Best Quotes About Appreciated

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. -William James

Every man supposes himself not to be fully understood or appreciated. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Noble character is best appreciated in those ages in which it can most readily develop. -Tacitus

There is an abiding beauty which may be appreciated by those who will see things as they are and who will ask for no reward except to see. -Vera Brittain

We criticize mothers for closeness. We criticize fathers for distance. How many of us have expected less from our fathers and appreciated what they gave us more? How many of us always let them off the hook? -Ellen Goodman

Good manners are appreciated as much as bad manners are abhorred. -Bryant H. McGill

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible – the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family. -Virginia Satir

This country isn't a melting pot. Think of this country as a stir fry. That's what this country should be. A place where people are appreciated for who they are. -Jane Elliott

A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of a great nation requires reflection, as well as observation, to appreciate it. -Frederick Douglass

The chance to be both artistically appreciated and commercially appreciated… That's what you hope for. -Gerard Butler

Systems are to be appreciated by their general effects, and not by particular exceptions. -James Fenimore Cooper

The issues are by some geometric number – 100 or 200 or 500 – times more complicated today than we appreciated them to be when Franklin Roosevelt was around. -Gaylord Nelson

So I, I knew something in a business sense about semiconductors and I appreciated their possibilities. -Arthur Rock

I think that was one thing I definitely brought to the table, my aggressiveness and my style of play, and I think that's one of the reasons why the fans here really appreciated the way that I went out and played, just because I think they kind of liked that. -Latrell Sprewell

It's all about creation and surprise. It just needs to be appreciated and watered like flowers. You have to water flowers. These peaks will come again. -Sonny Rollins

I would have told him that I appreciated his friendship through the years and that I had learned a lot from him. I really loved Frank like you do a brother. -Jimmy Carl Black

That is the way a great master carpenter feels, or an architect or composer or anyone who creates anything – people want to be appreciated for what they have done. -David Amram

At a certain point he was very popular, from THE RAVEN. He was never fully appreciated, never made the money, and you know he was looked upon with admiration by some people, but also as an oddball. But that was his point. -John Astin

In some cases I feel like they haven't appreciated enough that growing up doesn't mean boring and old and not full of life. I like to talk about that also. -Jody Watley

I don't want to be disrespectful of the president of the United States, but as a political person, one of the things I appreciated about this president, in the past year especially, is he is a fantastic candidate. -Ed Gillespie

And the reason I really appreciated this is because after the picture came out, I was invited by the American Psychiatric Association to give a lecture. I couldn't believe it! -Rod Steiger

The benefits of biomedical progress are obvious, clear, and powerful. The hazards are much less well appreciated. -Leon Kass

Then on to all the terrific american songwriters, from Tin Pan Alley to the Beatles, from Bob Dylan to Paul Simon. Whoever wrote and sang in the song form I have appreciated. -Tom Chapin

What this loss means will be appreciated from the statement that one bushel of wheat contains sufficient energy to support the average working man for 15 days. -David F. Houston

But as I said to Dr. Rice following her testimony, and I think she appreciated it, we had our job to do and we did it best we could, trying to get answers to the important questions that the 9/11 Commission must answer. -Richard Ben-Veniste

I like the sensibility of Australian film a lot and the crews are fantastic. Great characters, wonderful people and no line between – I think in Hollywood they have this line between actors and crew a lot, and that just didn't exist, which I really appreciated. -Barbara Hershey

I think all those artists are artists who are appreciated because you believe their words and you appreciate their honesty in their music. If you don't appreciate the honesty in the music, the beat can be fly as hell but you'll never give an emcee props. -Talib Kweli

I'm quite proud of my piano playing. Robin's never played a note on the piano at our recording sessions. I just wish I could be appreciated musically now. -Maurice Gibb

Without a knowledge of mythology much of the elegant literature of our own language cannot be understood and appreciated. -Thomas Bulfinch

I was very young at the time, and I mainly appreciated their vocal qualities, even though I was already living as they did – as black performers in a white world. -Bobby Short

So, thanks God, our films, our first films were suddenly being appreciated by the Western media; especially France was very good, and Switzerland was very good. -Milos Forman

Opera is one of the most important art forms. It should be listened to and appreciated by everyone. -Luciano Pavarotti

The rapprochement of peoples is only possible when differences of culture and outlook are respected and appreciated rather than feared and condemned, when the common bond of human dignity is recognized as the essential bond for a peaceful world. -J. William Fulbright

Raymond Carver is good. I think he'll be appreciated more and more. He's an easy writer to imitate. -Leslie Fiedler

If you can believe this, I didn't fight for my first world title fight till I had 58 fights, so I really appreciated what I was fighting for and for whom as well. -Alexis Arguello

Even though they are paid differently, everyone has to feel appreciated. -Roger Staubach

I have never appreciated a quiet moment with a friend as much, a quiet moment with a book and I think part of that is my obsession with being older and time going faster and it's become increasingly sweeter for me. -Candice Bergen

The Nobel Prize has given me, for the first time in my life, the feeling that my literature could be appreciated on an international level. -Naguib Mahfouz

Beckett had an unerring light on things, which I much appreciated. -Harold Pinter

Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don't keep it a secret. -Mary Kay Ash

All that a husband or wife really wants is to be pitied a little, praised a little, and appreciated a little. -Oliver Goldsmith

Continuous eloquence wearies. Grandeur must be abandoned to be appreciated. Continuity in everything is unpleasant. Cold is agreeable, that we may get warm. -Blaise Pascal

Country people do not behave as if they think life is short; they live on the principle that it is long, and savor variations of the kind best appreciated if most days are the same. -Edward Hoagland

I got a lot of support from my parents. That's the one thing I always appreciated. They didn't tell me I was being stupid; they told me I was being funny. -Jim Carrey

I never appreciated 'positive heroes' in literature. They are almost always cliches, copies of copies, until the model is exhausted. I prefer perplexity, doubt, uncertainty, not just because it provides a more 'productive' literary raw material, but because that is the way we humans really are. -Jose Saramago

When we were doing 'Freaks and Geeks', I didn't quite understand how movies and TV worked, and I would improvise even if the camera wasn't on me. I thought I was helping the other actors by keeping them on their toes, but nobody appreciated it when I would trip them up. So I was improvising a little bit back then, but not in a productive way. -James Franco

What I appreciated was the fact that the script delved into how Australians were – and still are – condescended to by the English. -Geoffrey Rush

But it wasn't until I graduated from Texas A & M University and joined the United States Air Force, flying C-130's all around the globe, that I truly appreciated the blessings of freedom. -Rick Perry

No matter what players say or people say, you want to be liked and appreciated, even if you've had a downfall. -Jason Giambi

But one thing that's constant is we've always appreciated fans. They put us on the map and they keep us on the map. I always put myself in their position. If I loved someone and had their posters all over my wall and met them and they were rude it would be very hurtful. -Cheryl James

I always felt as a kid that I was underappreciated, invisible or weird, but I've always secretly thought people would one day appreciate what is different about me. I'm always putting that message out there. -Judd Apatow

