Best Quotes About Banana

His venture sounds like a banana peel awaiting its victim. -Charlotte Curtis

The adjective is the banana peel of the parts of speech. -Clifton Fadiman

I feel pretty good. My body actually looks like an old banana, but it's fine. -Mike Piazza

As great as Ed is, the wisdom out here is that he can't carry a movie. They'll pay him $3 million to be the second banana in Julia Roberts things. But they won't put up $3 million for an Ed Harris movie. -George A. Romero

My family would be supportive if I said I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, make love to ashtrays, and eat tree bark. -Casey Affleck

My belief about acting in one foot on a banana peel and the other one in the grave. -Mark Ruffalo

Hopefully, if not it's not working right. I'm like a navigator and I try to encourage our collaboration and find the best way that will produce fruit. I like fruit. I like cherries, I like bananas. -Jim Jarmusch

I think cheese smells funny, but I feel bananas 'are' funny. I'm assuming Swamp told the whole story of the executives seriously asking us to replace the banana with cheese because they thought it was funnier. -Joe Murray

What I love is a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. I'll just have peanut butter and bananas, then peanut butter and pickles. Peanut butter and chocolate I don't recommend. -Dianne Wiest

You have to have a certain persona to be a star, you know, and I don't have that. I'm a banana. -Harvey Korman

This is America, not a banana republic. -Vincent Bugliosi

You don't want your credibility banana to turn brown, but you do want to speak out about what you believe in. -Bradley Whitford

I liked the banana-seat bikes with the high handlebars – maybe a card in the wheel could have been part of it. -Stone Gossard

Democrats always like to brag that their guys are smarter than the opponents and Republicans always like to brag that their guys are more moral than the opponents. But if you're looking for morals in politics you're looking for bananas in the cheese department. -Harry Shearer

Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana. -Bill Gates

My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen banana. I said 'No, but I want a regular banana later, so… yeah.' -Mitch Hedberg

I want to sit down, and I want to laugh. Nothing works better for me than watching somebody slip on a banana peel. -Diane Lane

A stockbroker urged me to buy a stock that would triple its value every year. I told him, 'At my age, I don't even buy green bananas.' -Claude Pepper

I'm getting so old, I don't even buy green bananas anymore. -Chi Chi Rodriguez

I'm going to buy some green bananas because by the time I get home they'll be ripe. -Ryan Stiles

Never interrupt me when I'm eating a banana. -Ryan Stiles

You know, if you have a zoo you don't want the other creatures to see you. You want them to hang out and act properly and, you know, when the monkeys will come and ask for the bananas, they won't act like monkeys. If you want them to act on what their true nature is, you've got to leave them alone. -Tarsem Singh

My favorite healthy foods are Jamaican chicken soup, Jamaican chicken stew peas, Jamaican brown stew chicken, plantains and banana chips. -Sanya Richards-Ross

No, I don't know why Bobby and Peter Farrelly bothered with a 'Three Stooges' movie, either. But if they're anything like some men I know, their love for Moe, Larry, and Curly (and an assortment of fourth bananas) is deep, abiding, and unembarrassable. In other words: How could the Farrellys not? -Wesley Morris

I blow up fireworks all the time, and I love making milkshakes and banana splits. -Chris Isaak

Without hurting anybody, we all tend to laugh at others' discomfort. When someone slips on a banana skin and falls it's funny. -Shah Rukh Khan

There's definitely a luxury to the fluidity of not being a mega-star. I've done a ton of really, really odd, off-the-wall movies. There's this movie I did called 'Queens of Country' a couple of summers ago that is so bananas, and if I was at a certain level, I probably would not have done that movie. -Lizzy Caplan

I was born in the Midwest, where 'salad' was cherry Jell-O with bananas in it. Now children are more aware of healthy foods. -Candy Crowley

If I'm playing in the morning, I'll get some carbs early: porridge with chopped banana. If I'm playing in the afternoon, I'll start with less carbs and have some eggs and fruit for breakfast, then a light lunch about 90 minutes before I play, so I don't feel sluggish or full. -Rory McIlroy

