Best Quotes About Empowering

Since I've been in Playboy myself in Australia, I love it, and I think it's really empowering and positive towards women, which is not a view that many women hold. -Dannii Minogue

One of the most powerful tools for empowering individuals and communities is making certain that any individual who wants to receive a quality education can do so. -Christine Gregoire

I think it's fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we've ever created. They're tools of communication, they're tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user. -Bill Gates

Marching with over a million women in support of our reproductive rights was one of the most empowering things I have done, both as a woman and as a Member of Congress. -Sheila Jackson Lee

Awareness is empowering. -Rita Wilson

I'm a girl who loves to share information, especially empowering, life-changing, information. -Marilu Henner

If you feel rooted in your home and family, if you're active in your community, there's nothing more empowering. The best way to make a difference in the world is to start by making a difference in your own life. -Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Well, I have also believed in empowering the individual and believe there is a degree of inertia in big government that hampers the ability to respond to a rapidly evolving crisis. -Michael C. Burgess

Fame is empowering. My mistake was that I thought I would instinctively know how to handle it. But there's no manual, no training course. -Charlie Sheen

I really feel there's no limitation on what this band can do in the studio or on the stage. That's an empowering feeling – that we can bring a song to life. -Ben Harper

I was raised in Boston by three older brothers and a very strong and empowering single mom. -Eliza Dushku

Being a mom's so empowering and incredible. I'm one of those people who believes that life brings things to you at a certain time for a certain reason, and if you just go with it, that's where the best moments come from. -Ashlee Simpson

Where I am now, you're very much at everybody else's mercy. You have no control over your career in a lot of ways. It's just important to know what your own goals are, because that's empowering. -Rose Byrne

I was a girl and became a woman. Something about having the freedom at home to be in the position I wanted, to have the people I wanted, was empowering. -Ricki Lake

Conservatism is not about leaving people behind. Conservatism is about empowering people to catch up, to give them the tools at their disposable that make it possible for them to access all the hope, all the promise, all the opportunity that America offers. And our programs to help them should reflect that. -Marco Rubio

I found that the more truthful and vulnerable I was, the more empowering it was for me. -Alanis Morissette

Math has a lot of negative stereotypes, but it can actually be fun and incredibly empowering. -Danica McKellar

It's so empowering to see yourself as a machine. -Jennie Finch

It's just kind of empowering when you become a mother. You just get overwhelmed with this new confidence and you feel really in control of your life. It's been beautiful. -Nelly Furtado

I got real important relationships in my life that are very empowering relationships. -Dave Chappelle

I believe we all have different ways we came to the gay community and we can't and shouldn't be pigeon-holed into one cultural narrative which can be uninclusive and disempowering. -Cynthia Nixon

Really, children will support anything that is empowering to them. -Robert Rodriguez

I was lucky to be involved and get to contribute to something that was important, which is empowering people with software. -Bill Gates

I'm happy to be helping people that are passionate about empowering parents for student learning. -Jeb Bush

It's great being your own boss, but then, you know, you make your own mistakes, you know, and you own them. You know, so it's empowering, and it's also humbling along the way. -Ani DiFranco

I think to have the skill set and the ability to physically help others in matters of life and death must be incredibly empowering. -Karlie Kloss

Having a director who is also an actor makes for that very relaxed way of working and it's empowering. -Chris Hemsworth

Well, I like empowering my clients. -Gloria Allred

I think it's very empowering to be able to have a career and to be a mother. It gives you an amazing sense of self. -Georgina Chapman

If at noon you sit down and there's just silence or blank tape, in an hour if you have a song, that didn't exist an hour ago. Now it exists and it might exist for a long time. There's something empowering about that. -Eddie Vedder

I like to have songs with me that have substance. That's missing from a lot of today's music. You might hear a song with a catchy beat, but what's it about? It's not empowering or helping anyone. -Jennifer Hudson

The most empowering feminist act is for women to be taught about the ways babies bond and then decide what they want to do. -Mayim Bialik

There is nothing I'm any more passionate than empowering the next generation. -T. D. Jakes

Forgiveness is about empowering yourself, rather than empowering your past. -T. D. Jakes

My first job was when I was eight. I did this opera, which was a Robert Wilson/Philip Glass opera, called 'White Raven.' That was a very confusing and trippy creation tale, and I was a kid who brought up the sun and rotated the earth. It was very empowering. -Ezra Miller

The most important thing for me is having a relationship with God. To know that the owner, the creator of the universe loves you, sent His Son to die for your sins; that's very empowering. Knowing Him and knowing that He loves me gives me encouragement and confidence to move forward. -Ben Carson

I love acting because it's empowering. It empowers me. -Bryan Cranston

As a female there aren't too many characters that are very empowering, and there's something very empowering about Lara Croft. She kicks butt and she does it in style. She's confident and she's educated. -Camilla Luddington

A lot of songs are empowering because everybody who has been through a hard time in a relationship or in their lives can relate to it. -Nicole Scherzinger

Reclaiming the word 'fat' was the most empowering step in my progress. I stopped using it for insult or degradation and instead replaced it with truth, because the truth is that I am fat, and that's ok. So now when someone calls me fat, I agree, whereas before I would get embarrassed and emotional. -Beth Ditto

I still read romance, and I read suspense. I read them both. And part of it is, I like stories with strong characters, and I like stories where there's closure at the end. And I like stories where there's hope. That's a kind of empowerment. I think romance novels are very empowering, and I think suspense novels are, too. -Lisa Gardner

The need for empowering investors to have information on the way their own money is invested is not going away. -Donald Luskin