Obviously, that off-the-ice battle I went through, plus injuries I came back from, I always felt the fans are really knowledgeable there and respected and appreciated guys that gave whatever they had and guys that fought through things. -Saku Koivu

Many of my staff have been with me for over 20 years. I have a great team, and I make sure they feel respected and appreciated. -Emeril Lagasse

I think what my father appreciated was the science experiment of life. He had these kids, and they had their own experiences. He wanted us to discover the world for ourselves. -Ahmet Zappa

The most underused, under-appreciated group of people in the world is our youth. -Ian Somerhalder

I wish I had appreciated my youth – I should have worn tighter clothing when I could have! -Natalie Merchant

I think cable has been under-appreciated for its contribution to society. -Brian L. Roberts

To be appreciated by a whole 'nother generation of fans, all of a sudden discovering you, it's kind of what I did with the classic bands I love – the ones that influenced me. -Scott Weiland

I can't satisfy myself with just trying to tie all of my imagination into music, especially when music is not appreciated as an art form as much as it used to be. -Marilyn Manson

George Clooney's 'Ides of March' could be the most under-appreciated movie of the year. In 20 years they're gonna go back and say, 'Oh, that was American politics in that time period.' I follow politics, I love it, and that movie is so authentic. -Harvey Weinstein

In black neighborhoods, everybody appreciated comedy about real life. In the white community, fantasy was funnier. I started looking for the jokes that were equally hilarious across the board, for totally different reasons. -Will Smith

The Reagans were dear friends for many years, even when he was governor of California. Nancy appreciated a lot of Philippine-made things. -Imelda Marcos

I guess at the end of the day, all women like to be appreciated and treated with respect and kindness. -Sofia Vergara

There are so many women out there who are single moms, really not by choice, and doing it and making it work every day. I think it's becoming much more a part of our culture and I hope that it will become more accepted and that those women are going to be more and more appreciated, respected and supported. -Connie Britton

I think that the implication of King's assassination has not been fully appreciated. -Henry Louis Gates

If you think of what food is, it's the energy we use to do our daily work. I want people to know about the USDA. This is a very important department. It's not fully appreciated as such. -Tom Vilsack

I receive huge support from Irish and British sports fans alike and it is greatly appreciated. Likewise I feel I have a great affinity with the American sports fans. I play most of my golf in the U.S. nowadays and I am incredibly proud to have won the U.S. Open and U.S. PGA Championship in the last two years. -Rory McIlroy

What I have appreciated about the 'Call of Duty' games is the scale of production. It's not an indie game. It's not trying to be an indie game. But I've genuinely been pretty consistently blown away by, wow, what an effort has gone into this. -Trent Reznor

I've always appreciated working with people I have chemistry with, who are friends, and where you feel that the work is growing while you are getting to know each other better. -Bjork

The world dominion of western thought, forms of organisation, technology and military force is not God-given, nor eternal, nor greatly appreciated by the rest of the world. -James Buchan

It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from – if you put quality work out there, it will be appreciated. -Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Part of the reason for moving to New York was the sense that it just didn't matter how much work I did in England, I continued to be seen simply as a Redgrave. I did feel I could be who I am in New York and we all like to feel appreciated. -Natasha Richardson

It's wonderful to be appreciated for being quirky, and to see Zooey Deschanel and the quirky, indie film types get mainstream play is amazing for women, because women are much more complicated than what we've see on TV in the past. -Mayim Bialik

The certainty that our football, the football of Spain, is recognised, that's very important to us – perhaps more important than the successes and the joy that you can create. Football hasn't always been appreciated, and luckily our football is appreciated now, at all levels of society. -Vicente del Bosque

A lady likes to be complimented on her looks, her eyes, her figure. But the personality comments are much appreciated. -Betty White

You can write a great book and be ignored. Literary history is full of classics that were under-appreciated in their own time. -William Landay

Living and working for four decades in a Bologna apartment and studio he shared with his unwed sisters, Morandi painted little but bottles, boxes, jars, and vases. Yet like that of Chardin and the underappreciated William Nicholson, Morandi's work seems to slow down time and show you things you've never seen before. -Jerry Saltz

You make a movie and you'd like it to be appreciated, respected, embraced. -Bennett Miller

My ideal Valentine's Day is spending it with someone you are in love with and for that someone to make you feel loved and appreciated. -Candice Swanepoel

I've never done well when I've been appreciated. I've done best when I'm targeted for death. -Dan Harmon

I think the best songs are being written by the very under-stated, under-appreciated indie artists. The thing that separates them from mainstream success is they either consciously or unknowingly refuse to deliver on a big chorus. -Ryan Tedder

You want to be appreciated for all your work as opposed to one performance, but I'll always be 'that bloke from 'Lock, Stock'.' You've got to embrace it. -Nick Moran

For a long time, I would write without music, because I thought it was distracting until I appreciated that it actually unlocks a certain unconscious productivity vault in my mind. -John Hodgman

Yeah, my dad was in the foreign service. We lived in India, Indonesia and Africa, and we traveled a lot from those places. I was 10 when we moved back, and I felt like the odd guy out. It wasn't until later that I appreciated it. But coming back I didn't know any TV shows or music, which was even worse. -Dylan Walsh

I've realized that although Valentine's Day can be a cheesy money-making stint to most people, it's a day of expressing love across the world. It doesn't have to only be between lovers, but by telling a friend that you care, or even an old person that they are still appreciated. -Reeva Steenkamp

To be working in the theater steadily and to be recognized and appreciated by the community means the world. -Lily Rabe

Music videos are notoriously long, not fun, grueling. You are known there as a dancer and it's kind of sad because dancers, in a lot of ways, are under-appreciated and kind of under-respected when it come to that so they don't necessarily treat you in a nice way when you do a music video. -Jenna Dewan

I once stole a book. It was really just the once, and at the time I called it borrowing. It was 1970, and the book, I could see by its lack of date stamps, had been lying unappreciated on the shelves of my convent school library since its publication in 1945. -Hilary Mantel

I never really had that father figure to look up to. I think that's the reason I'm so ambitious. I felt like I wasn't appreciated as a child so I wanted to prove my worth as an adult, as an actor. -Jesse Metcalfe

It's easy to love yourself when you feel good enough, when you feel special enough, when you're loved enough, when you have enough money, and you're appreciated. -Debbie Ford

I got a tooth bust by somebody who decided they didn't like me and I thought the moustache hid a scar on my lip. It's true that people were told facial hair was not appreciated by the British public, but I just decided to keep the moustache. -Bob Ainsworth

I don't think she is underappreciated, certainly not among writers, but Alice Munro is the classic underappreciated writer among readers. It is almost a cliche now to wonder why this living legend is not more widely read. -Khaled Hosseini

You can win more friends with your ears than with your mouth. People who feel like they're being listened to feel accepted and appreciated. They feel like they're being taken seriously and what they say really matters. -Harvey Mackay

