Best Quotes About Alcohol

An alcoholic is someone you don't like who drinks as much as you do. -Dylan Thomas

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me. -Hunter S. Thompson

Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power. -P. J. O'Rourke

Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism. -Carl Jung

I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me. -Winston Churchill

My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them. -Winston Churchill

When I have an idea, I turn down the flame, as if it were a little alcohol stove, as low as it will go. Then it explodes and that is my idea. -Ernest Hemingway

There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled. -Ovid

The worst disease which can afflict executives in their work is not, as popularly supposed, alcoholism; it's egotism. -Robert Frost

Our national drug is alcohol. We tend to regard the use any other drug with special horror. -William S. Burroughs

The sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature, usually crushed to earth by the cold facts and dry criticisms of the sober hour. -William James

Man seeks to escape himself in myth, and does so by any means at his disposal. Drugs, alcohol, or lies. Unable to withdraw into himself, he disguises himself. Lies and inaccuracy give him a few moments of comfort. -Jean Cocteau

Lying is like alcoholism. You are always recovering. -Steven Soderbergh

Scientists announced that they have located the gene for alcoholism. Scientists say they found it at a party, talking way too loudly. -Conan O'Brien

The poison of skepticism becomes, like alcoholism, tuberculosis, and some other diseases, much more virulent in a hitherto virgin soil. -Simone Weil

My peers, lately, have found companionship through means of intoxication – it makes them sociable. I, however, cannot force myself to use drugs to cheat on my loneliness – it is all that I have – and when the drugs and alcohol dissipate, will be all that my peers have as well. -Franz Kafka

I'm tired of hearing sin called sickness and alcoholism a disease. It is the only disease I know of that we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year to spread. -Vance Havner

No other human being, no woman, no poem or music, book or painting can replace alcohol in its power to give man the illusion of real creation. -Marguerite Duras

When a woman drinks it's as if an animal were drinking, or a child. Alcoholism is scandalous in a woman, and a female alcoholic is rare, a serious matter. It's a slur on the divine in our nature. -Marguerite Duras

The worst disease which can afflict business executives in their work is not, as popularly supposed, alcoholism; it's egotism. -Harold S. Geneen

I am more afraid of alcohol than of all the bullets of the enemy. -Stonewall Jackson

Somebody said to me this morning, 'To what do you attribute your longevity?' I don't know. I mean, I couldn't have planned my life out better. By all accounts I should be dead! The abuse I put my body through: the drugs, the alcohol, the lifestyle I've lived the last 30 years! -Ozzy Osbourne

I am a raging alcoholic and a raging addict and I didn't want to see my kids do the same thing. -Ozzy Osbourne

I like characters with problems. I like to understand them… To play alcoholics, fetishists, strange girls, you have to dig deep within yourself. It's 'elsewhere' that interests me. -Marie Trintignant

Mankind: A quality of life upgrade is available to each and every one of you. It should give you a quality of life upgrade, which means no drugs, no alcohol, no fast food – unless, of course, it's a mallard. -Ted Nugent

There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today. The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children. Period. -Ted Nugent

The presidents of colleges have to have some courage to step forward. You can't limit alcohol in college sports, you have to get rid of it. -Dean Smith

I began drinking alcohol at the age of thirteen and gave it up in my fifty sixth year; it was like going straight from puberty to a mid-life crisis. -George Montgomery

I had such a wonderful life before drugs and alcohol abuse. I've got that life back now and plan to keep it. Maybe I had to go through what I did to get to this point, to appreciate this life more. -Harvey Martin

My makeup wasn't smeared, I wasn't disheveled, I behaved politely, and I never finished off a bottle, so how could I be alcoholic? -Betty Ford

Today, if you're not an alcoholic, you're nobody. -Dick Van Dyke

That's all drugs and alcohol do, they cut off your emotions in the end. -Ringo Starr

You got to realise that when I was 20 years old, I had a house, a Mercedes, a Corvette and a million dollars in the bank before I could buy alcohol legally. -Dr. Dre

I'm just going to crumble like a wreck. I'll go home, become an alcoholic and maybe! jump of a bridge. -Gordon Strachan

But when alcohol comes in, start running. Because there's a demon there, and it goes back to her childhood. -David Gest

