Best Quotes About Bass

The function of a briefing paper is to prevent the ambassador from saying something dreadfully indiscreet. I sometimes think its true object is to prevent the ambassador from saying anything at all. -Kingman Brewster, Jr.

The ambassador was never present, but his presence was never absent. -Theodore C. Sorensen

We inadvertently bombed the Chinese Embassy. But Clinton now is working very hard. He has sent a letter of apology to the Chinese. And, he's also given them a gift certificate for future nuclear secrets. -David Letterman

Designs in connection with postage stamps and coinage may be described, I think, as the silent ambassadors on national taste. -William Butler Yeats

The genius of the United States is not best or most in its executives or legislatures, nor in its ambassadors or authors or colleges, or churches, or parlors, nor even in its newspapers or inventors, but always most in the common people. -Walt Whitman

An ambassador is not simply an agent; he is also a spectacle. -Walter Bagehot

An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie and intrigue for the benefit of his country. -Henry Wotton

I'd like to be the ambassador to the Bahamas. -Eleanor Mondale

I ended up gettin' a little Gibson amp and a bass, because of Gene Simmons of Kiss. Myself and three other kids would pretend to be Kiss – I liked Gene the best. -Jason Newsted

A good bassist determines the direction of any band. -Ron Carter

The real duties of an ambassador are to enter into or follow negotiations between his own government and that of the country to which he is accredited. -David K. E. Bruce

I had different bands. I played with the Acoustic Warriors for the most part, without girl singers. It was the same kind of sound, acoustic guitar, bass, with violin and sometimes accordion, and the guys would sing, that kind of thing. -Dan Hicks

The press is like a big bass, you just stick a hook in their mouth and they'll take it. -James Woods

I feel very sorry for the one or two North Korean defectors who were caught by Chinese police while entering South Korean or foreign embassies in Beijing, but their arrest drew the whole attention of the world. -Kim Young-sam

A nightmare is two bassists on stage. -Chris Squire

I stepped back from being out front to playing bass. So we started switching: I'd play bass on one song, we'd switch on the next song; I'd play piano… we'd play mandolin. -Bob Livingston

We'd play at the Ambassador's house for an invited group of dignitaries from the government that might have gone to school in America; to the U.S. Consulate that invites certain people that they're trying to target. -Bob Livingston

I was training to be a lawyer… I was president of the law society at Glasgow University, and my bass guitarist was my secretary of my law society; the lead guitarist and writer worked at the law firm that I worked. -Gerard Butler

Sometimes in films it's nice to have violins on either side, rather than on one side, so you've got more of a stereo picture with the violins. Sometimes it's good to have the basses in the middle. -Anne Dudley

I always got great respect as a bass player. -Bill Wyman

I have always viewed my role as a sort of ambassador or bridge between groups to help provide a dialog. -Joichi Ito

Let there be bass. -Leo Fender

I wonder if I could make an electric bass. -Leo Fender

Our first phase was inviting all the women Ambassadors who were here from other countries and trying to get in touch with all the peace centers around the country in order to focus on increasing the volume and activity toward peace. -Eddie Bernice Johnson

I didn't follow the standard rules of bass playing, and many musicians on many different instruments who became noteworthy for their unique or particular style did a very similar thing. -Billy Sheehan

I listened to many different types of instruments and music, and have always tried to look at the bass as an instrument as opposed to only a bass. -Billy Sheehan

I think the future looks great for music, musicians, bass players, and all we love about music. -Billy Sheehan

Occasionally, when I run into a great bass backstage at a festival I'll play a few notes on the low E string, just to feel the instrument vibrate against my belly. -Steve Swallow

Jessica Simpson is the youth ambassador for Operation Smile, and an episode of The Apprentice featured a team managing a charity concert she put on. Donald Trump came on stage and pledged a donation. -Roma Downey

Americans who may be going to the largest embassy we've ever had. -Richard Lugar

The Bourbon King was first ambassador of reason and human happiness. -Heinrich Mann

When you have an acoustic bass in the ensemble it really changes the dynamic of the record because it kind of forces everybody to play with a greater degree of sensitivity and nuance because it just has a different kind of tone and spectrum than the electric bass. -David Sanborn

Then, as the day progresses, depending on how the product is coming in – for instance, the fish man will fax us and say black bass is great – throughout the day, we'll also make judgment calls and adapt to what's available. -Thomas Keller

I see myself more as an ambassador of the game. And I hope to bring chess to a higher level in the United States. Making bigger tournaments, more interesting events. Making it a respectable profession for young people to be able to pursue in the future. -Maurice Ashley

There's individual turntable setups devoted to piano, bass, drums and a set for soloing as well. We like to try and explore the gamut of what a turntable can do. -Eric San

I don't really know why I chose bass except that it was different than guitar. -Trevor Dunn

It wasn't until after private lessons and learning bass lines that I even noticed bass in the music I was listening to at that age. My ears were blown wide open. -Trevor Dunn

I don't regard myself as a great classical or jazz pianist. I like country music, but I'm not a great player. I just like music. Drums 'n' bass is pretty exciting and I'd love to explore it. -Keith Emerson

We wanted to see this country win the war just as much as those advisors did. We felt we would help to do that by reporting the truth. And so there was the moral outrage over this general and the ambassador in Saigon who kept denying the truth we would see. -Neil Sheehan

I play guitar, piano, bass and percussion. -Teena Marie

The bass, no matter what kind of music you're playing, it just enhances the sound and makes everything sound more beautiful and full. When the bass stops, the bottom kind of drops out of everything. -Charlie Haden

Teddy Wilson, I think, said a little while ago that it's much easier to come in and play whatever comes into your mind, without obeying any of the laws of bass line and harmony and so on. -George Shearing

If you look at a record under a microscope, the high frequencies are short jagged edges… and the low frequencies are long swinging ones are deep bass sounds. When it cut it at half speed, you're getting more of those on the record. -Herb Alpert

Sometimes one of us will have a riff or a bass line from home but it really gels when we come together. We really have a strong special chemistry that we take advantage of when we get together. -Chad Smith

I don't really have a favorite bass player. I listen to a lot of bluegrass. But then again, I'm not a typical bluegrass bass player. I was really into the Grateful Dead, and I still am – I don't listen to them too much, but for me they are a big influence. -Mike Gordon

This is my second bass that Paul built me. There were some changes that were made. Sometimes I think of changes that could be made having to do with both the sound and the feel. It's definitely a beautiful instrument. -Mike Gordon

Last tour my bass rig was breaking down every other night. That was a pain. We would get on stage and Trey would count off the song, and I'd play the first note and nothing would be there. Those guys would just roll their eyes. -Mike Gordon

I want to get an handful of spare basses to use first of all if mine breaks, and second, to learn some things about aspects of basses that I like, so Paul can build those aspects into it. -Mike Gordon

I'm always interested in mixing technology and music. You know, maybe I'll have a MIDI bass pickup at some point, I don't really think that's the direction I would want to go. -Mike Gordon

Lately Fish and I have been hooking up more, which is a good thing because it's just been a struggle for me as a bass player to play with someone who's so creative on the drums, and lately it's been really good, especially during sound checks. -Mike Gordon

The worst thing I could be thinking is how could I be a cool bass player. -Mike Gordon

I think one thing that helped the sound change, it's a real subtle thing; it's just one switch on my bass, it has three positions, and I usually boost the mid-range frequency, I lowered the frequency that I boost, and that goes out to the sound system, too. -Mike Gordon

It's really important for the bass and the drums to somehow blend. -Mike Gordon

We were sent to this country by the President, who desires to promote the welfare of Japan, and are quite different from the ambassadors of other countries. -Townsend Harris

When the ambassadors of other foreign countries come to Japan to make treaties, they can be told that such and such a treaty has been made with the ambassador of the United States, and they will rest satisfied with this. -Townsend Harris

If you're working on a computer and you're editing bass, it looks like a warm curvy, sort of feminine object. -Colin Greenwood

Bill Withers and Curtis Mayfield, those are the people who informed me in playing the bass. -Colin Greenwood

That first bass I had was an Eko, a very old thing with a thin neck, I had that for quite a while. -John Deacon

The United Nations charter gives every nation the right to self defence, therefore when the American embassies were bombed it was a matter of time before the Americans responded by going for what they suspected were the causes of the attack. -Benazir Bhutto

When I lost the use of my hi-hat and bass drum legs, I became basically a singer. I was a drummer who did a bit of singing, and then I became a singer who did a bit of percussion. -Robert Wyatt

In jazz, you listen to what the bass player is doing and what the drummer is doing, what the pianist and the guitarist is doing, and then you play something that compliments that, so you are thinking simultaneously and thinking ahead. -David Amram

No, but a cello is the perfect string bass for an accordion. Works with it beautifully. -Elizabeth Moon

I've got a Fender Concert amp from the '60s, the one Joe Osborn used. He played his bass through it. -Johnny Rivers

I like the guitar better these days. I like the bass, too, but it's hard to fit a bass amp in a small car. -Dee Dee Ramone

There wasn't much work around at the time, I think I found a bit in Germany or something, but we played together and somehow the bassist Laurie Baker got involved as well – I can't remember exactly how. -Jamie Muir

We had an interesting thing at that first dinner. It was prior to the availability of several new hotels in Los Angeles, and we were more or less committed to the old Ambassador Hotel that has the famous Coconut Grove. -Lew Wasserman

A lot of my reading over the next few months will be the works of Hans Christian Andersen – I have been appointed an ambassador for the bicentenary celebrations of his birth next year. -Roger Moore

I work a seventeen hour day, and I'm personally responsible for 108 staff members in the embassy. -Shirley Temple

Eliminating the piano means that I've always worked closer with the bass than most players. -Gerry Mulligan

On Ain't No Telling I came up with the bass solo. -Noel Redding

But people are now realising why I was playing bass with Hendrix. -Noel Redding

A lot of times, I played bass on songs. Gene plays guitar on some songs. -Ace Frehley

I can understand why some of these drummers and bass players become cult figures with all of their equipment and the incredible amount of technique they have. But there's very little that I think satisfies you intellectually or emotionally. -Ken Burns

I could tell it was a popular move as a writer to walk down the bass lines while you were writing a song. -Gavin DeGraw

Right, well I am, I was a career diplomat for 37 years from 1960 until 1997 during the early 1980s from 1981 to 1985 I was the United States Ambassador to Honduras. -John Negroponte

As I said, when we needed to move over to rock'n'roll, Sam and Vernon couldn't quite make the shift. So that's when Larry took over on drums, and we needed a bass player. -Neil Innes

But Dennis was a really solid musician, and we really needed somebody who could play bass like him. -Neil Innes

Because Larry, by then, was a drummer, who would sort of get bored and tired, and rather stand up and blow kisses to people. So we needed the bass to sort of drive along. -Neil Innes

We decided to do some of Merle's things with modern instrumentation. We used a flute, a bass clarinet, a trumpet, a clarinet, drums, a guitar, vibes and a piano. -Tennessee Ernie Ford

Amin managed to invite both the US and Soviet ambassadors to his palace at the very same time and then deliberately kept them together in his waiting room. -Ryszard Kapuscinski

Without getting real personal, we liked our bass player Ed. He was a great guy and he was a good bass player but his playing was suited for a different style of band. -Lou Gramm

I'd come back after having served as ambassador to New Zealand and found that I had real concerns about the direction in which this country was headed. -Carol Moseley Braun

New Zealand, by the way, where I was ambassador, has had two women prime ministers – one from either party. -Carol Moseley Braun

It has been a privilege beyond belief for me to have represented the State of Louisiana in Congress and to have been given the blessed assignment of U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See. -Lindy Boggs

I got heavily into the drum-and-bass scene, which is really wicked. -Ajay Naidu

Now they have banging guitar and no bass and call it rock, but that's not what I call rock. -Little Richard

John Wayne was one of the greatest ambassadors for the United States that ever lived. -Maureen O'Hara

That was the reasoning behind learning to play bass, and then after that it was more like it was neat to play songs together – for me to play bass and for him to play guitar. -Tom Araya

I said to the German Ambassador that, as long as there was only a dispute between Austria and Serbia alone, I did not feel entitled to intervene; but that, directly it was a matter between Austria and Russia, it became a question of the peace of Europe, which concerned us all. -Edward Grey

It may be for 20 or 30 years no one has yet been able to decide the length of the life of the black bass. -Jay Cooke

I was always the sexy bass player in the background while Robin stood centre. Barry and I played it up a bit, gave 'em a bit of thigh. -Maurice Gibb

I came from an era when we didn't use electronic instruments. The bass wasn't even amplified. The sound was the sound you got. -Stan Getz

I feel safe and comfortable to do that once I know that the song structure around the bass part is very interesting and it satisfies me in a compositional sense. -Geddy Lee

I like to practice on the bass, but I don't do it as often as I should. -Geddy Lee

There was a time when fast playing and fretboard pyrotechnics on the bass were important to me and when I am recording a bass track, that is still very important to me. -Geddy Lee

I don't want to wreck my voice. I love to concentrate on playing the bass and keeping it very rock-solid. If I were singing, I would have blown out my voice. -Tina Weymouth

I play bass. I don't have to go out there and screech. -Tina Weymouth

I wasn't originally a bass player. I just found out I was needed, because everyone wants to play guitar. -Tina Weymouth

I like a lot of bass players. I like a lot of tuba players too. -Rick Danko

I play a percussion instrument, not a musical saw; it needs no amplification. Where it's needed, they put a microphone in front of the bass drum. But, I don't think it's necessary to play that way every night. -Buddy Rich

I just like to catch fish, I don't care if it weighs half a pound or 10 pounds. But I can't do a lot of casting. I can work a jig or a worm. But not for long, especially if the big ones are biting. Those big bass will make it hurt after a while. -Terry Bradshaw

I was approached by Oxfam to go to Mali as their ambassador and get involved in their various initiatives out there. But I felt that was missing the point of using me, a musician. -Damon Albarn

I really pay attention to the bass in the music I listen to, and that's what I tend to write toward. -Dustin Diamond

I actually met Chick Corea in New York, where I was staying with a bass player friend. -Miroslav Vitous

I am more of a solo bass player and he needed somebody who would keep the role. -Miroslav Vitous

So the whole basis for jazz music is based on the fact that the bass player could not play his instrument. -Miroslav Vitous

I continued studying by myself in the field of jazz with my own technique of improvisation, walking bass lines, rhythms, all kinds of stuff, which I created for myself. -Miroslav Vitous

So I am one of those bass players who can do something and musically, it was back then and now it is even more, if you noticed on the new album, I am not playing all the time anymore. -Miroslav Vitous

I am formally accountable to the steering board of the PIC, and I meet with nine ambassadors from the PIC every week. I have to have the capitals' broad agreement with what I do. -Paddy Ashdown

So our ears got used to listening to jazz in the place that it was that the bass player could not play. No one really realized it and really addressed it until the bass players who could play their instrument came along and started doing something with it. -Miroslav Vitous