Home is where you are appreciated, safe and protected, creative, and where you are loved – not where you are put in prison. -Nawal El Saadawi

Typically, when you look for role models, you want someone who has your interests and came from the same background. Well, look how restricting that is. What people should do is take role models a la carte. If there's someone whose character you appreciated, you respect that trait. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

We created the 'Like' feature in FriendFeed because I realized that people wanted an easy way to let others know that they saw what their friends posted and appreciated it. Putting in those simple little gestures is very powerful. -Paul Buchheit

You want good ratings, you want people to like the show, you want to be appreciated for the hard work you put in. You don't always get it. Every show is not beloved. -Yvette Nicole Brown

Something that's seldom appreciated about me is that I am in sympathy with a great deal of what Marx wrote, except that I'm on the side of the bourgeoisie. -Niall Ferguson

I know I always had a lot of energy growing up and I had to put it somewhere. Theater allowed me to really feel things, to laugh, to cry, to explode outward. I could do anything and it was totally accepted and appreciated. If I hadn't gone into the theater, I probably would have been a psychotic killer. -Faith Prince

To save money on gifts, give someone their favorite candy in a beautiful, customized vessel with a personalized tag. It's sweet and always appreciated. -Dylan Lauren

I have always appreciated those who dare to experiment with materials and proportions. -Zaha Hadid

I have always appreciated designers who dare to reinterpret fabrics and proportions, so I follow the Japanese and Belgian designers. The pieces are so animated. When they lie still, they are one thing, but once you stand them up or wear them, they become something else. -Zaha Hadid

I went to Northwestern because I had gone to a really nontraditional high school. I was like, 'It'd be cool to have a traditional college experience.' Then I was like, 'Oh, but none of these people understand what's cool about me. My specialness is not appreciated in this place.' -Zooey Deschanel

Scientists tend to be unappreciated in the world at large, but you can hardly overstate the importance of the work they do. -Bill Bryson

I grew up in a house where language was appreciated and cared about. I'm sure that, although I wasn't aware of it at the time, it must have made an impression on me. -Marian Seldes

Policy people suffer their own kind of agony, and no wonder. After all, what is the average life of the policy person? You go into government if you are lucky, do your best, aren't appreciated, take all the blame for policies for which you are only partly responsible, leave, realize your reputation has been damaged, maybe permanently. -Amity Shlaes

A full understanding of what happens in our everyday lives needs to take into account what happened at the Big Bang. And not only is that intrinsically interesting and just kind of cool to think about, but it's also a mystery that is not given much attention by working scientists; it's a little bit underappreciated. -Sean M. Carroll

The fact that you can remember yesterday but not tomorrow is because of entropy. The fact that you're always born young and then you grow older, and not the other way around like Benjamin Button – it's all because of entropy. So I think that entropy is underappreciated as something that has a crucial role in how we go through life. -Sean M. Carroll

We have to nurture our young women and understand the beauty and the strength of being a woman. It's kind of a catch-22: Strength in women isn't appreciated, and vulnerability in women isn't appreciated. It's like, 'What the hell do you do?' What you do is you don't allow anyone to dictate who you are. -Jada Pinkett Smith

There's such a freewheeling nature to 'Second City,' and the greatest thing about 'Second City' was having a sophisticated audience night after night who appreciated what it was. They knew it wasn't all going to be great when you improvised, so they were very forgiving that way. -Steve Carell

As a mother, I work hard every day and I expect that work to be recognized and appreciated. Because I work for and with human beings, sometimes they're grateful and sometimes they aren't. -Margaret Heffernan

This whole celebrity racket, it's not really my bag. I don't really do that stuff, and I am not looking to get famous myself. I would love it if my characters get famous, my work was well known and appreciated. But I'm an actor, not a spokes model or a celebrity or whatever that is. I don't know how to be that. -John C. Reilly

Games are the way we keep romance alive. They're based in human hardwiring. Playing hard-to-get or leaving a little to the imagination allows the woman to be wooed and appreciated and the man to be challenged and intrigued. -Helen Fisher

I wish to be appreciated not only as a film star but also for the person I am. If I manage to bring a smile on people's faces, then I think I'll be successful. -Deepika Padukone

I hope people half my age and twice my age will listen to my music – I want it to live forever and for my audience to feel like they have a friend in my music. Music is a spirit. It heals. It's an amazing thing to be loved and appreciated, and sometimes, music has not just been my best friend, it's been my only friend. -Hunter Hayes

I didn't come from the worst of situations, and I didn't come into the best of situations. But I've appreciated the best situations. And I've made the best of the worst situations. I'm lucky to be where I am. -Ashton Kutcher

My mistake in my relationships has been to feel that I can do it all on my own: 'I don't need a man.' That is definitely a mistake. Women generally want to feel loved and appreciated. It's something that I am working on every day, trust me! It's a challenge for me to do that. -Miranda Kerr

Pumping iron is not what it used to be. It doesn't have the personality it used to. When we started out, people who worked out had nothing. Now there is so much money involved; back then it was the love of the sport. We appreciated what we have. Today it's not the same. -Lou Ferrigno

'The White Album' is a record I can go back to time and time again, and always find something different that I never noticed or appreciated before. -Mark Hoppus

I'd rather be appreciated for my character in a film than my looks. -Esha Gupta

I always feel over-appreciated but underestimated. -Alan Bennett

I didn't grow up around wild horses, no. But I've appreciated their beauty and their power ever since I can remember. -Ricky Schroder

My father had many, many veterans over to the house, and the older I got the more I appreciated their sacrifice. -Steven Spielberg

Women are very intelligent and not appreciated. We try to pretend that we are not clever, and it's such a pity that we can't show how clever we are. -Yoko Ono

I always appreciated the ex-players. Being a Yankee, you get spoiled. Old-Timers Day, all these guys coming back, spring training, being around them, you get a chance to get to know them. So I always think you learn a lot by listening. -Derek Jeter

It's wonderful for me to see what 'We Will Rock You' has done. 'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are the Champions' have kind of transcended the normal framework of where music is listened to and appreciated – they've become part of public life, which I feel wonderful about. -Brian May

I've traveled around the world, and what's so revealing is that, despite the differences in culture, politics, language, how people dress, there is a universal feeling that we all want the same thing. We deeply want to be respected and appreciated for our differences. -Howard Schultz

I love what I do, and I think I've appreciated it more throughout the years, but just to keep on traveling, keep on doing shows, and hopefully making better albums. That's always my goal. -Enrique Iglesias

I've always had self-belief, though my sensitive side has never been fully appreciated. For every 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight,' I've written an 'English Rose.' People forget. -Paul Weller

There's many heroic underappreciated investigative journalists. -Robert Crumb

I was lucky that I made a few movies in a row that people really responded to – not me, particularly, but the films as a whole were appreciated. -Julia Roberts

With pop music and pop musicians, you know everything about everyone all the time, particularly their physical appearance. With female musicians, that's made a big thing of, and I think people, certainly with me, have appreciated a bit of mystery. -Lorde

