Best Quotes About Escaping

It is folly for an eminent man to think of escaping censure, and a weakness to be affected with it. All the illustrious persons of antiquity, and indeed of every age in the world, have passed through this fiery persecution. -Joseph Addison

We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and the sensation of Time. And there are but two means of escaping and forgetting this nightmare: pleasure and work. Pleasure consumes us. Work strengthens us. Let us choose. -Charles Baudelaire

Is this not the true romantic feeling; not to desire to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping you. -Thomas Wolfe

Greatness, in the last analysis, is largely bravery – courage in escaping from old ideas and old standards and respectable ways of doing things. -James Harvey Robinson

Now the first step has to be taken, the step towards democracy. This step is full of risks, and requires trust on all sides. We don't know where it will lead. But if we just stand still, we will have no chance of escaping the violence. -Daniel Barenboim

I guess lyrically they're similar because they're talking about escaping the kind of misery that likes company. 'The Last One Alive,' for me, is very simple. It's just about alienation, really, that causes anger. -Jon Crosby

I'm the kind of actor who has ventured into escaping from me. -Helena Bonham Carter

Singing is a way of escaping. It's another world. I'm no longer on earth. -Edith Piaf

My films do have characters who have trouble escaping the world around them. -Lasse Hallstrom

Our principal writers have nearly all been fortunate in escaping regular education. -Hugh MacDiarmid

Less than an hour before he'd congratulated himself on escaping all the traps of Earth, all the snares of Man. Not knowing that the greatest trap of all, the final and the fatal trap, lay on this present planet. -Clifford D. Simak

They're not supposed to show prison films in prison. Especially ones that are about escaping. -Steve Buscemi

In a market economy, however, the individual has some possibility of escaping from the power of the state. -Peter L. Berger

We spend more time developing means of escaping our troubles than we do solving the troubles we're trying to escape from. -David Lloyd

That's why I'm an actress – escaping into a world. -Julie Walters

The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones. -John Maynard Keynes

Think you're escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home. -James Joyce

My youth is escaping without giving me anything it owes me. -Ivy Compton-Burnett

I'm one with New York, and New York is one with me. I grew up there; there's no escaping it. We're like Siamese twins, if you separate us, I'll die. -Adrian Grenier

War – the ordinary man's most convenient means of escaping from the ordinary. -Philip Caputo

Elvis' early music has drama because as he sang he was escaping limits. -Greil Marcus

While it's really hard to do, at the same time, I'm escaping my body, which I really want to do. I'm living someone else's life. I get very intensely into the story, into the interviews and the research. I'm experiencing things along with my subjects. I have a freedom I don't have in my physical life. -Laura Hillenbrand

In Hollywood, moviemaking used to be about escaping reality to go to the movies. -Chris Kattan

We grew up in abject poverty. Acting, writing scripts and skits were a way of escaping our environment at a very young age. -Viola Davis

Thus united to them in the fellowship of life, he will both understand the things revealed to them by God and, thenceforth escaping the peril that threatens sinners in the judgment, will receive that which is laid up for the saints in the kingdom of heaven. -Athanasius

One of the greatest obstacles to escaping poverty is the staggering cost of higher education. -Chris Van Hollen

If you are a rich person straining every sinew to keep every last pound in your pocket, there comes a point when you realize you are not just escaping the clutches of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. You are passing a greater burden on to people poorer than yourself, and depriving even poorer people of your support. -Clive Anderson

I was a slightly melancholy child and I think films were a way of escaping for me. -Charlie Hunnam

Like all young reporters – brilliant or hopelessly incompetent – I dreamed of the glamorous life of the foreign correspondent: prowling Vienna in a Burberry trench coat, speaking a dozen languages to dangerous women, narrowly escaping Sardinian bandits – the usual stuff that newspaper dreams are made of. -Russell Baker

If you're a designer, there's got to be some films that you've seen that have inspired you creatively. There's no escaping that. -Ozwald Boateng

