Best Quotes About Coward

Courage is the fear of being thought a coward. -Horace Smith

A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterward. -Jean Paul

They tell us that suicide is the greatest piece of cowardice… that suicide is wrong; when it is quite obvious that there is nothing in the world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person. -Arthur Schopenhauer

War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace. -Thomas Mann

The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else. -Umberto Eco

Humor is the most engaging cowardice. -Robert Frost

The coward wretch whose hand and heart Can bear to torture aught below, Is ever first to quail and start From the slightest pain or equal foe. -Bertrand Russell

None but a coward dares to boast that he has never known fear. -Bertrand Russell

The coward only threatens when he is safe. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There are several good protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice. -Mark Twain

A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent. -Pearl S. Buck

Obstacles are like wild animals. They are cowards but they will bluff you if they can. If they see you are afraid of them… they are liable to spring upon you; but if you look them squarely in the eye, they will slink out of sight. -Orison Swett Marden

The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity. -Robert Anthony

Fear has its use but cowardice has none. -Mahatma Gandhi

When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred. -Niccolo Machiavelli

A conservative is a man who is too cowardly to fight and too fat to run. -Elbert Hubbard

It is just as cowardly to judge an absent person as it is wicked to strike a defenseless one. Only the ignorant and narrow-minded gossip, for they speak of persons instead of things. -Lawrence G. Lovasik

It is better to be the widow of a hero than the wife of a coward. -Dolores Ibarruri

To be one's self, and unafraid whether right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformity. -Irving Wallace

Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended. -George W. Bush

Bullies are always cowards at heart and may be credited with a pretty safe instinct in scenting their prey. -Anna Julia Cooper

Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense. -Mignon McLaughlin

There is a level of cowardice lower than that of the conformist: the fashionable non-conformist. -Ayn Rand

To run away from trouble is a form of cowardice and, while it is true that the suicide braves death, he does it not for some noble object but to escape some ill. -Aristotle

To sin by silence, when we should protest, Makes cowards out of men. -Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The human race is a race of cowards; and I am not only marching in that procession but carrying a banner. -Mark Twain

The most cowardly thing in the world is blaming mistakes upon the umpires. Too many managers strut around on the field trying to manage the umpires instead of their teams. -Bill Klem

Falsehood is cowardice, the truth courage. -Hosea Ballou

Valor lies just halfway between rashness and cowardice. -Miguel de Cervantes

Only the brave know how to forgive… a coward never forgave; it is not in his nature. -Laurence Sterne

Fighting is like champagne. It goes to the heads of cowards as quickly as of heroes. Any fool can be brave on a battlefield when it's be brave or else be killed. -Margaret Mitchell

Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood. -George S. Patton

A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent. -John Calvin

Blair… is accusing us of executing British soldiers. We want to tell him that we have not executed anybody. They are either killed in battle, most of them get killed because they are cowards anyway, the rest they just get captured. -Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

It is vain for the coward to flee; death follows close behind; it is only by defying it that the brave escape. -Voltaire

When it comes to cars, only two varieties of people are possible – cowards and fools. -Russell Baker

Woman and men of retiring timidity are cowardly only in dangers which affect themselves, but the first to rescue when others are in danger. -Jean Paul

Heroes are not known by the loftiness of their carriage; the greatest braggarts are generally the merest cowards. -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Courage enlarges, cowardice diminishes resources. In desperate straits the fears of the timid aggravate the dangers that imperil the brave. -Christian Nestell Bovee

The Non-Conformist Conscience makes cowards of us all. -Max Beerbohm

The people to fear are not those who disagree with you, but those who disagree with you and are too cowardly to let you know. -Napoleon Bonaparte

Despair gives courage to a coward. -Thomas Fuller

It is only the great hearted who can be true friends. The mean and cowardly, Can never know what true friendship means. -Charles Kingsley

While President Bush likes to project an image of strength and courage, the real truth is that in the presence of his large financial contributors, he is a moral coward. -Al Gore