I've always hung out with people older than me, with my parents' friends, because I appreciated the conversation. -Lorde

I've always liked and appreciated storytellers like Garry Shandling and Bill Cosby – more long-form comedy. So starting in San Francisco, watching all these great comics – Patton Oswalt, Dave Chappelle – you get to see them a bunch, and you go, 'Wow, this is where I need to be.' -Al Madrigal

I haven't ever found any great writing on that wonderful and often unappreciated art form, the insult. -Dick Cavett

As a teenager, I used to travel everywhere with my guitar. I appreciated the fact it was with me, but it was always an absolute pain to carry around – even though, in those days, you could take in on a plane as hand luggage. -Greg Wise

I remember the first time I heard a co-worker refer to himself as a foodie. It immediately irritated me. Was he implying that he appreciated food more than other people? That his love of eating was somehow more evolved than mine? Don't all people love the thing we can't live without? -Jessi Klein

What I really appreciated about Obama in the last campaign was that he was not reactive, and we're such a reactive culture… It takes a certain strength to be patient and have a plan. -Greg Berlanti

I embrace treats, but I'm also very wary of treats. Treats help us feel energized, appreciated, and enthusiastic – but very often, the things we choose as 'treats' aren't good for us. The pleasure lasts a minute, but then feelings of guilt, loss of control, and other negative consequences just deepen the lousiness of the day. -Gretchen Rubin

At the time that they were shown, the Brillo Boxes were underappreciated. It's only now, with the patina of history, that we can really see these masterpieces in a clear light. -Mike Bidlo

I think the place we love the most is the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. It's in the 19th arrondissement. It's where I would go jogging and my wife, Rachel, and I would go for walks. It's appreciated by Parisians but it's not really known to tourists. -Rosecrans Baldwin

I've realized I have to be very careful in what I say. I speak my heart out. Such honesty is not appreciated in the film industry. Instead, it is twisted and distorted. A lot of what I say is lost in translation. -Sonam Kapoor

It undoubtedly feels nice when you are being appreciated and you get complimented by girls. Who doesn't like that? Having said that, I don't take it as any pressure. -Virat Kohli

I agree when others say I am underrated as an actor… When you give super-hit films, then only you are considered as a good actor. At least, that is how it is there in our industry. I think you need to be successful to be appreciated. -Shahid Kapoor

Eventually, the most important thing is success. I want to achieve a lot of success. It doesn't feel good when your film doesn't do well, and yet you are appreciated… everybody should succeed. -Shahid Kapoor

The power of our thoughts may never be measured or appreciated, but it became obvious to me as a young boy that there was value and power in being aware of my thoughts and how I expressed myself. -Robert Kiyosaki

I have generally sought to work on questions that I thought were both interesting and approachable, yet not too widely appreciated. To struggle to make discoveries that would be made by others a short time later seems futile to me. -Jack W. Szostak

I've appreciated every winner. I love them all. -Tony McCoy

Remember that a gesture of friendship, no matter how small, is always appreciated. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Some people feel good about helping others, and they do so often. They do not realize that their good deeds have a second agenda. They want to be appreciated. -Gary Zukav

Sometimes when troops are overseas working these incredibly long hours in a difficult situation, they're not always hearing how much they're appreciated. -Kyrsten Sinema

Hamid Gul is an actor who is definitely not in our good books. Hamid Gul is somebody who was never appreciated by our government. -Asif Ali Zardari

A life-threatening illness or two certainly gives you an awareness of your own mortality. It heightens your sense of gratitude for things that previously, if you've not taken them for granted, you perhaps never appreciated how precious they were. That's almost a platitude, but one has to state the obvious. -Norman Foster

I feel like the Internet has embraced the pizza dance. I feel appreciated for once in my life. -Gillian Jacobs

I appreciate both… for me, I think 'Star Wars' is more science fantasy and is based on a lot of great legendary heroes and morality plays and stuff. And 'Star Trek' is just pure fun. Pure science fun. And I've always appreciated both. -Ming-Na Wen

I'm appreciated more abroad. In America, Japan… and in the United Kingdom. -Dario Argento

I have always appreciated vintage clothing, but after working on 'Call the Midwife' for six months, I love moving away from vintage in my day-to-day wear. -Jessica Raine

I was lucky enough to have an older brother who shared the splatter flicks with me, and I had parents who were cool and involved enough in my life to allow me to see them. I think my folks appreciated that I looked at these movies as a creative outlet… almost like magic shows, if you will. -Adam Green

Family is a unique gift that needs to be appreciated and treasured, even when they're driving you crazy. As much as they make you mad, interrupt you, annoy you, curse at you, try to control you, these are the people who know you the best and who love you. -Jenna Morasca

A hundred years ago, concerts were far more come-what-may – people played cards, drank beer and appreciated the music. If we go some way towards restoring that spirit, I'll be happy. -Charles Hazlewood

The role I see for my books is trying to think through the consequences of various things because a lot of the issues around technology and the nuances in it are not usually widely appreciated. That's how I view my writing as I sort of explore this terra incognita ahead of us in an effort to try to understand where we might be heading. -Daniel Suarez

'Never Gonna Give You Up' in 1987 was a huge international hit followed by several more, and while I appreciated how lucky I was, it catapulted me into a completely new world and simply took over my life. -Rick Astley

I always appreciated that connection between a parent and a kid because I yearned for it so much. Growing up, I wanted a father, and because I've had this idea of what a father should be, it's exciting to finally have the opportunity to try and be that guy, to see if I can actually do it. -Freddie Prinze, Jr.

I always appreciated my dad coming outside and playing with us – or my mom – and being a part of the game we were playing or refereeing it or just being outside. That was fun for us, and it was very encouraging. -Andrew Luck

When President Ronald Reagan asked me a stupid question once, I called him an idiot in public! I thought I was going to be arrested, but he laughed and appreciated me. -Bikram Choudhury

To be allowed to come back to WWE is the greatest gift that's ever been given to me. Back in the day, I never appreciated what WWE had given me, because I was in too much disarray and too confused about my own life. I let opportunities foolishly slip through my hands. -Jake Roberts

The decision to go to the moon is now appreciated and associated with President Kennedy's speech, but somebody else had told him it was a good idea. It turned out to be a good commitment, but it was a unique situation. -Buzz Aldrin

I once had a long relationship with a lady, and wherever I went in the world, if I saw something she would look great in, a gown or gloves or a ring, I always knew what color she liked most. I knew her size, what material she appreciated most, and I spent the whole time buying gifts for her. And I loved her very much. -Raymond Burr

As an actor, I've grown considerably. For example, it's taken me years to get comfortable doing a romantic scene and dancing on stage in front of a live audience. I do it a lot better than I ever did. I've really opened up a lot. And I'm glad I have because I'm being appreciated for it. -Sanjay Dutt

I studied really hard. But Hollywood never appreciated my talent. -Mamie Van Doren

I've never so appreciated what actors do and how strange it is. -Ira Glass

I always appreciated the magnitude of my mother's imagination. She always saw beauty in what was broken, and she'd preserve it. -Blake Lively