Bananas are great, as I believe them to be the only known cure for existential dread. Also, Mother Teresa said that in India, a woman dying in the street will share her banana with anyone who needs it, whereas in America, people amass and hoard as many bananas as they can to sell for an exorbitant profit. So half of them go bad, anyway. -Anne Lamott

Of course, I'm not often the top dog, but sometimes it's better not to be top dog, because you last longer. If a movie or play flops, you always blame the lead. They say, 'He couldn't carry it.' They always blame him. But they rarely blame the second or third banana. -Charles Durning

We would be driving down the street in a place like Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo, and started to see, my gosh, the only people that have shoes are men. Why does that woman have a baby in her belly and one on her back, and she's carrying a huge load of bananas? You start to ask these questions. -Melinda Gates

To be honest, I think bananas are a pathetic fruit. -Andy Murray

My biggest thing is banana pudding, but it's the devil! So no one is allowed to bring it into my house. Because I can't control myself. So why put it in my domain? -Jennifer Hudson

There are so many reality shows on now where they want you to be crazy, the girls are just going bananas; you know how they portray brown girls. They portray us in a different type of light. -NeNe Leakes

I'm positive and I smile a lot, and I'm kind of a banana, but serious work just seems to find me, so I'm not going to argue with it. -Mireille Enos

I cannot go to Montreal without going to Beauty's, my favorite place for breakfast, where I have the Mish-Mash omelet with hot dogs, salami, eggs, green peppers, and onions, and the best banana bread in the world. It's legendary! -Gail Simmons

When my kids started preschool, the teachers had to take away all the fake bananas because all the boys would pick them up and pretend that they were guns. Boys find sticks to play swords and anything that looks like a gun to shoot. It's just inside of them. It's who they are. -Dean Norris

I'm a better person in a relationship, and I'm a happier person. I need to come home at the end of the day and have it not be about me and my freaking hair and makeup and character motivations anymore. And I think my work is more inspired when home is safe and sound and solid, because what I do for a living is so bananas and so insecure. -Ginnifer Goodwin

Everything goes with short hair. It's bananas. -Ginnifer Goodwin

If you like to bake with eggs, you can substitute Ener-G egg replacer, bananas, tofu, or many other ingredients. You get the hang of it quickly enough. -Ingrid Newkirk

I think you can have a whole terrific, smart career as a second and third banana and work more and have much less risk than the lead guy. But I like being the lead guy. -James Brolin

I normally don't love green juices, but Body & Eden makes theirs tasty by blending ingredients like avocado and banana with the usual suspects like kale and spinach. Delicious as they are, they're low calorie, and the drink names are catchy: I Have Balance, I Have Energy, and my favorite, I Have Calm. -Gayle King

I find as a viewer, when I go to see comedies, the strain to be funny throughout the whole thing. I start to lose my sense of reality, and it ends up feeling like an empty experience; there's funny stuff in it but I've lost the emotional connection to the characters because it's just so bananas. -Mike White

People… need a time to laugh. It's up to us to bonk ourselves on the head and slip on a banana peel so the average guy can say, 'I may be bad, honey, but I'm not as much of an idiot as that guy on the screen.' -Chris Farley

Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on. -Daphne Guinness

There are still some terrible cliches in the presentation of Indian fiction. The lotus flower. The hennaed hands. In mainland Europe, people still slap these images on my books and I go bananas. -Hari Kunzru

Indeed it is possible to stand with one foot on the inevitable 'banana peel' of life with both eyes peering into the Great Beyond, and still be happy, comfortable, and serene – if we will even so much as smile. -Douglas Fairbanks

I always say, 'If you can't give a reason for the banana peel being in the alley, then don't have the comic slide over it.' Do you understand what I mean? First explain how the banana peel got there quickly. And then there's a reason for all the comedy. -Elaine Stritch

From cheesecake on a stick to meat skewers to deep-fried bananas on a stick – there are no plates anymore. In Los Angeles, everything has become a corn dog. Actually, corn dogs still work. But most other food should be stickless. -Steve Carell

In a banana republic, one might slip on a banana peel but things do work – now and then for the people, albeit inefficiently and unreliably. -George Ayittey