Courage and conviction are powerful weapons against an enemy who depends only on fists or guns. Animals know when you are afraid; a coward knows when you are not. -David Seabury

I always disliked dogs, those protectors of cowards who lack the courage to fight an assailant themselves. -August Strindberg

You cannot be a hero without being a coward. -George Bernard Shaw

We are ashamed to seem evasive in the presence of a straightforward man, cowardly in the presence of a brave one, gross in the eyes of a refined one, and so on. We always imagine, and in imagining share, the judgments of the other mind. -Charles Horton Cooley

True valor lies between cowardice and rashness. -Miguel de Cervantes

A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit. -Thomas Jefferson

It is an open question whether any behavior based on fear of eternal punishment can be regarded as ethical or should be regarded as merely cowardly. -Margaret Mead

Ridicule is a weak weapon when pointed at a strong mind; but common people are cowards and dread an empty laugh. -Martin Farquhar Tupper

The brave man inattentive to his duty, is worth little more to his country than the coward who deserts in the hour of danger. -Andrew Jackson

I'm a hero with coward's legs. -Spike Milligan

That man is not truly brave who is afraid either to seem or to be, when it suits him, a coward. -Edgar Allan Poe

People who keep dogs are cowards who haven't got the guts to bite people themselves. -August Strindberg

When a man is at his wits' end it is not a cowardly thing to pray, it is the only way he can get in touch with Reality. -Oswald Chambers

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave. -Mahatma Gandhi

To see the right and not to do it is cowardice. -Confucius

We should keep silent about those in power; to speak well of them almost implies flattery; to speak ill of them while they are alive is dangerous, and when they are dead is cowardly. -Jean de la Bruyere

A team is where a boy can prove his courage on his own. A gang is where a coward goes to hide. -Mickey Mantle

Destiny is the invention of the cowardly, and the resigned. -Ignazio Silone

At the bottom of not a little of the bravery that appears in the world, there lurks a miserable cowardice. Men will face powder and steel because they have not the courage to face public opinion. -Edwin Hubbel Chapin

We have been the cowards lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That's cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it's not cowardly. -Bill Maher

The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places. -Bryant H. McGill

I hate those men who would send into war youth to fight and die for them; the pride and cowardice of those old men, making their wars that boys must die. -Mary Roberts Rinehart

Before the war is ended, the war party assumes the divine right to denounce and silence all opposition to war as unpatriotic and cowardly. -Robert M. La Follette

War is a quarrel between two thieves too cowardly to fight their own battle. -Thomas Carlyle

I do not at all have the mind of a bully… in my mind bullies are intolerant of contrary opinion, domineering and rather cowardly. I would hope that none of those terms could be fairly used in describing me. -Conrad Black

I'm a charming coward; I fight with words. -Carl Reiner

All enchantments die; only cowards die with them. -Charles Morgan

Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it's cowardice. -George Jackson

The coward's weapon, poison. -John Fletcher

Killing yourself is a major commitment, it takes a kind of courage. Most people just lead lives of cowardly desperation. It's kinda half suicide where you just dull yourself with substances. -Robert Crumb

Firmness in enduring and exertion is a character I always wish to possess. I have always despised the whining yelp of complaint and cowardly resolve. -Robert Burns

This republic was not established by cowards; and cowards will not preserve it. -Elmer Davis

To be called a coward, I don't think that's fair. -Rodney Alexander

I admire a person who, for the love of art, is able to take off their clothes in front of a camera. But I'm not capable, I'm too cowardly for that. -Shakira

It is not cowardly, quite the contrary, to seek to meet the adversary and know his intentions. However, it is cowardly, shameful and treasonable to lay down arms. -Hassan II of Morocco

Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last some crisis shows what we have become. -Brooke Foss Westcott

Of what value is a mind when placed in the brain of a coward? If mind is a gift of God to man for his use, let him use it. A mind is not in use when doing no good. -Andrew Taylor Still

