Best Quotes About Always

The past always looks better than it was. It's only pleasant because it isn't here. -Finley Peter Dunne

Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught. -Winston Churchill

I never liked you, and I always will. -Samuel Goldwyn

It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper. -Jerry Seinfeld

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. -Lao Tzu

It may not always be profitable at first for businesses to be online, but it is certainly going to be unprofitable not to be online. -Esther Dyson

As an artist I come to sing, but as a citizen, I will always speak for peace, and no one can silence me in this. -Paul Robeson

In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these. -Paul Harvey

Basketball is like war in that offensive weapons are developed first, and it always takes a while for the defense to catch up. -Red Auerbach

He that always gives way to others will end in having no principles of his own. -Aesop

Where there is great love, there are always wishes. -Willa Cather

Let your hook be always cast. In the pool where you least expect it, will be fish. -Ovid

Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary-line and adding to one's liberty. -Henri Frederic Amiel

When I hear somebody sigh, 'Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?' -Sydney J. Harris

It's always too early to quit. -Norman Vincent Peale

Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time. -Jean Cocteau

Something that has always puzzled me all my life is why, when I am in special need of help, the good deed is usually done by somebody on whom I have no claim. -William Feather

Men always want to be a woman's first love – women like to be a man's last romance. -Oscar Wilde

Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy. -Nora Ephron

I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts. -John Locke

No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen. -Minor White

The best way out is always through. -Robert Frost

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. -Arnold Bennett

Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training. -Anna Freud

In order to live free and happily you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice. -Richard Bach

I have always believed that all things depended upon Fortune, and nothing upon ourselves. -Lord Byron

I hate facts. I always say the chief end of man is to form general propositions – adding that no general proposition is worth a damn. -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

The return we reap from generous actions is not always evident. -Francesco Guicciardini

The mysterious is always attractive. People will always follow a vail. -Bede Jarrett

A reporter is always concerned with tomorrow. There's nothing tangible of yesterday. All I can say I've done is agitate the air ten or fifteen minutes and then boom – it's gone. -Edward R. Murrow

Power always has to be kept in check; power exercised in secret, especially under the cloak of national security, is doubly dangerous. -William Proxmire

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. -Nelson Mandela

As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand. -Josh Billings

It is always the best policy to speak the truth, unless, of course, you are an exceptionally good liar. -Jerome K. Jerome

Money is always there but the pockets change; it is not in the same pockets after a change, and that is all there is to say about money. -Gertrude Stein

The Vice-Presidency is sort of like the last cookie on the plate. Everybody insists he won't take it, but somebody always does. -Bill Vaughan

San Francisco has always been my favorite booing city. I don't mean the people boo louder or longer, but there is a very special intimacy. When they boo you, you know they mean you. Music, that's what it is to me. One time in Kezar Stadium they gave me a standing boo. -George Halas

Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake. -W. C. Fields

Hawaii has always been a very pivotal role in the Pacific. It is in the Pacific. It is a part of the United States that is an island that is right here. -Dan Quayle

Mickey Mouse… is always there-he's part of my life. That really is something not everyone can call their claim to fame. -Annette Funicello

Dictionaries are always fun, but not always reassuring. -M. F. K. Fisher

Art at its most significant is a Distant Early Warning System that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it. -Marshall McLuhan

The subject of criminal rehabilitation was debated recently in City Hall. It's an appropriate place for this kind of discussion because the city has always employed so many ex-cons and future cons. -Mike Royko

Have you noticed that whatever sport you're trying to learn, some earnest person is always telling you to keep your knees bent? -Dave Barry

I always thought the real violence in Hollywood isn't what's on the screen. It's what you have to do to raise the money. -David Mamet

It doesn't matter what temperature the room is, it's always room temperature. -Steven Wright

You all look like happy campers to me. Happy campers you are, happy campers you have been, and, as far as I am concerned, happy campers you will always be. -Dan Quayle

For me, the worst part of playing golf, by far, has always been hitting the ball. -Dave Barry

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me. -Hunter S. Thompson

He's going to be around a long, long time, if his body holds up. That's always a concern with a lot of players because of how much they play. A lot of guys can't handle it. But it looks like he can. -Jack Nicklaus

It's rural America. It's where I came from. We always refer to ourselves as real America. Rural America, real America, real, real, America. -Dan Quayle

When you make as many speeches and you talk as much as I do and you get away from the text, it's always a possibility to get a few words tangled here and there. -Dan Quayle

A man should always consider how much he has more than he wants. -Joseph Addison

There is no such thing as a Mass Mind. The Mass Audience is made up of individuals, and good advertising is written always from one person to another. When it is aimed at millions it rarely moves anyone. -Fairfax Cone

My father always used to say that when you die, if you've got five real friends, then you've had a great life. -Lee Iacocca

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. -Oscar Wilde

Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do. -Jean-Paul Sartre

To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am. -Bernard Baruch

The answer to old age is to keep one's mind busy and to go on with one's life as if it were interminable. I always admired Chekhov for building a new house when he was dying of tuberculosis. -Leon Edel

There is always some specific moment when we become aware that our youth is gone; but, years after, we know it was much later. -Mignon McLaughlin

I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it's such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her. -Ellen DeGeneres

The artist's world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep. -Paul Strand

A great artist is always before his time or behind it. -George Edward Moore

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. -Anthony J. D'Angelo

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses. -Alphonse Karr

Wise are those who learn that the bottom line doesn't always have to be their top priority. -William Arthur Ward

Why must conversions always come so late? Why do people always apologize to corpses? -David Brin

Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out. -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

We are always getting ready to live but never living. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The fact is that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -Henry Steele Commager

Cowardice… is almost always simply a lack of ability to suspend functioning of the imagination. -Ernest Hemingway

I have always been amazed at the way an ordinary observer lends so much more credence and attaches so much more importance to waking events than to those occurring in dreams… Man… is above all the plaything of his memory. -Andre Breton

An educated person is one who has learned that information almost always turns out to be at best incomplete and very often false, misleading, fictitious, mendacious – just dead wrong. -Russell Baker

A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again. -Enid Bagnold

You can always tell a real friend: when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job. -Laurence J. Peter

I always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing. -Katherine Mansfield

Many a person has held close, throughout their entire lives, two friends that always remained strange to one another, because one of them attracted by virtue of similarity, the other by difference. -Emil Ludwig

Yes'm, old friends is always best, 'less you can catch a new one that's fit to make an old one out of. -Sarah Orne Jewett

Misery is almost always the result of thinking. -Joseph Joubert

Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is. -Maxim Gorky

The trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body is that it is so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind. -Gilbert K. Chesterton

Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have. -Harry Emerson Fosdick

If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error. -John Kenneth Galbraith

All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific. -Jane Wagner

I have six locks on my door all in a row. When I go out, I lock every other one. I figure no matter how long somebody stands there picking the locks, they are always locking three. -Elayne Boosler

A signature always reveals a man's character – and sometimes even his name. -Evan Esar

It is always easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them. -Alfred Adler

A man has to live with himself, and he should see to it that he always has good company. -Charles Evans Hughes

The most useful thing about a principle is that it can always be sacrificed to expediency. -W. Somerset Maugham

The time is always right to do what is right. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

I always turn to the sports pages first, which records people's accomplishments. The front page has nothing but man's failures. -Earl Warren

When I see the Ten Most Wanted Lists… I always have this thought: If we'd made them feel wanted earlier, they wouldn't be wanted now. -Eddie Cantor

I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. -Winston Churchill

You have learnt something. That always feels at first as if you had lost something. -George Bernard Shaw

Life lived for tomorrow will always be just a day away from being realized. -Leo Buscaglia

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. -Mignon McLaughlin

The Wedding March always reminds me of the music played when soldiers go into battle. -Heinrich Heine

I'm always fascinated by the way memory diffuses fact. -Diane Sawyer

Women are never disarmed by compliments. Men always are. That is the difference between the sexes. -Oscar Wilde

Marrying a man is like buying something you've been admiring for a long time in a shop window. You may love it when you get it home, but it doesn't always go with everything else in the house. -Jean Kerr

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. -Sophia Loren

Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you. -Robert Fulghum

If you see a whole thing – it seems that it's always beautiful. Planets, lives… But up close a world's all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life's a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. -Ursula K. Le Guin

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. -Ansel Adams

The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth. -Jean Cocteau

Hell, I never vote for anybody, I always vote against. -W. C. Fields

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age. -Robert Frost

One has to secrete a jelly in which to slip quotations down people's throats – and one always secretes too much jelly. -Virginia Woolf

Reality is not always probable, or likely. -Jorge Luis Borges

No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means. -George Bernard Shaw

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. -Pablo Picasso

I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty. -John Waters

No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens. -Abraham Lincoln

I know nothing about sex, because I was always married. -Zsa Zsa Gabor

I used to smoke two packs a day and I just hate being a nonsmoker… but I will never consider myself a nonsmoker because I always find smokers the most interesting people at the table. -Michelle Pfeiffer

In the course of my life, I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet. -Winston Churchill

The young always have the same problem – how to rebel and conform at the same time. They have now solved this by defying their parents and copying one another. -Quentin Crisp

Anything simple always interests me. -David Hockney

A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short. -Andre Maurois

There's an alternative. There's always a third way, and it's not a combination of the other two ways. It's a different way. -David Carradine

There's always a period of curious fear between the first sweet-smelling breeze and the time when the rain comes cracking down. -Don DeLillo

It is rare that one can see in a little boy the promise of a man, but one can almost always see in a little girl the threat of a woman. -Alexandre Dumas

I hate women because they always know where things are. -James Thurber

Don't be too harsh to these poems until they're typed. I always think typescript lends some sort of certainty: at least, if the things are bad then, they appear to be bad with conviction. -Dylan Thomas

Middle age is the time when a man is always thinking that in a week or two he will feel as good as ever. -Don Marquis

Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong. -Oscar Wilde

The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding. -Albert Camus

Love is always a stranger in the house of avarice. -Andreas Capellanus

The simplification of anything is always sensational. -Gilbert K. Chesterton

Our difficulties of the moment must always be dealt with somehow, but our permanent difficulties are difficulties of every moment. -T. S. Eliot

Preachers in pulpits talked about what a great message is in the book. No matter what you do, somebody always imputes meaning into your books. -Dr. Seuss

The intellect is always fooled by the heart. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. -Henri Matisse

I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments. -Jim Morrison

Violence isn't always evil. What's evil is the infatuation with violence. -Jim Morrison

Honest pioneer work in the field of science has always been, and will continue to be, life's pilot. On all sides, life is surrounded by hostility. This puts us under an obligation. -Wilhelm Reich

There is always a secret irritation about a laugh into which we cannot join. -Agnes Repplier

People who cease to believe in God or goodness altogether still believe in the devil. I don't know why. No, I do indeed know why. Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult. -Anne Rice

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. -Lily Tomlin

Employees make the best dates. You don't have to pick them up and they're always tax-deductible. -Andy Warhol

I never understood why when you died, you didn't just vanish, everything could just keep going on the way it was only you just wouldn't be there. I always thought I'd like my own tombstone to be blank. No epitaph, and no name. Well, actually, I'd like it to say 'figment.' -Andy Warhol

I passionately hate the idea of being with it; I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time. -Orson Welles

When you are down and out something always turns up – and it is usually the noses of your friends. -Orson Welles

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. -Andy Warhol

Friends are generally of the same sex, for when men and women agree, it is only in the conclusions; their reasons are always different. -George Santayana

I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. -David Bowie

It always takes awfully long time to understand unbelievably simple things. -Joe Chung

Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book. -Ronald Reagan

They, that unnamed 'they,' they've knocked me down but I got up. I always get up-and I swear when I went down quite often I took the fall; nothing moves a mountain but itself. They, I've long ago named them me. -Gregory Corso

We can see, so we are always blind to things deeper than skin. -Joe Chung

When law and duty are one, united by religion, you never become fully conscious, fully aware of yourself. You are always a little less than an individual. -Frank Herbert

I have always done my duty. I am ready to die. My only regret is for the friends I leave behind me. -Zachary Taylor

Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space. -Ansel Adams

The opera always loses money. That's as it should be. Opera has no business making money. -Rudolf Bing

Writers seldom choose as friends those self-contained characters who are never in trouble, never unhappy or ill, never make mistakes and always count their change when it is handed to them. -Catherine Drinker Bowen

A publisher should always be on the receiving end. He should take an interest in almost any subject and remain anonymous, letting the author take center stage. -Cass Canfield

The experience of democracy is like the experience of life itself-always changing, infinite in its variety, sometimes turbulent and all the more valuable for having been tested by adversity. -Jimmy Carter

A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure. -Charlie Chaplin

That is why, no matter how desperate the predicament is, I am always very much in earnest about clutching my cane, straightening my derby hat and fixing my tie, even though I have just landed on my head. -Charlie Chaplin

When I remember my family, I always remember their backs. They were always indignantly leaving places. -John Cheever

I always seem to get inspiration and renewed vitality by contact with this great novel land of yours which sticks up out of the Atlantic. -Winston Churchill

In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies. -Winston Churchill

We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English. -Winston Churchill

The great leaders have always stage-managed their effects. -Charles de Gaulle

To govern is always to choose among disadvantages. -Charles de Gaulle

I've always thought that the stereotype of the dirty old man is really the creation of a dirty young man who wants the field to himself. -Hugh Downs

The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else. -Umberto Eco

Ankles are nearly always neat and good-looking, but knees are nearly always not. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

As things are, and as fundamentally they must always be, poetry is not a career, but a mug's game. No honest poet can ever feel quite sure of the permanent value of what he has written: He may have wasted his time and messed up his life for nothing. -T. S. Eliot

But maybe it's up in the hills under the leaves or in a ditch somewhere. Maybe it's never found. But what you find, whatever you find, is always only part of the missing, and writing is the way the poet finds out what it is he found. -Paul Engle

The great thing about suicide is that it's not one of those things you have to do now or you lose your chance. I mean, you can always do it later. -Harvey Fierstein

I hope that by going to visit the pope I have enabled everybody to see that the words Catholic and Protestant, as ordinarily used, are completely out of date. They are almost always used now purely for propaganda purposes. That is why so much trouble is caused by them. -Geoffrey Fisher

The sheer complexity of writing a play always had dazzled me. In an effort to understand it, I became a critic. -Kenneth Tynan

I always wear my sweater back-to-front; it is so much more flattering. -Diana Vreeland

Americans have always had an ambivalent attitude toward intelligence. When they feel threatened, they want a lot of it, and when they don't, they regard the whole thing as somewhat immoral. -Vernon A. Walters

I always wished I had died, and I still wish that, because I could have gotten the whole thing over with. -Andy Warhol

I always thought I'd like my own tombstone to be blank. No epitaph, and no name. Well, actually, I'd like it to say 'figment.' -Andy Warhol

I've been to a lot of places and done a lot of things, but writing was always first. It's a kind of pain I can't do without. -Robert Penn Warren

Pray always for all the learned, the oblique, the delicate. Let them not be quite forgotten at the throne of God when the simple come into their kingdom. -Evelyn Waugh

The strongest influences in my life and my work are always whomever I love. Whomever I love and am with most of the time, or whomever I remember most vividly. I think that's true of everyone, don't you? -Tennessee Williams

Some mystery should be left in the revelation of character in a play, just as a great deal of mystery is always left in the revelation of character in life, even in one's own character to himself. -Tennessee Williams

The advice I am giving always to all my students is above all to study the music profoundly… music is like the ocean, and the instruments are little or bigger islands, very beautiful for the flowers and trees. -Andres Segovia

Loving can cost a lot but not loving always costs more, and those who fear to love often find that want of love is an emptiness that robs the joy from life. -Merle Shain

I did not direct my life. I didn't design it. I never made decisions. Things always came up and made them for me. That's what life is. -B. F. Skinner

For some days, people thought that India was shaking. But there are always tremors when a great tree falls. -Rajiv Gandhi

A man may not always be what he appears to be, but what he appears to be is always a significant part of what he is. -Willard Gaylin

Performance stands out like a ton of diamonds. Nonperformance can always be explained away. -Harold S. Geneen

There is something supremely reassuring about television; the worst is always yet to come. -Jack Gould

Something about her eyes or voice has always suggested the hint of a free spirit, trapped in a Peck and Peck cage, dreaming of making rude noises at public gatherings of Republicans. -Jeff Greenfield

Conferences at the top level are always courteous. Name-calling is left to the foreign ministers. -W. Averell Harriman

Loving an old bachelor is always a no-win situation, and you come to terms with that early on, or you go away. -Jean Harris

A true lover always feels in debt to the one he loves. -Ralph W. Sockman

Great poetry is always written by somebody straining to go beyond what he can do. -Stephen Spender

It must always be remembered that what the Constitution forbids is not all searches and seizures, but unreasonable searches and seizures. -Potter Stewart

The real composer thinks about his work the whole time; he is not always conscious of this, but he is aware of it later when he suddenly knows what he will do. -Igor Stravinsky

The good writing of any age has always been the product of someone's neurosis. -William Styron

Even after they had stopped modeling for Playboy and had settled down with other men to raise families of their own, Hugh Hefner still considered them his women, and in the bound volumes of his magazine he would always possess them. -Gay Talese

When he's late for dinner, I know he's either having an affair or is lying dead in the street. I always hope it's the street. -Jessica Tandy

I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left. -Margaret Thatcher

If you lead a country like Britain, a strong country, a country which has taken a lead in world affairs in good times and in bad, a country that is always reliable, then you have to have a touch of iron about you. -Margaret Thatcher

I do not know anyone who has got to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top, but should get you pretty near. -Margaret Thatcher

If you have a success you have it for the wrong reasons. If you become popular it is always because of the worst aspects of your work. -Ernest Hemingway

My aim in painting has always been the most exact transcription possible of my most intimate impression of nature. -Edward Hopper

My responsibility is always and everywhere the same: to see in my brother more even than the personality and manhood that are his. My task is always and everywhere the same: to see Christ himself. -Trevor Huddleston

Any writer worth the name is always getting into one thing or getting out of another thing. -Fannie Hurst

Humanity should question itself, once more, about the absurd and always unfair phenomenon of war, on whose stage of death and pain only remain standing the negotiating table that could and should have prevented it. -Pope John Paul II

The first lady is, and always has been, an unpaid public servant elected by one person, her husband. -Lady Bird Johnson

It is always a strain when people are being killed. I don't think anybody has held this job who hasn't felt personally responsible for those being killed. -Lyndon B. Johnson

In our home there was always prayer – aloud, proud and unapologetic. -Lyndon B. Johnson

Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering. -Carl Jung

A 'scream' is always just that – a noise and not music. -Carl Jung

Whenever I was upset by something in the papers, Jack always told me to be more tolerant, like a horse flicking away flies in the summer. -Jackie Kennedy

Whenever you're sitting across from some important person, always picture him sitting there in a suit of long red underwear. That's the way I always operated in business. -Joseph P. Kennedy

I learned never to empty the well of my writing, but always to stop when there was still something there in the deep part of the well, and let it refill at night from the springs that fed it. -Ernest Hemingway

My father always wanted to be the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding and the baby at every christening. -Alice Roosevelt Longworth

The true snob never rests; there is always a higher goal to attain, and there are, by the same token, always more and more people to look down upon. -Russell Lynes

Conversion for me was not a Damascus Road experience. I slowly moved into an intellectual acceptance of what my intuition had always known. -Madeleine L'Engle

I read a great number of press reports and find comfort in the fact that they are nearly always conflicting. -Harold MacMillan

A bore is a vacuum cleaner of society, sucking up everything and giving nothing. Bores are always eager to be seen talking to you. -Elsa Maxwell

I live with the people I create and it has always made my essential loneliness less keen. -Carson McCullers

I think of art, at its most significant, as a DEW line, a Distant Early Warning system that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it. -Marshall McLuhan

We have always said that in our war with the Arabs we had a secret weapon – no alternative. -Golda Meir

The structure of a play is always the story of how the birds came home to roost. -Arthur Miller

The job is to ask questions-it always was-and to ask them as inexorably as I can. And to face the absence of precise answers with a certain humility. -Arthur Miller

As always on this boulevard, the faces were young, coming annually in an endless migration from every country, every continent, to alight here once in the long journey of their lives. -Brian Moore

When you're a writer you no longer see things with the freshness of the normal person. There are always two figures that work inside you. -Brian Moore

If you know somethin' well, you can always paint it but people would be better off buyin' chickens. -Grandma Moses

You can always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style. -Vladimir Nabokov

Argentine political life is like the life of an ant community or an African forest tribe: full of events, full of crisis and deaths, but life is always cyclical, and the year ends as it begins. -V. S. Naipaul

I was always a character actor. I just looked like Little Red Riding Hood. -Paul Newman

If I were to make public these tapes, containing blunt and candid remarks on many different subjects, the confidentiality of the office of the president would always be suspect. -Richard M. Nixon

It's a piece of cake until you get to the top. You find you can't stop playing the game the way you've always played it. -Richard M. Nixon

One night some short weeks ago, for the first time in her not always happy life, Marilyn Monroe's soul sat down alone to a quiet supper from which it did not rise. -Clifford Odets

Surely we have always acted; it is an instinct inherent in all of us. Some of us are better at it than others, but we all do it. -Laurence Olivier

Both the man of science and the man of action live always at the edge of mystery, surrounded by it. -J. Robert Oppenheimer

I don't deserve any credit for turning the other cheek as my tongue is always in it. -Flannery O'Connor

Sun-bleached bones were most wonderful against the blue – that blue that will always be there as it is now after all man's destruction is finished. -Georgia O'Keeffe

Art has two constant, two unending concerns: It always meditates on death and thus always creates life. All great, genuine art resembles and continues the Revelation of St John. -Boris Pasternak

I come here to speak poetry. It will always be in the grass. It will also be necessary to bend down to hear it. It will always be too simple to be discussed in assemblies. -Boris Pasternak

I always thought I should be treated like a star. -Madonna Ciccone

All my children have spoken for themselves since they first learned to speak, and not always with my advance approval, and I expect that to continue in the future. -Gerald R. Ford

The father is always a Republican toward his son, and his mother's always a Democrat. -Robert Frost

My strong point, if I have a strong point, is performance. I always do more than I say. I always produce more than I promise. -Richard M. Nixon

Murderers will try to recall the sequence of events, they will remember exactly what they did just before and just after. But they can never remember the actual moment of killing. This is why they will always leave a clue. -Peter Ackroyd

On that road of the informer, it is always night. I cannot ever inform against anyone without feeling something die within me. I inform without pleasure, because it is necessary. -Whittaker Chambers

To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves. Nothing is often a good thing to say, and always a clever thing to say. -Will Durant

Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations. -Albert Einstein

When it comes to Chinese food I have always operated under the policy that the less known about the preparation the better. A wise diner who is invited to visit the kitchen replies by saying, as politely as possible, that he has a pressing engagement elsewhere. -Calvin Trillin