I live a healthy lifestyle and I crave healthy food. I love porridge – I have bizarre cravings for it. I love it with brown sugar and bananas, and I'm a huge fan of cinnamon – I put cinnamon on everything. I also have a sweet tooth and I don't like to deprive myself. I think everything in moderation is the key. -Jessica Lowndes

The fine line between roaring with laughter and crying because it's a disaster is a very, very fine line. You see a chap slip on a banana skin in the street and you roar with laughter when he falls slap on his backside. If in doing so you suddenly see he's broken a leg, you very quickly stop laughing and it's not a joke anymore. -Roald Dahl

A Tom Ford three-piece makes you feel so confident, it's bananas. -Dwyane Wade

Something will pop up in my head. It could be like the weirdest thing. Like all'a sudden like I have like a jumping banana in my head. -Ryan Lochte

I love my kids, they are amazing children, but they drive me bananas sometimes. And sometimes, I want to sell them on eBay… but I'm not going to. -Katie Aselton

I am good at baking. I don't know if that counts as a talent, but I love to bake. Everybody says I'm good at it, so apparently I make the best banana bread. -Meaghan Jette Martin

Singing is my life, and I have to do it, or I'm going to go totally bananas. -Kathleen Hanna

I have a carbohydrate and protein-rich diet. For breakfast, I typically have two slices of bread with butter or jam, four to five eggs – boiled or fried – a few bananas and a glass of milk. -Vijender Singh

You have to give people permission to laugh. That's why they would always cut to the banana peel in the Laurel and Hardy movies. -Danny DeVito

Obama might think of himself as one, but he is not a dictator. We are not a banana republic yet. This is not an authoritarian form of government. This is a constitutional republic, and the president doesn't allow or disallow. The president can't buy or purchase. -Rush Limbaugh

The hardest situation to pick up a girl in is … in church and in Morocco on Ramadan. On Ramadan or one of those religious days? Try to pick up a girl is bananas. -French Montana

People have always called me Schneider Monkey just because of my energy and mass consumption of bananas. Plus, I just love monkeys, so I thought, 'Well, I love monkeys, I love my fans, why not put the two together?' -Max Schneider

A book without potty humor is like a banana split without hot fudge. It can still be good, I suppose, but you kinda get the feeling that something is missing. -Dav Pilkey

If you get hungry mid-day, a banana is the best snack at your desk, after a workout, or in between classes. Fruit is a very good snack in general. -Marcus Samuelsson

I was not very strong growing up, and my uncle used to look at me, like, 'This kid is not growing up, he is growing tall but he can be broken like a banana.' The banana in Congo is called 'Dikembe.' So my uncle start calling me, 'Dikembe, Dikembe, look at you Dikembe, you cannot even stand up.' It took a long time for me to walk. -Dikembe Mutombo

I carry my own food around on tour; I permanently have carrier bags full of cereal and bananas. -Alison Goldfrapp

I am very organic; I eat a lot of seeds. At home in the morning, I eat muesli with a banana. At noon, I mix a little bit of all the seeds I can find. I love quinoa. It's great – it cooks like rice and is better than caviar. -Clotilde Hesme

I always have bananas with me for energy. -Samantha Bond

I have the same thing every day. I find it comforting. I have a banana, but I can never eat the whole banana. And I'll drink a couple of Actimels. And some kind of cereal with almond milk. And then after that, I have a Coke. -Brandon Flowers

When you slip on a banana peel, people laugh at you; but when you tell people you slipped on a banana peel, it's your laugh. So you become the hero rather than the victim of the joke. -Nora Ephron

My mother made a lot of things because she thought they'd be healthy for us. There were some very unfortunate experiences with whole wheat bread and bananas. I always tried to get rid of that sandwich and eat one of my friends' lunches. -Alice Waters

I'm so old, I don't buy green bananas any more. -Lou Holtz

Buying from a local farmer can mean that he makes a two-hour extra truck drive, which can damage the environment more than a bunch of bananas on a boat. -Tyler Cowen

If I had a choice, I love making smoothies, or having some fresh fruit and some good snacks. A smoothie with banana, kale, blueberries and almond milk is so good. -Katia Winter