The greatest benefit of being a solo performer is that it is seriously frightening, but at the same time very empowering. It's just you and the audience. All the weight is on you to deliver the songs. -Zola Jesus

When it comes to work, there is a fear factor around meritocracy. People are afraid of being openly judged. However, when you know what you are being measured against, it's empowering. -Maynard Webb

I think when you've had success, publishers and reviewers and readers are willing to let you try something new if you've already proven yourself. They're excited about what you're doing, you have people interested in it, and actually waiting for it. It's empowering. -Lois Lowry

Tackling the environment should not be a licence to lecture people, because they have no excuse not to exercise, or eat their fruit and vegetables. Nannying – at least among adults – is likely to be counterproductive. Providing information is empowering; lecturing people is not. So, no excuses, no nannying. -Andrew Lansley

My idea of art is, you write something that makes people feel so strongly that they get some conviction about who they want to be or what they want to do. It's morally useful not in a political way, but it makes your heart bigger; it's emotionally and spiritually empowering. -Mary Karr

I don't think in terms of that bizarre tautology 'value for money' in my literary and journalistic work – and nor will I in my academic role. However, if I don't believe I'm helping my students towards a fuller and more empowering relationship with the world, then I'll resign. -Will Self

As Africans Americans we often think about the tragic stories associated with our lineage, but there are a lot of triumphs. Traveling helps you learn about other aspects of our history, like the story of Christ the Redeemer. It's empowering and inspiring. -Laz Alonso

Causes was founded with the mission of empowering anyone to change the world. Our model is based upon the belief that everyone has the power to have an outsized impact on the world by banding together with other like-minded individuals, taking direct action, and inspiring their friends and their friends' friends to join in. -Joe Green

Made with Pencils is grounded in the creativity of a few, propelled by the financial support of many, and most importantly, it's empowering generations to come. A simple idea, a heartfelt desire, and a world of possibility. A pencil, a promise, and a dream. -Adam Braun

So much of what I do is about inspiring and empowering women. -Bobbi Brown

One of the few things we can actually control in life is what we put in our bodies. I found that very empowering. -Sara Rue

Science is a way of life. Science is a perspective. Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding in a manner that's precise, predictive and reliable – a transformation, for those lucky enough to experience it, that is empowering and emotional. -Brian Greene

Pakistan's future viability, stability and security lie in empowering its people and building political institutions. My goal is to prove that the fundamental battle for the hearts and minds of a generation can be accomplished only under democracy. -Benazir Bhutto

We get caught up in all the stress – 'Got to do this, is this the right thing for me to do?' – but what about the thing you want to do? That's what'll keep you young. It's empowering, not becoming a prisoner of some other person's idea of what you should be. -Matt Dillon

In my own case, I'm an artist, and I'm really interested in expanding the vocabulary of human action, and basically empowering people through interactivity. I want people to discover themselves as actors, as creative actors, by having interactive experiences. -Golan Levin

When I got my first Marshall amp, it was so empowering. No one ever forgets their first Marshall amp if you're a guitar player pursuing a big powerful sound. I mean, no one ever forgets their first Marshall amp. -Kirk Hammett

Divorce isn't one-sided, and I am by no means perfect. Becoming accountable for my role in the relationship was very empowering. -Garcelle Beauvais

Put your energy into building what is creative, valuable and empowering. And you won't have to constantly fight against what is destructive and draining. -Ralph Marston

For women raised in the '70s, high heels can still carry a stigma; they're associated with being stupid, with just wanting to please a man. Other women find them empowering. -Christian Louboutin

It's a powerful thing to know that you are empowering someone to lift themselves out of poverty. -Jessica Jackley

I realize it's a cliche almost, that coming out of the closet is a very healthy and empowering thing to do, but for me, it really has been a truly wonderful thing. -B. D. Wong

Writing is an incredibly creatively empowering experience for me. It is the place where nobody tries to control what I'm doing. -B. D. Wong

I think you choose how you walk through this life. I think if you choose to participate in a paradigm that is looks-based, if you're an actor, then it can be empowering in some ways, and it can be really limiting in some ways in terms of time and longevity. -Bellamy Young

I really love over-the-knee boots. I think they're super sexy and they're fun. And they're also very strong and empowering. -Miranda Kerr

I always wanted to create a site that was sports and pop culture. '30 for 30' had a big impact because I loved how that was about finding, empowering and working with these incredible directors, and I thought the same thing could work for writers. -Bill Simmons

I feel very English in a suit. There's something about being in a suit abroad, particularly in America, that feels empowering. -Daniel Radcliffe

I'm all about empowering women. And by lining them up against the wall and weighing them, surely you are making them feel more like meat than ever – even if it's little meat, if you know what I mean. -Diane von Furstenberg

I take the medication for myself so I can transact, not for anyone else. But I am aware that it is empowering for people to see what I do and, for the most part, people in the Parkinson's community are just really happy that Parkinson's is getting mentioned, and not in a pitying way. -Michael J. Fox

There were musicians that influenced me, but they weren't all women. Teena Marie was a big influence because she wrote and produced her own music, which let me know that women could write and produce their own music, which was an empowering moment for me. -Queen Latifah

I have always felt strongly about empowering women. I'm living proof that, with confidence and by believing in yourself, you can accomplish any goal. -Queen Latifah

Mindfulness practices enhance the connection between our body, our mind and everything else that is around us. Mindful living is the key to understanding our struggles with weight and to empowering us to control our weight. -Thich Nhat Hanh

In the network model, rewards come by empowering others, not by climbing over them. If you work in a hierarchy, you may not want to climb to its top. -John Naisbitt