The difference between a hero and a coward is one step sideways. -Gene Hackman

I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man. -Che Guevara

The world has no room for cowards. -Robert Louis Stevenson

Humility is not cowardice. Meekness is not weakness. Humility and meekness are indeed spiritual powers. -Swami Sivananda

The coward sneaks to death; the brave live on. -George Sewell

In general, higher education does not know how to speak for its interests. It offers a stance that is defensive, cowardly and likely to be ineffective. -Stanley Fish

There is a point at which the law becomes immoral and unethical. That point is reached when it becomes a cloak for the cowardice that dares not stand up against blatant violations of justice. -Kurt Huber

Women have not yet realized the cowardice that resides, for if they should decide to do so, they would be able to fight you until death; and to prove that I speak the truth, amongst so many women, I will be the first to act, setting an example for them to follow. -Veronica Franco

The free nations of the world will not be pushed around by terrorist cowards whose goal is to spread fear and destruction and destroy our liberty and way of life. -Eliot Engel

Those who committed these cowardly acts may believe that they have shaken our resolve to defeat terrorism. They could not be more wrong. -Doc Hastings

I guess you could say I'm cautious, or a coward. -Namie Amuro

President Kennedy was willing to go to war. He was not a coward. The man had been in war and so had Ken O'Donnell. He was ready to protect this nation, but he was not ready for a military solution just because it was being rammed down his throat. -Kevin Costner

If pessimism is despair, optimism is cowardice and stupidity. Is there any need to choose between them? -Francis Parker Yockey

You happen to be talking to an agnostic. You know what an agnostic is? A cowardly atheist. -Studs Terkel

An Indian respects a brave man, but he despises a coward. -Chief Joseph

I'd like to see one person – just one – who would own up to having been a coward. -Edith Piaf

God did not give you the spirit of cowardice. -Joseph Barber Lightfoot

We ought instead of retreating should follow up the enemy and take Richmond. And in full view of all responsible for such declaration, I say to you all, such an order can only be prompted by cowardice or treason. -Philip Kearny

There was very little suicide among the men of the North, because every man considered it his duty to get killed, not to kill himself; and to kill himself would have seemed cowardly, as implying fear of being killed by others. -Lafcadio Hearn

I am not accustomed to pay fulsome compliments to the English, by telling them that they are superior to all the world; but this I can say, that they do not deserve the name of cowards. -Richard Cobden

To go behind a man's hall-door is mean, cowardly, unfair opposition. -Victoria Woodhull

Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk. -Margaret Chase Smith

I hate liberality – nine times out of ten it is cowardice, and the tenth time lack of principle. -Henry Addington

I would say that the war correspondent gets more drinks, more girls, better pay, and greater freedom than the soldier, but at this stage of the game, having the freedom to choose his spot and being allowed to be a coward and not be executed for it is his torture. -Robert Capa

The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow. -Jim Hightower

You, too, women, cast away all the cowards from your embraces; they will give you only cowards for children, and you who are the daughters of the land of beauty must bear children who are noble and brave. -Giuseppe Garibaldi

A high heart ought to bear calamities and not flee them, since in bearing them appears the grandeur of the mind and in fleeing them the cowardice of the heart. -Pietro Aretino

A penalty is a cowardly way to score. -Pele

Fatigue makes cowards of us all. -Vince Lombardi

Death, after all, is the common expectation from birth. Neither heroes nor cowards can escape it. -Ellis Peters

Christians take Scriptures out of context to try to justify or to vindicate retreat and cowardice. -Randall Terry

Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice. -Adolf Hitler

He who despairs of the human condition is a coward, but he who has hope for it is a fool. -Albert Camus

Courage is often lack of insight, whereas cowardice in many cases is based on good information. -Peter Ustinov

Courage stands halfway between cowardice and rashness, one of which is a lack, the other an excess of courage. -Plutarch

There are times when it is more courageous to be cowardly. -Norman Reilly Raine

Patience has its limits, take it too far and it's cowardice. -Holbrook Jackson

Ah, yes, superstition: it would appear to be cowardice in face of the supernatural. -Theophrastus