I'm happy that people have watched and appreciated my work. That's why I'm doing it. -Joel Kinnaman

Sometimes I make an analogy that each scientific paper is like putting out another record. And some people have careers that are nothing but a one-hit wonder. And then there are people who are only appreciated by aficionados but largely forgotten by the wider community. -Eric Betzig

I'm screamingly funny, you know, I really am in the books. And that helps because I'm funnier than a lot of people, I think, and that's appreciated by young people. -Kurt Vonnegut

Nearly all children have a feeling for rhythm in words, for the delicate pattern of nursery rhymes. Many adults have lost this feeling and, if they read verse at all, demand a far cruder music than that which they once appreciated. -Louis MacNeice

Lincoln had bad press, too. He wasn't appreciated until after he was gone. -Mario Cuomo

Psychological horror I've always appreciated, like 'Rosemary's Baby.' The slasher movies and the grotesque movies are the ones that I've really been off for a while. -John Carroll Lynch

It's true that people were told facial hair was not appreciated by the British public, but I just decided to keep the moustache. -Bob Ainsworth

I have always believed that directing a film is like telling a story. You have to tell it well so that it is appreciated. -Anupam Kher

You are never too old for applause. What's satisfying is that I'm being appreciated for what I was trained for. -Anupam Kher

I want a future where my children feel safe and appreciated and proud to be who they are. My heart is one with all the Arab Spring heroes, no matter how small they think their role is. I know they believe, like me, that we are working for a world whereby an Arab can live with the other in a respectful and dignified way. -Tawakkol Karman

Sadly, bird illustration has always been an under-appreciated art. -John Burnside

Being called a 'music legend' is a very funny thing. It's nice to know that my work has been appreciated and that people have given me that status. On a personal level, however, I can't think about it too much. It means a lot… but then it doesn't. -Chris Squire

Success was one of my weakest points. I was so ill-prepared for it. I never appreciated within myself the gift of success. I never accepted it. People gave me so much momentum and love, and people really got my music, but I didn't accept it. That's probably one of my biggest regrets. -Sophie B. Hawkins

I think what I brought from the private sector was a real appreciation of how much leverage – respect, if you will – that the SEC has. Major companies, in particular, really don't want to be at war with their primary regulator. The SEC may not have appreciated just how great our leverage is. -Mary Jo White

In horror movies, you can write music that if it was performed on the concert stage would have the audience running out of the room with their fingers in their ears. But in a movie, all of a sudden it becomes incredibly accessible and appreciated. -Christopher Young

Ballet is certainly appreciated in New York, but it has been a part of the Russian culture, history and heritage for hundreds of years, so it's much more instilled in the Russian blood. -David Hallberg

Yes… I miss that everyone in Ireland tries to knock some humour out of every situation. I don't think I appreciated that. It's unique to Ireland. -Deirdre O'Kane

Even though it's not a widely appreciated yarn, any suit made from a mohair-wool blend travels exceptionally well. The retention of the mohair fiber bounces back and minimizes any creasing that occurs whilst traveling. Mohair also breathes really well, keeping you cool or warm, and is therefore extremely versatile. -Simon Spurr

I was a very, very careful printer when I used 8-by-10 film. I probably spent more time on printing than anything else. The more the prints were appreciated, the more time I spent on them. -Ruth Bernhard

David Anspaugh, who was my first director, on 'Rudy,' was all about empowering the actor, making you feel comfortable and appreciated, allowing you to keep your dignity, and treating you like a man. Being treated like a grown-up makes you proud to be involved in a film. -Jon Favreau

In all the years with IBM Research, I have especially appreciated the freedom to pursue the activities I found interesting and greatly enjoyed the stimulus, collegial cooperation, frankness, and intellectual generosity of two scientific communities, namely in superconductivity and critical phenomena. -Heinrich Rohrer

While I appreciated the educational advantages I enjoyed in the school and was proud of what I could show in mental culture, I had an earnest desire for something more than a mere business education… I desired to study for a profession, and this prompted me to leave my native state. -Hiram Rhodes Revels

It's an unfortunate reality of being a male dancer that it's not really looked upon… it's not appreciated. -Sascha Radetsky

I've been with Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, Germany, for five years – I wanted to escape the competitive dance world and go somewhere where I felt appreciated for my talents. Stateside, it was always kind of a struggle. And the competition? Not into it. -Sarah Hay

I appreciated being rich because it allowed me to study in Paris and Geneva. -John Kendrew

Writing books can be very individual – one might strike you as helpful that someone else found useless, or that you might not have appreciated at some other time in your life. -Ann Leckie

I had very busy parents, but I really appreciated having a set of traditions during my own childhood, like consistently celebrating holidays at the same place. -Ivanka Trump

There's a lot of magic involved in movies that as a child I really appreciated. So I love bringing my son to set. It reminds me of what I loved doing as a child, and also, as an actor, you have a lot of down time. -Jennifer Jason Leigh

There is no better feeling than doing well while you are doing good. If you really want to meet the nicest, most caring people in your field, get involved with charity work. The thankless hours that go into planning charity dinners, running a carnival, and gathering donations for silent auctions are noticed and appreciated. -Jay Samit

Harlem was the main chance for the east end of New York, for eastsiders, as that real estate boom that took place in the 1890s – and it was a preposterous one where people bought and sold, and everything appreciated with each sale – and eventually, of course, the house of cards would crumble. -David Levering Lewis

I kind of liked the idea of filming musicians. I could like a musician and know, at the same time, maybe nobody else maybe liked them much or appreciated them. -D. A. Pennebaker

I've never been overwhelmed with a desire to become famous. It's not that I didn't want to have my work appreciated, but for some reason – maybe it's because my father disapproved of almost everything I did – in some secret place in my being was a desire to avoid success. -Saul Leiter

It's a lot of hard work, competing and not giving up. I think you get more appreciated the older you get. -Daniel Nestor

The making of the far-famed New York Central Park was opposed by even good men, with misguided pluck, perseverance, and ingenuity, but straight right won its way, and now that park is appreciated. So we confidently believe it will be with our great national parks and forest reservations. -John Muir

Joy, feeling one's own value, being appreciated and loved by others, feeling useful and capable of production are all factors of enormous value for the human soul. -Maria Montessori

Mum and dad would drive me to the ACT Academy of Sport gym at 5 A.M., sit in the car and read a book, and then drive me to school. I appreciated it when I was younger, but I didn't really understand how much they were putting into it. Now I look at budgets of $70,000 to compete, and I think, 'Wow, they've put so much into this.' -Caroline Buchanan

I was that weird eight-year-old who was really interested in Shakespeare and understood it and appreciated the language. -Zendaya

I have always appreciated the honest brutality of the international film world. One need never doubt one's worth in the market. Mine was zero. -Ingmar Bergman

As the crisis in Syria grows and the humanitarian tragedy becomes more clear, I appreciated Prime Minister Netanyahu's perspective on the changes and volatility in the region. -Rob Portman