The main thing that those two albums have in common aside from my music, which of course, a sense of it, you can recognize, it is that the bass on Infinite Search was playing much, much less like a bass. -Miroslav Vitous

In all the music that deals with experimental repetition, drum and bass, dub, various kinds of house music, there's always been a quality of atmosphere and ambience. -Bill Laswell

I like to combine the dramatic emotional warmth of strings with the grooves and body business of drums and bass. -David Byrne

Being down in Orlando, Florida, where we filmed the movie, I learned how to bass fish. Jerry Reed, who plays the villain in the movie, taught me how to bass fish. -Henry Winkler

I even played bass for a while. Besides playing electric guitar, I'd also get asked to play some acoustic stuff. But, since I didn't have an acoustic guitar at the time, I used to borrow one from a friend so I could play folk joints. -Mark Knopfler

I'm not going to do the Ben Harper house record or the Ben Harper drum 'n' bass record. -Ben Harper

When I first began to write, I was writing on bass, because I was thinking more Public Image, more dub. -Gavin Rossdale

I'm writing new songs for a Broadway version of Tarzan, which is very interesting. I think what I learned from the Brother Bear score side of things, I've brought into the new Tarzan songs. Thinking outside just guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. -Phil Collins

Dorsey played the upright bass and steel guitar, as well as acoustic guitar. Johnny played acoustic guitar and together they were fabulous songwriters and singers. -Jimmy Griffin

Ben was more improvisational, and relied less on methodology, and basically is a guitarist who switched to bass, whereas Jeff has a more traditional approach to playing bass in a band, and has a great sense of what his band sounds like, and we lock up nicely. -Matt Cameron

Interestingly, the American Embassy mentioned that our efficient relief effort has significantly improved the image of the United States among the Pakistani people. -Jon Porter

Shortly after we arrived in Baghdad, we had another conversation with the ambassador. He said that he wanted us to give him the timeline, because we had 90 days to get these prisons operational and transfer responsibility back to the Iraqis. -Janis Karpinski

I just think that playing bass, like punk rock bass with a pick, wasn't meant to be done for 25 years. -Kim Gordon

It's really hard for me to sing and play bass. -Kim Gordon

Unless you're singing something that's kind of in rhythm with the bass, the melodies, it's just difficult. -Kim Gordon

With bass, especially bottom end, the vibration has to happen on stage otherwise the feel is wrong. This is why you can't scale the equipment down too far. -John Entwistle

That was the producer who produced a couple of my solo albums. He produced my second, third and fourth solo albums. It was his project and I just joined him on it. I sang on one and played bass on another one. -John Entwistle

So by the time I taught myself the bass guitar at the age of 14, my hands were already pretty nimble. -John Entwistle

I set myself up to be a bass guitarist and bass players get a lot more work than people like me. -John Entwistle

The question really is how do we get Embassy Officers into the minds of the American business community. That is a much more difficult task than understanding a statistical matrix. -Lawrence Eagleburger

In the best of all worlds everyone in the Embassy is doing something to assist U.S. exports. -Lawrence Eagleburger

Any Ambassador or Foreign Service Officer who has his or her head screwed on right knows that the U.S. position in the world is far more dependent on our ability to compete in world markets. -Lawrence Eagleburger

I'm a bass player from way back and Paul is a guitar player and we've been in many bands. -Adam Jones

The ukulele was the first of many instruments they had bought for me. They got me a guitar when I was eleven, which my son Morgan uses until this day. They paid for 3 years of guitar lessons; they bought me a bass fiddle, which I still play. -Tony Visconti

Yeah, my drum programming especially is based on my knowledge of playing a drum kit. For the bass too, definitely. It was the first thing that I translated any sort of ideas through. It must have shaped it somehow. -Tom Jenkinson

There's a couple of tracks on the new record which is sort of using similar sort of rhythms as the drum and bass tracks but playing it all live. It's a new approach to it. -Tom Jenkinson

I'm starting to play all the melodies with kind of keyboard sound but playing it from the bass guitar. -Tom Jenkinson

I have also been saddened, though hardly surprised, by the weakness of the EU's reaction to the criminal attack on the Danish embassy in Syria, which seems to have been permitted, if not actively encouraged, by the Syrian regime. -Timothy Garton Ash

So I'll set a cycle in motion and pop it into record and I'll lay down a drum pattern, a bass line, a keyboard and guitar part, and once the groove is going I launch into the song and sing my song over the top. -Thomas Dolby

There are a lot of people who can do it on the guitar and sing at the same time, but I think what is harder is bass players that can play the bass and sing. -Graham Coxon

A discontented young fellow, filled with self pride; he certainly should have considered it an honor to be sent on so respectable an embassy as he was. -Zebulon Pike

That was Embassy Pictures, they went bankrupt shortly after This is Spinal Tap came out. -Harry Shearer

I finished my studies in England, I opened my studio in London, and the first one-man exhibit I had on Bond Street, which was opened by the Austrian ambassador. -Felix de Weldon

It will be the first time I've played live with a double bass. -Alvin Lee

Jack Bruce, as soon as I saw him, it changed me. I didn't even know what bass players did until I saw Cream. -Geezer Butler

I never picked a bass up before Sabbath started. -Geezer Butler

Black Sabbath was written on bass: I just walked into the studio and went, bah, bah, bah, and everybody joined in and we just did it. -Geezer Butler

I love playing with Jeff. That's something I never really say in the press, but he's my favorite bass player. I've played right next to him for 10 years. -Mike McCready

A bass should sound like a bass with the thump of the finger against the wood, like it began with stand up. -Suzi Quatro

The bass player's function, along with the drums, is to be the engine that drives the car… everything else is merely colours. -Suzi Quatro

At the time, I didn't know that bass would not be enough for me. I'm not a bass player because bass is always a background instrument even to this very day. -Eberhard Weber

I realized pretty soon that I have to do more than just play bass in the background way. So, I developed a kind of playing which only a handful of musicians accepted. -Eberhard Weber

In 1972, I got my first electric bass and started playing the kind of instrument I play now. I found that the majority of musicians couldn't bear that. They are not used to listening to the bass because they think the bass is in the background to support them. -Eberhard Weber

When I started to pick up the bass, it was purely by random chance. -Eberhard Weber

If you play the very subtle jazz tunes with acoustic pianos, acoustic bass and it's a dead standard, you are going to play very differently. It depends on the music. -Lee Ritenour

I'd played dumbasses a lot. On Mad About You, I played a very dumb waitress and they saw me. -Lisa Kudrow

When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors. -James Sinegal

We did not treat the Americans badly. They left Iran in a relaxed mood. The embassy was active here after the revolution. We didn't have any problem with them. They started it. -Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Actually, there was another band where we were three girls, around '84 when I met John Zorn, called Sunset Chorus. It was just bass and drums and guitar- we didn't make any records but we played a lot of different clubs in New York. -Ikue Mori

None of us wanted to be the bass player. In our minds he was the fat guy who always played at the back. -Paul McCartney

I recruited my dad to be my bass player and fired him on several occasions. He stayed on as a bus driver. -Chely Wright

Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild. -Jack Hanna

I would like to be the first ambassador to the United States from the United States. -Barbara Mikulski

He who plays advisor is no longer ambassador. -Pierre Corneille

This is the most terrible thing that can happen in a friendly country if Thai people have to escape from the backdoor of an embassy. -Thaksin Shinawatra

I've been a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNICEF and the UNICEF family for more than twelve years. -Danny Glover

My mother adores singing and plays piano. My uncle was a phenomenal pianist. My brother John is a double bassist. I used to play the piano, badly, and cello. My brother Peter played violin. -Fiona Shaw

I'm an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and one of the children, his wish was to go to the Emmys, so he's going to be my date, along with my husband, and my dad and his girlfriend. So we're going to have a really fun night and it's going to be really exciting. I'm really excited for him to experience that. -Christina Hendricks

I'm the quiet bass player. -Colin Hanks

But yeah, I played bass guitar in high school and in college and then I actually fractured my thumb, so my bass career went bye-bye. -Colin Hanks

I often play on the cello-bass side of the orchestra, because I prefer the deep sounds. I can't hear the violins well. -Evelyn Glennie

I played bass guitar in high school and in college and then I actually fractured my thumb, so my bass career went bye-bye. -Colin Hanks

What if the invasion forces will not leave our lands? What if the U.S. forces and others stay in our beloved lands? What if their companies and embassy headquarters will continue to exist with the American flags hoisted on them? Will you be silent? Will you overlook this? -Muqtada al Sadr

I'm a Prince of Wales Trust ambassador, so I'm all about giving youth an education, a voice and a chance to not take the wrong road. -Benedict Cumberbatch

I'm always trying to be a good ambassador for my country. -Goran Visnjic

Well, I do feel that I carry the responsibility of representing my country wherever I am, and this responsibility came with the success that I had in last couple of years, not just myself but the whole group of tennis players that comes from Serbia. And athletes in general are, in this moment, the biggest ambassadors that our country has. -Novak Djokovic

I'm not a party animal; I took my job as Miss USA very seriously… Sometimes, of course, I want to let it all go. Even though I'm a beauty queen, you're also an unofficial ambassador, and there's a lot of pressure. -Rima Fakih

I grew up around salsa, merengue, bachata, bass music, freestyle, hip-hop, techno, house, rave. -Pitbull

Red Bull are backing a spinal-injury research charity called Wings For Life, which I am an ambassador for, with a programme called Faces for Charity that will run at this year's British Grand Prix. -Mark Webber

I love electronic music, and I love drum and bass. -Fred Durst

When I had a job catering, I catered a wedding for the Smashing Pumpkins bassist in Indiana. And I served Billy Corgan shrimp off a tray. -Amy Poehler

I always just wanted to be the singer or the bass player in the band. I'd love to have a band, where I was obviously the singer, but where it wasn't me, it wasn't my name. -Bryan Adams

The American people do not want ambassadorships or any other position handed out to save a party money. -Darrell Issa

To be a great band it's like you have that telepathy. You know when the bass player's in back of you without even looking. You know when your guitar player's coming up to you to lean up to you and sing into your microphone. You just know these things. You feel it. You feel the energy of it. -Scott Weiland

Unfortunately the world is what it is now. People don't get along for whatever reason. As professional athletes, in a way we're almost ambassadors for peace, because sports brings everyone together. -Venus Williams

I've been into music for a long time. I started playing drums when I was 8 and piano when I was 10, then bass and guitar when I was 18. -Lukas Haas

I love the percussion. It's a right brain, left brain thing. There are different beats, but cooperating together. It's your whole body doing it, you're doing the snare drum and the high top with your hands and the bass drum with your foot. You're this whole motion machine. -Shalom Harlow

For 'Around the World in 80 Plates' we got to travel all over, having what was like a cross between a culinary competition and races. And in each country we had a chef Ambassador. We went to London, Barcelona, Bologna, Hong Kong, Thailand, Morocco… It was amazing. -Curtis Stone

I actually think that bass is probably the instrument that has evolved in a quantum leap compared to other instruments. It's the instrument that's evolved the most, especially with how it's perceived. And even how it's played, and how it's viewed from a point of view of commerce, like with the music industry. -Stanley Clarke

You can actually go to school and college to learn how to play and get technical with the electric bass. -Stanley Clarke

There are many women who came before me who didn't really have the same opportunities that I have had. That's why I always wanted to be a great ambassador – not only today's generation – but for the women who really didn't have a voice, but who paved the way for me. -Jackie Joyner-Kersee

When I came into Metallica, I had to do justice to Cliff's work, but I also had to put my own signature on it. No one could be Cliff Burton; Cliff Burton was the Jimi Hendrix of bass. -Jason Newsted

After playing with Rob Zombie, I was ready to go, 'OK, this is as far as I'm taking this bass-playing thing. This is the end of the road.' I was ready to kind of hang it up. -Jason Newsted

Peter Baltes was the best bassist I ever played with. -Don Dokken

A lot of other bass players have told me I'm the only bass player who plays with a pick but sounds like he's playing with the thumb and fingers, which is a great compliment. -Glenn Hughes

I heard the Beatles and the Stones, and Mom bought me an electric guitar. I played lead for four years and then switched to bass. One day someone suggested that I should sing, so I sheepishly stepped up to the microphone and the rest is rock history. -Glenn Hughes

Playin' bass runs and singin' lead vox, is sometimes difficult, but I have three words for you: Practice, practice, practice! -Glenn Hughes

My family moved – first to Washington, D.C., and then, in the spring of 1975, to Lebanon, where my father worked as a diplomat at the American embassy. My parents were enthusiastic about the move, so my older brother and I felt like we were off to some place kind of cool. -Greg Kinnear

In establishing democracy, we have to be sensitive to the regional and national context. Democracy also means to guarantee the rights of the minorities. That's my job as a king. We have for example a Jewish ambassador in the US and a Christian in the UK. -Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

I've never been able to sit round on my own and play drums, practice in the back room, never been able to. I've always played with other musicians. It's how I play, there's no joy for me in playing on my own, bashing away. I need a bass, a piano, guitar, whatever, and then I can play. -Ringo Starr

Diplomacy in a sense is the opposite of writing. You have to disperse yourself so much: the lady who comes in crying because she's had a fight with the secretary; exports and imports; students in trouble; thumbtacks for the embassy. -Carlos Fuentes

More understand China, then more people will have interest in China and more people will come to China to visit us because I am a tourist ambassador. -Jackie Chan

I don't think it's rational for a country to try to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador in a restaurant in Washington. -Lindsey Graham

You can't beat 2 guitars, bass, and drums. -Lou Reed

I picked up 'The Hunger Games' thinking it was written at my regressed reading level. I've spent hours reading it, and I'm not even halfway through. Our bass player, whose name is also Nate, ended up reading all three novels and loved them. -Nate Ruess

I was in a really crummy pop-punk band. I think we did a whole bunch of Blink-182 covers, and we were on the fringe of losers and jocks. So we invited all the cool kids to come watch us play in our bass player's brother's bedroom. And it was terrible, but everyone thought we were so cool. -Nate Ruess

In general, we like to play as a band – guitar, piano, and voice. We also tour with a bass player, a drummer, and somebody who plays keyboard and guitar. We try to play all of our parts and flesh it out to get a lush sound, while also keeping the energy of a three-piece punk act. We want to be the best of all possible worlds. -Andrew Dost

I might be an ambassador. -Steven Gerrard

If your concentration is getting bad, take up bass fishing. It will really improve your ability to focus. If you aren't ready when that fish hits, you can't set the hook. -Lee Trevino

I visited the compound of the American embassy and talked to the police and the people and encouraged them, and I told them to take the proper measure and apply the law against the people who are attacking them and attacking the buildings. -Hesham Qandil

Our songs did not transcend being R&B hits. They were R&B hits that white kids were attracted to. And if people bought it, it became rock & roll. That's marketing. Why couldn't it still be R&B? The bass pattern didn't change. The song didn't change. It was still 'Yakety Yak' and 'Searchin'.' -Jerry Leiber