The only thing that could spoil a day was people. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself. -Ernest Hemingway

You have always given me more than I gave to you. You were the wings on which I soared. -Lotte Lehmann

Japanese naval officers in dress whites are frequent guests at Pearl Harbor's officers' mess and are very polite. They always were. Except, of course, for that little interval there between 1941 and 1945. -William Manchester

Old things are always in good repute, present things in disfavor. -Tacitus

There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity. In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite. -Paul Gauguin

An excellent man, like precious metal, is in every way invariable; A villain, like the beams of a balance, is always varying, upwards and downwards. -John Locke

Property may be destroyed and money may lose its purchasing power; but, character, health, knowledge and good judgement will always be in demand under all conditions. -Roger Babson

It is evident that skepticism, while it makes no actual change in man, always makes him feel better. -Ambrose Bierce

But when ill indeed, Even dismissing the doctor don't always succeed. -Victor Hugo

One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived. -Niccolo Machiavelli

When you have really exhausted an experience you always reverence and love it. -Albert Camus

Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy. -Heraclitus

Friendship is almost always the union of a part of one mind with the part of another; people are friends in spots. -George Santayana

The rule of friendship means there should be mutual sympathy between them, each supplying what the other lacks and trying to benefit the other, always using friendly and sincere words. -Marcus Tullius Cicero

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. -Thomas Jefferson

An honest man is always a child. -Socrates

Innocence is always unsuspicious. -Joseph Joubert

Insurrection of thought always precedes insurrection of arms. -Wendell Phillips

Luck affects everything. Let your hook always be cast; in the stream where you least expect it there will be a fish. -Ovid

In science, read, by preference, the newest works; in literature, the oldest. The classic literature is always modern. -Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Opposition always inflames the enthusiast, never converts him. -Friedrich Schiller

The opposition is indispensable. A good statesman, like any other sensible human being, always learns more from his opposition than from his fervent supporters. -Walter Lippmann

Unless we place our religion and our treasure in the same thing, religion will always be sacrificed. -Epictetus

There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit. -Napoleon Bonaparte

One always has time enough, if one will apply it well. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Truth is a good dog; but always beware of barking too close to the heels of an error, lest you get your brains kicked out. -Francis Bacon

The superior man thinks always of virtue; the common man thinks of comfort. -Confucius

The highest art is always the most religious, and the greatest artist is always a devout person. -Abraham Lincoln

The person who knows HOW will always have a job. The person who knows WHY will always be his boss. -Alanis Morissette

In science, read by preference the newest works. In literature, read the oldest. The classics are always modern. -Amy Lowell

He best keeps from anger who remembers that God is always looking upon him. -B. C. Forbes

We cannot seek or attain health, wealth, learning, justice or kindness in general. Action is always specific, concrete, individualized, unique. -Benjamin Jowett

There is a serious defect in the thinking of someone who wants – more than anything else – to become rich. As long as they don't have the money, it'll seem like a worthwhile goal. Once they do, they'll understand how important other things are – and have always been. -Benjamin Jowett

I have always felt that a woman has the right to treat the subject of her age with ambiguity until, perhaps, she passes into the realm of over ninety. Then it is better she be candid with herself and with the world. -Carl Sandburg

I grew up to always respect authority and respect those in charge. -Charles de Gaulle

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation. -Charles Kettering

We always take credit for the good and attribute the bad to fortune. -Charles Kuralt

Accuracy is to a newspaper what virtue is to a lady, but a newspaper can always print a retraction. -Charles Revson

Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner. Even if you are behind, a sustained look of control and confidence can give you a mental edge that results in victory. -Diane Arbus

Our desires always disappoint us; for though we meet with something that gives us satisfaction, yet it never thoroughly answers our expectation. -Elbert Hubbard

Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something. -Eric Hoffer

I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am. -Francis Bacon

With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half. -Otto von Bismarck

I have always been an admirer. I regard the gift of admiration as indispensable if one is to amount to something; I don't know where I would be without it. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Advice is seldom welcome; and those who want it the most always like it the least. -George Chapman

The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down. -George Eliot

You can always tell when a man's well informed. His views are pretty much like your own. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Man is always more than he can know of himself; consequently, his accomplishments, time and again, will come as a surprise to him. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

How people keep correcting us when we are young! There is always some bad habit or other they tell us we ought to get over. Yet most bad habits are tools to help us through life. -Jack Nicklaus

I've always believed that you can think positive just as well as you can think negative. -James Baldwin

The anger of a person who is strong, can always bide its time. -James Whitcomb Riley

We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation. -Jane Fonda

To feel most beautifully alive means to be reading something beautiful, ready always to apprehend in the flow of language the sudden flash of poetry. -John Holmes

To me – old age is always ten years older than I am. -Bernard Baruch

Some scenes you juggle two balls, some scenes you juggle three balls, some scenes you can juggle five balls. The key is always to speak in your own voice. Speak the truth. That's Acting 101. Then you start putting layers on top of that. -John Burroughs

You don't always win your battles, but it's good to know you fought. -John Greenleaf Whittier

I've always believed no matter how many shots I miss, I'm going to make the next one. -Isaiah Thomas

I've always thought that people need to feel good about themselves and I see my role as offering support to them, to provide some light along the way. -Leo Buscaglia

Books are standing counselors and preachers, always at hand, and always disinterested; having this advantage over oral instructors, that they are ready to repeat their lesson as often as we please. -Louis Nizer

Seeing is not always believing. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Effective action is always unjust. -Maya Angelou

You will soon break the bow if you keep it always stretched. -Norman Vincent Peale

The older you get the stronger the wind gets – and it's always in your face. -Pablo Picasso

The curse of me and my nation is that we always think things can be bettered by immediate action of some sort, any sort rather than no sort. -Plato

An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out? -Rene Descartes

Never say no when a client asks for something, even if it is the moon. You can always try, and anyhow there is plenty of time afterwards to explain that it was not possible. -Richard M. Nixon

The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. -Robert H. Schuller

We always love those who admire us; we do not always love those whom we admire. -Rupert Brooke

It was completely fruitless to quarrel with the world, whereas the quarrel with oneself was occasionally fruitful and always, she had to admit, interesting. -Soren Kierkegaard

No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other. -Thomas Berger

Bad weather always looks worse through a window. -Tom Lehrer

My work always tried to unite the true with the beautiful; but when I had to choose one or the other, I usually chose the beautiful. -Tom Stoppard

Never argue at the dinner table, for the one who is not hungry always gets the best of the argument. -Richard Whately

Acting provides the fulfillment of never being fulfilled. You're never as good as you'd like to be. So there's always something to hope for. -Washington Irving

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation. -Robert H. Schuller

Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing. -Thomas Jefferson

Don't wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater. -Mary Manin Morrissey

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. -Jorge Luis Borges

The interval between the decay of the old and the formation and establishment of the new constitutes a period of transition which must always necessarily be one of uncertainty, confusion, error, and wild and fierce fanaticism. -John C. Calhoun

Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas. -Paula Poundstone

The earth has grown old with its burden of care, but at Christmas it always is young, the heart of the jewel burns lustrous and fair, and its soul full of music breaks the air, when the song of angels is sung. -Phillips Brooks

Remember one thing about democracy. We can have anything we want and at the same time, we always end up with exactly what we deserve. -Edward Albee

Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do it well; whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself completely; in great aims and in small I have always thoroughly been in earnest. -Charles Dickens

The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators. -Edward Gibbon

The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle. -Anais Nin

My theory has always been, that if we are to dream, the flatteries of hope are as cheap, and pleasanter, than the gloom of despair. -Thomas Jefferson

Remember you will not always win. Some days, the most resourceful individual will taste defeat. But there is, in this case, always tomorrow – after you have done your best to achieve success today. -Maxwell Maltz

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. -Bertrand Russell

Keeping score of old scores and scars, getting even and one-upping, always makes you less than you are. -Malcolm Forbes

The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get. -Jim Rohn

Man is always marveling at what he has blown apart, never at what the universe has put together, and this is his limitation. -Loren Eiseley

Judging from the main portions of the history of the world, so far, justice is always in jeopardy. -Walt Whitman

Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not. -Vaclav Havel

Life is always a tightrope or a feather bed. Give me the tightrope. -Edith Wharton

What is laid down, ordered, factual is never enough to embrace the whole truth: life always spills over the rim of every cup. -Boris Pasternak

Let grace and goodness be the principal loadstone of thy affections. For love which hath ends, will have an end; whereas that which is founded on true virtue, will always continue. -John Dryden

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. -Mother Teresa

I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity. -John D. Rockefeller

This has always been a motto of mine: Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work. -Bette Davis

If virtue promises happiness, prosperity and peace, then progress in virtue is progress in each of these for to whatever point the perfection of anything brings us, progress is always an approach toward it. -Epictetus

We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers. A man thinking or working is always alone, let him be where he will. -Henry David Thoreau

The secret of success is to be in harmony with existence, to be always calm to let each wave of life wash us a little farther up the shore. -Cyril Connolly

The truth is always exciting. Speak it, then. Life is dull without it. -Pearl S. Buck

The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow, for he is looking with the crowd. But the one that can see years ahead, he has a telescope but he can't make anybody believe that he has it. -Will Rogers

Looking back, I imagine I was always writing. Twaddle it was too. But better far write twaddle or anything, anything, than nothing at all. -Katherine Mansfield

Arguments are to be avoided: they are always vulgar and often convincing. -Oscar Wilde

I take my children everywhere, but they always find their way back home. -Robert Orben

In this world there is always danger for those who are afraid of it. -George Bernard Shaw

Tyrants have always some slight shade of virtue; they support the laws before destroying them. -Voltaire

We must always think about things, and we must think about things as they are, not as they are said to be. -George Bernard Shaw

The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. -John F. Kennedy

Let us put theology out of religion. Theology has always sent the worst to heaven, the best to hell. -Robert Green Ingersoll

The challenges of change are always hard. It is important that we begin to unpack those challenges that confront this nation and realize that we each have a role that requires us to change and become more responsible for shaping our own future. -Hillary Clinton

The world moves, and ideas that were once good are not always good. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

The notion of looking on at life has always been hateful to me. What am I if I am not a participant? In order to be, I must participate. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The curious are always in some danger. If you are curious you might never come home. -Jeanette Winterson

When you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil. -Max Lerner

Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Learning is always rebellion… Every bit of new truth discovered is revolutionary to what was believed before. -Margaret Lee Runbeck

Our accepting what we are must always inhibit our being what we ought to be. -John Fowles

Large organization is loose organization. Nay, it would be almost as true to say that organization is always disorganization. -Gilbert K. Chesterton

Watch out for the fellow who talks about putting things in order! Putting things in order always means getting other people under your control. -Denis Diderot

An answer is always a form of death. -John Fowles

Clever people seem not to feel the natural pleasure of bewilderment, and are always answering questions when the chief relish of a life is to go on asking them. -Frank Moore Colby

The Framers of the Constitution knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution. But they also knew that it is always the deadliest enemy of tyranny. -Hugo Black

After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military. -William S. Burroughs

I have opinions of my own, strong opinions, but I don't always agree with them. -George H. W. Bush

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty. -Ronald Reagan

God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. -Daniel Webster

Liberty has never come from Government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it. -Woodrow Wilson

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. -Billy Wilder

I always keep a supply of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy. -W. C. Fields

Politics, as a practise, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds. -Henry Adams