Conscience is a coward, and those faults it has not strength enough to prevent it seldom has justice enough to accuse. -Oliver Goldsmith

The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity. -Rollo May

It is better by noble boldness to run the risk of being subject to half the evils we anticipate than to remain in cowardly listlessness for fear of what might happen. -Herodotus

The origin of the absurd idea of immortal life is easy to discover; it is kept alive by hope and fear, by childish faith, and by cowardice. -Clarence Darrow

It is a law of human nature that in victory even the coward may boast of his prowess, while defeat injures the reputation even of the brave. -Sallust

Valor is of no service, chance rules all, and the bravest often fall by the hands of cowards. -Tacitus

The man who gets drunk in peacetime is a coward. The man who gets drunk in wartime goes on being a coward. -Jose Bergamin

Stupid as a man, say the women: cowardly as a woman, say the men. Stupidity in a woman is unwomanly. -Friedrich Nietzsche

Reflection makes men cowards. -William Hazlitt

For all men would be cowards if they durst. -John Wilmot

When cowardice is made respectable, its followers are without number both from among the weak and the strong; it easily becomes a fashion. -Eric Hoffer

The prayers of cowards fortune spurns. -Ovid

Tradition has made women cowardly. -Nance O'Neil

I have learned to live each day as it comes, and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow. It is the dark menace of the future that makes cowards of us. -Dorothy Dix

In battle it is the cowards who run the most risk; bravery is a rampart of defense. -Sallust

To philosophize is only another way of being afraid and leads hardly anywhere but to cowardly make-believe. -Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Fear has nothing to do with cowardice. A fellow is only yellow when he lets his fear make him quit. -Jerome Cady

Suicide sometimes proceeds from cowardice, but not always; for cowardice sometimes prevents it; since as many live because they are afraid to die, as die because they are afraid to live. -Charles Caleb Colton

It is our people who are sitting in the dark because of these cowardly and treacherous attacks, not our occupiers. -Iyad Allawi

It is the coward who fawns upon those above him. It is the coward who is insolent whenever he dares be so. -Junius

Luck is everything… My good luck in life was to be a really frightened person. I'm fortunate to be a coward, to have a low threshold of fear, because a hero couldn't make a good suspense film. -Alfred Hitchcock

Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. -Eric Holder

This is a formidable enemy. To dismiss it as a bunch of 'cowards' perpetuating 'senseless acts of violence' is complacent nonsense. People willing to kill thousands of innocents while they kill themselves are not cowards. They are deadly vicious warriors and need to be treated as such. -Charles Krauthammer

The House Democrats don't want Gore humiliated, so they slammed the door of the Capitol in my face. They are cowards. -Christopher Monckton

Timothy McVeigh was a coward. Violence is the stupid way out. It'll discredit any real legitmate movement. -Glenn Beck

Because at bottom, I'm interested in fear, and in courage and cowardice and these are easier to get at through fiction, where you can enter people's heads. -Kevin Patterson

Heckling is an act of cowardice. If you want to speak, get up in front of the microphone and speak, don't sit in the dark hiding. It's easy to hide and shout and waste people's time. -Billy Connolly

You know what, I'm a big coward and I'm really afraid of live audiences. -Kate Bosworth

I think there's quite a lot of cowardice in music. I don't mind if it goes wrong, I just want to go for it. -Sophie Ellis-Bextor

If I'm scared and I'm a coward, why do you guys want to see me fight? -Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

I really think it would be cowardly to pull back and not challenge the status quo, when the status quo may not be the right way for the field to go. -Mehmet Oz

I am all for cracking down on inappropriate digital behaviour. Too often the connected world is an excuse for some coward hiding behind a keyboard to bully someone else. -Tony Parsons

I am actually a terrible coward. Fear is a constant fact of my life. -Trevor McDonald