I love escaping into character. It's a chance to try on people that you wouldn't be brave or stupid enough to be in real life. -Andrea Corr

I think escapism is very important, certainly in my life. I love nothing more than escaping into the world of a film or a novel. To be involved in creating that for other people is a privilege. -Ben Barnes

When I first came to Hollywood, I used to dream of doing films and escaping television. -Billy Campbell

In spirituals, the talk of heaven and deliverance was code for a better life. 'Crossing the River Jordan' was code, of course, for escaping to freedom. -Kathleen Battle

Houdini connected to people on an emotional level so that when he would escape that straight jacket it wasn't about the straight jacket. It was about people looking at it and escaping poverty. When you have that it's the truest form of magic. -Criss Angel

I never understood the concept of a fluffy summer read. For me, summer reading means beaches, long train rides and layovers in foreign airports. All of which call for escaping into really long books. -Maria Semple

Girls are the best readers in the world. Reading is really a way of kind of escaping so deeply into yourself and pursuing your own thoughts within the construct of a story. -Caitlin Flanagan

When you're acting, you're escaping and hiding behind something. It's cliched to say, but there's a safety there. -Tamsin Egerton

The worst situation with radiation escaping is if you are downwind from it. You could virtually be on one side and not affected by the radiation. If you're on the other side and you're downwind from it, you are going to be affected. -Rudy Giuliani

I love escaping into film, because everyday life I find quite troublesome. So any excuse to go into a cinema and say goodbye to the world for a couple of hours, or in a book or whatever, is great. -Alison Goldfrapp

In Romania, of course, gymnastics is among the most popular sports, and my parents had a dream of escaping the Ceausescu regime and giving their child a better life. So they came to the United States and put me in gymnastics. -Dominique Moceanu

I experienced how foreign aid for large-scale vaccination projects helps to save the life of children and thus give a real input to growth and to escaping poverty. -Jonas Gahr Store

A James Bond movie is a stuntman's dream. I was in a helicopter firing a machine gun at Piers Brosnan escaping on a motorbike. -Steve Truglia

What modern humans need help with is escaping from the despair of politics, commerce and media, escaping from the drabness and oppressiveness of worldly values and seeing through suburban mentality and normal community standards so that they can find some much-needed relief for their wilting souls. -Michael Leunig

I think the reason I'm an actor is the joy I find from escaping and going to be somebody else. That's what I have fun doing. -John Glover

When I was a kid, there was unhappiness in my family – was dealt with partly by escaping to television. And from a very early age, for whatever reason, I became scornful and resistant to and angry about that. And some other time in my life, I realized that there's a lot I loved in television. -Robert Pinsky

My parents emigrated from Poland in 1924 with my brother, who was a few months old. They were from a simple family of Polish Jews. They were looking, I suppose, for a better economic life and were escaping from an anti-Semitic environment. -Francois Englert

Shopmas now begins on Thanksgiving Day. Apparently, escaping the families you cannot stand to spend another minute with on Thanksgiving Day to go buy them gifts is how some Americans show their affection for one another. Weird. -Barry Ritholtz

When I was young, I read everything I could lay my hands on, but the Scots in my storybooks spent their time fighting glorious battles, rowing across lochs, or escaping over moors of purple heather. Even those Scots were hard to find. For at school, we recited poetry according to the set texts the teachers taught us. -Theresa Breslin

I never write to disappear and escape. The truth is exactly the opposite. Most people strike me as escaping and disappearing in one way or another – into their jobs, their daily routines, their delusions about themselves and others. -Steven Millhauser

I'm not one that really soaks up the limelight. I'm OK with kind of escaping it. -Derek Drouin

The wild Indian power of escaping observation, even where there is little or no cover to hide in, was probably slowly acquired in hard hunting and fighting lessons while trying to approach game, take enemies by surprise, or get safely away when compelled to retreat. -John Muir