And there's always one special element. In 'There Goes My Baby,' it's the out-of-tune timpani. 'Stand by Me,' it's the bass pattern. Of course, all the elements come together to make a great record. But there's always one standout. -Jerry Leiber

I do seem to like to combine the dramatic emotional warmth of strings with the grooves and body business of drums and bass. -David Byrne

When I was 14 I would pick up my brother's bass guitar, and I would just pound on it, having no idea how to play it. -Steve Burns

My son, Wolfgang, plays drums, guitars and bass. -Eddie Van Halen

Hip-hop is when you have crowd participation; when you chant at the audience and they chant back at you; when you wave your hands in the air like you just don't care; or some breakdancing. Everything today is just low-beat, real bass-y, bass-y, good rap records. -Flavor Flav

When my wife passed, I stopped doing interviews and I stopped doing meet-and-greets, mostly because I sort of became this suicide ambassador. Everybody wanted to tell me their story. -Gary Allan

I had done chorus before in school, but I was only trying for an easy A. I was a bass going 'dum dum da doo wop.' -Garrett Hedlund

I would never inflict my bassoon on anybody really other than the long suffering audiences that come to the concerts of The Really Terrible Orchestra; which actually is really terrible. -Alexander McCall Smith

I love bass, I really do. Bass is ace! -Karen O

For what I can imagine and feel and think and hear, I can hardly do anything on the acoustic bass. It used to be just pure frustration of imagining so much more and being able to get to a certain level of execution. -Esperanza Spalding

My dad taught me to play bass. He's a bass player; he still plays in a band in Michigan to this day. He taught me to play bass when I was about 6. I used to just go to band practice with him, and whoever didn't show up for rehearsal that day, I would take their spot. -Mayer Hawthorne

I've always been the DJ or the bass player or the drummer, somebody in the background. I don't think anybody who knows me personally would say that I'm particularly shy or introverted, but I'm definitely not like Mr. Attention. -Mayer Hawthorne

Drums, bass, guitar, keys, I play a little of each of those. -Mayer Hawthorne

I find myself wanting to make music at the dining room table or in the bedroom – I'm kind of a mobile writer, so I sort of move around the house. But the attic is definitely where I can make the most noise. While everyone on the lower floors screams 'Earthquake!' But no! It's just my bass! -Meshell Ndegeocello

He's this amazing ambassador for all superheroes. What we've made as a film not only examines that but is also an amazing adventure story. It's been an honor to work on. As a comic book fan, Superman is like the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes. -Zack Snyder

All the other members of the U.N. were admitted, at the outset or subsequently, but Israel was created by the U.N. as a Jewish state, on the motion of Stalin's ambassador, seconded by President Truman's. -Conrad Black

Yes, I love to play drums and bass and guitar and piano. Those are the main instruments I play. That is it. -Jeff Lynne

I played recorder in assembly, then I became passionate about the guitar, I don't know why. I started on electric then moved to acoustic – my brother was playing bass in the next room. -Ellie Goulding

I got approached by SoBe a few months ago about being an ambassador and I learned about the previous ones including Naomi Campbell, so I was instantly interested! Then I tried and really liked it. It's different and has interesting flavours… we don't have anything like it in the U.K. -Ellie Goulding

I need a little bass and I don't even need that crazy bass to break your face. I just want it to sound good when I have my favorite song. -Patrice O'Neal

I'm the lead singer of the Beach Boys and an ambassador of this amazing music that touched a generation. -Mike Love

I really practiced hard and got to a certain level of technical proficiency. I overcame some of my limitations. I was a hard-working, dedicated bassoonist, but I have to say I'm not a natural musician. -Nicholson Baker

I started playing with a group of young people when I was 13. I turned professional when I was 15 and I played dance halls, this on bass guitar. -Dave Holland

I've always liked a very dry snare and, like everyone else, a very dry bass drum. -Nick Mason

I don't show just anyone how to crust a sea bass. That's sacred information. -Alex Guarnaschelli

At school, I enjoyed playing the bassoon. I was in the orchestra and played the melody when the other boys sang hymns at prayers time. -James Dyson

I don't know nothing about no jungle and bass. -Timbaland

Rather than spend millions getting film stars, I am quite happy to be brand ambassador myself. -Vijay Mallya

During college I realized I had a music predisposition and really got involved in it. I started playing bass guitar. That was how I began to fit in. -Ronnie Dunn

Marketers have long known that a name can make all the difference when you're trying to move the merch. The kiwifruit was once the Chinese gooseberry, after all – at least until the produce peddlers wised up – and the Chilean sea bass was once the singularly unappetizing Patagonian toothfish. -Jeffrey Kluger

I am thrilled FLIRT! tapped into me to be their new Style Ambassador. I love FLIRT! products because they help me express my own personal style – especially when I want to stand out on set or in the crowd. What could be more fun than getting to play with makeup and fragrance and tell people all about it! -Heather Morris

My mum's family would all get together, with guitars, harmonica, mandolins and upright bass and play old blues and folk songs. That was normal to me. -Dan Auerbach

The energy in the banjo, and the beef in the bass. They're good tools to express yourself. -Ben Lovett

True enough, Osama bin Laden is dead and other al-Qaeda leaders have joined him. But, the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi is a brutal reminder that radical Islamic terror groups have not disappeared and certainly are not dormant. -Bob Beauprez

Playing someone drum 'n' bass for the first time in 'Pass Out' – they're like, 'Oh my God, what is this?' I'm having a lot of fun and a good time showcasing the music. -Tinie Tempah

In politics, all candidates and volunteers are ambassadors to voters who expect better than parroting the politics of personal destruction. Being able to find common ground at the higher ground is what separates the stateswoman from the stuntwoman. -Christine Pelosi

After President Obama's election, efforts at othering Obama quickly became about smearing his non-partisan allies and ambassadors. -Christine Pelosi

My mom always told me I should have a Plan B. I said that if I'm not going to play guitar I'm going to play drums. And if I'm not going to play drums, I'm going to play bass. I always just wanted to play music. I was completely obsessed. -Gary Clark, Jr.

Dementia is often regarded as an embarrassing condition that should be hushed up and not spoken about. But I feel passionately that more needs to be done to raise awareness, which is why I became an ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society. -Kevin Whately

I love doing the conventions and being an ambassador for 'Star Wars.' -Daniel Logan

For me, if the music is good, whether the artist is famous or unknown, I love being part of the music and contributing what I can to the bass end. -Tony Levin

I feel like an ambassador for surfing at this point. I'm happy to go and play that role and share that where I can in certain areas of the mainstream media that doesn't get the surfing attention. -Kelly Slater

I am an education ambassador, mainly working with schools. -Daley Thompson

My very first gig was with the Sex Pistols, and it was also our first-ever gig. It was a very short set, and it was at Saint Martins College of Art in 1975. We were opening up for a band called Bazooka Joe, and their bass player at the time was Adam Ant, who went on to form Adam and the Ants. -Steve Jones

British diplomats who worked in Iran during the 1980 hostage crisis are deeply upset by Ben Affleck's Oscar-winning film 'Argo,' which suggests they refused shelter to the group who managed to get out of the U.S. embassy. -Simon Hoggart

I am honored to have served as our great nation's first National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. I will continue to serve as Ambassador Emeritus. And I will make good on my Ambassadorial promise to my wife to stop playing the 'Fanfare' every time I walk into or out of a room. -Jon Scieszka

I have a couple of basses in my office. And I try to be courteous of my co-workers, but sometimes I get carried away and I crank up my amp and I rock out. It's kind of my stress reliever. -Lester Holt

Journalism is my first love. But music comes in a close second. What's important for me is that whatever you do, whatever your passion is, you should have another passion – something in your life. And when I put on that musician hat and I put the bass in my hands, I'm not Lester Holt the TV guy anymore. I'm just Lester Holt who likes music. -Lester Holt

Violence against embassies and civilians must be categorically condemned. At the same time, we must attempt to understand why such events occur. -Tariq Ramadan

I contracted malaria in rural Mozambique. I was a youth ambassador for Australia. For a year after high school, you give positive speeches about Australia and as part of it I traveled to lots of different countries. -Rebel Wilson

The whole body reacts to color. If you were to walk into an all-neon-pink room, it would be difficult not to react. I think it is a unified, human thing to feel color with everything. It is like standing next to a bass speaker plugged into your eyeballs. -Jim Drain

I'm interested in creating a little sound world for songs, really crafting it, building it, and making it like a little doll's house with little things inside it, staircases and rooms and everything kind of relates to everything else. I've never seen it as drums, bass, guitar and vocals in very separate spaces. -Imogen Heap

As a Business Ambassador, I am delighted to help both new and established British designers receive the recognition they deserve in the global fashion arena. -Tamara Mellon

When you're making music, it's meant to be shared with people. Sometimes, even if I'm writing a song, someone else brings a vibe. There's something different about it. If someone can play a better bassline than me, I'll let them do it. I'm just here to fit in and see where it goes. -Benny Blanco

Hip-hop and electronic music are so similar, in the fact that they're both very visceral, have so much bass; a lot of times, it's the same tempos. The culture and some of the sound design is different but a lot of times, it's the same stuff. -Skrillex

My best monster bass sounds have come from FM8. People think they all come from Massive, but most of the ones that kids online are trying to recreate in Massive are actually from FM8. I also really like Sylenth1, my Tone2 Gladiator and some other granular soft synths as well. -Skrillex

As the U.S. ambassador to Japan, I see this challenge of our younger generations not knowing each other as well as the prior generations. -John Roos

A lot of modern amps and preamps sound great when you're jamming by yourself, but don't hold up in a band situation. The sound isn't dense enough, and the lows and highs tend to get soaked up by the bass and cymbals. -James Hetfield

My brother Carl taught me how to play bass. I'm a self-taught keyboard player, though – I figured out our harmonies at the piano. -Brian Wilson

From the first moment that I can remember, I had identified myself as a bass player and it had everything to do with my father, who was a bass player. And he loved music, you know, as much as anybody I've ever seen. And that dynamic I just thought as somehow was a straight pass to me. -Edgar Meyer

When I listen to a record, or when I'm making a record, I listen to everything. I listen to the drums, the bass, the voice, the arrangement. I listen to the whole piece as an ensemble. -Paul Weller

I'm so into music that I just stop and listen, whenever there's music on. That's the problem with being a musician for so long. I can get lost in the bassline, fascinated with the arrangement, curious about the production. I can't shut it out. -Derek Sivers

I've always been a fan of instructional videos. The bass-player ones are insane. The music on them is fascinating. It's not something you hear on CDs or would really ever play in bands. You listen to it and are like, 'What is happening?' It's this blizzard of notes in weird time signatures, and they're trying to teach you that. -Fred Armisen

For real, some of my favorite music is Mexican. It's something about the bassline and the drumming. I can't even speak Spanish, but that's probably why I like it so much. -Yelawolf

The bass is just the crayon that I picked out of the box. I'd probably be writing similar stuff if I played guitar or trumpet. The pictures I want to draw I do with this crayon I chose, which is the bass. -Les Claypool

My heroes are guys like Frank Capra and Elia Kazan and Coen brothers and Terry Gilliam, more so than a lot of bass players at this point in my life. So I've always been an old-film nut and have very much enjoyed doing videos over the years. -Les Claypool

I consider myself a bassist first. -Casey Abrams

Heaven to me is percussion and bass, a screaming guitar and a burbling Hammond B-3 organ. It's a soup I love being immersed in. -Dan Aykroyd

I feel privileged to be a U.N. ambassador. It gives me an opportunity to use my voice to help raise awareness about important social and environmental issues. -Gisele Bundchen

Producers like to record all the drums first, then they do the bass, then all the guitars, so you're constantly moving from one song to another. -Noel Gallagher

I wish I could play bass like Larry Graham or Bootsy Collins. My God, I'd give up just about everything else for that. -Anthony Bourdain

The whole notion of an embassy is like 'The Other.' That's what makes Washington interesting. -Steven Holl

In the late '80s and early '90s, there was a slightly retro drum sound that was popular in hip-hop music called the 808 bass drum sound. It was the bass drum sound on the 808 drum machine, and it's very deep and very resonant, and was used as the backbone as a lot of classic hip-hop tracks. -Steve Albini

My definition of hip hop is taking elements from many other spheres of music to make hip hop. Whether it be breakbeat, whether it be the groove and grunt of James Brown or the pickle-pop sounds of Kraftwerk or Yellow Magic Orchestra, hip hop is also part of what they call hip-house now, or trip hop, or even parts of drum n' bass. -Afrika Bambaataa

I think science is a foreign land for many people, so I think of my role as an ambassador's job. -Marcus du Sautoy

I travel the world visiting global health programs as an ambassador for the global health organization, PSI, and sometimes the disconnect I see is truly striking: people can get cold Coca Cola, but far too infrequently malaria drugs; most own mobile phones, but don't have equal access to pre-natal care. -Mandy Moore

As an Ambassador for PSI and a supporter of Nothing But Nets, I have met individuals around the world who are lending their ideas, their voices, and their time to improve their communities and the world at large. And there are millions more that I have not met. -Mandy Moore

I was a kid, 12 or something, when the Partridge Family was big on TV. I liked the curly cord running from the bass to the amps, which were real fancy. That cord looked so cool. I said, 'Wow! I gotta play something like that!' -Steve Vai

Every single administration in American political history has put cronies and pals and donors into political positions. But normally those people become the ambassador to Liechtenstein or the deputy undersecretary of commerce. -Irwin Redlener

Around age 11 or 12, I started playing jazz bass. From there, I went to electric bass and then guitar, which I kept up for a long time. -Joshua Roman

It's an honor to be a part of Magic Shave as their new ambassador. One of the problems that some African-American men have with shaving is razor bumps. Magic Shave is perfect because once you eliminate the razor, you eliminate the bumps, and it's so easy to use. -Lance Gross

A bass player has to think and play like a bass player. A drummer has to play and think like a drummer, and stay out of the way of the vocalist. The guitar player has to respect everybody else. -Hunter Hayes

My earliest memories of rap music was mixed with my earliest memories of reggae music. They were big sounds around the way, heavy bass lines, strong messages, definitely. -Nas

I went to my first drum n' bass rave when I was 16 and remember being terrified. Looking around, trying to figure out how to dance to this music, watching some girl in some hot pants, trying little ways to learn her movements. -Katy B

I am a very talented belcher. Very deep and bassy. -Katie Aselton

There is a sense in which the United States ambassador speaks to the United States, as well as for the United States. I have always seen my role as a thermostat rather than a thermometer. So I'm going to be actively working… for my own concerns. I have always had people advise me on what to say, but never on what not to say. -Andrew Young

When people ask where I studied to be an ambassador, I say my neighborhood and my school. I've tried to tell my kids that you don't wait until you're in high school or college to start dealing with problems of people being different. The younger you start, the better. -Andrew Young

In high school, I had a wonderful teacher who, coincidentally also taught Meryl Streep before me. At the same time I had my own rock band, I played bass and sang. I was one of those kids who really enjoyed being with my friends and doing rather insane, but fun, creative things. -Roger Bart