You got to be rigorous in your appraisal system. The biggest cowards are managers who don't let people know where they stand. -Jack Welch

I'm a bit of a coward, and lazy, oddly enough. -Stephen Fry

The biggest cowards are managers who don't let people know where they stand. -Jack Welch

No, I'm not at all adventurous. I'm terribly cowardly. -Roger Moore

I was a bit of a coward when I was small. I was terribly frightened of the dark. -Aung San Suu Kyi

I'm afraid of only two things: being lazy and being cowardly. -David Mamet

I am a coward, basically, but one of the things about acting is that you are always putting yourself through yet another test. -Samuel West

I'm a complete coward in real life. -Seth Rogen

Hey, I'm like the Wayne Gretsky of the entertainment biz – I have other people do my dirty work while I skate around and get to be a nice guy. What can I say? I'm a coward. -Paul Feig

I run; I am a coward at heart. I swear, when I smell violence or aggression the coward comes out in me. I have no desire to fight anybody except myself. -Rutger Hauer

If you do not have an absolutely clear vision of something, where you can follow the light to the end of the tunnel, then it doesn't matter whether you're bold or cowardly, or whether you're stupid or intelligent. Doesn't get you anywhere. -Werner Herzog

It's a cowardly form of politics to use my spouse to beat me. -John Bercow

Every time you make the hard, correct decision you become a bit more courageous, and every time you make the easy, wrong decision you become a bit more cowardly. If you are CEO, these choices will lead to a courageous or cowardly company. -Ben Horowitz

Nowadays, I only review books I really like. It's cowardly, I know, but I figure it's not my job to make people unhappy. I'll leave that to the professionals. -Meg Rosoff

I have always been a coward as a child. I am not very brave. I am very aware of the fact that I am not very gutsy. -Cai Guo-Qiang

Only a coward will use a gun to protect and get respect for themselves. -Emmanuel Jal

I'm not the type of person to give up just because something gets rough. That's a coward. That's not me. -Kevin Garnett

Since the advent of the Internet – more recently compounded by blogging – everyone can be a published voice. Any cowardly, anonymous anger-monger can have an audience of thousands. That doesn't make them a journalist any more than my throwing an onion and a few carrots into a pot of boiling water makes me Julia Child. -Lynda Resnick

I love watching 'UFC' – Ultimate Fighting Championship – I don't know why, because I'm more of a coward than a fighter, but I seem to be very drawn to these blokes actually smashing each other to bits. -Marc Warren

When people do the cowardly thing, it's not about respect, it's about fear. -Salman Rushdie

Some people are cowards… I think by and large a third of people are villains, a third are cowards, and a third are heroes. Now, a villain and a coward can choose to be a hero, but they've got to make that choice. -Tom Hanks

Alas, nothing reveals man the way war does. Nothing so accentuates in him the beauty and ugliness, the intelligence and foolishness, the brutishness and humanity, the courage and cowardice, the enigma. -Oriana Fallaci

I often say to people that producing is the best-paid form of cowardice. When you produce things, you almost always get credit if it's a good record, but you hardly ever get the blame if it's not! You don't really take responsibility for your work. -Brian Eno

I'm afraid of only two things: being lazy and being cowardly. I get up early in the morning and go to work. I love to write. -David Mamet

I guess I wanted to show people, among other things, that you don't have to be a hero to get through cancer. You can be a craven coward and get through. You have to stay on your medication and take your treatments, that's all. -Harvey Pekar

There's a real cowardice in the movie business. If you don't meet the right crazy people, you can't do it. -Leos Carax

I'm such a coward that unless I get a good writer, I don't want to make a picture. -Howard Hawks

When we create hope and opportunity in the lives of others, we allow love, decency and promise to triumph over cowardice and hate. -Kirsten Gillibrand

In my experience, many people confuse being cowardly with being nice. -Robert Kiyosaki

All the best novels are about one thing: how we go on. The characters must survive the fallout of their own cowardice, folly, denial or misguided passion. They squander what matters most, and still they pick up the pieces. -Julia Glass