There is always a type of man who says he loves his fellow men, and expects to make a living at it. -E. W. Howe

In large states public education will always be mediocre, for the same reason that in large kitchens the cooking is usually bad. -Friedrich Nietzsche

Nothing is impossible; there are ways that lead to everything, and if we had sufficient will we should always have sufficient means. It is often merely for an excuse that we say things are impossible. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

There is always time for failure. -John Mortimer

The dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution is one of the pleasant falsehoods which men repeat after one another till they pass into commonplaces, but which all experience refutes. -John Stuart Mill

Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging. -Hank Aaron

The end move in politics is always to pick up a gun. -R. Buckminster Fuller

If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it. -Herodotus

Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason. -Oscar Wilde

What makes a book great, a so-called classic, it its quality of always being modern, of its author, though he be long dead, continuing to speak to each new generation. -Lawrence Clark Powell

Have you noticed in your past experience that your kind interpretations were almost always truer than you harsh one? -Lawrence G. Lovasik

It is not always what we know or analyzed before we make a decision that makes it a great decision. It is what we do after we make the decision to implement and execute it that makes it a good decision. -William Pollard

When evil acts in the world it always manages to find instruments who believe that what they do is not evil but honorable. -Max Lerner

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?' -Brian Tracy

On the Internet, inside information is currency, and there will always be counterfeiters among us. -J. Michael Straczynski

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Money is always on its way somewhere. What you do with it while it is in your keeping and the direction you send it in say much about you. Your treatment of and respect for money, how you make it, and how you spend it, reflect your character. -Gary Ryan Blair

The media tends to report rumors, speculations, and projections as facts… How does the media do this? By quoting some 'expert'… you can always find some expert who will say something hopelessly hopeless about anything. -Peter McWilliams

What's meant to be will always find a way. -Trisha Yearwood

Miscellaneous is always the largest category. -Joel Rosenberg

Children always assume the sexual lives of their parents come to a grinding halt at their conception. -Alan Bennett

I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside. -Wayne Dyer

Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: always to try to be a little kinder than is necessary? -James M. Barrie

Life will always be to a large extent what we ourselves make it. -Samuel Smiles

Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance. -W. Clement Stone

A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was. -Joseph Hall

Being Politically Correct means always having to say you're sorry. -Charles Osgood

A ship is always referred to as 'she' because it costs so much to keep one in paint and powder. -Chester W. Nimitz

An executive is a person who always decides sometimes he decides correctly, but he always decides. -John Henry Patterson

Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form. -Karl Marx

I have always had strong maternal instincts. Even when I was still a child I cut out pictures of prams from newspapers and imagined the feeling of pushing my own pram through fresh winter snow and seeing the wheels' tracks behind me in the snow. -Agnetha Faltskog

It has always felt like a failure that Bjorn and I couldn't keep our family together. You never get it back, but to this day I don't regret splitting up. The reason behind our separation is one of those things I definitely don't want to go into! -Agnetha Faltskog

My faith always has been and always will be important to me. -Aretha Franklin

I've always liked men better than women. -Bette Davis

I always try to balance the light with the heavy – a few tears of human spirit in with the sequins and the fringes. -Bette Midler

I'm scared to death of being poor. It's like a fat girl who loses 500 pounds but is always fat inside. I grew up poor and will always feel poor inside. It's my pet paranoia. -Cher

I've always taken risks, and never worried what the world might really think of me. -Cher

My weaknesses have always been food and men – in that order. -Dolly Parton

Plastic surgeons are always making mountains out of molehills. -Dolly Parton

I have never been a material girl. My father always told me never to love anything that cannot love you back. -Imelda Marcos

I always wanted to be some kind of writer or newspaper reporter. But after college… I did other things. -Jackie Kennedy

I have always known what I wanted, and that was beauty… in every form. -Joan Crawford

Women's Lib? Poor little things. They always look so unhappy. Have you noticed how bitter their faces are? -Joan Crawford

I don't get angry very often. I lose my temper rarely. And when I do, there's always a legitimate cause. Normally I have a great lightness of being. I take things in a very happy, amused way. -Julia Roberts

It's said in Hollywood that you should always forgive your enemies – because you never know when you'll have to work with them. -Lana Turner

I always felt like the rug could be pulled out from under me at anytime. And coming from a racially mixed background, I always felt like I didn't really fit in anywhere. -Mariah Carey

I had no desire to be an film actress, to always play somebody else, to be always beautiful with somebody constantly straightening out your every eyelash. It was always a big bother to me. -Marlene Dietrich

Somehow or other I always got myself rigged up in something sensational. -Norma Shearer

I always knew I was destined for greatness. -Oprah Winfrey

I've always been the breadwinner and men don't like that. They turn on you. They bite the hand that feeds them. Eventually, too, they become very jealous of the love one has with an audience. -Shirley Bassey

I like the fact that in ancient Chinese art the great painters always included a deliberate flaw in their work: human creation is never perfect. -Madeleine L'Engle

Those that set in motion the forces of evil cannot always control them afterwards. -Charles W. Chesnutt

Justice is always violent to the party offending, for every man is innocent in his own eyes. -Daniel Defoe

Truth, though it has many disadvantages, is at least changeless. You can always find it where you left it. -Phyllis Bottome

The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet. -Damon Runyon

I'll not listen to reason… reason always means what someone else has got to say. -Elizabeth Gaskell

I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability. -Caitlyn Jenner

Life is always at some turning point. -Irwin Edman

Life always rides in strength to victory, not through internationalism… but only through the direct responsibility of the individual. -Frank Lloyd Wright

It's going to take a certain man for me to ever get involved with, because he'll have to realize I don't have two children, I have three. Tommy is always going to always be a part of my life. -Pamela Anderson

I was always the kid in school who tried to get attention, not necessarily the class clown, but I'd do little unexpected performances. -Leonardo DiCaprio

The good thing about acting is that it always keeps you on your toes… It's not like any other job where you can go in and do the same thing as yesterday. -Leonardo DiCaprio

I've always been spontaneous and outgoing… I've tried lots of things so I've got some good life experiences, which is great 'cause it means I've got lots of material to work with as an actor. -Leonardo DiCaprio

I was always shocked when I went to the doctor's office and they did my X-ray and didn't find that I had eight more ribs than I should have or that my blood was the color green. -Nicolas Cage

My father was always getting excited about something. It's genetically inside me somewhere. -Nicolas Cage

I've always wanted to be a spy, and frankly I'm a little surprised that British intelligence has never approached me. -Elizabeth Hurley

I was always told I was special. And I was also assured that I had a gift and a purpose. -Ashley Judd

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. -George Bernard Shaw

A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke. -Groucho Marx

I always arrive late at the office, but I make up for it by leaving early. -Charles Lamb

The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff. -Britney Spears

You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back. -Barbara De Angelis

Accuracy to a newspaper is what virtue is to a lady; but a newspaper can always print a retraction. -Adlai Stevenson I

I'm always amazed to hear of air crash victims so badly mutilated that they have to be identified by their dental records. What I can't understand is, if they don't know who you are, how do they know who your dentist is? -Paul Merton

Doing love scenes is always awkward. I mean, it's just not a normal thing to go to work and lay in bed with your co-worker. -Denise Richards

Boys always like to see girls kiss. I don't get it; girls don't want to see boys kiss. -Dominique Swain

I always feel like a goofy little kid. -Julia Stiles

I always admired Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk – but I don't know if I'd be a very convincing hulk. -Lucy Liu

Do not hover always on the surface of things, nor take up suddenly with mere appearances; but penetrate into the depth of matters, as far as your time and circumstances allow, especially in those things which relate to your profession. -Isaac Watts

Black women have always been these vixens, these animalistic erotic women. Why can't we just be the sexy American girl next door? -Tyra Banks

You know, I'm not really any good at working out when people are flirting with me. And I think I'm too flirtatious with people I'm trying not to flirt with! What I am good at is making people feel uncomfortable. I don't want to but it always ends up happening! -Josh Hartnett

I'm very 'spur of the moment'. I'm always trying to think of fun things to do to create a memory. -Josh Hartnett

I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot… when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result. -Michael Jordan

It's true I always try to be as seductive as possible but I wouldn't be here if I couldn't play tennis. -Anna Kournikova

I really feel like life will dictate itself. You should allow it to unfold as naturally as possible. Just go with the flow. When you're really desperate, you say a few prayers and hope for the best. That's the way I've always lived my life. -Shania Twain

Be sweet, be good, and honest always. -Emma Bunton

I was always a singer and a dancer, and I always wanted to be an actress. For me, it's all just one thing. -Jennifer Lopez

I just started making Bloody Marys. I always thought they looked gross, then I tasted one. There's an art to it, from the Tabasco to the Worcestershire. -Tara Reid

I don't always wear underwear. When I'm in the heat, especially, I can't wear it. Like, if I'm wearing a flower dress, why do I have to wear underwear? -Naomi Campbell

Where ever I am I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else. -Angelina Jolie

Butterflies are always following me, everywhere I go. -Mariah Carey

I've always said that one night, I'm going to find myself in some field somewhere, I'm standing on grass, and it's raining, and I'm with the person I love, and I know I'm at the very point I've been dreaming of getting to. -Drew Barrymore

I think I've always been good so God wouldn't strike me dead. -Heather Locklear

Since I was 13 or 14 I've always felt older than I actually am. -Kate Winslet

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -Albert Einstein

I detest life-insurance agents: they always argue that I shall some day die, which is not so. -Stephen Leacock

It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see. -Winston Churchill

Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners. -James Stewart

There is no top. There are always further heights to reach. -Jascha Heifetz

You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past. -Richard Bach

If you don't like what you're doing, you can always pick up your needle and move to another groove. -Timothy Leary

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. -John Ruskin

You might not always get what you want, but you always get what you expect. -Charles Spurgeon

A ruler isn't always straight. -Robert Half

It is necessary to try to pass one's self always; this occupation ought to last as long as life. -Queen Christina

I've always defended Shania. She not only opened doors; she knocked several down. -Faith Hill

Blaming speculators as a response to financial crisis goes back at least to the Greeks. It's almost always the wrong response. -Lawrence Summers

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. -Tony Robbins

Realizing that our actions, feelings and behaviour are the result of our own images and beliefs gives us the level that psychology has always needed for changing personality. -Maxwell Maltz

A great man is always willing to be little. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, 'always do what you are afraid to do.' -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Human beings can always be relied upon to exert, with vigor, their God-given right to be stupid. -Dean Koontz

Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before. -Mae West

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. -Tammy Faye Bakker

There is always a multitude of reasons both in favor of doing a thing and against doing it. The art of debate lies in presenting them; the art of life lies in neglecting ninety-nine hundredths of them. -Hale White

I'm willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong. -Samuel Goldwyn

We are always paid for our suspicion by finding what we suspect. -Henry David Thoreau

I'm always honest, whether I'm in the limelight or not. -Anne Heche

People always ask me, 'Were you funny as a child?' Well, no, I was an accountant. -Ellen DeGeneres

I think most of the people involved in any art always secretly wonder whether they are really there because they're good or there because they're lucky. -Katharine Hepburn

Any time Detroit scores more than 100 points and holds the other team below 100 points they almost always win. -Doug Collins

I have always argued that change becomes stressful and overwhelming only when you've lost any sense of the constancy of your life. You need firm ground to stand on. From there, you can deal with that change. -Richard Nelson Bolles

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. -Jimmy Dean

Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing. -Thomas A. Edison

Humor is always based on a modicum of truth. Have you ever heard a joke about a father-in-law? -Dick Clark