What woman doesn't want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit? It's incredibly empowering. -Sara Rue

I know I'm stronger in the songs than I really am. Sometimes I need to hear it myself. We all need to hear those empowering songs to remind us. -Beyonce Knowles

I've just always felt it's an incredibly empowering thing, particularly for young women, to capitalize on their coordination and their strength. It's a very empowering thing to feel strong in your body. -Alanis Morissette

I loved the world of roller derby because I thought it was such an empowering metaphor, that you get out there and do it. It's such a rocker, athletic, capable, cool exhibitionist sport; it's about this great sort of camaraderie. -Drew Barrymore

As I began to get a deeper understanding of the vital life-saving work Save the Children does, I felt compelled to help in any way I could. This is about safe-keeping, inspiring and empowering a future generation – to facilitate them to make their own lives a little bit better. -Erin O'Connor

What you wear for work should be comfortable and empowering. If you're working in business, your outfit should mean business. If I go to meet somebody about an acting job, or something creative, then I'll be in my jeans. For me, overdressing is my biggest fear. -Twiggy

When I was talking to strangers over the Internet in the 1990s, there would be a much more intense connection because they're disembodied, so it's just your brain and your soul interacting with this other person, and it just frees you up in this incredibly empowering way. -Glenn Greenwald

I realized I love motivating and I love empowering and I love inspiring people. I did that as an athlete for 18 years, and I am able to do that as a motivational speaker now as well as doing work on television. -Dominique Dawes

I always try to get people a different outlook. When you do that, people take ownership of the information. They don't ever have to reference me because, I'd like to believe as an educator, I'm empowering them to have those thoughts themselves. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

We're fit, we're healthy, we eat right, we work out. 'Plus size model' does not mean that we're not healthy. Plus size is not glamourising obesity: it's about empowering. The message behind the fashion is feeling confident in whatever you're wearing. -Hayley Hasselhoff

When I want to explain why empowering girls and women is critical to fighting poverty, I often tell a person's story. It's easier to relate to a personal story than to global data telling us that the majority of the billion people who live on less than $2 per day are women and girls. We are often told to never treat a person like a statistic. -Helene D. Gayle

The vision is to restore Avon to an iconic beauty brand and to our leadership position in global direct selling, as well as continuing to ensure that we live up to our mission of empowering women. -Sheri McCoy

In Maine, we are fortunate to have a Clean Elections system that allows legislators to turn down corporate special interest money. At the national level, Congress should follow Maine's example by empowering the voices of small donors. -Chellie Pingree

By improving health, empowering women, population growth comes down. -Bill Gates

Rather than empowering all, consumer and shareholder activism gives greatest voice to those with the most money in their pockets, those who can switch from seller to seller with relative ease. Consumer and shareholder activism is a form of protest that favours the middle classes, an outpouring of the dissatisfaction of the bourgeoisie. -Noreena Hertz

There is an interesting interplay between power corrupting and corruption empowering. The causality does not go one way. -Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

There are three types of innovations that affect jobs and capital: empowering innovations, sustaining innovations and efficiency innovations. -Clayton M. Christensen

In a healthy economy, empowering, sustaining and efficiency innovations operate in balance. A healthy economy creates and sustains more jobs before squeezing out inefficiencies. -Clayton M. Christensen

The financial doctrines so zealously followed by American companies might help optimize capital when it is scarce. But capital is abundant. If we are to see our economy really grow, we need to encourage migratory capital to become productive capital – capital invested for the long-term in empowering innovations. -Clayton M. Christensen

Actors will always tell you it's more fun playing bad guys. A lot of the time, it's criminals who are the people who don't care. There's something extraordinarily seductive about the guy who doesn't care, and to play that guy is terribly empowering, because you don't have to worry about the consequences of your actions. -Brendan Gleeson

In one of my recent books, 'The Success Principles,' I taught 64 lessons that help people achieve what they want out of life. From taking nothing less than 100 percent responsibility for your life to empowering others, these are the fundamentals to success – and to great leadership. -Jack Canfield

My parents made me believe I could do anything I wanted to do. They were really into empowering me. -Pierre Omidyar

We live in such a consumer-based world. Everything we do, someone else has provided for us, so there is something really empowering about knowing that once I have found the right pieces of wood, I can start a fire and keep myself warm and skin an animal to eat and make its skin into leather. -Neil Jackson

A friend of mine had died, and I went for an audition. It was weird and cathartic: the producer was very excited about the piece, but my brain wasn't working, and it all seemed really pointless and fickle. I told them I didn't want to be there any more, and left. It was the most terrifying and empowering audition experience I've had. -Darren Boyd

Working as a correspondent for 'Business Week,' I felt that I was simply informing people, not empowering them. I saw a parallel problem in the world of education. In too many educational settings, teachers simply 'inform' or 'instruct' learners, rather than providing learners with opportunities to explore, experiment, and express themselves. -Mitchel Resnick

For much of Toyota's history, we have ensured the quality and reliability of our vehicles by placing a device called an andon cord on every production line – and empowering any team member to halt production if there's an assembly problem. Only when the problem is resolved does the line begin to move again. -Akio Toyoda

The Internet is an empowering force for people who are protesting against the abuse of power. -Rebecca MacKinnon

In China, Vietnam, Russia and several former Soviet states, the dominant social networks are run by local companies whose relationship with the government actually constrains the empowering potential of social networks. -Rebecca MacKinnon

The Internet is empowering everybody. It's empowering Democrats. It's empowering dictators. It's empowering criminals. It's empowering people who are doing really wonderful and creative things. -Rebecca MacKinnon