Every week, I heave open a supermarket skip and find therein a more exotic shopping list of items than I could possibly have invented – Belgian chocolates, ripe bananas, almond croissants, stone-ground raisin bread – often so much it would have fed a hundred people. -Tristram Stuart

Seafarers are used to being exploited. At sea, the captain moans at chandlers who supply ships with green bananas that will never ripen; at fruit that goes moldy obscenely fast; at sub-standard meat. -Rose George

The biggest container ship can carry fifteen thousand boxes. It can hold 746 million bananas, one for every European, on one ship. -Rose George

I always make my favorite pancakes with milk, and I also add some fruit – like a banana or apple with some cinnamon sprinkled on top. I also sometimes put peanut butter on my pancakes! -Gabriela Isler

Honduras was the original 'banana republic,' and its poverty remains extreme. -Elliott Abrams

I love KIND bars. My favorites are coconut and almond and the dark chocolate and sea salt because staying fueled helps keep me from getting sick or injured. Bananas have also made a great comeback in my life. My kids eat them all the time on the go, which has inspired my go-to pre-run morning meal of peanut butter and banana on toast. -Summer Sanders

In Puerto Rico, we have a lot of traditions. We eat a very typical thing that's called 'pasteles' – it's almost like a tamale made of bananas, and we make it all together. Like, all the women of the family unite, and it's a very big deal, a very big thing. -Joyce Giraud

In a pinch, when my leather shoes need a quick shine, I take the inside of a banana peel and rub it on the leather like I would a shoe wax. Then I spit-shine it and buff it with a cloth, and my shoes look great. -Chris Diamantopoulos

I love making smoothies post-workout. My favorite – depending on the day – is either a chocolate whey protein shake with banana and peanut butter, or one with vanilla and berries. -Parker Young

I drink a lot of Body Armor – it's a sports drink. It offers great hydration, and it's the best before/after drink for workouts. Orange mango is my favorite. Strawberry banana is a close second. -Andrew Luck

I hate bananas. I just hate them. But I also think a banana suit is the funniest fruit costume a person can wear. -Paul Neilan

Time flies like an arrow – but fruit flies like a banana. -Terry Wogan

Personally, I like to juice up several different kinds of fruit and vegetables – which may include various combinations of bananas, red bell peppers, apples, carrots, celery, broccoli, spinach, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. -David H. Murdock

My favorite dessert is banana pudding. -Lennon Parham

Usually I like to work out in the morning before I eat. After the workout, I like to eat a banana and definitely some oatmeal for a little bit extra boost. -Kacy Catanzaro

I've long thought that for my last meal on earth I will be perfectly happy with a granary loaf toastie with melted crunchy peanut butter and banana. -Tamsin Greig

I hate bananas so much, it verges on a phobia. -Ahna O'Reilly

If you start comparing my practice of law to what I could have been – selling bananas – you'll know why I gave money to the University of Texas. -Joe Jamail

When I was living in Mexico and writing a book called 'Aztec,' I had to make a deliberate effort to ignore a lot of the 'typically Mexican landscape' around me – banana and citrus groves, roses and carnations, burros and toros – because they did not exist in Mexico in the 15th century, the time of my book. -Gary Jennings

There's nobody more opposite from John Shaft than a kid who worships a banana as his god. -Richard Roundtree

I always think like I was born in the country where everybody ate apples. Then I ended up in the country where everybody eats bananas. So now, I eat bananas so long, I'm just remembering the apples. -Peter Sis

In Angola, I visited 'HeroRats' that have been trained to sniff out land mines (and, in some countries, diagnose tuberculosis). In a day, they can clear 20 times as much of a minefield as a human, and they work for bananas! -Nicholas Kristof

I am Amaxon Corazon Junia Principia Delgado the Third, and I bent over my meal and wept luxurious tears into my green banana porridge. It was a perfect decoction, and it now would not satisfy me. -Nalo Hopkinson

I have oatmeal every morning with whole milk, bananas, and cinnamon, and it's just the best thing ever. -Kourtney Kardashian