A horseman's head is in Athens, and his body is in London: Poseidon's torso is separated between Greece and the U.K. This means that they cannot be celebrated and appreciated as a whole in the country they came from. -Amal Clooney

I used to be very interested in the history of women's rights in this country and in other countries. I tried to learn as much as I could about it, and more than anything, I would be called gay. It was phenomenal. But if a boy has something to say, he is appreciated; he's even popular. If a girl says something, it's instantly a threat. -Amber Heard

I am very highly appreciated in my country, and everybody seems to love me. -Nadia Comaneci

It's a little-appreciated fact that most of the animals in our ocean make light. I've spent most of my career studying this phenomenon called bioluminescence. I study it because I think understanding it is critical to understanding life in the ocean where most bioluminescence occurs. -Edith Widder

The painter, sculptor, writer, and musician are protected by law. So are inventors. But the chef has absolutely no redress for plagiarism on his work; on the contrary, the more the latter is liked and appreciated, the more will people clamour for his recipes. -Auguste Escoffier

Education is a way of empowering people; it opens up so many doors and is fundamental to everybody. And teachers are not often appreciated in the way that they should be. -Camila Alves

My father usually does not talk to me about my films, and it was a pleasant moment when he appreciated me the first time. -Mahesh Babu

What I've appreciated about the 'Bond' films is there's always been a subtle social relevance to them. They've always commented on the times. -Jeffrey Wright

Humility is of central importance; I think it's an underappreciated virtue in the contemporary discussion of law and politics. -Cass Sunstein

I know I'm appreciated by how fans treat me, and the best way to treat them is play every day, hard. I sign autographs, but if I'm with someone I don't know who doesn't start the conversation, there won't be a conversation. That's just me, living my life. But I'll loosen up after baseball. -Ryne Sandberg

I just appreciated so much the contract they gave me, and I wanted to give something back to the Cubs' organization. -Ryne Sandberg

The Phillies liked the work I had done with the Cubs, and really wanted me there. They were on the phone as soon as my contract was up in Chicago, and it was just a great feeling to be wanted, to be appreciated for the work you do. -Ryne Sandberg

I am insecure about tomorrow. Will I get another job? Will it be appreciated? I will pursue acting for as long as I have a face and body that is acceptable to the people, but I still worry that if I don't do better tomorrow, it will all go away. -Amitabh Bachchan

The white hot publicity that came from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' was appreciated but not sought, so I was happy to walk away from it and then write. -Nia Vardalos

I was in a fertility situation publicly, so I disappeared. I was very satisfied just being to able to creatively express myself with writing. The white hot publicity that came from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' was appreciated but not sought, so I was happy to walk away from it and then write. -Nia Vardalos

It's a great feeling when your work is appreciated. -Jacqueline Fernandez

I know the difference between someone coming up to you on the street and saying, 'Hey, you're that dude, right. Yes, that's what I thought,' and somebody coming up and saying, 'Big fan of the show. Big fan of that character.' And that's nice. You're out there telling stories, you're hoping to find an audience, and it's very appreciated. -Timothy Olyphant

The cop in 'Dhruva' had to be much more agile, far more fit and alert than any role I had played so far. I built the body that the role required. If it's been appreciated, I am glad. -Ram Charan

I've always appreciated more guitar-driven and, in general, just rock music; that's what I listen to. I don't really listen to electronic music. -Tycho

I leave a $100 bill and a note to the housekeeper at every hotel I've ever been in. It's important to write that they're recognized and appreciated. -Jim Irsay

I placed too much importance on comparing how much I had to others early on. Then I started realizing time was a far more valuable asset. When I started using money to create more time, I appreciated both more. -Mark Cuban

A little-appreciated downside of the technology revolution is that, mainly without thinking about it, we have given up 'locational privacy.' -Adam Cohen

It's a great feeling to be appreciated by music lovers. -Mohit Chauhan

I am really thankful to the audiences that they have appreciated all my songs and I have managed to touch their soul. -Mohit Chauhan

If I can just be thought of as Omari Hardwick who had a really, really solid career, and whose work is appreciated in its own right, I think that would be a great legacy to leave behind. -Omari Hardwick

With film, I always sit with people first and talk a while, and then we read or sing or whatever. I never sit behind a table. I get up; I work with them. I do everything I possibly can to not audition them. I can find out the best of them from them feeling comfortable and appreciated. I'd never let someone leave feeling not valued. -Rob Marshall

I want to be appreciated, to be loved, to feel wanted. -Eric Weddle

I have always loved and appreciated the Giants organization, my Giants teammates, and the fans of San Francisco. -Pablo Sandoval

I left school early in my last year before I took my A-levels. I wasn't expelled. It was just a mutual understanding. I wasn't interested in going to school and they said, 'You're not turning up,' so we severed ties. Both sides appreciated it. -Tom Sturridge

It is nice to be appreciated by the youngsters. -Ronnie Corbett

It took an entire generation of critical thinking for Douglas Sirk's films to be really appreciated. -Todd Haynes

You got to let the people know while they're here how much they're appreciated and how much you love them. -Sterling K. Brown

I do believe that for me, my own personal journey has been one in which my voice has also been appreciated. -Sterling K. Brown

Things that are unique and rare will cost a lot of money. Houses in East Hampton and Malibu will cost a lot of money because there just aren't that many of them. The value of sports has appreciated because it's the only thing that people have to watch live. -John Skipper

I felt Facebook had a lot of what I appreciated about government – being around a collection of really bright, thoughtful people motivated to have a positive impact. -Marne Levine

The longer I lived overseas, the more I appreciated being from South Africa. -St. Lucia

I've always respected and appreciated Punk, but we never really hung out. We came from the same route, but we didn't necessarily hang out in the same circles. I've always had a great appreciation and respect for his hard work. -Daniel Bryan

Some people will like it. Some people will hate it. Some people are indifferent. And you have to live with that as an artist. You wanna be appreciated, you wanna be liked, but you know, it's just not realistic for everyone. -G-Eazy

From the very beginning at Marley Coffee, we have appreciated the importance of growing our beans sustainably. -Rohan Marley

Tax Day is often a source of frustration for taxpayers, so anything that can make the process less painful is appreciated. -Kevin Brady

Gingrich, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, and Clinton passed legislation because they understood and appreciated the difficult political process. They fought for their principles yet recognized the need for compromise to get anything done. -Pete Hoekstra

I had actually tested first with 'Young and Restless' for the role of Daisy. It came down to three of us, but I didn't book that job. A couple of weeks later, I was told that I had an audition for 'B&B.' I did two auditions, and they booked me. It was a short process, which I greatly appreciated! -Kim Matula

I think I'm starting to be a little bit more appreciated or a little bit more noticed in the industry. -Emilia Wickstead

There have been many very successful acquirers, where they've bought up companies, and they've grown their earnings very rapidly, and the stock has appreciated tremendously. -John Paulson

It's a great honour to be recognised and appreciated by your fellow colleagues. -Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