I played bass for a year, but I wasn't getting better at it, so I decided to stop so I could see my friends. -Daniel Radcliffe

I always tell girls who say they want to start a band but don't have any talent, 'Well, neither do I.' I mean, I can carry a tune, but anyone who picks up a bass can figure it out. You don't have to have magic unicorn powers. -Kathleen Hanna

I know I love sexy surf guitars, I know I love loud snare. I love really simple repeating bass lines, and I love weird mad scientist keyboard sounds. -Kathleen Hanna

I think I've become the brand ambassador of arranged marriages, especially for working Indian women. -Sakshi Tanwar

I'd never imagined I'd become the ambassador of housewives. -Mona Singh

I like things matching. I have an upright bass, a drum kit and a grand piano that's the same color. I tend to overthink things. -Penn Jillette

You can't beat two guitars, bass, and drums. -Lou Reed

I wouldn't want to hear Beethoven without beautiful bass, the cellos, the tuba. It's very important. Hip-hop has thunderous bass. And so does Beethoven. If you don't have the bass, it's like being amputated. It's like you have no legs. -Lou Reed

If you're using live bass versus orchestral bass, you've got to make sure that you're not stepping on the toes of the other elements, so you've got to balance it out. -Serj Tankian

From the sense of being an ambassador for Jesus Christ, hopefully, through my story and through all the improbables and the miracles that happened in my life, people are inspired or at least a little bit warmer to the idea of exploring who Jesus is. -Jeremy Lin

There is something to be said for the power of figureheads. After Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, a record number of countries posted female ambassadors to the U.S. – some of whom have dubbed this 'the Hillary effect.' -Jessica Valenti

I can't remember the first song I learned to play on bass, but the first song I learned to play on guitar was 'For Your Love' by the Yardbirds. That kind of was the beginning for me. I thought it was a great song and I loved the open chord progression at the beginning of that song. -Geddy Lee

I've always said the bass just happens to be the crayon I picked out of the box. I'd still be drawing the same pictures… should I have picked trumpet or accordion or guitar, whatever it may be. The sounds in my head are still the same. -Les Claypool

I don't really listen to bassists – not anymore. When I was younger, I listened to those guys and was trying to figure out everything they did. Nowadays, I draw inspiration from everybody. -Les Claypool

Because nobody wanted to play bass, I was instantly in a band. -Les Claypool

When I listen to a record, or when I'm making a record, I listen to everything. I listen to the drums, the bass, the voice, the arrangement. I listen to the whole piece as an ensemble. I don't only listen to the guitar player. -Paul Weller

Sometimes I wonder if there is something about my family which invites violence. 'Is it envy,' you ask? I don't know… I've had so much, a son as president, two as senators, a son-in-law who's an ambassador… perhaps God doesn't permit that much. -Rose Kennedy

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to figure out how to make a bass line that was a pendulum – like, gravity would control it, and then you could make it play different notes. -Bjork

There are places that I've always wanted to go. First I went to Africa, and when I was there I realized there were places in Africa I really to wanted to visit: The Congo, West Africa, Mombassa. I wanted to see the deep, dark, outlandish places. -Paul Theroux

Without the Fender bass, there'd be no rock n' roll or no Motown. The electric guitar had been waiting 'round since 1939 for a nice partner to come along. It became an electric rhythm section, and that changed everything. -Quincy Jones

Throughout history, ambassadors have always been symbolic incarnations of the sovereignty of their nations and the dignity of their leaders. -Camille Paglia

First I became U.N. Goodwill Ambassador for WHO, and that was in 2005. And then, about a year or so later, I decided to start my foundation. -Liya Kebede

I want to learn to sight-read music. And to play the bass pedals on the organ. Those are my only ambitions. -Paul Shaffer

I don't believe in signing anything and everything that comes my way. I leave it to my agency to help narrow them down for me, but I do research it myself before signing. The image of the brand and its ambassadors go hand in hand. -Virat Kohli

It's easy to be a spokesman and ambassador for a great organization like the NBA. I thank Commissioner David Stern for putting that trust in me to serve the NBA around the globe. -Dikembe Mutombo

I usually speak with all my drummers so that I write my songs with them in mind, and we'll have bass sounds, choir sounds, and then you can multi-task with all these orchestral sounds. Through the magic medium of technology, I can play all kinds of sounds – double bass and stuff. -Bat for Lashes

Obviously, a bass sounds like a bass and a guitar sounds like a guitar, but the way you play the guitar reflects your personality. -Paul Simonon

It would be obvious for me to do conceptual art, and I think I've done it already with smashing bass guitars and whatever – I consider that as conceptual. -Paul Simonon

My dad was a bass player in a Latino band when I was growing up. So we always had musical instruments in our basement. -Lindi Ortega

I love playing bass. It's mostly what I play in Divine Fits. -Britt Daniel

When I produce a record, I roll up my sleeves; I'm not one of those passive guys. I really get in there and make sure every note is measured. I tell the bass player, 'You have to play it like this,' or I tell the drummer, 'It's got to be like this.' -David Foster

I tried the guitar, but it had two strings too many. It was just too complicated, man! Plus, I grew up with Steve Cropper. There were so many good guitar players, another one wasn't needed. What was needed was a bass. -Donald Dunn

When I heard BB King's 'Sweet Sixteen,' I knew I wanted to play bass because that was the thing that made that record: the bass player. -Donald Dunn

I knew when I got to play with Al Jackson I would be a better bass player because he was the best drummer in the world. I worshipped him. -Donald Dunn

Cello is my first instrument, then piano, drums, bass, violin, recorder, saxophone, but I'd never play them live! -Dev Hynes

David Bruce, I think, is one of the outstanding persons for whom I've ever worked. He had a sense of balance. He was interested in everything that went on in the Embassy. He delegated authority, but at the same time when you needed the Ambassador's help on anything, you could go to him, and he would immediately respond. -Hermann Eilts

The Turkish Embassy in Washington is an ornate, eclectic building on the corner of Twenty-third Street and Massachusetts Avenue which was built originally for Edward Hamlin Everett, the man who put the crimp in bottle caps. -George W. S. Trow

My happiness is being able to present my talents for people to see, and I feel like I'm an ambassador of Thai history and Thai culture on film so that people can see Muay Thai. -Tony Jaa

When I was a kid, while touring East Berlin – back when there was an East Berlin – I got my left foot stuck in an escalator in Alexanderplatz. A few hours later, thanks to blowtorches and chainsaws and East German soldiers and the U.S. Embassy, my foot was released, and I along with it. -Kevin Bleyer

Many of the people who are most considered anti-American would love to partake of the American dream: the unspoken slogan of many protesters outside U.S. embassies abroad is really: 'Yankee go home, but take me with you.' -Shashi Tharoor

I played guitar and bass. I didn't do much vocals, although I did have one band where I was the lead singer. But that was when I was in college. -Oscar Isaac

I was in bands, but they were punk bands, and you plug in the guitars, you turn them up really loud, you've got four or five other people on stage with you, you've got some protection from when they throw lighters. You can always hide behind the lead singer or the bass player. -Oscar Isaac

I decided to build a studio in my house. We built it in my basement kitchen. I had the drummer up by the fish tank. I was in the toilet singing. The bass player was out by the shelves in the living room, and the guitarist was on the couch by the telly. -Eddi Reader

I will sing whatever I'm given to sing. Growing up, I would sing anything that I was given. If the choir needed a first tenor, I would sing first tenor. If they needed a bass, I would sing bass. Throughout my life, I just figured out ways to hit notes I needed to hit. -Josh Young

In the British embassy in Afghanistan in 2008, an embassy of 350 people, there were only three people who could speak Dari, the main language of Afghanistan, at a decent level. And there was not a single Pashto speaker. -Rory Stewart

I think of basset hounds whenever I turn on my computer because I have photos of them. And if I'm lucky, and I see one on the street, I know it's going to be a good day. They really are like a four-leaf clover. -Julie Klausner

The U.S. is not constructing a palatial embassy, by far the largest in the world and virtually a separate city within Baghdad, and pouring money into military bases, with the intention of leaving Iraq to Iraqis. -Noam Chomsky

I know melody. I know rhythm; I know bass guitar; I know the piano. I know everything about music that helps build the music that go along with creating the whole art form, you know what I'm saying? -Future

I never liked socially conscious rap. I like rap that's physical, that's about a beat and bass and repetition. -Harmony Korine

I don't want to interview people. I want to have a conversation. I want to talk to Paul McCartney about the bass sound on 'The White Album.' -Nikki Sixx

The attack on the British embassy in Tehran came just days after the Iranian 'parliament' voted to expel the British ambassador, and therefore reeks of official complicity. -Elliott Abrams

The United States already has in place comprehensive trade sanctions against Sudan, imposed because of the regime's support for terrorism. While we maintain diplomatic relations, we do not staff our embassy there. -Elliott Abrams

For 22 years, Bandar bin Sultan was Saudi Arabia's influential, irrepressible ambassador in Washington. -Elliott Abrams

Tunisian liberals say that the U.S. Embassy in Tunis is unengaged with their efforts to make sure the Tunisian model remains one of expanding freedom. -Elliott Abrams

Huge numbers of embassy cables are labeled 'unclassified' or 'limited official use' and deal with mundane matters. -Elliott Abrams

Elvis came along when I was 10. My father gave me a bass ukulele. I taught myself how to play from a book to play some chords, so I was laying down 'Hound Dog' and things like that when I was 10 years old in 1955. That's the way I was. My ear was glued to the radio. I knew right then what I wanted to do. -Bob Seger

Messengers of Peace such as Midori – and our Goodwill Ambassadors, who work directly with the UN agencies – are dedicated and well-informed and credible advocates on behalf of the United Nations. They help us educate audiences worldwide and rally support on key issues of the United Nations. -Ban Ki-moon

Americans worry that Afghanistan has become a petri dish in which the germs of Islamic fanaticism are replicating – soon Afghans will be hijacking American planes and bombing embassies everywhere. And their fears are not necessarily unfounded. The Taliban are unemployed war veterans, ready and even eager to return to the battlefield. -William T. Vollmann

Despite the obvious intelligence and security failures that contributed to the attack against the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, the reality is that in one night, an al Qaeda-affiliated group destroyed a diplomatic post, killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, and forced an end to clandestine U.S. activity in the area. -Jack Keane

Al Qaeda attacked the U.S.S. Cole and bombed several U.S. embassies in East Africa in the late 1990s. We knew who did it, but we didn't go after them. Instead, we beefed up security at our embassies and changed the Navy's rules of engagement. It only served to embolden Al Qaeda. -Kathleen Troia McFarland

I wrote 'The Spy Who Came in from the Cold' at the age of 30 under intense, unshared personal stress and in extreme privacy. As an intelligence officer in the guise of a junior diplomat at the British Embassy in Bonn, I was a secret to my colleagues, and much of the time to myself. -John le Carre

Beside the brand-ambassador elements of the modern racing driver, the evolution of the athlete has mandated that as drivers, we are very committed to fitness. -Charlie Kimball

Acting had been a hobby that turned into a career, the directing was a hobby that turned into a career, and music just really allowed me to find another way to express myself. I started playing bass in November 1996, and by June 1998 I was doing my first live show. -Malcolm-Jamal Warner

I have two main bass guitars, and my main bass is a four-string 1964 Fender Jazz, and I've named it Justine. -Malcolm-Jamal Warner

I love being an ambassador for 'Star Wars.' -Daniel Logan

When Prime Minister Erdogan came to Washington in 2009, he sounded almost like the ambassador from Iran. -Stephen Kinzer

I was born in the city's general hospital on November 15, 1930, and we lived at 31 Amherst Avenue in the western suburbs. It was a magical place. There were receptions at the French Club, race meetings at the Shanghai Racecourse, and various patriotic gatherings at the British Embassy on the Bund, the city's glamorous waterfront area. -J. G. Ballard

I'm an honorary ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer, and I'm also associated with St. Jude's. -Sofia Vassilieva

You know, I only claim to play three instruments. My dad is a banker, but a drummer at heart; and my mom used to teach piano lessons when she was younger. So I can play some piano, play a little drums, and fake the bass – but banjo, mandolin, and guitar are my thing. -Charlie Worsham

I want people to have a good impression of Israel. I don't feel like I'm an ambassador for my country, but I do talk about Israel a lot – I enjoy telling people about where I come from and my religion. -Gal Gadot

I play bass. I play a bit of guitar. I've never been to a lesson, so my theory of music is non-existent in any instrument, but we always had guitars around. My dad taught me to play drums for 'Love Actually,' and I still play drums now. But I'm not a 'drummer.' I'm not a 'guitarist.' I'm trying to be a bassist. -Thomas Brodie-Sangster

We all have our ambassador that we send forward into the world. We all have people we are varying degrees of real with. There's a public face we all wear. As I get older and more comfortable in my skin, I am trying to combine the two so the real me is there all the time. -Sean Maguire

I was curious about experimenting with different colors – kind of like having an expanded orchestra. Suddenly, instead of just writing for strings, you can add bassoon and oboe and brass. I like these extreme differences in sounds right next to each other. -Caroline Shaw

I like guitar. It just turned out that it's the instrument I learned to play. I have a lot of respect for it, and I'm learning more and more every day. For me, the classic band setup – guitars, drums, bass – will stay fresh forever. I don't know. I'm still into it. -Mac DeMarco

I played a bass player and a singer in a movie once, but I totally lip-synced to everything. -Jessica Pare

The bass line is the anchor for me. I started with the bass, and either doubled that and then added the harmonies, or sometimes added my own harmonies that I've always wanted to sing on the song. And then it just went on from there – singing violin parts and trumpet parts and just trying to emulate the sounds of the instruments. -Petra Haden

Travelling childhoods are a common theme among actors. Army kids, embassy kids, travelling salesmen, clergy. Thing is, you learn about behaviour, that different places are separated by behaviours which are culturally driven. -Julianne Moore

I was an original Elvis fan. He was the voice of my generation. I was listening to him on the radio when he released his great Sun records with Scotty Moore on electric guitar and Bill Black on bass. -Ronnie Milsap

When you think of Peyton Manning, you think 'ambassador.' The game has grown exponentially during his career because of him and what he means to our game, not only as a football player but as a humanitarian. -Larry Fitzgerald

Most music that comes out of Holland is basically the harder part of dance music – hip-hop, drum'n'bass. -Afrojack

I've been in a band, so I understand the politics. Sometimes the bass player doesn't like what the guitar player is doing, and you have to sort of even that out. -Ric Ocasek

I love being a Givenik Ambassador. Not only does it give me a platform to discuss my favorite charities, but I get to talk about my other favorite topic – 'The Judy Show!' -Judy Gold

I didn't come here without a visa, like everyone from China and Vietnam and Cuba. I came here by special plane… received by the ambassador, by the president of the United States. I should be the most honored man in your country. -Bikram Choudhury

I hold Bond dear to my heart. I've traveled the world as an ambassador for that character, and I had a bloody great time doing it. -Pierce Brosnan