We have little bags we pack specifically for touch-up makeup if you're chosen for the top 16. I knew I had to sneak in my banana because nothing calms my nerves like it! I don't know if it's the potassium, but I need it before I get on stage because it always calms me down. -Olivia Culpo

Above Hilo, broad lands sweeping up cloudwards, with their sugar cane, kalo, melons, pine-apples, and banana groves suggest the boundless liberality of Nature. -Isabella Bird

When we cut the price for bananas by 1 ruble, we sell 100 tons a day more… There are people who live within their budget. -Sergey Galitsky

The one thing in my contract that they have backstage for me is bananas. And usually my assistant will go and get me chicken broth. -Joshua Bell

I remember dawn coming up over the Strait of Malacca; ragamuffin kids on the dock in Sumatra laughing as they pelted us with bananas; collecting dead flying fish off the deck and bringing them to our sweet, fat, toothless Danish cook to fry up for breakfast. -Christopher Buckley

I used to go to Haagen-Dazs and order three banana splits at a time! -Jennifer Jason Leigh

I'm cooking 42 years, and I didn't know bananas are good for my brain. -Jean-Georges Vongerichten

I am truly at my happiest not when I am writing an aria for an actor or making a grand political or social point. I am at my happiest when I've figured out a fun way for somebody to slip on a banana peel. -Aaron Sorkin

I usually run in the morning and like to have something substantial but light to eat before and after. My go-to choices are either a banana with almond butter or a smoothie. -Christy Turlington

All my grandchildren bake. On a Saturday, Annabel's boys, Louis and Toby, always bake. Louis makes a chocolate cake, Toby makes banana or lemon drizzle. They're 12 and 10, and they can do it totally on their own. My son's twin girls, Abby and Grace, are 14; they make birthday cakes and like to do it on their own with Mum out of the way. -Mary Berry

I think when everyone found out I was Moana, we got banana bread practically every night of the week. Aside from that, it's been really normal! -Auli'i Cravalho

Misquoting drives me bananas. -Anderson Cooper

Everyone's always like, 'Be your best self!' And that drives me bananas, because when you're not, it makes you feel really bad. -Tracee Ellis Ross

Because I am a character actor, I thought I would be the fourth or eighth banana on a sitcom, and that would be OK. -Nia Vardalos

I'd love to do more comedy. It'd just be nice to go into work and not be crying every day. Some broad slapstick would be great. Falling over banana skins would be wonderful. -Felicity Jones

I did, of course, eventually find my way into television, taking all kinds of jobs, climbing the ranks rung by rung. Anyway, it was several years later, when I was working nationally in Hollywood as the announcer and second banana on ABC-TV's late-night entry, 'The Joey Bishop Show,' that I had my big moment. -Regis Philbin

When I lived in London, I worked at the U.N. for a while as its human rights and refugees officer. I have two degrees, and my second was in radio. I was a programmer and news reporter in Canada. My CV looks bananas. -Hannah Simone

When I get the questions, I answer what I can answer. If they ask me about the match, I cannot really say that I like eating bananas. -Caroline Wozniacki

I like to start my day with a glass of coconut water, some protein powder, and a mix of things – goji berries, flax seeds, hemp seeds, even the flesh of a coconut or anything with a lot of fibre. I often add bananas, or eggs – fried or boiled – to my breakfast. -Nargis Fakhri

Keep your energy levels high by adding bananas and egg whites to your diet. -Nargis Fakhri

I think we all love to watch something we know is going to go catastrophically wrong – the old banana skin syndrome, which is particular to the British sense of humour. -Sarah Alexander

A delicious smoothie is a really easy way of taking on lots of amazing skin boosting ingredients and was my first port of call every morning in the run-up to my wedding – I'll throw in frozen berries, banana, spinach, almond butter, almond milk, and oats for a quick breakfast quite often. -Ella Woodward

Home-made smoothies are a great way of satisfying a sweet tooth. Adding in things like frozen banana will make it taste super sweet and creamy. -Ella Woodward

After a workout, you definitely have to have a protein shake. I drink my six-pound whey protein all the time, too. I throw some fruit in there – strawberries, blueberries – with some peanut butter and banana, and it gives you all the recovery you need from a hard day of lifting and running. -Rob Gronkowski