I like the fact that the audience does notice the hard work that I put in to maintain my physique, and there is nothing better than having your hard work appreciated! -Ashish Sharma

For me, 'Far Beyond Driven' just had an oomph that kicked it over the edge and just pure aggression. And I always appreciated that. -M. Shadows

I believe the core of most of us women is very simple. We want to feel appreciated, acknowledged, and something as simple as flowers with a little note or some love letters goes a long way. -Yolanda Hadid

Being acknowledged and appreciated by your child and stepchild is the greatest gift for all the hard work we put in as parents. -Yolanda Hadid

My work is appreciated; I am getting good offers. Honestly, we are both doing well professionally. My husband has also been busy with work, and so have I. -Anita Hassanandani Reddy

I used to deal with high-profile criminal cases that were covered extensively in the media, and one of the things I quickly appreciated was there was a gulf between what really took place in the middle of a case, the impact on victims, the effect on the police and how they solved crimes, and the way it was reported. -Robert Rinder

Happiness is perhaps painlessness, a state one rarely appreciates. Happiness, then, is very much like a great talent. It rarely gets appreciated and is taken for granted. -Kamal Haasan

One of the things that I've always appreciated about the 'X-Men' style of storytelling versus other Marvel stories is how fluid the line between good and bad and right and wrong is. -Noah Hawley

The element of teamwork is perhaps underappreciated. -Stewart Butterfield

You can be up there, talked about, appreciated all over the world, with people singing a lot of songs about you. But if you don't measure up and you are not really connected with your people… it will explode in your face, no question about it. -Paul Kagame

People who feel under-appreciated sometimes make desperate moves. -Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Pursuing a creative field is giving a piece of your heart over and over, and it's not generally appreciated – nor should it be. It makes you who you are. -Bishop Briggs

I dated all the wrong men. I thought I could feel appreciated in my body through guys. -Ashley Graham

Chemistry exists or it doesn't, and I think casting is a very underappreciated component of filmmaking. -Bennett Miller

Wanting to be loved and appreciated connects us all. -Faith Salie

Bodies are beautiful and should be appreciated. -Hannah Teter

Whoever we are, we have to carve something out of our lives. I would like to be on my deathbed going, 'I've enjoyed that. I went through the rollercoaster of it, but I've appreciated it.' -Noma Dumezweni

I'd watch shows like 'The Kids in the Hall' or 'Twin Peaks,' and I'd see weird people being celebrated and appreciated without compromising their weirdness. On 'The Facts of Life,' I'd see girls who were pudgy, beautiful, popular, tomboyish – many ways of being female – and I'd feel quietly reassured. -Emily V. Gordon

Truth is seldom appreciated and never understood, whereas a flattering lie is always appreciated and instantly understood. -Anthony McCarten

Everything that happens later in life is appreciated in a different way. You can appreciate the thing for what it is, which you couldn't if you were 25 and had never experienced much else. You would take it all for granted and think that's what life is like. -Christoph Waltz

We love high-end art, but when you're looking at high-end art in music, a lot of the time, it's appreciated academically, but you can't feel it as much. -Adrian Younge

We really believe in our music, and it's still heartening to know that it's appreciated, and that's what sticks. -Ted Dwane

Moonlight is my theater group. They are my home. I feel greatly appreciated there. That type of satisfaction, money can't buy. -George Perez

Empathy is the bridge to understand those who you may be lucky to one day lead, and it is – in my opinion – the most under-appreciated human skill in business. -Andy Dunn

Steve took my counsel on everything. He appreciated that I loved business and let me do that end of it. We complemented each other and had a natural, fun competitiveness. -Terri Irwin

Dispirited, unmotivated, unappreciated workers cannot compete in a highly competitive world. -Frances Hesselbein

Behind the ambitious, creative talent that is Hollywood lies a darker side of the entertainment industry little appreciated by the ordinary moviegoer. It's an opaque world of film financing, revenue accretion, and minimal profit share. -Harry Shearer

'Human Target' was probably one of the best projects I ever worked on – that and 'Dr.Thirteen.' I just appreciated how smart Peter Milligan's writing is. It was smart and entertaining. -Cliff Chiang

I do think there's not enough film history being taught and appreciated. Maybe it's being taught, but I've heard from professors that young kids don't want to look at black-and-white movies. And that's 85 years of film history, with masterpiece after masterpiece. -Thelma Schoonmaker

Andy was a character, and the two of us did have some things in common. We appreciated funny things, didn't like serious things. -Paul Morrissey

I really liked Quentin Blake, who did all of Roald Dahl's stuff. I don't think I really got Quentin Blake as a kid, but as I grew older, I really appreciated the kind of knowledge and the skill that went into those seemingly effortless drawings, and I really wanted to capture some of that in my own work. -Noelle Stevenson

Regardless of how Beautified turned out, it was a great experience, and it was an excellent product and one that people really appreciated in the space. -Hannah Bronfman

Being productive at work is rewarding, and feeling supported, challenged, and appreciated allows us to be our most efficient selves. -Julia Hartz

If I'm recording a song, and it's kind of fuzzed out, but I've got this super candy melody, I feel nothing but freedom that I can just sing over the top, and it will be appreciated. It won't be like, 'What is he doing?' -Kevin Parker

I hope to show the great worth of women. So far as I'm concerned, we're still underappreciated. -Elizabeth Berg

I feel like network didn't want me. I was doing all these pilots, and it never worked out. I was like, network doesn't like me. I'm going to go to cable where I'm appreciated. Then it was funny; I think I had to go to cable for network to appreciate me. -Abigail Spencer

I'm under-appreciated, of course. -Rodney Crowell

I guess I'm bothered by how fans react to certain things and how they're interested in certain things over true talent. I've always appreciated talent over everything else. -Demetrious Johnson

I certainly feel appreciated at Chelsea. -Cesar Azpilicueta

When Kehlani brought me out onstage, I really enjoyed that. I was just appreciative for her to think of me and bring me out woman to woman, introducing me to a whole new audience to me. It was just showing that I was appreciated for what I'm doing, that some people mess with me, and I'm all over the place. -Stefflon Don

Being a new artist, I was trying to make a good album and hope that people like Kool Moe Dee and Melle Mel and some of the firstborns appreciated it. I was being influenced by them brothers there. That's where I got my start and my first listen. -Rakim

I tried to embrace the concept of the sampler as an instrument, looking at how to take it artistically to another place where it can be appreciated, more than just taking someone's song and doing a 4-bar loop. -No I.D.