The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day you're off it. -Jackie Gleason

Some women hold up dresses that are so ugly and they always say the same thing: 'This looks much better on.' On what? On fire? -Rita Rudner

I've always wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific. -Lily Tomlin

My mom was a ventriloquist and she always was throwing her voice. For ten years I thought the dog was telling me to kill my father. -Wendy Liebman

People always come up to me and say that my smoking is bothering them… Well, it's killing me! -Wendy Liebman

Whenever I go on a ride, I'm always thinking of what's wrong with the thing and how it can be improved. -Walt Disney

By and large, jazz has always been like the kind of a man you wouldn't want your daughter to associate with. -Duke Ellington

There will always be men struggling to change, and there will always be those who are controlled by the past. -Ernest Gaines

I suppose I might insist on making issues of things. But that is not my nature, and I always bear in mind that my mission is to leave behind me the kind of impression that will make it easier for those who follow. -Marian Anderson

There is never time in the future in which we will work out our salvation. The challenge is in the moment; the time is always now. -James Baldwin

Bullies are always cowards at heart and may be credited with a pretty safe instinct in scenting their prey. -Anna Julia Cooper

It's always been a gift with me, hearing music the way I do. I don't know where it comes from, it's just there and I don't question it. -Miles Davis

I've always believed in writing without a collaborator, because where two people are writing the same book, each believes he gets all the worry and only half the royalties. -Agatha Christie

Marriage resembles a pair of shears, so joined that they cannot be separated; often moving in opposite directions, yet always punishing anyone who comes between them. -Sydney Smith

I always felt rock and roll was very, very wholesome music. -Aretha Franklin

I really think that sex always looks kind of funny in a movie. -William Friedkin

Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances. -Thomas Jefferson

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery. -Francis Bacon

We always admire the other person more after we've tried to do his job. -William Feather

Consider any individual at any period of his life, and you will always find him preoccupied with fresh plans to increase his comfort. -Alexis de Tocqueville

Every human being has, like Socrates, an attendant spirit; and wise are they who obey its signals. If it does not always tell us what to do, it always cautions us what not to do. -Lydia M. Child

The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. -Emily Dickinson

The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity. -Ulysses S. Grant

The heart of another is a dark forest, always, no matter how close it has been to one's own. -Willa Cather

Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too. -Albert Schweitzer

The vast majority of human beings dislike and even actually dread all notions with which they are not familiar… Hence it comes about that at their first appearance innovators have generally been persecuted, and always derided as fools and madmen. -Aldous Huxley

Truth is always exciting. Speak it, then; life is dull without it. -Pearl S. Buck

The half hour between waking and rising has all my life proved propitious to any task which was exercising my invention… It was always when I first opened my eyes that the desired ideas thronged upon me. -Walter Scott

Law and justice are not always the same. -Gloria Steinem

I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice. -Abraham Lincoln

The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery. -Anais Nin

Chance is always powerful. Let your hook always be cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be fish. -Ovid

It is reasonable to have perfection in our eye that we may always advance toward it, though we know it can never be reached. -Samuel Johnson

Of course, there will always be those who look only at technique, who ask 'how', while others of a more curious nature will ask 'why'. Personally, I have always preferred inspiration to information. -Man Ray

The thing that's important to know is that you never know. You're always sort of feeling your way. -Diane Arbus

I never have taken a picture I've intended. They're always better or worse. -Diane Arbus

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

If I could always read, I should never feel the want of company. -Lord Byron

I have always held firmly to the thought that each one of us can do a little to bring some portion of misery to an end. -Albert Schweitzer

If I could I would always work in silence and obscurity, and let my efforts be known by their results. -Charlotte Bronte

I'm delirious with joy. It proves that if you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart, it will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn't always do it in the way you expect. -J. Michael Straczynski

There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot. -John Cage

I think we ought always to entertain our opinions with some measure of doubt. I shouldn't wish people dogmatically to believe any philosophy, not even mine. -Bertrand Russell

I've always felt that a person's intelligence is directly reflected by the number of conflicting points of view he can entertain simultaneously on the same topic. -Abigail Adams

A leader or a man of action in a crisis almost always acts subconsciously and then thinks of the reasons for his action. -Jawaharlal Nehru

The words of truth are always paradoxical. -Lao Tzu

The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself. -Anais Nin

Some writers confuse authenticity, which they ought always to aim at, with originality, which they should never bother about. -W. H. Auden

Hollywood always wanted me to be pretty, but I fought for realism. -Bette Davis

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. -Friedrich Nietzsche

I've always been suspicious of collective truths. -Eugene Ionesco

Eccentricity has always abounded when and where strength of character had abounded; and the amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigor, and courage which it contained. -John Stuart Mill

Censorship always defeats it own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. -Henry Steele Commager

The Declaration of Independence I always considered as a theatrical show. Jefferson ran away with all the stage effect of that… and all the glory of it. -John Adams

Politicians also have no leisure, because they are always aiming at something beyond political life itself, power and glory, or happiness. -Aristotle

I always wanted to get into politics, but I was never light enough to make the team. -Art Buchwald

The world of politics is always twenty years behind the world of thought. -John Jay Chapman

The right thing to do never requires any subterfuge, it is always simple and direct. -Calvin Coolidge

A majority is always better than the best repartee. -Benjamin Disraeli

Everyone is always in favour of general economy and particular expenditure. -Anthony Eden

In our dreams we are always young. -Sarah Louise Delany

Career is too pompous a word. It was a job, and I have always felt privileged to be paid for what I love doing. -Barbara Stanwyck

There is no such thing as pure pleasure; some anxiety always goes with it. -Ovid

The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation. -Mary Ritter Beard

We're always attracted to the edges of what we are, out by the edges where it's a little raw and nervy. -E. L. Doctorow

Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature. Never try to correct them. On the contrary: rationalize them, understand them thoroughly. After that, it will be possible for you to sublimate them. -Salvador Dali

Every great person is always being helped by everybody; for their gift is to get good out of all things and all persons. -John Ruskin

The mind is never satisfied with the objects immediately before it, but is always breaking away from the present moment, and losing itself in schemes of future felicity… The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope. -Samuel Johnson

It has always surprised me how little attention philosophers have paid to humor, since it is a more significant process of mind than reason. Reason can only sort out perceptions, but the humor process is involved in changing them. -Edward de Bono

The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant. -Salvador Dali

Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed. -Mahatma Gandhi

It always amazes me to think that every house on every street is full of so many stories; so many triumphs and tragedies, and all we see are yards and driveways. -Glenn Close

It is the nature, and the advantage, of strong people that they can bring out the crucial questions and form a clear opinion about them. The weak always have to decide between alternatives that are not their own. -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

When onstage, I always try to take my audience through as many emotions as I possibly can. I want them to go from laughter to tears, be shocked and surprised and walk out the door with a renewed sense of themselves – and maybe a smile. -Reba McEntire

No matter how far life pushes you down, no matter how much you hurt, you can always bounce back. -Sheryl Swoopes

It is always good men who do the most harm in the world. -Henry Adams

The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all. -Gilbert K. Chesterton

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they've tried everything else. -Winston Churchill

When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack the government of my own country. I make up for lost time when I come home. -Winston Churchill

I always avoid prophesying beforehand, because it is a much better policy to prophesy after the event has already taken place. -Winston Churchill

In the end we are all sacked and it's always awful. It is as inevitable as death following life. If you are elevated there comes a day when you are demoted. Even Prime Ministers. -Alan Clark

Men are so simple and yield so readily to the desires of the moment that he who will trick will always find another who will suffer to be tricked. -Niccolo Machiavelli

The things we truly love stay with us always, locked in our hearts as long as life remains. -Josephine Baker

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. -Grandma Moses

When I have to choose between voting for the people or the special interests, I always stick with the special interests. They remember. The people forget. -Henry F. Ashurst

In politics you must always keep running with the pack. The moment that you falter and they sense that you are injured, the rest will turn on you like wolves. -R. A. Butler

It is true that the politician, in his professional character, does not always, or even very often, conform to the most approved pattern of private conduct. -Frederick Scott Oliver

Son, always tell the truth. Then you'll never have to remember what you said the last time. -Sam Rayburn

I've always said that in politics, your enemies can't hurt you, but your friends will kill you. -Ann Richards

Sometimes I wonder if we shall ever grow up in our politics and say definite things which mean something, or whether we shall always go on using generalities to which everyone can subscribe, and which mean very little. -Eleanor Roosevelt

The reactionary is always willing to take a progressive attitude on any issue that is dead. -Theodore Roosevelt

It is safest to be moderately base – to be flexible in shame, and to be always ready for what is generous, good, and just, when anything is to be gained by virtue. -Sydney Smith

Mistrust first impulses; they are nearly always good. -Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

The President is always abused. If he isn't, he isn't doing anything. -Harry S Truman

We cannot always oblige; but we can always speak obligingly. -Voltaire

One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards. -Oscar Wilde

The important thing isn't the house. It's the ability to make it. You carry that in your brains and in your hands, wherever you go… It's one thing to carry your life wherever you go. Another thing to always go looking for it somewhere else. -Barbara Kingsolver

They say that God is everywhere, and yet we always think of Him as somewhat of a recluse. -Emily Dickinson

People with bad consciences always fear the judgment of children. -Mary McCarthy

I own that I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive. -Thomas Jefferson

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. -Thomas Jefferson

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing more to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. -Plato

The road to ruin is always in good repair, and the travellers pay the expense of it. -Josh Billings

My kids always perceived the bathroom as a place where you wait it out until all the groceries are unloaded from the car. -Erma Bombeck

War is like love; it always finds a way. -Bertolt Brecht

When love is gone, there's always justice. And when justice is gone, there's always force. And when force is gone, there's always Mom. Hi, Mom! -Laurie Anderson

One cannot be always laughing at a man without now and then stumbling on something witty. -Jane Austen

At a formal dinner party, the person nearest death should always be seated closest to the bathroom. -George Carlin

In comic strips, the person on the left always speaks first. -George Carlin

When someone is impatient and says, 'I haven't got all day,' I always wonder, How can that be? How can you not have all day? -George Carlin

Only the mediocre are always at their best. -Jean Giraudoux

Several excuses are always less convincing than one. -Aldous Huxley

The reason that lovers never weary each other is because they are always talking about themselves. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

We always love those who admire us, but we do not always love those whom we admire. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance. -Stanislaw Lem

I've always believed in the adage that the secret of eternal youth is arrested development. -Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Man is always looking for someone to boast to; woman is always looking for a shoulder to put her head on. -H. L. Mencken

When women kiss it always reminds one of prize fighters shaking hands. -H. L. Mencken

A fellow who is always declaring he's no fool usually has his suspicions. -Wilson Mizner

The trouble with opportunity is that it always comes disguised as hard work. -Herbert V. Prochnow

This is the devilish thing about foreign affairs: they are foreign and will not always conform to our whim. -James Reston

He who knows how will always work for he who knows why. -David Lee Roth

Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now – always. -Albert Schweitzer

Life has always taken place in a tumult without apparent cohesion, but it only finds its grandeur and its reality in ecstasy and in ecstatic love. -Georges Bataille

When smashing monuments, save the pedestals – they always come in handy. -Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

You should always believe what you read in the newspapers, for that makes them more interesting. -Rose Macaulay

I always say beauty is only sin deep. -Hector Hugh Munro

Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish. -Michelangelo

When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before. -Mae West

As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular. -Oscar Wilde

It doesn't make a difference what temperature a room is, it's always room temperature. -Steven Wright