Did groupies ever interest me? No. I'm a pleasure seeker, and I like going bananas, but that's never appealed to me. I always thought it was a little bit naff. -Jamie Hince

I resent the label on cigarettes. If they're going to warn you, why don't they put the same sign at the entrance to every freeway or on every banana that's sold? You can slip on the peel, you know. -Peter Graves

I had to be sick for a scene in the first season, and we used some fruit smoothies with little banana chunks. I had to put it in my mouth and spit it out. It was absolutely delicious. -Thomas Middleditch

As a lawyer, as a former prosecutor, and as a son and grandson of foreign-service officers who tried to represent American democracy in foreign and dangerous places, the idea that this crowd of crooked fossil-fuel types is able to take over and run our democracy like we are a banana republic – I find that repellent. -Sheldon Whitehouse

It's a lot of people's goal to be the lead in a movie, and that was never my goal. I just wanted to be the third banana in an ensemble comedy. -Paul Rust

I'm a baker. I'm really good at muffins. I'm really good at banana bread. I'm really good at making cookies. I'm really good at making biscuits – all the really bad stuff. -Molly Sims

I'm bananas over my wife. -Mark Consuelos

I don't like bananas. I like to drive that point home. -Ree Drummond

I speak as the journalist who, on the first day back at work for 'The Daily Telegraph' after the birth of my daughter, went to interview Tom Hanks with an epaulette of banana sick on my jacket. -Allison Pearson

I work from home a lot. I think I get as much work done at the office as at home, and I'm used to working with people who don't work in the office. I don't really care where they are, even if they're on a banana leaf somewhere. If they deliver their work, I am completely fine. I don't need someone sitting at their desk to produce. -Kate Spade

I remember watching movies like 'Fatal Attraction' and watching the audience go bananas at the end of the film. -Rod Lurie

It so fascinates me how we always laugh when somebody falls on a banana peel, how comedy and injury are often so interwoven. I've always been a sucker for that. -James Lapine

You can now eat bananas from Chile; you couldn't do it before you had air shipping. Now, communication technology enables the shipping of labor. -Moshe Vardi

When we arrived in the U.K. on the banana boat, we settled right by Old Trafford. -Theo Paphitis

What I do normally is I do the cardio, then I'll eat – protein shake, oatmeal, banana – then I'll hit the gym, and I'll be in the gym for two hours. -Jinder Mahal

The key to doing eight shows a week is maintaining your energy. Getting as much sleep as possible and a big, healthy breakfast is the best way to make that happen. My mainstay is granola cereal, a banana, and soy milk. I also try to add a side of fresh fruit with yogurt and peanut butter toast. -Rory O'Malley

Frozen bananas pureed in the food processor make a great fake ice cream. -Katie Lee

A child comes to see his father play, have fun, make people happy, and what does he see? He sees people booing his father for being black. They make monkey noises. They throw bananas at his teammates and all that. -Samuel Eto'o

I was a latchkey kid. Every afternoon, I would walk home from school, let myself in, make myself a banana buttie, and watch telly until Mum came home. -Eddie the Eagle

I love aloe vera, and I apply a lot of fruit and vegetable pulp as masks on my skin – fresh tomatoes, banana, avocado – anything that is around me. -Kirti Kulhari

I compost at home. I'm always taking old banana peels, eggshells, coffee beans, or whatever it is, and putting them in a compost bin and then using it in my backyard. -Peyton List

Breakfast is a battle. I never feel like eating, but I have now found my way to porridge. I have it with full-fat milk and banana. -Nicola Walker

Mom was a school teacher, and she had to be at work at 7:30 every morning. So Dad was in charge of us three kids around the breakfast table. He always made it creative: he did the bananas with the smiley face and the eyes with peanut butter on top, made us drink grapefruit every morning even though we had to do it holding our noses. -Ainsley Earhardt

I have a chef for my main meals, but when he's not there, rather than go to the store and grab chips, I will eat grapes or a banana or egg whites. -Le'Veon Bell

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