I grew up around a mix of a lot of people, so I got a lot of different perspectives. As a kid, I appreciated that. -Jermaine Fowler

I didn't want to be one of the Beach Boys or one of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band. I mean, we appreciated that music. But I didn't want to grow a beard to look like Roy Wood just because I liked him. -Rick Nielsen

Gilbert Gottfried, I think, is just the most underappreciated comedian in the world. I think that he doesn't get enough credit for how funny he is. -Brett Gelman

My father and mother have given me so much love, so much support, that it would trivialize their parenthood if I would reduce it just to basketball. But my dad does call me before and after every game. And when we lost a game we shouldn't have, he told me it wasn't my fault. And I appreciated that, because he was trying to pick me up. -Jeff Van Gundy

With 'Stillness', I don't think I appreciated how very codified all the different genres were in radio formats and the various constituencies of the culture. But music is music, too. -David Longstreth

The quality I appreciated most about Grafton was her loyalty. She stuck with 'Kinsey Millhone' and the alphabet series conceit for her entire career but did not allow herself to stagnate as a writer. Kinsey's first-person narrative gradually made room for other, third-person perspectives. -Sarah Weinman

I want to be known to fans and appreciated as a 'boxer-painter' in regards to speed, footwork, punching power – an art form inside the ring. -Vasyl Lomachenko

It feels great when your work gets appreciated. -Neha Kakkar

I am extremely thrilled that my superhit single 'La la la,' composed by the talented Bilal Saeed, will be a part of the film 'Baazaar.' The song is a hit with the youth, and it always feels nice that the work you do is appreciated globally. -Neha Kakkar

I have learnt to deal with the box office result. Whatever happened to any film, thankfully, people always appreciated my performance. -Kartik Aaryan

After my arrival in Russia, I saw that there is a large community of boxers. I also felt appreciated in Russia. Maybe even a lot more than I was valued and appreciated in my own country. -Roy Jones Jr.

I've been to Vector Arena, and I've seen it. I've stood in the middle and just appreciated the space, appreciated the volume of the place. -Joseph Parker

I've been trying to do this music stuff and work it out for so long… I was like, 'Let's do it for ourselves.' All these songs, we've travelled the world – no record label, nothing. We just did this for us, but the love is very appreciated. -Skepta

There's part of our culture where uniqueness is celebrated and appreciated and another part of our culture where this one way to be – one color hair, one sized breasts, one kind of nose – that's also front and center. -Laurie Simmons

I like that Metallica has found a way to have these non-pedestrian arrangements but then the vocal melody is strong and intense. I've always appreciated that as a fan. -Robert Trujillo

I've always appreciated a creative approach to action, doing things that people don't expect, tweaking things to make them different. -John Morrison

Bayern are a club where success is demanded, and second place isn't particularly appreciated. We have a history and culture to respect. -Manuel Neuer

I've always wanted to make some kind of music that was universally appreciated. -Steven Wilson

Being appreciated for playing a female warrior seems too good to be true. I enjoy playing such empowered roles, and on a related note, that's why I agreed to become the brand ambassador for the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign. -Tamannaah

It's very funny that I'm being appreciated for my dance moves because when I was young, I was made fun of, as nobody thought I was able to dance. -Nora Fatehi

It was so nice to see that the Chelsea supporters appreciated my talent and my work at Atletico. -Thibaut Courtois

Everybody needs a hit, but at the same time, people have to like my work, too. I'm more thankful for the fact that people appreciated my work in every film, and I work hard to earn that. -Shruti Haasan

We really must recover our financial performance and take Nintendo back into the position in the marketplace where it is well appreciated. -Satoru Iwata

I'm not interested in offering software for free of charge. That's because I myself am one of the game developers who, in the future, wants to make efforts so the value of the software will be appreciated by the consumers. -Satoru Iwata

As much as I like being part of commercial films that give me visibility with a wide audience, and love being the glamourous girl, at the end of the day, I am an actor, and nothing can be more satisfying than being appreciated for my craft. -Raashi Khanna

In Spain and Italy, they like it when you win with good football, but winning without is appreciated. -Wesley Sneijder

We didn't really grow up in a gendered environment. We didn't have a hierarchy. My family is fearless. They truly believe that they have something to contribute to society and that it is an obligation as humans. I try to embed in my children that they have something to contribute. And that you give because you have to, not to be appreciated. -Ilhan Omar

Finding yourself on a show that's appreciated by its intended audience is a very rare and lucky thing, so when you win the lottery like that, you don't want to rush its conclusion; you want to keep it going as long as you can. -Vince Gilligan

All good players need to be appreciated. -Paul Scholes

I am from a middle-class family, and everything I have achieved in life I have only appreciated. I have never gone overboard because I have seen the other side of life. When you have seen the other side of life, you appreciate what you have. -Sushmita Sen

I got to play with Jack Stewart for many years, and I appreciated that. He was a wonderful policeman to have on your team. -Ted Lindsay

I had a chance to make a living at the thing I love, and I have always appreciated that, and I have always wanted to give something back. -Ted Lindsay

As a quarterback, I appreciated the passer rating whether you threw the ball a majority of the time or if you didn't throw it as much. You were judged on a level playing field, and I thought teams should be ranked similarly. -Troy Aikman

I am a simple girl from a simple background, and I think fans have appreciated my authenticity. What you see is definitely what you get with me. -Petra Kvitova

Instead of signing 10 films a year, I'd rather do a couple of films where I can give my best performance and am appreciated by audiences. -Radhika Pandit

People love to be appreciated. -Ken Blanchard

Something that I've always been really keen on representing is some honesty with the way that we view ourselves. That's something I've always appreciated watching actors that I've looked up to, is when they look like you and me, or they have a funny elbow, or they have, you know, a hairy face. -Florence Pugh

The artist part of me always wants to be appreciated. I read every review. But I never wanted to seek validation by awards or anything controlled by politics. -Nipsey Hussle

'The Mindy Project' was an amazing experience. I appreciated the way they treated me from day one, and the send-off was perfect, I thought. -Adam Pally

I appreciated all the support and love that I had from not only BYU fans and people from Utah, but all over the country. -Jimmer Fredette

In England, those qualities of playing it simple, being in the right position, reading the game, knowing the right moment to make things happen around you are not appreciated. Making a tackle, a run into the box – the spectacular things are more appreciated. -Xabi Alonso

Everybody likes to be appreciated. -Mousa Dembele

It feels really grateful, thankful, and happy when your work is appreciated. -Vikrant Massey

Being here in Houston, I have a lot more weight on my shoulders than I did in Portland. I feel a lot more appreciated because I am starting now, and I'm scoring goals. -Jessica McDonald

I think I've been able to connect with people and their emotions through my songs. I feel honoured that despite having so many talented singers around, my work is always appreciated. -Atif Aslam

I come from a theatre group called Drama Tech in Delhi. When its founder Mr. Chopra called me and appreciated my work, that was also satisfying because he gave me my first play. -Aparshakti Khurana

I don't want to be sitting and pondering over how many stars my film will get. It's rubbish! I make films that I like – some get really appreciated, and some don't. Till now, luckily, they have done well, but I can't become a slave to that. And I won't – never! -Ekta Kapoor

If you ask me how did I do at United, I will say it was my best year ever, given the circumstances I was working under. We played football that was quite alright. But it's not football that is appreciated in England. -Louis van Gaal

At Bayern, the people in charge are football men. I always appreciated that. -Louis van Gaal

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