It's really hard for me to sing and play bass. Unless you're singing something that's kind of in rhythm with the bass, the melodies, it's just difficult. -Kim Gordon

I picked up the bass kind of postpunk-style. There's a real art to not learning how to play an instrument and being able to still play it. -Kim Gordon

I still don't really feel like a bass player. -Kim Gordon

My favorite guitar now is my Martin HD-7 because it's got everything. It's got the jingle-jangle thing from the twelve string, it's got the flexibility of the six string, and the bass notes where you can do bass runs and that sort of thing. -Roger McGuinn

As Mick Jagger will tell you, performing is an aerobic work-out. I've got the bass guitar, which is the heaviest of all the instruments, and I'm a little girl, in boiling-hot leather under the lights. You have to keep the fitness level up if you want to look good up there. -Suzi Quatro

The bass should be the note of the bass drum, and then you've got the engine of the band that everything else builds on. Everything else, the guitar, the keyboards, is a colour. -Suzi Quatro

Music has always been in my family, but it was mainly keyboards. I learned to play classical piano, but when I first heard the amazing bass guitar of James Jamerson, who played on all the big Motown hits of the '60s and '70s, I knew bass guitar was my instrument. -Suzi Quatro

I got my first real bass guitar in my hands when I was 14 – a 1957 Fender Precision, which is still hanging on the wall in my front room. I loved the heaviness of it and the feel of the wood. I still do. -Suzi Quatro

The golden rule for playing the bass is that's it all about feel, not just plonking away. You need to feel the sound, not using a pick or a plectrum – which has meant plenty of calluses on my fingers. -Suzi Quatro

Age isn't a barrier to playing the bass, and I've definitely improved over the years, although maybe I'm not as flash as I once was. But looking back, I can't imagine a life without a guitar. -Suzi Quatro

I joined an all-girl band in Detroit and, although I was a pianist and drummer, I was asked to play bass because no one else wanted to. When I strapped it on, it fit me as good as my leathers. At the first gig we played, I looked out at the audience and thought, 'This is what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life.' -Suzi Quatro

Where I grew up, I could be a punk rocker and a jock. But in college, it became apparent that those two worlds didn't mix. When I brought my guitar back to school after Thanksgiving break, a friend handed me his bass and said, 'Listen to the Ramones.' -Jeff Ament

Ever since I picked up a bass, I've written songs. -Jeff Ament

Acting as a profession came to me by chance: in 1946, after the war, I was having lunch with my cousin, who was the Italian ambassador, and he asked, 'What are you going to do now you're out of uniform?' I said, 'I'm pretty inventive, and I can imitate people,' and he said, 'Have you thought about being an actor?' -Christopher Lee

'Take My Breath Away' had that interesting bass line, which I hear quite often. It had that terrible change of key, which Terri Nunn hated, but I loved. -Giorgio Moroder

Even when disco went out, I could still make hits. Once I had so much success, every idea became concentrated. I had so much confidence. I knew how the bass should sound, what rhythms would work. The tempos I knew: 110 to 120 BPM. I knew they would dance in the clubs in New York or anywhere. -Giorgio Moroder

There are people who think the film 'This Is Spinal Tap' is simply a very funny 'mockumentary.' Well, with Yes, we lived it. Take the hilarious scene in the film in which the bass player is trapped in a giant pod – that actually happened to Alan one night. -Rick Wakeman

Before moving to Pennsylvania in 1999, I played bass in a newsroom rock band in South Florida for several years. -John Grogan

I went to junkyards, abandoned car lots. I asked supermarkets for the big jugs they put pig guts in, to make cabinets for my bass speakers. -Grandmaster Flash

The problem is that once I start on a song and get a rough idea of where I might go with an arrangement, I try dozens, sometimes hundreds, of different things on a song. The bass, the backing guitars, the lead guitars, the keyboards. It's a long process. It's like 100 steps forward and 99 steps back. -Tom Scholz

I own a guitar, a piano, a bass. -Adam Driver

I think my first experience of art, or the joy in making art, was playing the horn at some high-school dance or bar mitzvah or wedding, looking at a roomful of people moving their bodies around in time to what I was doing. There was a piano player, a bass player, a drummer, and my breath making the melody. -Robert Pinsky

I never forget the first time I was on 'Top of the Pops', my bass player said: 'You've made it!' I did used to think, when I was younger, that I'd be on there one day. -Bonnie Tyler

I tour a lot and interview a lot. I'm on the Internet and doing stuff. I go out and promote. I've got a bass drum and a sandwich sign and a washboard. You just have to shout louder and louder that you're still alive. -Al Jarreau

I do commercials, but I also go to Sudan as an ambassador for UNICEF. -James Nesbitt

In 2009, I served as AARP's Ambassador of Caregiving. With a producer and cameraman, I traveled the country for months, interviewing hundreds of caregivers. -Gail Sheehy

The range of the cello is so big, it can play as low as the double bass and as high as the violin. It has the perfect shape, and its sound is the closest to the human voice. -Luka Sulic

I was 13 when my parents moved to Israel, and I was put in a Scottish mission school. Ninety-nine percent of the children were Israeli… Suddenly, I found myself speaking the wrong language, dressed in the wrong clothes, picked up by the wrong mode of transportation – an embassy car instead of a bus. -Arlie Russell Hochschild

Hendrix was the bass player for Little Richard. We were both left-handed, but we would use a right-handed guitar held upside down and backwards. He developed my slides and my riffs. In fact he used to say, and this is documented, 'I patterned my style after Dick Dale.' -Dick Dale

When billionaire car dealers or manufacturers pay for ambassadorships, at least they pay with money earned by selling something of value. -Elizabeth Warren

While growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, I dreamed of becoming many things: an archaeologist, an ambassador, an actor, an author. -Karen Hesse

As the CIA tried to find itself, the threat of international terrorism emanating from the Middle East, Africa, North Africa and Central and Southeast Asia grew with each strike: the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, and the 2000 attack on the U.S.S. Cole. -Michael Hastings

I'm an ambassador for Medical Detection dogs. -Lesley Nicol

In the springtime, we have softshell crab from Maryland, which I'd never had until I came to America. In the summer and early fall, we have striped bass, 'stripeys,' which come all the way up the Hudson River but mostly gather in the sound at the tip of Long Island, off Montauk. -Daniel Boulud

I am truly honoured to become ambassadress for Yves Saint Laurent. The brand's modern vision of beauty is very inspiring, and I am particularly proud to represent such an audacious archetype of woman. -Edie Campbell

I'm a pretty good drummer. I'm pretty good at guitar, bass and piano. I can play accordion; I'm not virtuoso. I've played cello before. My sister played it, and I know how to play it, but I'm not the best. Violin is kind of the same thing. -Brendon Urie

I and others like me believe Timerman was chosen by President Kirshner, first as Argentina's U.N. ambassador and then as foreign minister, among other reasons because he does not hide his Jewishness and his relations with the Jewish community and, therefore, can be a 'fig leaf' for her policy. -Pepe Eliaschev

James Ralston, my guitar player, has performed with Tina Turner for about 22 years. Jim Hanson on bass has played with Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowell and Bruce Springsteen, and they're fantastic musicians and amazing singers they get a really cool vocal sound together. -Vonda Shepard

I finished 'Heartsick' with my daughter asleep in her bassinet by my desk, a feat that any new mother will tell you cannot be sufficiently praised. -Chelsea Cain

I love my music, so I want to produce, write, and serve my music. I've had to learn about EQ frequencies and programming and space and clutter and how to be a better piano or bass player – everything. -FKA twigs

Every time I want to impress someone about samples and hip-hop, I play 'Portrait of Tracy.' It's one of the greatest bass players ever doing a whole composition with only the two harmonics of electric bass; then a three-second loop in it became every great R&B song in five-year intervals. -Diplo

The Crystal Cathedral Ministries, the assets and the buildings, would still be in the hands of the ministries if my father would have simply walked away. When I accepted the role as the next senior pastor, he had agreed to be an ambassador-at-large and raise funds for the endowment fund. He didn't do that. -Robert A. Schuller

Someone may offer you a freshly caught whole large fish, like a salmon or striped bass. Don't panic – take it! -Julia Child

You get this really cool groove when you're playing just piano, bass, and drums where everyone's sort of feeling each other's space, which is the only way to put it, but it really is true, and everyone's sort of sitting in their own pocket. It's kind of jazz-like. -John Darnielle

I demo all of my songs on Garage Band, where I pretty much play everything – not very well, but I manage to hammer out a drum beat and a bass idea. -Jenny Lewis

I didn't know anything about music when I started a band. I barely knew how to play a guitar. I didn't know how to produce records. I learned how to play bass guitar and keyboards in Rilo Kiley. I picked up a lot from my collaborators. -Jenny Lewis

I think that ISIS is a threat to our embassy, to our consulate, as well as potentially to the American people. -Rand Paul

Later in high school, I met Hillel Slovak, who was the original guitar player of the Chili Peppers, and we became really close. We had a band, and we didn't like the bass player, so I started playing bass, and I got a bass two weeks later. -Flea

My style is clubby and groovy – you can jump to it, but you don't just have to just jump to it. It's not just really bass-heavy and hurts your ears; you move with it, and it sounds kind of tribal. -Ansel Elgort

I lived in Cuba – I was there for one year in the 1950s. We built the famous nightclub, which is still there, Tropicana, and a restaurant, Montecatini, that I opened is still there. I was there when the U.S. ambassador said everyone must leave because Castro was arriving the next morning. -Sirio Maccioni

I won't let any ambassador have a say about my foreign travels. -Milos Zeman

Traditionally, diplomacy was done in an environment of information scarcity. Ambassadors would send back telegrams to foreign ministries, comfortable in the knowledge that their views of a country would be the only source of information the minister would see. -Douglas Alexander

Now, as Global Ambassador for Starlight Children's Foundation, which brightens the lives of poorly children, I visit hospitals and tell stories to the young patients. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I draw. -Tony DiTerlizzi

The music that I'm known for is quiet and gentle, although when I was growing up and as a teenager, I was playing the opposite – I was screaming and playing bass and those loud electric guitars. -Jose Gonzalez

I'm not a 'guitarist.' I'm trying to be a bassist. -Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Ambassadors are, by definition, foreign bodies. -Clive Sinclair

Music is like a conversation. One person says one thing that speaks with a harmonica, with a bass, with a drum. They're all conversating, and we're just trying to find a way to make conversation rather than blah, blah, blah. But it's not really so hard a thing to do if you know the way to approach it. -Stephen Marley

I tell you the groans of the damned in hell are the deep bass of the universal anthem of praise that shall ascend to the throne of my God for ever and ever. -Charles Spurgeon

Tact ops is a unit which breaks into homes and offices to plant bugging devices. They get into mafia hangouts, they go into embassies, they go into terrorist hangouts, and they describe themselves as court-sanctioned burglars. -Ronald Kessler

I have one anecdote about the FBI breaking into an embassy in Washington, and under Hoover, they had this sort of ruse whereby they didn't want to recommend a break-in that might be a big flap and cause all kinds of problems. -Ronald Kessler

I was working in a music store in London, and this particular place happened to be the importers for Rickenbacker guitars into England. So I started seeing these basses coming in. -Chris Squire

I think the first three Rickenbacker basses were imported around 1964. Pete Quaife, the bassist for The Kinks, bought one. Then John Entwistle from The Who bought one. As for the third one, I asked the manager of the store if I could get an employee discount. He said I could, and so I picked up that one. -Chris Squire

I've had to replace parts in the basses when they've gotten old or worn out, so everything isn't absolutely original. -Chris Squire

I learned to do a few tricks that other people hadn't done before. I developed that trebly bass thing a little further. -Chris Squire

The flukey part of it is, back in the early days, I had that guitar decorated with all kinds of crap wallpaper, 'Flower Power' – then that got all shaved off. And during the course of cleaning the bass up again, some of the wood got shaved down, and it probably became a lighter body than the stock factory model. -Chris Squire

Look closely, and you can see where the grooves of a record widen, indicating a sparseness that can only be a bass solo, or grow denser to accommodate a cresting density of sound. -Adam Mansbach

I love pop music. I love drum and bass, Calvin Harris, all these electronic things, but it's nice to have something organic as well. -Gabrielle Aplin

With Freebass, there were no rules, really. It was all rather chaotic. Obviously, Hooky was playing the high end stuff, which he always does; Mani was doing the bottom end, and I thought I'd go midway and meet everyone in the middle. -Andy Rourke

When I started playing the bass, I became kind of fascinated by it and started investigating various styles of bass playing, and I was really struck with funk music, mainly American funk music – Stanley Clarke, Funkadelic and that kind of stuff. That comes out in a couple of songs like 'Barbarism Begins at Home.' -Andy Rourke

You don't want to be a one-trick pony. On a lot of Smiths songs, I used a pick or a plectrum, and for some of the slow songs, I used my thumbs and my fingers. That's why I love the bass – it's adaptable, and you can express yourself so well with it. -Andy Rourke

My very first job was selling pop off the back of a wagon. Then I went to work in a timber yard to save up for my bass amp and joined The Smiths. -Andy Rourke

The recent controversy over the portrayal of Ken Taylor and his embassy staff in the movie 'Argo' brought home to me the great responsibility we writers have when telling stories that involve real people. -Susanna Kearsley

Performing abroad is ambassadorial. -Robert Battle

I wrote all my songs on my main instruments, and the songs I would record in my bedroom were just acoustic guitar, mandolin, and sometimes bass. I really like the texture the mandolin added to my music, but my fingers were too big to play it… I could only do little riffs and whatever. -Shamir

I'm an ambassador 24 hours a day. -James Costos

Prince Felipe is the best ambassador for Spain: I have already told Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, minister of foreign affairs, that the prince should travel to the U.S. more often. -James Costos

As ambassador, I am focused on expanding bilateral trade and investment between the United States and Spain. -James Costos

One of the roles of a U.S. ambassador – anywhere in the world – is to promote bilateral trade and investment. -James Costos

Both JFK and George W. Bush were the sons of wealthy U.S. ambassadors and thus privileged to meet distinguished figures, to travel, and to see the world and think about its problems if they chose. -Nigel Hamilton

When Mr. Ludwig invented the bass-drum pedal, that's what made the drum set possible. -Neil Peart

I'd be very honored to be the ambassador to drum solos. -Neil Peart

I'm proud to partner with organizations that place an emphasis on and share my interest in giving back to the community. RBC has a rich history of doing this through their sponsorship of golf and the extensive ambassadorial program they have in place. -Jason Day

I've always said that I feel lucky to live in the era of social media and be a working model in this time. Back in the day, models were just another face. But social media has given people a voice and not just another face. Not only can you show the world your personality and stuff like that, but you can be a brand ambassador easily. -Gigi Hadid

I don't need a job. I don't want an appointment. I don't want to be on a commission. I don't want to be ambassador to nowhere. -Kenneth Langone

I'm a brand ambassador. I've been a fan of Nip+Fab for a while, so it fit perfectly. I just love their stuff. -Kylie Jenner