Not only did God deliver me from the bondage of alcoholism, he also blessed my family financially because of my commitment to honor what he had done for me and for not doing what I believed could possibly be destructive to others. -Richard Kiel

I definitely think we should not serve alcoholic beverages at the lunch break. -McLean Stevenson

So at the end of the day, our number 1 goal, our top priority, is to motivate American youngsters to reject the abuse of illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol. All three of them are illegal behaviors. -Barry McCaffrey

There's so much fear involved in trying to do something you don't know how to do that drugs and alcohol can become a big part of your life if you have an addictive personality or are very unsure, which most songwriters are. -Barry Mann

I'm a big fan of the effects of alcohol. -Peter Steele

I would say 95% of the time, because you just can't remember your lines if you're drinking alcohol. I would say about 95% of the time it was grape juice or this fake wine, which was horrible. -Thomas Haden Church

I got sober. I stopped killing myself with alcohol. I began to think: 'Wait a minute – if I can stop doing this, what are the possibilities?' And slowly it dawned on me that it was maybe worth the risk. -Craig Ferguson

Next time we need to be on drugs and have lots of suffering and alcohol abuse going on while recording, I'm kinda picturing a Jerry Lee Lewis session from the mid Seventies. -Jim Diamond

We are not cured of alcoholism. What we have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition. Every day is a day when we must carry the vision of God's will into all of our daily activities. -William Griffith Wilson

Whether the family goes on a spiritual basis or not, the alcoholic member has to if he would recover. The others must be convinced of his new status beyond the shadow of a doubt. Seeing is believing to most families who have lived with a drinker. -William Griffith Wilson

There's sometimes a weird benefit to having an alcoholic, violent father. He really motivated me in that I never wanted to be anything like him. -Dean Koontz

I became a very angry person and it was all due to alcoholism. -Christopher Atkins

There are some fine books and essays about that. Lewis Hyde has written about alcoholism and poets and the role that society gives its writers – encouraging them to die. -Sharon Olds

I mean, I inherited the disease of alcoholism, and I learned early to get help when I needed it. -Liza Minnelli

I'm glad now, at age 66, that I never used alcohol or tobacco… I've buried a lot of friends who used tobacco or alcohol. -Jerry Falwell

If I hadn't become a celebrity, I'd probably be an alcoholic. -Paul Lynde

Mr. Speaker, as a grateful recovering alcoholic of 24 years myself, I am living proof that treatment does work and that recovery is real. -Jim Ramstad

My character had been in the chair for seven years. He had gone through his anger, depression, drug and alcohol abuse. He had gone through everything, now he was up, he was happy, he was filled with his dream. -Gregory Hines

I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol. -Radha Mitchell

In Stratford you either turn into an alcoholic or you better write. -Christopher Plummer

No one will deny that the excessive use of alcohol and alcoholic beverages would do more than any other single factor to make impossible a total war effort. -William Lyon Mackenzie King

The increased consumption of alcoholic beverages in Canada since the outbreak of war is one evidence of this. -William Lyon Mackenzie King

Nor do we begin to have a clear appreciation of what the increase in consumption of alcoholic beverages in wartime means in increased risk, and in loss of efficiency to the fighting and working forces of the country. -William Lyon Mackenzie King

Each year, therefore, a dollar spent on alcoholic beverages has purchased a smaller quantity. -William Lyon Mackenzie King

The greatly increased consumption of alcoholic beverages is very largely a direct result of the increased purchasing power created by wartime expenditures. -William Lyon Mackenzie King

In reality, we can prove that the incidents of drug, alcohol abuse and violence have dropped dramatically among professional athletes – but the problem is it would be impossible to convince than fans, because of what they read on the AP wire. -Leigh Steinberg

We have witnessed the terrible increases in the incidence of alcoholism, the advent of drug dependency, the protests, marches, strikes and human alienation. -Alex Campbell

But in my college years it got to the point where my friends and I didn't do anything without consuming a massive amount of alcohol before we went anywhere or did anything, and you know that. -Jim Coleman

I am a recovering alcoholic. -Patrick J. Kennedy

My mother is still battling alcoholism. -Patrick J. Kennedy

The Teen Challenge ministry was born out of those humble early days of ministry. It now includes over 500 drug and alcohol rehab centers around the world, even in Muslim countries. These include homes for girls and women addicts and alcoholics, all which are reaching many. -David Wilkerson