I shall proceed from the simple to the complex. But in war more than in any other subject we must begin by looking at the nature of the whole; for here more than elsewhere the part and the whole must always be thought of together. -Carl von Clausewitz

Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating. -Carl von Clausewitz

But at my back I always hear Time's winged chariot hurrying near. -Andrew Marvell

I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself. -Oscar Wilde

In America the young are always ready to give to those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience. -Oscar Wilde

America makes prodigious mistakes, America has colossal faults, but one thing cannot be denied: America is always on the move. She may be going to Hell, of course, but at least she isn't standing still. -e. e. cummings

We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another. -Richard M. Nixon

In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. -Lee Iacocca

The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul. -George Sand

Color possesses me. I don't have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour: Color and I are one. I am a painter. -Paul Klee

Better a tooth out than always aching. -Thomas Fuller

In bed my real love has always been the sleep that rescued me by allowing me to dream. -Luigi Pirandello

If education is always to be conceived along the same antiquated lines of a mere transmission of knowledge, there is little to be hoped from it in the bettering of man's future. For what is the use of transmitting knowledge if the individual's total development lags behind? -Maria Montessori

It is always pleasant to be urged to do something on the ground that one can do it well. -George Santayana

Genius always finds itself a century too early. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms. Very often it does not know what to do with genius. -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Bounty always receives part of its value from the manner in which it is bestowed. -Samuel Johnson

Men have always detested women's gossip because they suspect the truth: their measurements are being taken and compared. -Erica Jong

Imagination is always the fabric of social life and the dynamic of history. The influence of real needs and compulsions, of real interests and materials, is indirect because the crowd is never conscious of it. -Simone Weil

When kindness has left people, even for a few moments, we become afraid of them as if their reason had left them. When it has left a place where we have always found it, it is like shipwreck; we drop from security into something malevolent and bottomless. -Willa Cather

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. -Tennessee Williams

They are always saying God loves us. If that's love I'd rather have a bit of kindness. -Graham Greene

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. -Friedrich Nietzsche

We conceal it from ourselves in vain – we must always love something. In those matters seemingly removed from love, the feeling is secretly to be found, and man cannot possibly live for a moment without it. -Blaise Pascal

When small men attempt great enterprises, they always end by reducing them to the level of their mediocrity. -Napoleon Bonaparte

When men and women agree, it is only in their conclusions; their reasons are always different. -George Santayana

A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health. -Clarence Day

Rock gives children, on a silver platter, with all the public authority of the entertainment industry, everything their parents always used to tell them they had to wait for until they grew up and would understand later. -Allan Bloom

We cannot remember too often that when we observe nature, and especially the ordering of nature, it is always ourselves alone we are observing. -Georg C. Lichtenberg

One must always maintain one's connection to the past and yet ceaselessly pull away from it. -Gaston Bachelard

Somehow life doesn't always pay off to those who are most insistent. -Max Lerner

We are always acting on what has just finished happening. It happened at least 1/30th of a second ago. We think we're in the present, but we aren't. The present we know is only a movie of the past. -Tom Wolfe

If we are always arriving and departing, it is also true that we are eternally anchored. One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things. -Henry Miller

Truth indeed rather alleviates than hurts, and will always bear up against falsehood, as oil does above water. -Miguel de Cervantes

Our admiration of fine writing will always be in proportion to its real difficulty and its apparent ease. -Charles Caleb Colton

It has always been my practice to cast a long paragraph in a single mould, to try it by my ear, to deposit it in my memory, but to suspend the action of the pen till I had given the last polish to my work. -Edward Gibbon

They say the first World Series is the one you remember most. No, no no. I guarantee you don't remember that one because the fantasy world you always dreamed about is suddenly real. -Sparky Anderson

No matter what I talk about, I always get back to baseball. -Connie Mack

I'm not the manager because I'm always right, but I'm always right because I'm the manager. -Gene Mauch

Good pitching will always stop good hitting and vice-versa. -Casey Stengel

Nobody likes to hear it, because it's dull, but the reason you win or lose is darn near always the same – pitching. -Earl Weaver

You kind of took it for granted around the Yankees that there was always going to be baseball in October. -Whitey Ford

I'd always have grease in at least two places, in case the umpires would ask me to wipe one off. I never wanted to be caught out there with anything though, it wouldn't be professional. -Gaylord Perry

Heroes are people who are all good with no bad in them. That's the way I always saw Joe DiMaggio. He was beyond question one of the greatest players of the century. -Mickey Mantle

I always loved the game, but when my legs weren't hurting it was a lot easier to love. -Mickey Mantle

What are you going to do? Admit to yourself that the pitchers have you on the point of surrender? You can't do that. You must make yourself think that the pitchers are just as good as they always have been or just as bad. -Lou Gehrig

You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you're a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen. -Joe DiMaggio

The base paths belonged to me, the runner. The rules gave me the right. I always went into a bag full speed, feet first. I had sharp spikes on my shoes. If the baseman stood where he had no business to be and got hurt, that was his fault. -Ty Cobb

I always thought that record would stand until it was broken. -Yogi Berra

You don't always make an out. Sometimes the pitcher gets you out. -Carl Yastrzemski

There has always been a saying in baseball that you can't make a hitter, but I think you can improve a hitter. More than you can improve a fielder. More mistakes are made hitting than in any other part of the game. -Ted Williams

If a guy hits .300 every year, what does he have to look forward to? I always tried to stay around .190, with three or four RBI. And I tried to get them all in September. That way I always had something to talk about during the winter. -Bob Uecker

I've always swung the same way. The difference is when I swing and miss, people say, 'He's swinging for the fences.' But when I swing and make contact people say, 'That's a nice swing.' But there's no difference, it's the same swing. -Sammy Sosa

Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. -Babe Ruth

The greatest competitor was Bob Gibson. He worked so fast out there and he always had the hood up. He always wanted to close his own deal. He never talked to you because he was battling so hard. I sure as hell don't miss batting against him, but I miss him in the game. -Pete Rose

I guess you'd call me an independent, since I've never identified myself with one party or another in politics. I always decide my vote by taking as careful a look as I can at the actual candidates and issues themselves, no matter what the party label. -Jackie Robinson

I've always said when I broke in I was an average player. I had an average arm, average speed and definitely an average bat. I am still average in all of those. -Brooks Robinson

Whether you want to or not, you do serve as a role model. People will always put more faith in baseball players than anyone else. -Brooks Robinson

I always hated to throw a guy out of a game but sometimes it was necessary to keep order. -Cal Hubbard

The call that always seemed the toughest to me was the slide and tag play at second. You can see it coming, but you don't know which way the runner is going to slide, where the throw is going to be, and how the fielder is going to take the throw. -Cal Hubbard

I ain't ever had a job, I just always played baseball. -Satchel Paige

I know it is the fans that are responsible for me being here. I've always tried in each and every broadcast to serve the fans to the best of my ability. -Harry Caray

Now, you tell me, if I have a day off during the baseball season, where do you think I'll spend it? The ballpark. I still love it. Always have, always will. -Harry Caray

There is no such thing as luck. It's a fancy name for being always at our duty, and so sure to be ready when good time comes. -Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

One accusation you can't throw at me is that I've always done my best. -Alan Shearer

May joy and good fellowship reign, and in this manner, may the Olympic Torch pursue its way through ages, increasing friendly understanding among nations, for the good of a humanity always more enthusiastic, more courageous and more pure. -Pierre de Coubertin

To reform means to shatter one form and to create another; but the two sides of this act are not always equally intended nor equally successful. -George Santayana

We live at the edge of the world, so we live on the edge. Kiwis will always sacrifice money and security for adventure and challenge. -Lucy Lawless

I always hated my mole growing up. I even thought about having it removed. At the time I didn't do it because I thought it would hurt, and now I'm glad I didn't. -Niki Taylor

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train. -Oscar Wilde

If matters go badly now, they will not always be so. -Horace

Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath. -Michael Caine

They never taste who always drink: They always talk, who never think. -Matthew Prior

Love, whether newly born, or aroused from a deathlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, this it overflows upon the outward world. -Nathaniel Hawthorne

One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say. -Will Durant

Evolution is what it is. The upper classes have always died out; it's one of the most charming things about them. -Germaine Greer

The man who is always worrying about whether or not his soul would be damned generally has a soul that isn't worth a damn. -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

I have always felt that laughter in the face of reality is probably the finest sound there is and will last until the day when the game is called on account of darkness. In this world, a good time to laugh is any time you can. -Linda Ellerbee

There is nothing like a Bach fugue to remove me from a discordant moment… only Bach hold up fresh and strong after repeated playing. I can always return to Bach when the other records weary me. -Edward Weston

I always thought of photography as a naughty thing to do – that was one of my favorite things about it, and when I first did it, I felt very perverse. -Diane Arbus

A photograph is always invisible, it is not it that we see. -Roland Barthes

It is always better to have no ideas than false ones; to believe nothing, than to believe what is wrong. -Thomas Jefferson

The search for someone to blame is always successful. -Robert Half

We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the school, the teachers – but never blame yourself. It's never your fault. But it's always your fault, because if you wanted to change you're the one who has got to change. -Katharine Hepburn

There is always an easy solution to every problem – neat, plausible, and wrong. -H. L. Mencken

Hollywood has always been a cage… a cage to catch our dreams. -John Huston

To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war. -Winston Churchill

I've always been interested in people, but I've never liked them. -Henry James

I have always hated that damn James Bond. I'd like to kill him. -Sean Connery

I always play women I would date. -Angelina Jolie

To tell you the truth, in my work, love is always in opposition to the elements. It creates dilemmas. It brings in suffering. We can't live with it, and we can't live without it. You'll rarely find a happy ending in my work. -Krzysztof Kieslowski

In Paris, one is always reminded of being a foreigner. If you park your car wrong, it is not the fact that it's on the sidewalk that matters, but the fact that you speak with an accent. -Roman Polanski

Whenever I get happy, I always have a terrible feeling. -Roman Polanski

If it has to choose who is to be crucified, the crowd will always save Barabbas. -Jean Cocteau

I am a lie who always speaks the truth. -Jean Cocteau

Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love. -Leo Buscaglia

If love means never having to say you're sorry, then marriage means always having to say everything twice. -Estelle Getty

The computing field is always in need of new cliches. -Alan Perlis

Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it. -Lucy Maud Montgomery

Love is always open arms. If you close your arms about love you will find that you are left holding only yourself. -Leo Buscaglia

If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were. -Khalil Gibran

Marriage always demands the greatest understanding of the art of insincerity possible between two human beings. -Vicki Baum

Human misery must somewhere have a stop; there is no wind that always blows a storm. -Euripides

The minority is sometimes right; the majority always wrong. -George Bernard Shaw

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule. -H. L. Mencken

A lover always thinks of his mistress first and himself second; with a husband it runs the other way. -Honore de Balzac

Kindness and intelligence don't always deliver us from the pitfalls and traps: there are always failures of love, of will, of imagination. There is no way to take the danger out of human relationships. -Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Women love always: when earth slips from them, they take refuge in heaven. -George Sand

One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry. -Oscar Wilde

Fair use is always going to be a gray area, and it should be. We need to allow for things we can't see yet. -Robin Gross

I always lose the election in the polls, and I always win it on election day. -Benjamin Netanyahu

When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty. -George Bernard Shaw

National armies fight nations, royal armies fight their like, the first obey a mob, always demented and the second a king, generally sane. -J. F. C. Fuller