I was considered the luckiest of all the female gypsies since I landed the job as social secretary to Ambassador and Mrs. David Bruce at the American Embassy. -Letitia Baldrige

Arranging an official dinner in an embassy is a little like writing a script for a play. The prolog is the guest list, often the most difficult part of the whole creative operation. -Letitia Baldrige

It's pretty cool I'm known for FIFA. If you think of KSI, people instantly think, 'Ah, that FIFA YouTuber.' I didn't think I would be up there as the ambassador of FIFA on YouTube, but I'll take it. -KSI

American books reflect our common heritage with many other nations and their influence upon our culture. The influences are endless, linking us with the rest of the world. Thus, they are good ambassadors for us. -Robert Kennedy

When I was younger, I'd go to the Museum of Television and Radio in New York and watch this beautiful clip of Billie Holiday playing with a bassist, a pianist and Gerry Mulligan, who was a friend of mine, on baritone sax. At one point, she looks over at Gerry, and they just smile. When those moments happen, it's just lovely. -Patti Scialfa

I drive my family nuts because when I watch something on TV, I'm likely to watch it with a bass guitar. But I don't plug it in! -Steve Capus

Franco will bring the army from Castille. The ambassador will complain, causing a schism. Rivera's men will be part of the force. The great man will be denied entry to the gulf. -Nostradamus

When the Obama administration announced its 'reset' of relations with Russia in 2009, Americans never expected that it would include making Vladimir Putin the de facto U.S. ambassador to Syria in 2013. -John Barrasso

There's a new role that I see for myself with the new Republican majority running the Senate. I am now the premiere ambassador for the state from the Republican majority. -Mark Kirk

As a master of graphic creation, as teacher, historian, and roving ambassador of comics, Jerry Robinson has ensured that future generations of talented kids will continue to imagine and then put marks on paper. -Pete Hamill

With guitar, bass and drums, you've got limited horizons. -Bernard Sumner

New Order has always been a hybrid band. We always mixed guitar, bass, drums with electronic. -Bernard Sumner

In 1983, before computers came along, it wasn't easy to do electronic basslines and rhythms. -Gillian Gilbert

I was reading an article about Kings of Leon's bass player, who said that he was directly influenced by Joy Division and by me. I was like, 'Woah!' It surprised me. It's a great compliment. -Peter Hook

The worst words I could ever hear as a bass player was, 'Can you play the root notes?' -Peter Hook

I've watched so-called 'New Order' playing in Auckland, and Tom Chapman is miming along to my bass on tape… He's got his fingers on the low, and you can hear my high bass in the background. So he's miming. -Peter Hook

I played a lot of keyboards, but I really wanted to produce the sound that was in my head that I was trying to emulate on the keys. I wanted to do it for real. And it makes me look at the keys in a different way. So it's like I'm looking at the guitar and bass more like meat and potatoes and keys like coloring over top of it, you know. -D'Angelo

As soon as you pick up a guitar, you're up against the legends of rock. The same goes with stadium drum kits and electric bass. Essentially, you're already in a soundscape that's very familiar and has a lot of established legendary material recorded using those instruments. -Matt Bellamy

I have seven uncles, and my dad played bass, they had a band together, that was the family band. And of course as the cousins got older, including myself, we joined a family band. All the cousins played. That's my heritage. -Jon Batiste

The sound of tap is not 'clickety clickety tap tap,' this monotone thing. The sound of tap has depth. We want you to hear the different highs and lows, the bass, the trebles and the melodies, if you can. -Savion Glover

It's as if my left heel is my bass drum and my right heel is the floor tom-tom. I can get snare out of my right toe by not putting it down on the floor hard, and, if I want cymbals, I land flat on both feet, full strength on the floor. -Savion Glover

I am disappointed that the President made the decision to have Ambassador Froman sign the TPP agreement in New Zealand. -Rob Portman

Regardless of some disagreements in the past with Dr. Kissinger, I personally had a very good relationship with the secretary when I served as ambassador to the United States and later on as premier. -Yitzhak Rabin

When you listen to a symphony orchestra, and the basses don't – there's no bass part, there's not that much depth. That's why I'm attracted to the instrument, the bass. It brings depth. It's like playing in a rainforest. -Charlie Haden

I used to listen to a lot of Bach on the radio, and when the basses started to sing, it made everything complete – it made it all make sense. -Charlie Haden

I didn't play a lot of bass as a kid, but I sang it. -Charlie Haden

In 2012, Hillary Clinton's State Department, acting through its ambassador, Mari Carmen Aponte, threatened to withhold critical development aid unless El Salvador passed a major privatization law. -Greg Grandin

Migrants don't come to the United States because, as Ambassador Aponte argued in her press conference, of 'lies' told by smugglers that, once here, you can't get deported. They come because their countries have been destroyed by U.S. policy. -Greg Grandin

It is a job requirement of U.S. envoys to El Salvador to be skilled in the art of the threat. And Aponte, named ambassador in 2010, is a pro. In particular, she's been tasked with making sure the former insurgent FMLN, which first won the presidency in 2009 and was reelected in 2014, reconciles itself to neoliberal reality. -Greg Grandin

Style-wise, Valle Nevado is what can only be described as 'hip international.' Brazilians, Chileans and Europeans make the place seem like an electronic music festival transported to an remote Andean valley. Huge speakers blare out thumping, bass-heavy music, while promotoras stalk the staircases selling everything from Red Bull to mobile phones. -Jonathan Franklin

It's a curious thing about celebrity: being somebody who was one of the stars of one of the most popular television shows in history offers an opportunity. I look at it as an ambassadorial opportunity at times, where I can go to places and have the opportunity to do things and meet people that other people don't have. -Mike Farrell

Sometimes, when I come back to Washington from Indiana, I feel like an ambassador to a foreign country. -Evan Bayh

Devon holds a special place in my heart. As a child, I normally went on holiday to Bantham and have lots of happy memories from my time there. I used to catch sand eels in the early morning and go fishing for bass throughout the day. I remember a gull taking my bait. -Richard Branson

I am honored to be one of this year's Urbanworld ambassadors for the festival's 20th anniversary, joining my friend David Oyelowo. I have always had a special relationship with Urbanworld, back to my days as a festival publicist to previewing my earlier films and now as an ambassador. -Ava DuVernay

One of my all-time favourite guitarists is, in fact, a bassist – John Entwistle from The Who. He's one of my all-time favourites, the way he kind of expanded. I mean, he could have been a lead guitarist and been one of the best guitarists in the world. He wasn't even bass player; he was a bass guitarist, and he took the bass to another level. -Bradley Wiggins

Recently partnered with Express Men as a brand ambassador, so my closet is full of the new fashion trends and styles that keep me fresh for games. -Stephen Curry

I've been a UNICEF ambassador since I was 17. -Selena Gomez

At the October 1933 proceedings of the League of Nations in Madrid, Lemkin mounted a valiant effort to persuade the gathered ambassadors to define and agree to punish the crime of what we now call genocide. He failed. -Terry Glavin

As an ambassador for the aid agency Cafod and the Anthony Nolan Trust, I need to be sure that my public support for those charities is a help for their work, not a hindrance. -David Harewood

Growing up in the mid-to-late '90s in London, you start seeing the explosion of drum'n'bass and then the birth of U.K. garage and grime. I decided to focus a lot of my energies as an aspiring MC. It was a very natural way to express yourself as a kid from a certain kind of neighborhood. -Riz Ahmed

I really wanted to be Ambassador to Argentina. -Jorge M. Perez

I think of myself as an ambassador of the arts. In my heart of hearts, I know the world would be a more peaceful, tender place if we were more moved by the poetry around us. -Tim Seibles

I didn't really experience any hardship like people tend to think of when they hear the words 'Detroit, Michigan.' I think Big Sean is a much better ambassador for the city. -Mike Posner

The sound system influence is undeniable in hip-hop, in jungle, drum and bass, now EDM. -Walshy Fire

My retail partners, they are my brand ambassadors. They're the ones who are selling the shoes to women. -Edgardo Osorio

I like Jaco Pastorius' 'Portrait of Tracy.' He was this bass player who played jazz fusion. He was the dopest bass player who ever lived. -Ty Dolla Sign

The DJ still has the relationship with the people, I believe. I don't know to call the DJ 'the ambassadors' or what, but we still are connecting the dots, getting the good stuff and passing it on to the people. DJs still have relevance, even with the technology that elevates the DJ beyond being a selector. -Ali Shaheed Muhammad

I wrote my first book in fifth grade. It was about a dog that goes to outer space and is an ambassador for Earth. -Josh Malerman

Wonder Woman is a fighter, better than most, but it's what she fights for that is important. It's her vision of a future of peace and acceptance that makes her the right ambassador for everyone. -Gal Gadot

I was in Fort Lauderdale from about age 7 to 14. And that's where I learned the most about music. My favorite DJ was this guy named DJ Laz and the Miami bass guys. I was super into, like, Arthur Baker, that kind of stuff. -Diplo

I never thought I would become an actress. I always wanted to get into politics, and I moved to Argentina and worked for the U.S. embassy for a bit. It sort of happened upon me when I was home for the holiday – acting, that is – and I stuck with it. -Meghan Markle

I love that people can feel the bass in their body. -Romy Madley Croft

When I was a kid, I had asthma, so I would have to take cod liver oil all the time. So anything fishy that reminds me of that taste, I can't eat. I love Chilean sea bass because I don't taste it there. But salmon? No, no, no. -Tyler Perry

I don't think anyone would say that the women on the United States national team are not great role models and ambassadors. Everywhere we go, we connect with fans, sign autographs, and represent our sport and federation with class. -Carli Lloyd

I don't think the Beatles were that good. I think they're fine, you know. Ringo's got the best backbeat I've ever heard… Paul is a fine bass player… but he's a bit overpowering at times. -George Harrison

My drummer, bass player, and guitar player sing backgrounds. They play and sing. I can sing all the harmonies, but I can't do it alone. -Aaron Neville

The singer is always an ambassador of music. -Kurt Elling

I love traveling the world, meeting new people, and letting WWE fans know that the champ is out doing his thing and trying to spread the good word of WWE. I love the feeling of being the ambassador for the company. -John Cena

It'll seem convenient 'cause I am ambassador for the charity, but Look Good Feel Better launched a set of makeup brushes through Priceline, and I use the multi-tasking brush to apply my liquid foundation. It's wonderful. As good as the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face brush, which I also use. -Zoe Foster Blake

My career has been defined by dominating every opportunity presented to me. I am excited for my newest opportunity representing WWE 2K17 as the franchise's ambassador and honoured to serve as the WWE 2K17 cover Superstar. -Brock Lesnar

The King of Spain displayed his esteem for me in a manner that I confess flattered me pleasantly when, after the death of Don Luis de Haro, he stated publicly in front of all the foreign ambassadors that he wanted to follow my example in not having a prime minister any longer. -Louis XIV

As ambassador to China, Huntsman never publicly objected to Obama's trade policy, which allows China to take advantage of us – something that Donald Trump highlighted. Challenging Obama on China is one of the keys to beating him. -Roger Stone

To me, a sure-fire way to get in a rut is by sitting around playing by yourself for too long. You've gotta get out there and jam, man! You don't have to necessarily be in a band, all you've gotta have are a couple of buds who play too. They don't have to be guitarists either; jamming with a bassist or a drummer is cool. -Dimebag Darrell

I had left the music business and became a conflict journalist. The conflict journalism started for me in the Gulf and the oil spill. When Skynyrd needed a new bass player, they knew me from the Black Crowes. -Johnny Colt

Our newest member is Johnny Colt, who was bass player with The Black Crowes. Colt fits right in with us. He's loony as heck, and so are we. We have a great time and love doing what we do. I hope Johnny is with us for a long, long time. He is quite the guy. -Johnny Van Zant

I don't play the bass. I'm not in a band. I tried to think of ways I could touch base with the troops and support what we're doing. -D. B. Sweeney

Everybody besides my piano player has been with me since the very first day. We were a four-piece band for a solid two years. It was me playing acoustic and rhythm electric guitar, a bass player, a drummer and a lead guitar player. For a couple of years, we sounded like the Foo Fighters. -Thomas Rhett

I am the face and ambassador of sambo. The organization I'm working is trying really hard to make sambo a sport on the Olympian level. -Fedor Emelianenko

WWE is my home, and I will always stay with the WWE in some part, whether it's an ambassador, or maybe one day you'll see Nikki Bella as a GM, and no one can touch me. -Nikki Bella

People just don't like me, and it's unfortunate, because I'm trying to get people to come down and visit New Zealand. I'm an ambassador for New Zealand… it's kind of sad. -Steven Adams

I am so honored to be working with A Place Called Home as their ambassador to bring awareness to the incredible services and programs which benefits kids in the Los Angeles community. -Normani Kordei

In the studio, we sometimes will add bass or some other stuff, like more layers of the same guitar part that's already there, but ultimately, the sound is about guitar and drums. -Liv Bruce

Being an actor is like being a bass player: one of the component parts to the collective hole. -Juliette Lewis

I've always been good about interfacing with machines. But that never seemed like a gateway to being able to make music. I never made the connection that music could be made with machines – that was what drum and bass was for me. -Tycho

I am honored to continue the fight for equal economic opportunities, the right to choose, and an end to gender-based violence by serving as an ACLU Celebrity Ambassador. -Sasheer Zamata

I had a fascination with the roots of African American music. That would have been my first education in music. I had a real passion for it. I wanted to play it, sing it. I could sing at a young age, but I started to teach myself bass guitar and started writing when I was 15. -Hozier

Tom Brady is a person of great integrity and is a great ambassador of the game both on and off the field. -Robert Kraft

My first instrument was bass, and the first thing that I remember learning to play that was better than a few notes was Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain.' If you're the guy who penned that bass riff, then you should probably be in some sort of fantasy band. -George Ezra

I was young; I was newly married. My Cambridge degree was still warm in my pocket – a roll of parchment guaranteeing me, I thought, a sort of free ambassadorial passage to any campus of my choosing, and I had chosen Sydney – the world was all before me. -Howard Jacobson

As early as 1993, members of bin Laden's group had been planning an attack on the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. -Peter Bergen

We had a bunch of instruments around the house. Like, I played different instruments, trumpet, bass, drums, piano, all that, but whatever I could get my hands on. -Trombone Shorty

I didn't grow up hunting whitetail, but I would stalk tuna and white sea bass and yellowtail. -Brandon Webb

I grew up with the British-Chicago crossover of house music with a lot of pianos and very heavy bass lines, but what I love about house is you can mix it up a bit. -Kristian Nairn

I always wanted to be an ambassador. -Tammy Duckworth

Actually, 'Die Hard' was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. When I was a newborn, my parents were going stir-crazy in the house, and they put me in the bassinet, and I slept through 'Die Hard' in the theater as an infant. -Haley Joel Osment

I was raised by my father, who was a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and bass player. His brothers all did the same thing, so I was kind of always raised around the music. -William Singe