I wanted to write a book that talked about the emotions of children, which is the rainbow. We all have moods. We talk about being blue when we're sad, and being yellow when we're cowards, and when we're mad, we're red. -Dolly Parton

The notion that the 'leader' has the right to ask huge sacrifices of your generation for a notional future paradise – if you'd be good enough to lie down under the wheels of the juggernaut – that sentimental and self-aggrandising rationalisation for brute force and cowardice I felt from adolescence was wrong. -Tom Stoppard

Since cowardice must occur at a time and place where an enemy either has already appeared or may yet turn up, servicemen in peacetime – and ordinary civilians – can breathe a sigh of relief. If you are yellow-bellied back home, you're not technically a coward. -Charles Duhigg

All trembling, I reached the Falls of Niagara, and oh, what a scene! My blood shudders still, although I am not a coward, at the grandeur of the Creator's power; and I gazed motionless on this new display of the irresistible force of one of His elements. -John James Audubon

If you are strong, and you are fighting the weak for any period of time, you are going to become weak yourself. If you behave like a coward, then you are going to become cowardly – it's only a question of time. -Martin Van Creveld

My reading as a child was lazy and cowardly, and it is yet. I was afraid of encountering, in a book, something I didn't want to know. -John Updike

Extremism thrives amid ignorance and anger, intimidation and cowardice. -Hillary Clinton

Mr. Snowden is a coward who has chosen to run. -Chuck Schumer

Hope and Crosby made seven 'Road' movies, starting in 1940 with 'Road to Singapore.' The movies were always about Crosby and Hope fleeing America and finding Dorothy Lamour in some exotic location. Bob's character was cocky and cowardly; Bing's character was smooth and unruffled. They were great characters – lousy, lovable guys. -Frank Oz

If you want to send a manuscript, send it to an agent. And send a letter first, asking permission. Launch it into the real world of cold-blooded commercial response, not into the fantasyland of wishful thinking, cowardice and surrender to Resistance. -Steven Pressfield

Japan's biggest problems are conservatism and cowardice. -Tadashi Yanai

Slow, skinny, and an utter countryside coward: I lived in dread of nettles, spiders, and the very sound of a wasp. As a victim, I was beneath the dignity of the bullies in my year but fair game to the ones in the year below. -Robert Webb

If a work of art is rich and vital and complete, those who have artistic instincts will see its beauty, and those to whom ethics appeal more strongly than aesthetics will see its moral lesson. It will fill the cowardly with terror, and the unclean will see in it their own shame. -Oscar Wilde

There is a term called political correctness, and I consider it to be a euphemism for political cowardice. -Milos Zeman

I say, let us think. Let each one express his thought. Let us become investigators, not followers, not cringers and crawlers. If there is in Heaven an infinite being, he never will be satisfied with the worship of cowards and hypocrites. -Robert Green Ingersoll

Perjury is the basest and meanest and most cowardly of crimes. What can it do? Perjury can change the common air that we breathe into the axe of an executioner. -Robert Green Ingersoll

Suspicion is only another form of cowardice. The man who suspects constantly suspects because he is afraid. Whenever you find a man with a free, frank, generous, brave nature, you will find that man without suspicion. -Robert Green Ingersoll

My tongue is what I used instead of my fists because I was a small and cowardly young man. Amusing people with stories and being bizarre with words was my way of getting out of fixes. -Jim Crace

If any man has left us for fear of Nero, I shall not account him a coward; but I shall hail as a philosopher any man who has been superior to this fear, and I shall teach him all I know. -Apollonius of Tyana

What has violence ever accomplished? What has it ever created? No martyr's cause has ever been stilled by an assassin's bullet. No wrongs have ever been righted by riots and civil disorders. A sniper is only a coward, not a hero; and an uncontrolled or uncontrollable mob is only the voice of madness, not the voice of the people. -Robert Kennedy