Having a gun in your hand is very empowering. -Daniela Ruah

When we home schooled my oldest, Jasper, in eighth grade, I saw how empowering it is for a child to learn in their own way. That rebooted my thinking about education. -Suzy Amis

For me, life is about being positive and hopeful, choosing to be joyful, choosing to be encouraging, choosing to be empowering. -Billy Porter

I'm in love with what a high heel does to a leg: how it makes a woman or a man feel. It's empowering. -Billy Porter

When you're doing what you love, it's not exhausting at all, actually. It's completely empowering and exhilarating. -Billy Porter

Changing what you don't like about yourself can be empowering, and that's not a bad thing. Feeling secure enough to own what is weak and missing from either your body, mind or spirit and to commit to action to change it is a good thing. -Teri Hatcher

Efficiency innovations arise in industries that already exist. They provide existing goods and services at much lower costs. They are not empowering. Efficiency innovators become the low cost providers within an existing framework. -Clayton M. Christensen

To focus capital and entrepreneurship into empowering innovation, we should change is the capital gains tax rate. We would be better served by a regressive tax rate, that would become progressively smaller the longer the investment is held. -Clayton M. Christensen

Fox Interactive Media's acquisitions of Newroo and kSolo demonstrate our commitment to empowering users with interesting tools that they can use to further enhance their online experience and online identity. -Ross Levinsohn

As a proud spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris, I have communicated the 'Because You're Worth It' message many times, and know firsthand how empowering it is to say and how empowering it feels. -Andie MacDowell

Fundamentally, the answers to our challenges in healthcare relies in engaging and empowering the individual. -Elizabeth Holmes

Mobile phones play a really wonderful role in enabling civil society. As well as empowering people economically and socially, they are a wonderful political tool. -Mo Ibrahim

One of the criticisms we get is, 'Does the world need more plastic crap?' But you have to look beyond the plastic crap, to the design, to the experience, to the empowering nature of the MakerBot and the community. -Bre Pettis

I trained in combat, sword fighting, horse riding… It's empowering knowing that I can a break man's nose with my elbow. -Gwendoline Christie

Every time I rap about being a big girl in a small world, it's doing a couple things: it's empowering my self-awareness, my body image, and it's also making the statement that we are all bigger than this; we're a part of something bigger than this, and we should live in each moment knowing that. -Lizzo

Power in politics, sovereignty in America is with we the people, and that is the path to turning this country around: empowering the people. -Ted Cruz

It is an honor for me to take part in Canon's Project Imagin8ion, partnering with a brand that is empowering young filmmakers and is at the forefront of technology. -Bryce Dallas Howard

Financial inclusion matters not only because it promotes growth, but because it helps ensure prosperity is widely shared. Access to financial services plays a critical role in lifting people out of poverty, in empowering women, and in helping governments deliver services to their people. -Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Suddenly I could control every aspect of publishing, and it was incredibly empowering! I didn't have to sit by the phone any longer waiting for things to happen because I was the one making them happen. That's why I decided to start Amber House Books. -Teresa Medeiros

I have never made a game that wasn't explicitly about empowering players to tell their own story. -Warren Spector

Adoption should be an empowering option for young women in crisis, knowing that the people around them – family, friends, church – will respect their choice. -Nina Easton

My feminism, as intended by me, extends to empowering women to make legal choices, not to judge the legal choices they make. My fight is for rights. -Maajid Nawaz

You could summarize everything I did at Apple was making tools to empower creative people. 'QuickDraw' empowered all these other programmers to now be able to sling stuff on the screen. The 'Window Manager,' 'Event Manager,' and 'Menu Manager.' Those are things that I worked on that were empowering other people. -Bill Atkinson

Above all, we want Millennials to realize that they can have an impact on the world and that, in the course of empowering others, they can also empower themselves. -Nicholas Kristof

'Station to Station' came out of a sense of urgency – a sense that culture, be it art, film or architecture, has become so compartmentalised. For this project, we wanted to break that and create a language that is more nomadic and less materialistic and really empowering for the creators and the audience. -Doug Aitken

Goldman Sachs believes that economically empowering women globally is one of the best investments to grow economies, create jobs, and build more prosperous societies. -Dina Powell

I think that my music is really empowering. I just want people to know – especially young people, but really everyone – that you don't have to be so caught up in what everyone else is thinking. You don't have to be the coolest, most popular person. You can just be you and be vulnerable. -Alessia Cara

My grandfather pioneered exploration of what he called 'our water planet,' then my father sought to understand the human connection, and now, as part of the third generation, I'm dedicated to not only raising awareness but also to empowering people to take action. -Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

I think the pageant system is about empowering women. I think that aspect of it is great, but when you take parents who are forcing their children to do anything, I don't think it's healthy. -Olivia Culpo

I think that, if anything, the pageant is great for people who suffer from body issues. It's all about being comfortable with what you're given and what you have and being able to flaunt it without being insecure. It's about empowering women, not making them feel weak or less. -Olivia Culpo

David Anspaugh, who was my first director, on 'Rudy,' was all about empowering the actor, making you feel comfortable and appreciated, allowing you to keep your dignity, and treating you like a man. Being treated like a grown-up makes you proud to be involved in a film. -Jon Favreau

I feel really comfortable when it's just me and a guitar. It's special and more vulnerable to strip it down. It can be scary, but it's also empowering. -Tori Kelly

We talk about this concept of openness and transparency as the high-level ideal that we're moving towards at Facebook. The way that we get there is by empowering people to share and connect. The combination of those two things leads the world to become more open. -Mark Zuckerberg