The lousy guitar player in any band is the bass player. -Jimmy Iovine

I normally start at the computer with something really simple like a four-bar loop of a drum sample or a bass line. And then I just start adding layers of synthesizers. -Washed Out

Let me put it this way: I can sing a hell of an 'Old Man River,' way down in the bass. -Julie Andrews

I grew up thinking that I would be an ambassador secret agent. From age 14 to right before I graduated college, I was really interested in the foreign service and the United Nations. I learned to speak French, Turkish, and all these things. -Kathryn Minshew

Yes, William E. Dodd was the – became the – America's first ambassador to Nazi Germany. Prior to that, he was a professor of history at the University of Chicago – mild-mannered guy. -Erik Larson

At some point, I stumbled across my two main protagonists: William E. Dodd, a mild-mannered professor of history picked by Roosevelt to be America's first ambassador to Nazi Germany, and Dodd's comely and rather wild daughter, Martha, who at first was enthralled with the so-called Nazi revolution. -Erik Larson

Along the way, I learned a lot about being told I didn't have the right skills for the jobs I wanted and how to overcome the setbacks and keep pushing forward. This is why I've become an Ambassador for LifeSkills, a programme created by Barclays to help one million young people get the skills they need for work. -Jameela Jamil

It'd be nice if people consider me somewhat of an ambassador. -GloZell

Prince might be bringing that low sound back, because he has that double bass. -Miles Davis

My dad was a kind of semiprofessional Dixieland-type drummer, and I learned the drums from him. When I was about twelve, we bought our first Ludwig drum set from a pawnshop – a marching-band bass drum, great big tom-toms, and big, deep snare drums. -Sam Shepard

I've always been a fan of the Dark and Lovely brand. I grew up using their products at home. I only work with brands I believe in, and I'm so happy to be a hair color ambassador. -Justine Skye

When I was in a band after high school and in college, I didn't even play the guitar. I played the bass because I couldn't play lead, and I didn't have the gear. -Lindsey Buckingham

I was introduced to 7 Charming Sisters at an Emmy Award Show event. When they approached me to become a brand ambassador, I was over the moon about working with the brand. What impressed me even more as a disability advocate is the fact that the company is dedicated to employing people with disabilities. -Jamie Brewer

If you give me a bass guitar and you ask me to improvise something, or even be with some musicians and follow them, I wouldn't be able to do it. And I want to change that. -Marion Cotillard

Golf, to its foundation, is a game of integrity and one that encourages us to give back, kind of be ambassadors, role models, I guess, for kids – whether they like golf or not. -Jordan Spieth

I'm an ambassador for World of Children and St Jude's, it always been very important for me to use modeling as a platform to give back or raise awareness for causes that are important. -Lily Aldridge

I should become a peach brand ambassador. -Timothee Chalamet

El Perro del Mar sort of accompanied my time at 'SNL.' To concentrate and focus, I would play the bass to one of her songs from her third album. -Fred Armisen

When you're the voice who represents our music and our family, it's an amazing, and a huge, responsibility. I am able to not only be an ambassador for my own family but for everyone. -Rohan Marley

I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, and pretty much any sort of stringed instrument – besides violin or cello. -Mark Foster

I remember my brother came home with a bass and played a blues solo on it. I just went insane for days afterwards learning that. -Labrinth

Anybody who thinks there's not a vast right-wing conspiracy in this country must also think that Ken Starr should be our next ambassador to Luxembourg. -Richard Belzer

Salary negotiations are particularly important because people are testing you as both a co-worker and an ambassador. They really don't want you to be a pushover, and they don't want you to be a jerk. -Christopher Voss

A company's logo can be a visual ambassador, one that goes on everything from business cards to delivery trucks. When used effectively, it can be the window into the soul of a brand. -Tahl Raz

I like mixing things up. That makes it more interesting. I love mixing in slower funk with what I do. I'll add drum and bass and put my foot to the gas pedal and press it to the floor. -GRiZ

In 'National Geographic,' you always saw pictures of tribal Africa. And here I am, sitting in Nairobi in our suburban house, watching TV and thinking, 'Why is it always going to be these tribal people 'that are the ambassadors of our image? -Wangechi Mutu

If the Olympic Spirit is about overcoming every hurdle and accepting no limits, then I think Samsung is a great ambassador for these values. -Morgan Neville

My dad taught me how to fish. When I am stand in a trout stream now, and I have the waders on, and I've got a fly rod in my hand, or I am fishing for bass, I think of sitting in a boat with my dad. How can that be a bad experience? -Matt Lauer

The piano is an instrument that can easily sound overly thick, and I love to think that I can work with textures – particularly the inner textures inside the melody or the bass line. There is an analogy there with painting; I love paintings where you see colour underneath the colour and, underneath that, more texture and shape. -Stephen Hough

When I got into songs like 'Exist,' I was like, 'Okay, this riff has some bass sweeping in it, I'm definitely going to have to use a pick… but I guess I'll have to learn how to sweep first!' -Johnny Christ

What it really comes down to, especially in metal, is that the bass needs to cut through, so you go to the pick for that effect. But when you have a certain feel about the music and really dig in to get a big growl, you have to go with the fingers, because you're not going to get it with a pick. -Johnny Christ

My father was a diplomat and served as Pakistan's ambassador to 14 countries. I was born in London and grew up there and studied and lived in a hostel throughout in London and became a barrister. -Adnan Sami

My father was a great admirer of music and the arts, so there was always a lot of culture in the house. As it happened, while my father was the ambassador in Portugal, the ambassador's residence had a piano, and so I started learning how to play it at the age of five. -Adnan Sami

You get some confidence in your songwriting abilities and go for the essentials – guitar, bass, drums, vocals. Those are the basic band essentials that have to be in place before you go any further. -Mike McCready

Jeff Ament, the bass player, plays basketball. He ultimately wants to do music, but he's really good at basketball, too. We all want to do what we can't do, maybe. -Mike McCready

I think you have to look at the fact that every presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat, has all said that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the embassy should be moved. President Trump's the only one that had the courage to actually do that. -Nikki Haley

This was not a decision made with the Israelis. This was a decision by the president for the American people. And so, it was a decision that we all said Jerusalem should be the capital and the embassy should be there. This decision should not weigh in on the peace process. -Nikki Haley

There is an interesting parallel between the 'Argo' story and '13 Hours' in that, around the world, we have 285 or so diplomatic outposts and the expectation that the local government will come to our aid if we ever come under attack on the sovereign property of the United States in an embassy. -Mitchell Zuckoff

My band, Miles Long, is a jazz-funk spoken word band. There's jazz sensibilities, but I'm a bass player, so I'm very much into the head-bobbing vibe with sophisticated lyrics. -Malcolm-Jamal Warner

I've been writing all my life, and playing bass came later on, when I was about 26. What I recognized with poetry and music that I had a different voice – there were things I wanted to express that I could not as an actor or even as a director. It was another avenue of expression that my soul needs. -Malcolm-Jamal Warner

I want to be ambassador-like. I want to, you know, set examples, especially as a young black female. That, I think, is important, and I just want to be a bit of an example, you know. -Little Simz

I've played Frankie Cosmos shows where the promoter or whoever sees that I'm the lead singer, and then they go up to David, the bassist, and are like, 'So, do we pay you?' And he's like, 'No, you pay her; she's the boss.' Those are moments where I'm just like, 'I'm clearly in charge.' -Frankie Cosmos

Each generation in this country gets the responsibility of being the ambassadors for this American democracy that our parents and grandparents fought, bled, and died for. -Sheldon Whitehouse

I'm so excited to be a Coppertone brand ambassador because as an athlete, taking care of my body is a huge part of my job, and sunscreen is a vital part of that. -Christen Press

Ambassador Kennedy brings to the Boeing board professional, diplomatic, and global perspectives that are highly valued in our rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive global business environment. Her diversity of experience and accompanying insights will broaden and strengthen our board in its deliberative and oversight roles for the company. -Dennis Muilenburg

My aunt played upright bass in the Louisville Orchestra, and I was always really impressed by her musical ability. I found it really fascinating as a kid that one could play music for a living. -Jim James

When I make a record with My Morning Jacket, I love what those guys do, so I don't have a need to play bass or drums or anything, because we're doing that as a unit. -Jim James

I hope that as a professional snowboarder, Olympian, and now, a Global Ambassador for Special Olympics, I will be able to change perceptions about people with intellectual disabilities. -Hannah Teter

There's something about rhythm and bass sections generally, how the bass and drums interact, that's basically the soul of any song. -Shura

The fallout from Wikileaks is incomparable to 9/11, the U.S.S. Cole, numerous embassies, et al. -Dana Loesch

My first computer was an IBM Display Writer. With all its components, it was roughly the size of a bass fishing boat. -Sandra Brown

I was a bass guitarist first before I started playing double bass – and I only started playing it because my teacher said I'd get twice as much work, as there's not enough players out there. -Ted Dwane

Being a bass player in a band without a drummer for seven, eight years has been kind of weird. -Ted Dwane

From the very beginning, I had a lot of female role models in music. I would go to shows, and there were always women fronting bands and playing guitar or backing up and playing drums or bass in a band. That probably contributed to my belief in myself to go out and perform for people. -Lucy Dacus

The best largemouth bass fishing I've ever encountered was at Lake Huites, a vast impoundment on the outskirts of the Sierra Madre Occidentals in Sinaloa, Mexico. -Jonathan Miles

If you wonder why a man would shave before spending all day in his bass boat, you have never seen an angler's face projected in high-def on the JumboTron at a Classic weigh-in. -Steve Rushin

I think I've ascended to the point after a lot of years where I'm kind of OK on bass. -Harry Shearer

For me, I guess music has always been the through-line. You know, I played guitar from a really young age, and my dad played, and my cousin gave me a drum kit when I was 13, and I played bass guitar, so, you know, it was definitely always in the house. -Sam Palladio

The thing I like to do when I'm making records is to keep it exciting, as opposed to, 'There's a bass player, guitar player… ' Just a little variety. -Benji Hughes

As a rock band, you're slightly one foot in the past, playing instruments like guitar, bass and drums. -Matt Bellamy

I'm kind of a graphic novel ambassador. -Brian Azzarello

I've been a fan of bass fishing for as long as I can remember. -Charles Best

On the adrenaline level, the excitement from landing a jump and hooking a big bass are similar. -Scotty Lago

Book collectors are thrill-seekers. It is a vegetarian hunt to be sure, without much exertion or risk, but the endorphin rush of the chase and the adrenaline high of the capture are much the same with first editions as I imagine they must be in the pursuit of 10-point stags, largemouth bass, or 20-foot waves at Maverick's. -Jacob Weisberg

One of the arrangements I'm really proud of is '21 Guns' because the chorus has this descending bass line with a suspended type of progression that immediately screamed 'Bach' to me. -Tom Kitt

I was a bass fisherman. I liked bass. That was my thing. -Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

You can do all kinds of things with your instrument outside of its surface purpose. My bass is my crutch, but the best crutch I could have. -Thundercat

I remember swallowing my tooth up in a high chair, but I definitely don't remember the first time I played bass. -Thundercat

I don't look at my instrument as having one specific role; I was raised to go as far as you can. But Raphael Saadiq hated my bass. He told me to throw it away. And playing in Snoop's band, there was a time when my bass was more annoying to everyone than helpful. They would get on my case: 'Can you make your bass sound like more of a bass?' -Thundercat

I was playing bass when I was a kid; I play bass now. I used to draw pictures when I was a kid, and I draw pictures now. I talked backwards and weird when I was a kid, and I talk backwards now. -Thundercat

My family is all musicians – my dad plays drums, my mom plays flute, my older brother plays drums, my little brother plays drums and piano. For some reason, I didn't get the memo, so I just play bass. -Thundercat

My high school teacher, Reggie Andrews, was a huge factor in my learning my instrument. He didn't play bass, but it was the part where he gave me a knowledgeable perspective of what it was that I was doing. -Thundercat

I started taking the bass more seriously when I heard Jaco Pastorius. -Thundercat

I love to be able to put my hands on a keyboard, to have a guitar and a bass within reach, as well as all the effects. -Kevin Parker

Once I've got something that I feel is strong, if I get long enough to think about it, it'll turn into something. I'll start thinking about the drums – what the drums are doing, what the bass is doing. Then, if I can remember it by the time I get to a recording device, it'll turn into a song. -Kevin Parker

In 1985, I joined my mother in a protest against apartheid in which we were arrested at the South African embassy in Washington, D.C. And she was at President-elect Mandela's side in Johannesburg when he claimed victory in South Africa's first free elections. -Bernice King

In 1985, I was arrested, along with my mother and brother, Martin III, in a protest against apartheid at the South African Embassy in Washington, D.C. -Bernice King

'Hear My Heart' was constructed with the deaf in mind. I wanted a bass line that felt like a heartbeat. I wanted to be able to touch the speakers and feel a clear sense of rhythm. -Andy Mineo

I play the piano, drums, little bit of bass, guitar. I can play harmonica, a little bit of the ukulele. Pretty much anything that's a strumming, string type thing. -Chord Overstreet

What excites me is that I'm an ambassador for poetry, which is something that I wholeheartedly believe in and that has been an anchor and a force of stability and consolation throughout my life. I think that's good news. -Tracy K. Smith

Almost the first thing Obama did in the White House was to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the British embassy. That suggests a major re-ordering of things. It'll be fascinating to see what happens from now on. It was a genuine break with the recent past – perhaps to re-connect with the past past. -Amanda Foreman

As a 4-star admiral, I visited over a hundred U.S. embassies all around the world, and I never failed to see lines of locals seeking visas to our nation. -James G. Stavridis

Strikeforce is here to stay; we are definitely going to do our part to grow the sport and be good ambassadors of the sport. -Scott Coker

I'm not a 'practicing' musician anymore. I played bass and guitar. I still pick up a guitar around the house every once in awhile. -Scott Borchetta

Vocally, I don't think analogue makes that much difference, but with guitars, it definitely makes some difference. With drums and bass, absolutely. -Myles Kennedy

Enter Shikari are a mash-up of everything. I used to really love dubstep when they first came out. They had those amazing basslines, so I loved going to the live shows. -Anne-Marie

I don't focus on one thing. I play guitar and bass and keyboards and drums, but I never stay on anything long enough to become a specialist at it. -Lou Barlow

The Florida sound would probably be best defined as heavy bass with high energy dance records. There's a strong Caribbean heritage in Florida which features a lot of uptempo music, and the music accents the sexy, body-oriented sound. -Flo Rida

One of the things you learn in government is there's a long tail to American decision-making when it comes to foreign policy. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem, pulling out of the Iran deal, pulling out of Paris, not speaking up for democratic values – the world doesn't end the next day. -Ben Rhodes

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton is exceptionally qualified to serve as President Trump's National Security Adviser, and I fully support his selection. -Martha McSally

I love mixing house and disco with anything bass. -Mija

Like many Americans, I am still haunted by images from the last days of the United States' withdrawal from Vietnam in 1975. Newscasts showed South Vietnamese desperately trying to scale the walls of our embassy in Saigon to board the last helicopter flights out of the country. The fear in their eyes was chilling. -Jeanne Shaheen

The United States does not accept foreign meddling in our elections, and we shouldn't have an ambassador attempting to intrude in another country's political affairs. -Jeanne Shaheen

If Ambassador Grenell is unwilling to refrain from political statements, he should be recalled immediately. -Jeanne Shaheen

One of the advantages of playing in a club is that even with bass and drums, the atmosphere remains intimate with the audience. -John McLaughlin

Being Miss Universe is much more than having a sash and a crown. It is about taking pride in my commitment to serving as an ambassador to my country – and to women everywhere. -Leila Lopes

I've never been a mega-star. I'm more of a tastemaker of hip-hop. I try to be more of an ambassador for the era of hip-hop that I came in. -No I.D.