I myself am sometimes fed up with Hatta's policies. Hatta and I sometimes bug each other, but omitting Hatta from the Proclamation Text… that is the action of a coward! -Sukarno

Mike Tyson notoriously looked for a way out against Evander Holyfield when it was clear Holyfield had his number. Suddenly, Tyson's cowardice in gnawing off Holyfield's ear overshadowed nearly everything he had accomplished as a fighter. -Brin-Jonathan Butler

At a certain point, Mike Tyson and I reacted to violence a little differently. I was afraid to leave my house for three years while he became the heavyweight champion of the world. The thing was, at first, we reacted to it the same way, and our cowardice and trauma defined us. -Brin-Jonathan Butler

France, because it was attacked cowardly, shamelessly, violently, France will be merciless against the barbarians of Daesh. -Francois Hollande

We need an attitude of defiance, not an attitude of cowardice. Out in the street, that's how we are winning against the TransCanada Pipeline. This is how we have delayed the Trans-Pacific Partnership and forced it into an election season, gotten everybody to stand against it. Democracy is not about surrender. -Jill Stein

The networks are business-oriented cowards. -Mike Farrell

It's said that you can tell a lot about someone by who opposes them. In the case of liberal pundit Bill Maher – a man who called America's actions cowardly in the wake of 9/11 and who mocked WWII veterans who wanted to visit the monument built in their honor – I wear his disapproval of me as a badge of honor. -Blake Farenthold

Jesus was loyal to his apostles, with full knowledge of their cowardice. He was loyal to the poor, accepting the criticism of the Pharisees, so the destitute would never feel deserted. He was loyal to his father, accomplishing his will even unto death. -Mother Angelica

The Americans I know are not willing to abandon our police and our great Democratic experiment to the pathetic cowardice – or worse – of the progressive Left. -David A. Clarke, Jr.

Writers are a superstitious cowardly lot, and we loathe learning new computer applications to do something that, let's be honest, we could accomplish equally well with pen and paper – especially when that application is as unconventional as Scrivener. -Antony Johnston

The fear of life, the fear of burdens and of duties, of annoyances and of catastrophes! The fear of life, which makes us, through dread of its sufferings, refuse its joys. Ah! I tell you, this cowardliness enrages me; I cannot forgive it. We must live – live a complete life – live all our life. -Emile Zola

'But,' say the puling, pusillanimous cowards, 'we shall be subject to a long and bloody war if we declare independence.' On the contrary, I affirm it the only step that can bring the contest to a speedy and happy issue. -Samuel Adams

I'm trying to be the coach. My actors are my players. They're doing things that I'm too cowardly to do myself. -Derek Cianfrance

I've always thought that guns are a cowardly tool in the hands of men and women trying to solve problems with each other. And cowardly in the hands of filmmakers. It's taken so lightly in films. -Derek Cianfrance

We know that in tough times, cynicism is just another way to give up, and in the military, we consider cynicism or giving up simply as forms of cowardice. -Jim Mattis

'Milk' doesn't imply that all gay men who stayed in the closet were cowards. -Edward Zwick

'Get along, go along' is not an inspirational philosophy, and only God knows how much moral cowardice it has covered up over the years. Serve your time, collect your chits, and cash 'em in for your home state? No, I'd say we could ask for more than that from our senators. -Molly Ivins

There's nothing but brutality and bravery or cowardice that comes out of war. That's pretty much it. -Michael Cimino

While silence can in some circumstances bespeak noble self-control, it can also signify suppression, oblivion or cowardice. -Ephraim Mirvis

Using social media to hurt and destroy is callous, acted out by cowards hiding behind computers. My advice is to ignore negativity. Focus on the love around. -Martin Garrix

Some people survived the neolithic age by being brave, others by being cowardly and smart. -Phil Lord

America is a nation with many flaws that only the stupid would deny, but with hopes so vast that only the cowardly would refuse to acknowledge them. -James A. Michener

I am not a coward. -Stone Cold Steve Austin

I'm not asking you to be tolerant of each other. Tolerance is for cowards. Understand each other. -Randall L. Stephenson

