with terrific people, telling stories you care about, and know it reaches an audience who care about it, too, there is an escapism in that. -Shaun Evans

My nickname, when I was 15 years old in the Coast Guard, they called me 'Hollywood' because I went to the movies all the time. It was such great escapism. That's why I ran away from home. -Tab Hunter

I lived in those old movie houses as a kid. I just loved them. What total escapism for someone. -Tab Hunter

I think it's important to make art for a myriad of reasons. The least of which is that I think laughter is medicinal, and I think there is an escapism aspect – an act of self-care. -Natasha Rothwell

I was a big party guy in my twenties, and kind of a playboy as well. I adopted a lot of values and goals that were fairly superficial and, in many cases, self-destructive. They looked cool and sounded sexy on the surface, but underneath, there was no real meaning going on, just a lot of escapism. -Mark Manson

'Top of the Pops' is fun. It's escapism. It's a laugh. It's a rhythm; it gets your foot tapping. And that's all it is. -Jimmy Savile

I'd been to Mosul and back and forth to Iraq and Latin America, and it was all quite harrowing… and I felt like I wanted a month or two of total escapism. -Stacey Dooley

I didn't like school at all. I was bullied and didn't have a good time. Boxing was my escapism, and the ring was where I felt best. -Joe Calzaghe

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