I was very careful to send Mr. Roosevelt every few days a statement of our casualties. I tried to keep before him all the time the casualty results because you get hardened to these things and you have to be very careful to keep them always in the forefront of your mind. -George C. Marshall

I really can't hate more than 5 or 10 years. Wouldn't it be terrible to be always burdened with those primary emotions you had at one time? -Han Suyin

If you aren't rich you should always look useful. -Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Success always necessitates a degree of ruthlessness. Given the choice of friendship or success, I'd probably choose success. -Sting

It's queer how ready people always are with advice in any real or imaginary emergency, and no matter how many times experience has shown them to be wrong, they continue to set forth their opinions, as if they had received them from the Almighty! -Anne Sullivan

I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, – light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful. -John Constable

I believe that always, or almost always, in all childhoods and in all the lives that follow them, the mother represents madness. Our mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we've ever met. -Marguerite Duras

I always knew I'd accomplish something very special – like robbing a bank perhaps. -Mickey Rourke

Lying is like alcoholism. You are always recovering. -Steven Soderbergh

Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand. -Colin Powell

I've been to Canada, and I've always gotten the impression that I could take the country over in about two days. -Jon Stewart

The course of this conflict is not known, yet its outcome is certain. Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them. -George W. Bush

Search for the truth. I tell you things and I always ask you to verify what I say. I told you yesterday that there was an attack and a retreat at Saddam's airport. -Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

The wicked are always surprised to find ability in the good. -Luc de Clapiers

The body of a dead enemy always smells sweet. -Titus Flavius Vespasian

Nature has always had more force than education. -Voltaire

There is always something left to love. And if you ain't learned that, you ain't learned nothing. -Lorraine Hansberry

The act of longing for something will always be more intense than the requiting of it. -Gail Godwin

It is always incomprehensible to a man that a woman should ever refuse an offer of marriage. -Jane Austen

When he is late for dinner and I know he must be either having an affair or lying dead in the street, I always hope he's dead. -Judith Viorst

My true friends have always given me that supreme proof of devotion, a spontaneous aversion for the man I loved. -Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

It is always one's virtues and not one's vices that precipitate one into disaster. -Rebecca West

The human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress in spirals. -Madame de Stael

We are always the same age inside. -Gertrude Stein

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. -Abraham Lincoln

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. -Honore de Balzac

I'm always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize I'm listening to it. -George Carlin

A neurotic can perfectly well be a literary genius, but his greatest danger is always that he will not recognize when he is dull. -Louis Auchincloss

All pictures are unnatural. All pictures are sad because they're about dead people. Paintings you don't think of in a special time or with a specific event. With photos I always think I'm looking at something dead. -David Bailey

The path we have chosen for the present is full of hazards, as all paths are. The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. -John F. Kennedy

It is wise for us to forget our troubles, there are always new ones to replace them. -Brigham Young

I have always been driven to buck the system, to innovate, to take things beyond where they've been. -Sam Walton

The genius of the United States is not best or most in its executives or legislatures, nor in its ambassadors or authors or colleges, or churches, or parlors, nor even in its newspapers or inventors, but always most in the common people. -Walt Whitman

Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep. -Denis Waitley

One characteristic of winners is they always look upon themselves as a do it yourself project. -Denis Waitley

If I choose to bless another person, I will always end up feeling more blessed. -Marianne Williamson

My own brain is to me the most unaccountable of machinery – always buzzing, humming, soaring roaring diving, and then buried in mud. And why? What's this passion for? -Virginia Woolf

This soul, or life within us, by no means agrees with the life outside us. If one has the courage to ask her what she thinks, she is always saying the very opposite to what other people say. -Virginia Woolf

I was in a queer mood, thinking myself very old: but now I am a woman again – as I always am when I write. -Virginia Woolf

Beauty always promises, but never gives anything. -Simone Weil

With no matter what human being, taken individually, I always find reasons for concluding that sorrow and misfortune do not suit him; either because he seems too mediocre for anything so great, or, on the contrary, too precious to be destroyed. -Simone Weil

Don't get involved in partial problems, but always take flight to where there is a free view over the whole single great problem, even if this view is still not a clear one. -Ludwig Wittgenstein

I have always been pushed by the negative. The apparent failure of a play sends me back to my typewriter that very night, before the reviews are out. I am more compelled to get back to work than if I had a success. -Tennessee Williams

In an industrial society which confuses work and productivity, the necessity of producing has always been an enemy of the desire to create. -Raoul Vaneigem

Wicked people are always surprised to find ability in those that are good. -Luc de Clapiers

The idle always have a mind to do something. -Luc de Clapiers

Tea, though ridiculed by those who are naturally coarse in their nervous sensibilities will always be the favorite beverage of the intellectual. -Thomas de Quincey

It is wrong to assume that men of immense wealth are always happy. -John D. Rockefeller

The facts are always friendly, every bit of evidence one can acquire, in any area, leads one that much closer to what is true. -Carl Rogers

I have always said and felt that true enjoyment can not be described. -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Our will is always for our own good, but we do not always see what that is. -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Take the course opposite to custom and you will almost always do well. -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

To begin with, you must realize that any idea accepted by the brain is automatically transformed into an action of some sort. It may take seconds or minutes or longer – but ideas always produce a reaction of some sort. -Scott Reed

Words are the coins making up the currency of sentences, and there are always too many small coins. -Jules Renard

Americans have always been able to handle austerity and even adversity. Prosperity is what is doing us in. -James Reston

Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always. -Rainer Maria Rilke

Memory always obeys the commands of the heart. -Antoine Rivarol

There's always a way – if you're committed. -Tony Robbins

You always succeed in producing a result. -Tony Robbins

The ideal, without doubt, varies, but its enemies, alas, are always the same. -Jean Rostand

Truth is always served by great minds, even if they fight it. -Jean Rostand

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. -Pat Riley

There's always the motivation of wanting to win. Everybody has that. But a champion needs, in his attitude, a motivation above and beyond winning. -Pat Riley

When people complain of life, it is almost always because they have asked impossible things of it. -Ernest Renan

I've always been endorsed by the National Rifle Association. -Howard Dean

The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections. -John Dalberg-Acton

Difficult times always create opportunities for you to experience more love in your life. -Barbara De Angelis

Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver. -Barbara De Angelis

To surrender to ignorance and call it God has always been premature, and it remains premature today. -Isaac Asimov

Evil is unspectacular and always human, and shares our bed and eats at our own table. -W. H. Auden

An engaged woman is always more agreeable than a disengaged. She is satisfied with herself. Her cares are over, and she feels that she may exert all her powers of pleasing without suspicion. All is safe with a lady engaged; no harm can be done. -Jane Austen

I am afraid that the pleasantness of an employment does not always evince its propriety. -Jane Austen

The unjustifiable severity of a parent is loaded with this aggravation, that those whom he injures are always in his sight. -Joseph Addison

I always have trouble remembering three things: faces, names, and – I can't remember what the third thing is. -Fred Allen

The man whose authority is recent is always stern. -Aeschylus

It is always in season for old men to learn. -Aeschylus

My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and more intelligent than college professors. -Maya Angelou

The highest manifestation of life consists in this: that a being governs its own actions. A thing which is always subject to the direction of another is somewhat of a dead thing. -Thomas Aquinas

The new always happens against the overwhelming odds of statistical laws and their probability, which for all practical, everyday purposes amounts to certainty; the new therefore always appears in the guise of a miracle. -Hannah Arendt

Man cannot be free if he does not know that he is subject to necessity, because his freedom is always won in his never wholly successful attempts to liberate himself from necessity. -Hannah Arendt

It is our experience that political leaders do not always mean the opposite of what they say. -Abba Eban

God always takes the simplest way. -Albert Einstein

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. -Thomas A. Edison

Humility must always be the portion of any man who receives acclaim earned in the blood of his followers and the sacrifices of his friends. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

Man goes far away or near but God never goes far-off; he is always standing close at hand, and even if he cannot stay within he goes no further than the door. -Meister Eckhart

There exists only the present instant… a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence. -Meister Eckhart

Some men are born old, and some men never seem so. If we keep well and cheerful, we are always young and at last die in youth even when in years would count as old. -Tryon Edwards

It has always been difficult for Man to realize that his life is all an art. It has been more difficult to conceive it so than to act it so. For that is always how he has more or less acted it. -Havelock Ellis

The Promised Land always lies on the other side of a Wilderness. -Havelock Ellis

The majority is always wrong; the minority is rarely right. -Henrik Ibsen

A minority may be right, and a majority is always wrong. -Henrik Ibsen

The Church has always been willing to swap off treasures in heaven for cash down. -Robert Green Ingersoll

The kind of people I look for to fill top management spots are the eager beavers, the mavericks. These are the guys who try to do more than they're expected to do – they always reach. -Lee Iacocca

I have always found that if I move with seventy-five percent or more of the facts that I usually never regret it. It's the guys who wait to have everything perfect that drive you crazy. -Lee Iacocca

I've always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team. -Lee Iacocca

Rising genius always shoots out its rays from among the clouds, but these will gradually roll away and disappear as it ascends to its steady luster. -Washington Irving

I am always at a loss at how much to believe of my own stories. -Washington Irving

Wine is a treacherous friend who you must always be on guard for. -Christian Nestell Bovee

Good women always think it is their fault when someone else is being offensive. Bad women never take the blame for anything. -Anita Brookner

Suspicion is far more to be wrong than right; more often unjust than just. It is no friend to virtue, and always an enemy to happiness. -Hosea Ballou

Theories are always very thin and insubstantial, experience only is tangible. -Hosea Ballou

Only mediocrity can be trusted to be always at its best. -Max Beerbohm

The compromise will always be more expensive than either of the suggestions it is compromising. -Arthur Bloch

I always knew I was going to be rich. I don't think I ever doubted it for a minute. -Warren Buffett

People crushed by laws, have no hope but to evade power. If the laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to the law; and those who have most to hope and nothing to lose will always be dangerous. -Edmund Burke

The face of evil is always the face of total need. -William S. Burroughs

People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy. -Samuel Butler

If you follow reason far enough it always leads to conclusions that are contrary to reason. -Samuel Butler

Every man's work, whether it be literature, or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself. -Samuel Butler

Temptations, unlike opportunities, will always give you many second chances. -Orlando Aloysius Battista

The very definition of the real becomes: that of which it is possible to give an equivalent reproduction. The real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced. The hyper real. -Jean Baudrillard

I wasn't afraid to fail. Something good always comes out of failure. -Anne Baxter

We are always on the anvil; by trials God is shaping us for higher things. -Henry Ward Beecher

The babe at first feeds upon the mother's bosom, but it is always on her heart. -Henry Ward Beecher

The real man is one who always finds excuses for others, but never excuses himself. -Henry Ward Beecher

When a sinister person means to be your enemy, they always start by trying to become your friend. -William Blake

The French complain of everything, and always. -Napoleon Bonaparte

None who have always been free can understand the terrible fascinating power of the hope of freedom to those who are not free. -Pearl S. Buck

What ever our wandering our happiness will always be found within a narrow compass, and in the middle of the objects more immediately within our reach. -Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice – no paper currency, no promises to pay, but the gold of real service. -John Burroughs

Love always creates, it never destroys. In this lies man's only promise. -Leo Buscaglia

Lovers may be – and indeed generally are – enemies, but they never can be friends, because there must always be a spice of jealousy and a something of Self in all their speculations. -Lord Byron

Truth is always strange, stranger than fiction. -Lord Byron

People who are in a fortunate position always attribute virtue to what makes them so happy. -John Kenneth Galbraith