Women should be happy with their bodies. Not being afraid of yourself is very empowering. -Sarah Hay

The appeal of perfume is that it is at once ephemeral and empowering. It creates a shimmering invisible armor that lingers in a room long after its wearer has gone and infuses our imagination with a subtle power, hinting at a hidden identity. -Mary Gaitskill

I feel Dress for Success is basically about empowering women who were in a disadvantaged situation. The act of wearing a suit when she's walking in the door, it's so powerful – it's about gaining control of their lives and situations. -Karen Elson

It's really empowering to have curly hair. -Cam

I think there's a lot of misunderstanding about genetic information and what you can and cannot learn. One of the things we try to do is educate individuals that knowing information is empowering. -Anne Wojcicki

I am so honored to join the company of a roster as celebrated and diverse as Covergirl's. I can't wait to share some of my own beauty tips with fans and work alongside Covergirl to continue empowering girls and women to celebrate their individuality. -Zendaya

Stand in a way that you are always empowering people to join in, because the only way to be truly successful is not to succeed as an individual, but to succeed as a part of a community, of a country. -Cory Booker

Working together with Democrats and Republicans, I passed legislation to help break the grip of addiction. By investing in prevention, treatment, and recovery, empowering law enforcement, and stopping the overprescribing of painkillers, we can turn the tide. -Rob Portman

Relationships can be very traumatic. But being in a healthy relationship can be very empowering. -Kangana Ranaut

At Microsoft, we're aspiring to have a living, learning culture with a growth mindset that allows us to learn from ourselves and our customers. These are the key attributes of the new culture at Microsoft, and I feel great about how it seems to be resonating and how it's seen as empowering. -Satya Nadella

Giving birth was probably the most empowering thing I've ever done physically. I was like, 'Now I can do anything. I can run a marathon… I can run three marathons!' -Christy Turlington

The next wave of the social graph is empowering services like Airbnb and Lyft that give people the chance to have that physical interaction. People are more open to that because of Airbnb. Airbnb took couch surfing and took an additional step. -John Zimmer

I do take advantage of, you know, feeling sensual and feeling sexy. And I think that is tremendously empowering and is not diminishing in any way. I fell that any woman who is in control, who is in touch with her femininity and sensuality, is a woman that is empowered. -Shakira

When you give kids the tools necessary to change their destiny, it's really empowering. -Octavia Spencer

Speaker Boehner has said many times that the House of Representatives is the closest institution to the people, and he recognizes that by empowering the members to have direct input into the process. -Tom Graves

I have voted to repeal the president's health care law and will continue to advocate for its repeal. Additionally, I will push for critical reforms that focus on controlling costs and empowering patients within the health care system. -Brett Guthrie

Terms such as 'microaggression,' describing an inadvertent act of offense, have entered the college lexicon, empowering an atmosphere of prior restraint on speech. And many colleges are also disinviting speakers in fear of offending certain elements of their student communities. -John J. McLaughlin

Education is a way of empowering people; it opens up so many doors and is fundamental to everybody. And teachers are not often appreciated in the way that they should be. -Camila Alves

It is so inspirational, to see that in the world of Westeros, men are answering to women, and they are a force to be reckoned with. It's empowering, and it's inspirational as well, because you're just like, 'This is great!' -Rose Leslie

I challenge the leaders of public education to stop issuing mandates from the state office and to focus on empowering schools and delivering resources to the school level. -David Ige

When I was growing up, my mother taught me and my sisters to celebrate each other – there was no room in our household for negativity. She taught us to embrace each other, and this was empowering for us. She also taught us the value of celebrating our differences. -Alek Wek

Moana is definitely a Disney heroine. She's wonderful, empowered, empowering. -Auli'i Cravalho

Together, we can nurture the talent of the future and bring the empowering force of music and the arts to a new generation. -Andrew Lloyd Webber

Those 62 million girls who are not being educated around the world impact my life in Washington, D.C., in the United States of America. Because if we aren't empowering and providing the skills and the resources to half of our population, then we're not realizing our full potential as a society, as mankind. -Michelle Obama

Women feel empowered when they can do the things that are supposed to be only for men, you know? It breaks boundaries, it's liberating, and it's empowering when you feel like, 'Well, I can do that, too.' -Rihanna

Being a woman in country is really empowering. It's a genre where you can truly say whatever you want to say as long as you're 100% behind your message and who you are. -Madison Marlow

I didn't set out to write some female-empowering movie; I just wanted to write a funny college comedy. -Kay Cannon

Utah's economy stays strong by adhering to conservative fundamental principles: low and consistent tax rates, smaller and more efficient government, sensible regulation, and empowering the private sector to create jobs. -Gary Herbert

Don't spend more than you take in. Control your debt. Empower the private sector. We have 50 states out there that are laboratories of democracy. Why are we not empowering the states to find solutions to our problems, particularly health care, as opposed to looking to a one-size-fits-all solution from Washington, D.C.? That puzzles even me. -Gary Herbert

Digital India is about empowering the citizen – it's mobile, it's cloud, it's storage – we are in all those areas. -Safra A. Catz

WWE is really focused on empowering the women. -John Cena

In the exodus out of Iraq, we're seeing the effects of just leaving. We left before there was control of chemical weapons stockpiles, without a status-of-forces agreement. We left before the Sunni and Kurds we fought with and fought alongside with were stable, or without empowering them. We left on a political rhetoric. -Ryan Zinke