I never stood in a public house bar and alcoholic drink never touched my lips. -James Larkin

I once had a lot of hatred, mainly toward my father, an alcoholic. -Josh McDowell

But I'll tell you something: We had a big family discussion about it recently, my two sisters and I, and I pointed out that we all have the same genes as our mother and we're all susceptible to becoming alcoholics. -Payne Stewart

As an alcoholic, you have no appreciation for your wife or your children's feelings, but I'm making up for that now. I'm winning my children's trust back. -Maurice Gibb

Such lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, little physical activity and low dietary calcium intake are risk factors for osteoporosis as well as for many other non-communicable diseases. -Gro Harlem Brundtland

Indians have a big problem with alcohol and drugs. I grew up with an admiration for their culture and was sensitive to their problems. -Kirstie Alley

Another method of eating burning coals employs small balls of burned cotton in a dish of burning alcohol. -Harry Houdini

Before Footloose, the things I'd done weren't cute. In Diner I was an alcoholic. -Kevin Bacon

I had to accept that I was an alcoholic, that was the main thing. I think you've got to. But I try not say that I'm an alcoholic. I prefer to say that it's a disease I've got. -Paul Gascoigne

Alcohol is a very patient drug. It will wait for the alcoholic to pick it up one more time. -Mercedes McCambridge

I can choose to accelerate my disease to an alcoholic death or incurable insanity, or I can choose to live within my thoroughly human condition. -Mercedes McCambridge

Like many alcoholics, I was a staggering woman in a chic apartment, sick and utterly disgusting. -Mercedes McCambridge

My second marriage had a lot to do with alcohol. -Mercedes McCambridge

One of the cruelest judgments sustained against me is that I have spoken out as a recovered alcoholic to stimulate my acting career. -Mercedes McCambridge

There are zillions of people who say that alcoholism is a disease, but not many of them believe it. -Mercedes McCambridge

I just wrote one song at a time. Kinda like an alcoholic. One day at a time. -Neil Young

But there is no withdrawal, but with tobacco there is terrible withdrawal, it is almost impossible for a lot of people. I did, I went cold turkey, they never had any patches in those days but grass was not difficult, alcohol not difficult, but tobacco – oh my god. -Larry Hagman

I think people tend to see the bigger point, which is maybe not fitting in and feeling like you didn't have the childhood that you expected you would have, or that you felt lonely or struggled with drugs and alcohol or just that you were able to achieve your dreams. -Augusten Burroughs

I would never have discovered alcohol. -David Strickland

Some people recovering from drugs or alcohol stay with the programs indefinitely, making the recovery program their family, a long-term source of attention rewards. -Keith Henson

I work very hard to keep on an even keel as far as alcohol is concerned. -Trisha Goddard

I mean, I inherited the disease of alcoholism, and I learned early to get help when I needed it. I always went to people who knew more than I did. -Liza Minnelli

We used to drink an awful lot of alcohol. -Bill Bruford

One day my wife went and saw the accountant and said she's pulling the plug. She said you guys are done. I said, how bad can it be? 10 grand? She said you're not even close. It came out to almost $50,000 in alcohol for two months. -Zakk Wylde

In my private life, I'm not around any drugs or alcohol. -Penn Jillette

If I go out to dinner with you and you order wine, I leave. I won't be around drugs and alcohol at all. -Penn Jillette

I've never had a drink of alcohol or any drug in my life. -Penn Jillette

Let me be the first to tell you, drinking alcohol is the worst thing to do in cold weather. Hot soup is the best because the process of digesting food helps to warm you up. -Morgan Freeman

And then you have the responsibility and the duty of being good examples to youngsters, not smoke, training hard, go to bed early, don't drink alcohol, don't take drugs, it's very important to have a policy for educating against doping. -Alberto Juantorena

People in the business will stay with you through drugs and alcohol and divorces and insanity and everything else, but you have a failure, pal, and they don't want to know nothing about you! -Don Johnson

The good news is that parents are the leading influence on kids' decision not to drink alcohol. -Xavier Becerra

It is critical that parents and other trusted adults initiate conversations with kids about underage drinking well in advance of the first time they are faced with a decision regarding alcohol. -Xavier Becerra

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the first use of alcohol typically begins at age 12. -Xavier Becerra