People may flatter themselves just as much by thinking that their faults are always present to other people's minds, as if they believe that the world is always contemplating their individual charms and virtues. -Elizabeth Gaskell

Hatred is something peculiar. You will always find it strongest and most violent where there is the lowest degree of culture. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The credit of advancing science has always been due to individuals and never to the age. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We always have time enough, if we will but use it aright. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There is always time to add a word, never to withdraw one. -Baltasar Gracian

It is not always by plugging away at a difficulty and sticking to it that one overcomes it; often it is by working on the one next to it. Some things and some people have to be approached obliquely, at an angle. -Andre Gide

Truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is. -Nadine Gordimer

If you have abandoned one faith, do not abandon all faith. There is always an alternative to the faith we lose. Or is it the same faith under another mask? -Graham Greene

Innocence always calls mutely for protection when we would be so much wiser to guard ourselves against it: innocence is like a dumb leper who has lost his bell, wandering the world, meaning no harm. -Graham Greene

The sight of women talking together has always made men uneasy; nowadays it means rank subversion. -Germaine Greer

The principle of the brotherhood of man is narcissistic… for the grounds for that love have always been the assumption that we ought to realize that we are the same the whole world over. -Germaine Greer

I have always been principally interested in men for sex. I've always thought any sane woman would be a lover of women because loving men is such a mess. I have always wished I'd fall in love with a woman. Damn. -Germaine Greer

The pathetic almost always consists in the detail of little events. -Edward Gibbon

I hate a man who always says 'yes' to me. When I say 'no' I like a man who also says 'no.' -Samuel Goldwyn

It is the greatest mistake to think that man is always one and the same. A man is never the same for long. He is continually changing. He seldom remains the same even for half an hour. -George Gurdjieff

Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave. -George Gurdjieff

In the misfortunes of our best friends we always find something not altogether displeasing to us. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

In the human heart new passions are forever being born; the overthrow of one almost always means the rise of another. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

The passions are the only orators which always persuade. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

The mind is always the patsy of the heart. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other. -Charles Lamb

Newspapers always excite curiosity. No one ever puts one down without the feeling of disappointment. -Charles Lamb

Great men always pay deference to greater. -Walter Savage Landor

In argument, truth always prevails finally; in politics, falsehood always. -Walter Savage Landor

I always wake up at the crack of ice. -Joe E. Lewis

Men were only made into 'men' with great difficulty even in primitive society: the male is not naturally 'a man' any more than the woman. He has to be propped up into that position with some ingenuity, and is always likely to collapse. -Wyndham Lewis

The argument of the strongest is always the best. -Jean de La Fontaine

Death never takes the wise man by surprise, he is always ready to go. -Jean de La Fontaine

In government offices which are sensitive to the vehemence and passion of mass sentiment public men have no sure tenure. They are in effect perpetual office seekers, always on trial for their political lives, always required to court their restless constituents. -Walter Lippmann

Intelligence and courtesy not always are combined; Often in a wooden house a golden room we find. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It is foolish to pretend that one is fully recovered from a disappointed passion. Such wounds always leave a scar. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I have always been of the mind that in a democracy manners are the only effective weapons against the bowie-knife. -James Russell Lowell

When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always get worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better. -Malcolm Forbes

When widows exclaim loudly against second marriages, I would always lay a wager than the man, If not the wedding day, is absolutely fixed on. -Henry Fielding

One always tends to overpraise a long book, because one has got through it. -E. M. Forster

I distrust Great Men. They produce a desert of uniformity around them and often a pool of blood too, and I always feel a little man's pleasure when they come a cropper. -E. M. Forster

Creative writers are always greater than the causes that they represent. -E. M. Forster

Always fall in with what you're asked to accept. Take what is given, and make it over your way. My aim in life has always been to hold my own with whatever's going. Not against: with. -Robert Frost

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death. -Robert Fulghum

In a real dark night of the soul, it is always three o'clock in the morning, day after day. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs. -Henry Ford

After all, I don't see why I am always asking for private, individual, selfish miracles when every year there are miracles like white dogwood. -Anne Morrow Lindbergh

There will always be a frontier where there is an open mind and a willing hand. -Charles Kettering

If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong. -Charles Kettering

A people always ends by resembling its shadow. -Rudyard Kipling

Eroticism is like a dance: one always leads the other. -Milan Kundera

Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change. -Thomas Hardy

There's always something suspect about an intellectual on the winning side. -Vaclav Havel

I think theatre should always be somewhat suspect. -Vaclav Havel

If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased. -Katharine Hepburn

Why resist temptation? There will always be more. -Don Herold

Work is the greatest thing in the world, so we should always save some of it for tomorrow. -Don Herold

We have perhaps a natural fear of ends. We would rather be always on the way than arrive. Given the means, we hang on to them and often forget the ends. -Eric Hoffer

The fellow that owns his own home is always just coming out of a hardware store. -Kin Hubbard

A loafer always has the correct time. -Kin Hubbard

The myths have always condemned those who 'looked back.' Condemned them, whatever the paradise may have been which they were leaving. Hence this shadow over each departure from your decision. -Dag Hammarskjold

A person is always startled when he hears himself seriously called an old man for the first time. -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

The Amen of nature is always a flower. -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Thought precedes action, action does not always precede thought. -Douglas Horton

Proverbs are always platitudes until you have personally experienced the truth of them. -Aldous Huxley

It has always been my belief that a man should do his best, regardless of how much he receives for his services, or the number of people he may be serving or the class of people served. -Napoleon Hill

Money without brains is always dangerous. -Napoleon Hill

A grave blockhead should always go about with a lively one – they show one another off to the best advantage. -William Hazlitt

Books that have become classics – books that have had their day and now get more praise than perusal – always remind me of retired colonels and majors and captains who, having reached the age limit, find themselves retired on half pay. -Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Fear of error which everything recalls to me at every moment of the flight of my ideas, this mania for control, makes men prefer reason's imagination to the imagination of the senses. And yet it is always the imagination alone which is at work. -Louis Aragon

Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. -Dorothea Brande

I never forgive, but I always forget. -Arthur Balfour

If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. -Bruce Lee

Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners. -Vladimir Lenin

When one makes a Revolution, one cannot mark time; one must always go forward – or go back. He who now talks about the 'freedom of the press' goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards Socialism. -Vladimir Lenin

Science rests on reason and experiment, and can meet an opponent with calmness; but a belief is always sensitive. -James Anthony Froude

I have fed purely upon ale; I have eat my ale, drank my ale, and I always sleep upon ale. -George Farquhar

There are opportunities everywhere, just as there have always been. -Charles Fillmore

George Foreman. A miracle. A mystery to myself. Who am I? The mirror says back. The George you was always meant to be. Wasn't always like that. Used to look in the mirror and cried a river. -George Foreman

We cannot always assure the future of our friends; we have a better chance of assuring our future if we remember who our friends are. -Henry Kissinger

Success has always been easy to measure. It is the distance between one's origins and one's final achievement. -Michael Korda

When a man is wrong and won't admit it, he always gets angry. -Thomas Chandler Haliburton

Whatever tears one may shed, in the end one always blows one's nose. -Heinrich Heine

Children always turn to the light. -David Hare

No one but a fool is always right. -David Hare

It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top. -Hunter S. Thompson

A drawing is always dragged down to the level of its caption. -James Thurber

The debates of that great assembly are frequently vague and perplexed, seeming to be dragged rather than to march, to the intended goal. Something of this sort must, I think, always happen in public democratic assemblies. -Alexis de Tocqueville

In politics shared hatreds are almost always the basis of friendships. -Alexis de Tocqueville

The human animal cannot be trusted for anything good except en masse. The combined thought and action of the whole people of any race, creed or nationality, will always point in the right direction. -Harry S Truman

Those in supreme power always suspect and hate their next heir. -Tacitus

I have been complimented many times and they always embarrass me; I always feel that they have not said enough. -Mark Twain

How unfair the fate which ordains that those who have the least should be always adding to the treasury of the wealthy. -Terence

The crafty person is always in danger; and when they think they walk in the dark, all their pretenses are transparent. -John Tillotson

One hundred religious persons knit into a unity by careful organizations do not constitute a church any more than eleven dead men make a football team. The first requisite is life, always. -Aiden Wilson Tozer

Salvation is from our side a choice, from the divine side it is a seizing upon, an apprehending, a conquest by the Most High God. Our 'accepting' and 'willing' are reactions rather than actions. The right of determination must always remain with God. -Aiden Wilson Tozer

The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret. -Salvador Dali

It is good taste, and good taste alone, that possesses the power to sterilize and is always the first handicap to any creative functioning. -Salvador Dali

When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them. -Rodney Dangerfield

My wife is always trying to get rid of me. The other day she told me to put the garbage out. I said to her I already did. She told me to go and keep an eye on it. -Rodney Dangerfield

Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us. But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid. -John Dewey

What is earnest is not always true; on the contrary, error is often more earnest than truth. -Benjamin Disraeli

A woman's best love letters are always written to the man she is betraying. -Lawrence Durrell

The kindness and affection from the public have carried me through some of the most difficult periods, and always your love and affection have eased the journey. -Princess Diana

You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. -Wayne Dyer

Boredom is always counter-revolutionary. Always. -Guy Debord

The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. -Peter Drucker

It is always dangerous to generalize, but the American people, while infinitely generous, are a hard and strong race and, but for the few cemeteries I have seen, I am inclined to think they never die. -Margot Asquith

The compulsion to do good is an innate American trait. Only North Americans seem to believe that they always should, may, and actually can choose somebody with whom to share their blessings. Ultimately this attitude leads to bombing people into the acceptance of gifts. -Ivan Illich

The fate of love is that it always seems too little or too much. -Amelia Barr

Vilify, Vilify, some of it will always stick. -Pierre Beaumarchais

They always win who side with God. -Frederick William Faber

I always divide people into two groups. Those who live by what they know to be a lie, and those who live by what they believe, falsely, to be the truth. -Christopher Hampton

I have always thought of sophistication as rather a feeble substitute for decadence. -Christopher Hampton

That was always the difference between Muhammad Ali and the rest of us. He came, he saw, and if he didn't entirely conquer – he came as close as anybody we are likely to see in the lifetime of this doomed generation. -Hunter S. Thompson

People who do not know how to laugh are always pompous and self-conceited. -William Makepeace Thackeray

Do not be in a hurry to succeed. What would you have to live for afterwards? Better make the horizon your goal; it will always be ahead of you. -William Makepeace Thackeray

Of course great hotels have always been social ideas, flawless mirrors to the particular societies they service. -Joan Didion

A noble heart will always capitulate to reason. -Friedrich Schiller

Men who are resolved to find a way for themselves will always find opportunities enough; and if they do not find them, they will make them. -Samuel Smiles

The dice of Zeus always fall luckily. -Sophocles

I always disliked dogs, those protectors of cowards who lack the courage to fight an assailant themselves. -August Strindberg

She always says, my lord, that facts are like cows. If you look them in the face hard enough they generally run away. -Dorothy L. Sayers

The wise have always said the same things, and fools, who are the majority have always done just the opposite. -Arthur Schopenhauer

For the duration of its collective life, or the time during which its identity may be assumed, each class resembles a hotel or an omnibus, always full, but always of different people. -Joseph A. Schumpeter

People should always have something which they prefer to life. -Johann G. Seume

Rich folks always talk hard times. -Lillian Smith

When you stop learning, stop listening, stop looking and asking questions, always new questions, then it is time to die. -Lillian Smith

If you want to be thought a liar, always tell the truth. -Logan Pearsall Smith

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