I love clothes. I've never actively followed trends, but I definitely know what I like and what I don't like. I think fashion is a really important and empowering thing. I don't think it's superficial, actually, I think it's very important. -Rebecca Hall

Empowering the individual means empowering the nation. And empowerment is best served through rapid economic growth with rapid social change. -Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Very few women get asked to be in the swimsuit issue, and I'm really proud to be one of so many beautiful and empowering women. -Caroline Wozniacki

The transition from unknown to known-in-publishing has been empowering but also challenging. It's an honor to know that people actually want to know what I think about certain issues, but I also have to be careful about what I say or, rather, how I say it. The Internet is forever, y'all. -Angie Thomas

Empowering girls is extremely important to me because, growing up, I needed those empowering women to show me the way. When my parents divorced when I was 11, my mom was a force to be reckoned with. She showed me how to be self-sufficient and independent. -Cassadee Pope

I must've been a bird in some previous lifetime. I feel like I'm called to flying – the convenience and the beauty of it. That feeling of soaring would be empowering. -Rachel Keller

As a young woman, I just think there's something really confident and empowering about being able to flirt back. -Kelsea Ballerini

When disease took my legs, I eventually realized I didn't need them to lead a full, empowering life. -Amy Purdy

The essential idea of Stoicism in my interpretation is, you don't control the world around you, you control how you respond. At 19, that's very empowering. -Ryan Holiday

There is clearly risk associated with empowering your team to make more and faster decisions at a lowerlevel than was previously the norm. As you take your hands off the wheel, you need to be more vigilant and aware than ever about the decisions your team is making. -Chris Fussell

Being natural is incredibly empowering for women because it's just who you are. You're embracing all the beautiful things about you from your head to your toes. Because when you mask so much of your natural beauty, people don't get to see that. -Rozonda Thomas

To make your own family is just the most empowering thing ever. It's the greatest thing you can ever pull off. -Omari Hardwick

I'm all for making a woman-empowering song. I get that, and I think that's dope. I've got a daughter, and I think that's amazing. But when you're specifically picking on guys, that's when it's not right. 'No Scrubs' is the meanest, dumbest song ever made because they need to be specific in certain areas. -Lil Rel Howery

My process is very disempowering to the director anyway, so it's essential that you be respectful. Once we've sort of found the scene, I have to get out of there, because you don't want to split the actor's idea of who's in charge. -David Milch

For us, the most important thing we can do is raise people up – that is, either by giving the ability to do things they could not otherwise do, allow them to create things they couldn't otherwise create. It's about giving them tools; it is about empowering people. -Tim Cook

Since my article in 'Women's Health' came out, I have had so many conversations with women about their own battles with cancer, and it feels so empowering to open up this dialogue and learn from each other. -Cobie Smulders

I think Bitcoin really feels empowering in a sense. -Vitalik Buterin

When you get together with childhood friends, for example, there's an intimacy that you instantly have because you share something really profound in your past. There's a shortcut to emotional intimacy if you share your past with somebody. It's really empowering when you're reunited with people who share that. -Jon Tenney

I think that we all absolutely have curiosity. It brings about knowledge. It's energizing. It's spiritually empowering. It makes us more interesting as people. -Brian Grazer

At their core, an influencer creates an empowering human connection. -Angela Ahrendts

As the leader, you're empowering talent. Once you've given the direction, it's a joy to see it put into action, to see people on every level of the company carrying out the strategy. -Denise Morrison

There was something so empowering about having President Obama in office because I know that for many of us, that's something that we never thought that we'd see in our lifetime. -Jesmyn Ward

What I'll take credit for is finding visionary people in the company, or bringing them in, and then empowering them to help me. -Parker Harris

The International Girl Crew isn't supposed to be super exclusive – that's a really important part of our brand and message. It's not just our crew – it's a lifestyle. It's for everybody to know how empowering it is to be surrounded by friends who motivate and support you and who you feel like you can exchange ideas with and do projects with. -Paloma Elsesser

'Roots' focuses on a particular group of people who defy the odds and win, eventually, even if it isn't in their lifetimes. This is, for me, a very positive story and a very empowering one, if only we have that perspective on it. -Malachi Kirby

There is a kind of adventure- and risk-seeking audience in classical contemporary music that is really empowering and part of what draws me to it. The people that come to these concerts are open-minded and curious. -Bryce Dessner

It's such a transition and it's so empowering to become a mom, but there are also many challenges. Just remind yourself, every minute, every day, to be kind to yourself. -Jurnee Smollett-Bell

The Underground Railroad, which was the first integrated civil rights movement, is a part of our history that not a lot of us know about. And it's actually a very empowering side of our history. -Jurnee Smollett-Bell

I'm so proud of 'Underground' because it's this thriller; it's this action- adventure. It's unexpected. People think it's gonna one be one thing – they think it's gonna be very depressing and downtrodden – and it's empowering. -Jurnee Smollett-Bell

As the highest-ranking Republican woman in the U.S. House of Representatives and the mom of two daughters, I believe if we're serious as a nation about empowering every American to pursue his or her own dreams, then true cases of gender discrimination need to be confronted. -Cathy McMorris Rodgers

When you know that the offense isn't just predicated on one guy and that every movement you make gives you a chance to be a part of the action, to make you a weapon, it's empowering. -David Fizdale

Some of our songs are empowering, but I feel like more so than our music, it's who we are. We're four women who are completely different ethnicities, completely different body types, completely different walks of life and opinions. -Lauren Jauregui

We all have our things that we go through, and I wanted to be an artist that people could listen to and feel like they're not alone. I want to be empowering. -Lauren Alaina