I think, as singers and performers, we are ambassadors of the human experience. I don't want to get bored just talking about myself. -Lizz Wright

My guitar-playing always included bass lines, melody lines, and rhythm-guitar grooves. -Donovan

That's really important in a producer – a producer that can step up and play a keyboard, play a bass, play a guitar, and help you with things instead of just saying, 'I think this could be better.' -John Gourley

I want to be an ambassador of Brooklyn. -Sasha Velour

I'm honored and thankful to be partnering with the prestigious CFDA as one of the men's wear ambassadors for fashion week. My interest in fashion is only matched by my love for music, and I'm blessed to be given an opportunity to learn about some of my favorite designers from a firsthand look at their latest collections. -J Balvin

Your time is spent making records, planning, touring – not counting the days until another guy's concert. There are some newer artists I like in a casual, passing way, but I couldn't tell you the bass player's name or name two songs off of their new record. -Mark Kozelek

We all record together. We do it live; then, after that, we do overdubs, if we need to, to repair stuff. Usually when we do stuff, we have to make sure we get the bass and drums down, and by doing it live, you're actually playing the song. You're not piecing together a song. -Rick Nielsen

We're basically a rock band – guitar, bass, drums and vocals. But we take it further than that. We can be rotten, dirty, and heavy as anyone, but at the same time, we've got a lot of melody. -Rick Nielsen

Our bassist, Tim Staffell, was at art college with Frederick Bulsara, who changed his name to Freddie Mercury and joined the band on vocals after Tim left in 1970. -Roger Taylor

With such a huge fan base, Indian football has a good foundation, and my aim is to become an ambassador of the sport and fly the flag on the international stage for the Indian fans. -Timothy F. Cahill

When I was in grade school and high school, I did a lot of chorale singing. And the chorus would be tenor, bass, and alto and soprano. -Lee Ranaldo

A break-up of the U.K. would affect the deployment and strength of its armed forces and play havoc with the ownership of its overseas consulships and embassies. -Linda Colley

I've got different drum machines that I use for different things, but I think the older ones are always the best when it comes down to getting that 808 bass. -Mannie Fresh

When I know it's like a bass song, I gotta go with my SP-1200. -Mannie Fresh

I'm doing bass trap; I'm doing EDM songs. -Mannie Fresh

I spent eight years at the U.N., so I understand that U.S. ambassadors have a lot of issues to cover. -Richard Grenell

There is no way to expect one ambassador to cover all of the U.S. government's priority issues, and certainly there are a plethora of U.N. meetings that drag on with an unlimited number of speakers and no time limits. -Richard Grenell

No American ambassador has produced more Security Council Resolutions on the issue of Iran than John Bolton. -Richard Grenell

It's true that John Bolton would not win the most popular ambassador award at the U.N., but being popular shouldn't be the priority. -Richard Grenell

U.S. academics and Upper East Side New Yorkers like to think of the United Nations as a place where foreign ambassadors have intellectual discussions about power and world peace. -Richard Grenell

I play the sax, piano, guitar, bass… I started as a kid with piano lessons. -Mike Dean

I've always been fascinated with sound, since I was a little kid when my mother Dorothy Dean took me to my first piano lesson. Later on, my guitar, bass guitar, and synthesizer were my secret weapons. -Mike Dean

That's what Joe Don Rooney and I do. He plays guitar and I play bass – and there's no reason to call it a band if you're not gonna have the guys in the band playing on the records. -Jay DeMarcus

I don't think anyone could be the next Dick Vitale. I mean that in a good way. More than an announcer, Dick is an ambassador for the game. Dick is in class by himself. Like what he does or not, what he has done to expand the popularity of college basketball is phenomenal. -Stan Van Gundy

Of course I will always be an ambassador for the WWE, so definitely anytime they need me for something, I'm only a phone call away. -Big Show

I'm not just about being an ambassador of Christ. I'm here also, talking with friends, being the same person that I always am. -Kaka

I'm exactly where I want to be – we live out here on the James River outside Richmond. I have three ponds, and we catch the biggest, most beautiful bass you've ever looked at in your life. -Jimmy Dean

I see myself as the ambassador of hip-hop. I do songs with people from everywhere. We ain't got nothing but love. -Nate Dogg

I'm a big chicken guy, and Wingstop chicken wings are my number one go-to, so I just got involved with the company. I purchased a few franchises myself. I like to consider myself a global brand ambassador. -Rick Ross

Because I write the music, I write the lyrics, I write the vocal melody lines – I write everything. Just because I let somebody sing something doesn't mean they're more important than the bass player or the keyboard player or the drummer. -Yngwie Malmsteen

I always wrote everything – I wrote all the lyrics, I wrote all the melodies, everything; it's just somebody else sung it. And to me, the singer is nothing else than a different… like a bass player or a keyboard player – they're not more important than any other musician. -Yngwie Malmsteen

I was a guitar player in a band that had two keyboard players, sometimes two other guitarists, a bass player, and a drummer, four or five singers, and percussion. We did a two-and-a-half hour show where the music spanned from the early Sixties to the present. Whereas the David Lee Roth thing was like, Now. Very big and intense. -Joe Satriani

Where I grew up, there was only one CD shop, and I didn't really like school, so we'd register, then bunk off, and we would be round my mate's house making drum-and-bass mix tapes. -Rag'n'Bone Man

I wasn't very good at studies but was into a lot of extra-curricular activities. I used to play the keyboard and bass guitar in my school band and went on to study keyboard from Trinity College, London. -Naga Chaitanya

Today, somewhere in America, there's a kid who's got a laptop and a guitar and a couple of his friends he's putting together to play drums and bass, who's gonna change the way we say things, the way that we dress, the way we view things, the music we hear, everything. -Benji Madden

Back in the day, being a young, inspired bass player, I started to gravitate toward jazz fusion. I almost would have called myself an elitist. I got to the point where, for a little bit there, I was more interested in instrumental music. -Robert Trujillo

The first album I ever bought was Santana's 'Abraxas.' Obviously, I was a huge fan of Carlos because he had the unique guitar sound, and he had incorporated a lot of the percussion and really, really fun rhythmic bass lines in there, too. -Robert Trujillo

Lemmy is, I think, for anybody in the world of rock n' roll – you don't have to be a bass player – he is a pioneer, and he was true to his music and also the lover of a lot of different styles of music. -Robert Trujillo

Traditionally, the role of the bass player was just to keep things simple and solid, so it's really a special thing when you can get a player that can actually bring in a lot of presence and also a visual presence, too. -Robert Trujillo

I just wanted to experiment with the bass, and my main influence from Jaco Pastorius inspired me to write music in a certain way. -Robert Trujillo

Jaco Pastorius gave the bass a new voice. I mean, he was very inspired by singers like Frank Sinatra. And in a lot of ways, maybe he wanted to be a singer himself. -Robert Trujillo

With the fretless bass, you have a different tone and different sound, a different dynamic to the instrument, so you can really make it sing. -Robert Trujillo

My father had a friend who actually had a hollow-body bass guitar and didn't work through an amp, but because it was hollow body, I could play it. So I kind of played on that for about a year, learning scales and all that. And here I am. -Robert Trujillo

There were a lot of different styles in the house – Motown, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, jazz – and my dad played flamenco guitar. Soon I realized that bass was what was really grooving me. -Robert Trujillo

I've been playing guitar since I was 6 and then drums, bass, and piano since I was 10 years old. -Bazzi

I am a sportsman, not a brand ambassador, besides being the first goalkeeper of Adidas. -Manuel Neuer

Being appreciated for playing a female warrior seems too good to be true. I enjoy playing such empowered roles, and on a related note, that's why I agreed to become the brand ambassador for the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign. -Tamannaah

I'm an okay drummer, I'm an okay bass player, I'm an okay keyboardist, and I'm a quite good guitar player. -Tobias Forge

I formed Humble Pie when I was only 18. We were one of the first 'supergroups,' with Steve Marriott of The Small Faces on guitar and Greg Ridley of Spooky Tooth on bass. With Humble Pie, I tasted American success for the first time. -Peter Frampton

More traditional guitar, bass, drums – it's not something completely natural to me. It's, in a way, exotic. -Mike Patton

I became the European amateur champion in Liverpool back in 2008. I visited the Beatles museum, and after the final, I went to a drum and bass disco. -Oleksandr Usyk

It's been fun to just play bass in a band and play live but be in the background. -Ad-Rock

I'm not the ambassador of Japan or Japanese culture. -Ryuichi Sakamoto

Billy Sheehan has always been my number one favorite bass player of all time. -Mike Portnoy

I could be just as happy playing a Beatles song as I am when I'm thrashing out the double bass stuff with Adrenaline Mob. -Mike Portnoy

I'm a Bobbi Brown girl at heart, and I'm proud to be its ambassador in Asia! -Claudia Kim

You're never going to persuade a meat-eater to become a vegetarian on taste grounds. They're completely different. One is a cleaner, fresher taste: it hasn't got that bass-note beefiness. -Sue Perkins

I know schools don't have money for everything, but I wish they could all have a couple of violins for kids to try; a couple of cellos, perhaps a bassoon. -Victoria Coren Mitchell

The core of all the music I love is a good bass line and a good rhythm. -Christine and the Queens

Being a female guitar player back in school wasn't great, and I had to change schools so many times. The male drummers and bass players thought it was cool, but male guitar players said, 'It's a guy's thing. You should be doing something else, like playing the harp.' -Orianthi

I'm going to be an ambassador for WWE. -Brie Bella

It's not so surprising that there are more women in metal bands. And they're not just fronting them. There are drummers and guitar players, bass players. -Floor Jansen

There is nothing remarkable about having media and foreign embassy contacts. When I lived in Saudi Arabia as a journalist, this was a regular occurrence. -Jamal Khashoggi

In 2003 and again in 2010, I was fired from my job as editor-in-chief of a 'progressive' paper, Al-Watan. During the years in between, I served as media adviser to Prince Turki al-Faisal, the Saudi ambassador to Britain and then the United States. -Jamal Khashoggi

Eventually, my dad bought me a guitar for Christmas, and then I just went from there, man. I bought a drum kit a few years later and bought a bass, started producing, started singing. -Tom Walker

I'll be connected with City for the rest of my life – as a fan, as an employee, as an ambassador. Whatever City decide or I decide, it's not something we can undo. We're tied to each other for life. -Vincent Kompany

Palestine is not a country, so there should be no embassy here. -Jair Bolsonaro

Every country in the world should follow the example of President Trump and move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. But simultaneously, there should be an embassy of all countries in the world in East Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Palestine. -Amos Oz

I feel this heavy weight to be a good ambassador for the sport. -Tommy Caldwell

I think that anybody, once we leave Jamaica, automatically, any citizen becomes an ambassador for the flag, for Jamiaca. It's a country that's so rich in culture. We even have a bobsled team, and we ain't even got snow. We do everything in extreme. -Shaggy

I think I've been playing bass for as long as I've played guitar, and I love them both. -Devin Townsend

My role model was Sachin Tendulkar as a kid. I feel very proud that I have been able to follow his footsteps and become a UNICEF ambassador like him. -Hima Das

It's funny: when I started playing bass in 1984, you had guys like Paul Simonon fron the Clash, John Paul Jones, Lemmy, and Nikki Sixx was the head guy in Motley Crue, and you had all this post-punk stuff like Magazine and Killing Joke where the bass sort of lead the way. Not that I picked it to sort of be a main dude, but it intrigued me. -Duff McKagan

I didn't start off as a bass player, and Guns was the first band I really, like, 'Oh, I'm gonna be a bass player. This is what I'm gonna do.' And I really dove into it head first. -Duff McKagan

For KRS-One, I have a specific sound – sparse drums and bass. I try to steer away from elaborate productions. -KRS-One

My mom listened to a lot of house music. My dad listened to a lot of roots and dub. I've got a lot of bass. It's been in my whole life. -Jacob Anderson

Bristol is known for having quite a good success rate of music – Massive Attack and Portishead, that drum and bass, dance music scene. I never listened to that stuff when I was a kid, but my parents did, and my parents knew some of those people. -Jacob Anderson

I knew I was a world champion and a top contender at the highest level for over a decade, but I think I'll be remembered as somebody that was an ambassador for the sport, someone who helped build something bigger than myself, and also for the team I've been able to build. -Urijah Faber

The relationship in Pantera and with Damageplan is the opposite of the traditional rhythm section. It's me and Dime, not the bass, locking in always. Dime's such a strong rhythm player that we just walk in, and we're good to go. We've been playing together forever, and when he goes somewhere, I instinctively know where he's going. -Vinnie Paul

I don't ever have any bass in my monitors at all; I instead like to lock in with the guitar. I know the bass player has got to be locked in with the drummer, but to me, metal music is about the guitar and drums locking in and operating like a machine together. I played with my brother forever, and we were magically locked in together. -Vinnie Paul

It's been a lot of responsibility to be an ambassador for U.S. wrestling and the sport. It's a tough journey. There's a lot of obligations but also a lot of opportunity. -Jordan Burroughs

It is a great pleasure for me to take on this important role as bid ambassador for the Qatar 2022 Bid, which I believe represents an essential expansion of the FIFA ideals to a new part of the world. -Gabriel Batistuta

Trains had the greatest bass sound in the world. -Dion DiMucci

Meditation is really good. I do that a lot with my bass player Bob, and we do TM: transcendental meditation. -Beth Hart

On piano, I tend to write either gospel or singer-songwriter songs, sometimes kind of rocking blues songs. But the more heavier rock stuff I will write on bass. -Beth Hart

I really love Dinah Washington and anything live from her – she had some of the greatest jazz musicians in the whole world, and sometimes she would be with a big band, and sometimes she'd just be on stage with a muted trumpet, upright bass, and a piano. -Beth Hart

Sure, I do feel I am an ambassador for women's football. But that hasn't changed. It's been like that since I started at eight years old. I'm still me. -Alex Scott

It took me a while to get an electric guitar and a bass and amps and stuff. Playing the acoustic guitar was much easier and more affordable. But I was always listening to the radio and was interested in all the rock and pop music. -Timothy B. Schmit

We are ambassadors of American style, but we're in awe of British style. -David Lauren

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