You, too, will be driven away from your native land and ancient domains as leaves are driven before the wintry storms. Sleep not longer, O Choctaws and Chickasaws, in false security and delusive hopes. Our broad domains are fast escaping from our grasp. -Tecumseh

For some reason, as time gets short in life, wasting time escaping through entertainment bothers me. -Dick Van Dyke

It's a circus life, the movies. It's a lot of travelling, a lot of antisocial hours; there's a lot of it that's about escaping from life. -Paul Greengrass

Being a track sprinter, when it's all about a thousandth of a second, there is no escaping the numbers every single day. -Victoria Pendleton

Books are our umbilical cord to life. They connect us deeply, and with more meaning, to the world. They aren't about escaping from ourselves but expanding ourselves and finding within us the tools we need to survive. -Matt Haig

Movies, more than anything I can think of, are a great escape from reality. My reality, in particular, needs escaping. -Cazzie David

All of us can agree that we want government to work as well as possible, and we should all applaud efforts to improve it. But there is no escaping the divisive and essential questions: What is the purpose of the state, and whom does it serve? -Chrystia Freeland

Trump is a master obfuscator. Like an octopus escaping a predator, he releases a cloud of ink when called to the carpet on one of his many lies. His strategy? Obfuscate, then reference others. 'Millions agree,' 'everyone knows,' 'many have done it.' -Pamela Meyer

The sound of water escaping from mill dams, etc., willows, old rotten planks, slimy posts, and brickwork, I love such things. -John Constable

I think comics are really – superhero comics are at their best and most primal when they're about joy and flying, and about escaping the gravity of the world. But, at the same time, that's not to say all stories should be happy. -Mark Waid

'Ernest Borgnine' is sort of my version of Woody Allen's 'Purple Rose Of Cairo' in that it's about the occasional difficulty of coming to terms with the cold hard facts and the temptation to escape into another world – like movies, for example. I'm a pro at escaping. -John Grant

I grew up in Florida, and I have a lot of friends, close friends, who are Cuban-Americans, and I have heard the stories of their families escaping, and some of them didn't even make it to come to the United States for a better life to get away from the Castros. -GloZell

The music has a very strong escapist quality to it. In the moment where you feel like you need to escape, or when you are escaping, that's a good time to listen to 'When the Night.' -St. Lucia

I love that feeling. I guess I love escaping my life, really. I love going into another world and feeling for this amount of time that this is it, this is the world I'm going to live in. You feel it more during the rehearsal process. -Katherine Waterston

Talking to my Senate Republican colleagues about climate change is like talking to prisoners about escaping. The conversations are often private, even furtive. -Sheldon Whitehouse

My parents left Libya in 1979, escaping political repression, and settled in Cairo. I was nine. -Hisham Matar

As you mature and gain a semblance of wisdom and a sense of what life is all about… this is by no means true of everyone, but a lot of actors like to escape themselves. Inhabiting another person's persona is often a good way of escaping yourself. -James Purefoy

When I was a boy living in Edinburgh in Scotland, especially in December, when the hours of daylight were few, and it was cold, and often wet, I used to dream of escaping to a tropical magic kingdom. -Angus Deaton

There's just no escaping it: The half-life of media on the Internet is super short. Tweets flow and fade; pages that look great today will be gone or, at best, riddled with broken links and outmoded code in five years, tops. -Robin Sloan

We all want to be carried away to a whole other world and have romantic tendencies about escaping to an exotic place and being swept off our feet. -Lotte Verbeek

Our past absolutely defines everything we do in the present. We can't help it. We're made by the events of our past, so there's no escaping it. -Andrew Haigh

For the last few years, I've enjoyed writing my own stuff since studying creative writing at school, and as I've grown up, I've realised how much I enjoy escaping into a world that I've created myself. So I've kept that up as a hobby. -Himesh Patel

When something tragic happens, all we want to do is escape it. Acting has always been kind of a twisted way of escaping my own problems and my own reality. -Diana Silvers

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