I took some of the hardest things about my life and wrote an empowering song with it. It has made me want to always write from that place. -Lauren Alaina

Putting yourself out there is hard, but it's so worth it. I don't think anyone who has ever spoken out, or stood up or had a brave moment, has regretted it. It's empowering and confidence-building and inspiring. Not only to other people, but to yourself. -Megan Rapinoe

Beyonce's music is like lipstick or a decidedly tall pair of heels: It's empowering. -Elaine Welteroth

The women's national team is a very successful team, and that success has given us a platform to speak on gender equity issues. Millions of young women play soccer in this country, and it's empowering for them to see that our contribution to the game is valued. -Becky Sauerbrunn

I believed deeply that digital was an empowering opportunity for Playboy, not a threat. -Christie Hefner

The option to freeze one's eggs is just about the most empowering choice a single woman who knows she wants to be a mother can make. -Faith Salie

In certain cases, empowering women starts with making their lives easier and removing unnecessary burdens. -Paul Polman

The Internet and digital technologies can and will boost economic, social, and political development, including by vastly expanding the capacity of individuals to enjoy their right to freedom of speech and expression, which is key to empowering human rights. -Alexander De Croo

It's great to engage with the mainstream media to get messages out, but the most empowering tool is to create records of our lives, and our own images, which are not filtered through judgements, biases, or misunderstandings. -Janet Mock

At Cisco, we believe everyone has the potential to become a global problem solver. We strive to inspire, connect, and invest in opportunities that accelerate global problem solving by empowering people everywhere to work toward eradicating poverty, unemployment, climate change, and hunger. -Tae Yoo

My whole life has been about building community, building business in our community, empowering people in our community. -Richelieu Dennis

'Playing like a girl' was used as a demeaning term instead of an empowering one. I am proud to be a girl and rocking the ice. -Hilary Knight

Making people fear the expression of their own power is a very effective way of disempowering them. It is not just those who feel the frustration of being silenced: it also encompasses every person who has no idea of their own power to realise their visions because they have not seen this in action in their communities. -Deeyah Khan

A sexy selfie can be incredibly empowering – but remember that, while a Snapchat message might expire, nothing on the Internet truly disappears. -Adwoa Aboah

Airbnb is dedicated to empowering people and communities through healthy tourism, and we have a long tradition of supporting local projects in Asia-Pacific. -Nathan Blecharczyk

When the work you're doing every single day is so directly about who you are as an individual and who you are as a person, it can be both exhausting and empowering in different moments. -Sarah McBride

Music spoke to me when I was young in such an intimate, empowering, magical way, and I think that music is already doing that for young queer kids. -Justin Tranter

IT put India on the map of the world and told Indians that they are somebody in the world. There is something about technology that is very empowering: 'We are designing software for the best companies in the world.' -Anand Giridharadas

The pope's instruction for priests to forgive may mean, in some cases, the difference between a woman staying in the Catholic Church or leaving for a more understanding and empowering church nearby. -Anthea Butler

For me, I've always wanted to portray roles that are empowering. Also, being empowering doesn't necessarily mean being strong all the time. -Kylie Bunbury

I don't know whether the Trump campaign needed to give a platform to white supremacists to win. But the campaign clearly did, and it had the effect of empowering the white-nationalist movement. -Jennifer Palmieri

Putting myself out there knowing I can be criticized – it's ironic, but to me, that's the most empowering thing. -Jennifer Nettles

Trade plays an important role in empowering our nation, growing its economy, creating domestic jobs, and enhancing American competitiveness in the global chain of commerce. -Charles Boustany

It's really empowering when you see yourself represented in entertainment and, especially, onstage when you're talking about how this country came to be. -Joshua Henry

There's something about getting onstage in a play where the actor tells the story, beginning, middle, and end, the way they want to tell it. For me, it's the most powerful place to be, and it's the most empowering place to be. -Katie Lowes

It's been a reality check that my muscles are still really affected by my spinal cord injury, but it's also been super empowering to see how much I'm capable of. -Victoria Arlen

When we refuse to help the enemies of ISIS, we're empowering ISIS. We're aiding their recruitment. We're abetting their argument that America discriminates against people based on their religions, which is expressly prohibited in our Constitution. -Seth Moulton

I was tired of a system where women waited around for men to send them a message or ask them out. With Bumble – first a dating app, now a social network that helps you make empowering connections in love, life, and business – women had to make the first move, or the match was void. -Whitney Wolfe Herd

Transforming our societies and our economies is an agenda that requires the participation of all. Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls are key. Including and empowering women and girls to develop and implement climate solutions is the right thing to do. It is also the smart thing to do. -Patricia Espinosa

Being a woman in country is really empowering. It's a genre where you can truly say whatever you want to say as long as you're 100% behind your message and who you are. -Maddie Marlow

I've never been able to lift my own weight, and the day when you have that capacity, it's pretty empowering! -Alicia Vikander

The emergence of a child opens up this well of love that you just never knew you were able to have. And it's empowering. -Sarah Drew

When you see a superhero that looks like you and lives in and fights in a neighborhood that is sort of like yours, it's empowering to a degree that makes you have hope. That is the power of storytelling, and that is the power of images. -Salim Akil

I like to think my work is furthering black culture by educating and empowering black people. -Franchesca Ramsey

I love empowering women. I think it's crazy: if you ever try to belittle women, you're playing yourself – I ride with whoever rides with me. -SZA

It's a very empowering kind of music, heavy metal is. -Rob Halford

It's hard for me to see myself as meaningful, but people seem to like my music, so who knows. Maybe my music is empowering some more young women to pick up songwriting/playing. -Soccer Mommy