I think bullying in general is for cowards. -Eddie Alvarez

I am such a coward when it comes to political arguments. I tend to sort of recoil rather than engage. -John Lithgow

Powerful women often get concerned with this idea that they're going to be seen in this unforgiving light. Screw that. It's so old-fashioned… It's so uninspired and actually really cowardly. -Scarlett Johansson

Republicans aren't cowards. Many will take the side of climate principle in a fair fight. But it is asking a lot of them to take a principled stand on climate when they don't see one corporate friend ready to help them. -Sheldon Whitehouse

You write in songs what you're too scared to write in real life, and then you sing the songs to loads of people instead of telling it to the person you should be telling it to… Songs are a great way of dealing with those issues but kind of a coward's way as well. -Winston Marshall

Let's stop hiding behind a pseudo-respect of cultures, in a sickening relativism that's only a mask for our cowardice, our cynicism, and our powerlessness. I, born Muslim, Moroccan, and French, I will say it to you: Sharia makes me vomit. -Leila Slimani

'Brave' is very specific and extremely personal. It can't be judged by people on the outside. Just can't. Sometimes brave means letting everyone else think you're a coward. Sometimes brave is letting everyone else down but yourself. -Glennon Doyle Melton

Even if you've been a coward all your life, death is a heroic act. -Abi Morgan

The cognitive dissonance, the denial and cowardice that spare us painful truths and prevent us from acting in defense of innocent victims while allowing 'beloved' individuals to continue their heinous behavior must be jettisoned from the bottom of our souls. -Mira Sorvino

Sometimes, anonymous sources, when merely stating opinions or running a smear campaign, are certainly cowards. -Rod Lurie

Cold and fire has a way of creeping into the tiniest crack in your courage and finding that coward. -Tim Kennedy

Who would I be to be cowering to a bunch of gutless cowards acting like a bunch of tough guys online? -Tim Kennedy

I have too much to live for to allow a bunch of cowards to take my joy. I refuse to give them my joy. -Anthony Ray Hinton

I moved up to 130 pounds hoping champions in this division were not cowards like those at 126 pounds. It looks like I was wrong. -Vasyl Lomachenko

A coward is not someone who goes right to your face and tells you exactly how it is. A coward is someone who walks away. -The Miz

It might sound cowardly, but I do agree that if you speak out about the casting couch, it will end your career. -Ileana D'Cruz

If you leave without a fight, you will get the name of a coward. -Rajinikanth

I would never discredit the sport or my opponent by reading my injury list before or after the fight. I've always thought it's a very underhanded thing to do, and it's a very cowardly thing to do, to come out and say, 'I'm hurt,' particularly if you win a fight. -Chael Sonnen

Triangle chokes are the refuge for cowards. I would never stoop to that level of locking my legs around a man and squeezing. -Chael Sonnen

Even the biggest heroes turn into cowards when they get tired. -Mirko Cro Cop

It's easy to go on television and say horrible things about somebody. And it's cowardly. -Charlie Murphy

This cowardly business of international NGOs like WWF and so many others from England sticking their noses into Brazil is going to end! -Jair Bolsonaro

Whatever any boxer does in the ring, I don't think any reporter should call him a coward. Anyone who does that I lose complete respect for. There's a difference between being a coward and being scared, or apprehensive. Different fighters have got different mentalities. -David Haye

I contend that the ethos of perpetual non-judgment is intellectually dishonest if not outright cowardly. -Gad Saad

A sniper's primary goal is to eliminate ground threats for U.S. guys on the ground. Is that what a coward is? A person whose goal is to save the lives of his warrior brothers? -Dakota Meyer

There will always be people who will first wait for somebody's comment and then attack them. I'll say they are just cowards. They have no opinions of their own. It's very easy to be a sheep; it's not easy to be a shepherd. One should not give a damn about these trolls. One should not give them importance at all. -Soni Razdan

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