It's so empowering to know the truth and to really understand something. -Carolyn Porco

I think there are a lot of Republicans who recognize that investment in adolescent girls and empowering them is good for our foreign policy. When they're educated, they tend to give back more to their communities, to rise out of poverty in a way that is good for their families and their communities and, ultimately, their countries. -Jeanne Shaheen

Female rage is not often acknowledged – never mind written about – so one of the questions I'm asking is, 'Are you allowed to be this angry as you grow older as a woman?' But I'm also trying to trace where my anger came from. Who made me the person that is still so raw and angry? I think that it's empowering to ask that question. -Viv Albertine

It's empowering to find a workout that builds strength and grace. -Mary Helen Bowers

Working out should be empowering! It should make you look and feel strong, elegant, healthy – the best possible version of you. -Mary Helen Bowers

Appreciating what you have accomplished can be empowering. -David Kirsch

I feel bonded to 'Take Me.' I'm proud of it. It's empowering, and at the end of the day, it's a pretty solid pop hit. -AJ Michalka

I feel like so much of what we give on stage is a musical gift to our fans, but we also wanna bring more depth to our shows if we can and do something empowering. -AJ Michalka

Music can feel empowering, or it can give a natural emotional voice to something people can't express. This is why it's beautiful. -El-P

Tragedies such as Nevil Shute's 'On the Beach' and Stanley Kubrick's 'Dr Strangelove' are so powerful because there's an underlying assumption that this did not have to happen. It is empowering. -David Brin

I've found childbirth to be so unique in its ability to completely humble you while also completely empowering you. It reduces you to your essence and strips you of every pretense. It reminds you that you are no better than all the women who have come before you, but also no worse. -Eva Amurri

When I started wrestling and then turned into the Evil Queen, I created this character who I needed in my personal life. This woman who is strong, intelligent, confident, empowering. That's what I needed in my personal life. -Charlotte Flair

I remember, even when I started with WWE, it was a different ball game. There were all these restrictions and things we couldn't do, and now, it's really empowering to know we can do anything that we want and what the guys can do. It gives women the opportunity to show why we're more than divas and why we're WWE superstars. -Alexa Bliss

In the matriarchy, which happens in a little microcosm across the blogosphere, we have these mini 'women in control' societies. And what I've noticed… is, under the guise of empowering women, they end up being real cruel. And I think, 'Jeez, here in my patriarchy, we wouldn't do that.' -Gavin McInnes

It's really empowering when, as an artist, you can visualize something and then have the final product turn out the way you wanted it to. -Troye Sivan

As we know, menstrual hygiene is an issue women have been facing over the years. It's great that the initiative to provide low-cost sanitary napkins has been undertaken. It is an empowering step for many women. -Radhika Apte

For me, it feels empowering to walk down a runway in my underwear! -Stella Maxwell

I think it's empowering for women to be in a relationship or single and have their own independence. -Ashley Roberts

Saying it now sounds obvious, but that can be really hard to remember when you're a trans kid who feels like your world's been turned upside down. Just having someone to see in the media is so empowering and validating. -Nicole Maines

I don't think I have the patience required to undertake projects as huge as 'Baahubali.' You need to spend a lot of time and years to make something empowering like that. -Ram Gopal Varma

It's very difficult to be asking other people for opportunities. It is much more empowering to be creating opportunities, to be the one who is saying, 'Look, I'm going to take this from the ground up and create a story that is meaningful to me as an Asian American and cast it with Asian Americans and have Asian Americans writing it.' -Daniel Dae Kim

I love sensual women like Beyonce who are very empowering and sexy at the same time, but if it's not what you want to do then you have to say no. -Christine and the Queens

I don't think I'm a brilliant writer, but I'm a good writer, and it's just so empowering to get involved. -Maggie Gyllenhaal

'Rise' is a very empowering song. -Orianthi

The reality of the music industry is that I was a 22-year-old college graduate who was able to walk into boardrooms and be the one in charge. It's incredibly empowering. I wasn't ready – I definitely was not ready – but I was prepared as I possibly could have been because I had studied the music industry. -Maggie Rogers

I have immense respect for Unity because they played a key role in establishing this indie revolution, empowering a huge number of people to get into game development. -Tim Sweeney

During the Me Too breakthrough, I was hanging out with Emma Thompson and Emily Watson – two people I've looked up to my entire life. Talking to those women was so empowering. -Florence Pugh

Empowerment of women is the empowerment of the nation. No household, no society, no state, no country has ever moved forward without empowering its women. -Naveen Patnaik

The great thing about 'Total Divas' is that it gives people who don't watch wrestling an avenue to see how empowering we women are. -Naomi

Special Olympics is such an empowering organization for the thousands of athletes involved and those of us like myself who lend support to them. -Natalya Neidhart

It's empowering and uplifting to hear the Special Olympics athletes share their journey and what's helped them to get to where they are today. I had no idea how much I'd learn and grow by taking part in Special Olympics. It's made me think about my own journey and what's important in life. -Natalya Neidhart

I think people have to understand that 'empowering' for women doesn't mean negating men. -Iliza Shlesinger

Only the likes of Piers Morgan would be opposed to a Miss America contest that promises to be more 'empowering' and 'inclusive.' -Bari Weiss

There's something so empowering about knowing I can pick up an axe and split a piece of wood. -Rain Dove

There is something in my brain that said if I get Halestorm to a point where people are actually listening to what I have to say, I might as well put out positivity and be that empowering figure that I would have wanted in a rock star. -Lzzy Hale

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