According to Teenage Research Unlimited, 51 percent of 13-15 year olds say they will be faced with making a decision regarding alcohol in the next three months. -Xavier Becerra

What can I say, I'm an alcoholic. It's what I do. -Ronnie Wood

The last show we played, I was straight as a die. It did feel weird not to be hiding behind alcohol or dope, but being focused was… good. -Ronnie Wood

Drugs and alcohol can be so destructive. -Kyan Douglas

I'm a recovering alcoholic so I should be home. -Kenny Hickey

I don't like alcohol, but I still like to mess around with other stuff occasionally. I think it's important I take mushrooms and acid. They're certainly not addictive, so I can't rule that out. -Evan Dando

There are six components of wellness: proper weight and diet, proper exercise, breaking the smoking habit, control of alcohol, stress management and periodic exams. -Kenneth H. Cooper

I do like beer, but lately I've started drinking non-alcoholic beer and I like the taste of it and I don't get the alcohol, so that's a good alternative also. -Mike Ditka

I think your alcohol intake has to change. You know, usually a big person feels they can drink anything they want to and as much as they want to and I've cut that way back. -Mike Ditka

But you can count the dead bodies from alcohol, tobacco, and legal pharmaceuticals by the millions. -Jack Herer

If you substitute marijuana for tobacco and alcohol, you'll add eight to 24 years to your life. -Jack Herer

Everybody needs a way out of that pain. Many people choose drugs and alcohol. Some people obsessively exercise or develop strange dietary habits, which is what I did. At least it got me toward a path of healthier living. -Mariel Hemingway

I'd never played a cop before, and this particular role with what she is going thru, especially during the first season, covering her alcoholism to her on the job performance, was a great opportunity for me as an actress. -Nancy McKeon

Craft brewers are committed to promoting the safe and moderate consumption of their beverage, and work closely with their communities to prevent underage drinking and alcohol abuse. -Sherwood Boehlert

For the second straight year, craft beer is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. alcoholic beverage industry. In 2005, craft beer experienced a 9 percent increase in volume, nearly triple that of the growth experienced in the wine and spirits industry. -Sherwood Boehlert

Because I know I'm an addict, and I know I'm an alcoholic. -Jamie Lee Curtis

Kids are going to try drugs and alcohol; that's part of society. -Jamie Lee Curtis

I'm very serious about no alcohol, no drugs. Life is too beautiful. -Jim Carrey

Those years on the golf course as a caddie, boy, those people were something. They were vulgar, some were alcoholics, racist, they were very difficult people to deal with. A lot of them didn't have a sense of humor. -Martin Sheen

Young people can get very discouraged and get hooked on drugs or on alcohol because of problems they perceive as insurmountable. It is important that they realize a mistake need not ruin their future, but they must also know that not everything in life is a bed of roses. -Maureen Forrester

Avoid using cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs as alternatives to being an interesting person. -Marilyn vos Savant

A good margarita, a good red wine, I like expensive alcohol, but not a lot of it. I don't like to throw up. -Denise Richards

The stated mission at the time was simply to use the influence of the entertainment industry to do an accurate portrayal of drug and alcohol abuse. We all admit that we're not trying to censor anybody. -Gerald McRaney

It's like our country is being run by a bunch of bad alcoholic dads right now. -Patton Oswalt

Anorexia was there for me before I got into modeling, but because of the arena and the demands, the disease really got out of control for me. It's like being an alcoholic and going and being a bartender. -Carre Otis

Part of treatment for drugs and alcohol is you abstain from these, but with eating disorders you can't abstain from food so the treatment is longer than drugs and alcohol. -Carre Otis

The centuries last passed have also given the taste important extension; the discovery of sugar, and its different preparations, of alcoholic liquors, of wine, ices, vanilla, tea and coffee, have given us flavors hitherto unknown. -Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Frankly, alcohol leads to a lot of other things when you start drinking at 12-years old. It is a big problem that needs to be addressed. Frankly, the industry has pushed us back and pushed us back. -Zach Wamp

With such compelling information, the question is why haven't we been able to do more to prevent the crisis of underage drinking? The answer is: the alcohol industry. -Lucille Roybal-Allard

Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction. -Bob Marley

Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life's problems. -Matt Groening

If the headache would only precede the intoxication, alcoholism would be a virtue. -Samuel Butler

People are saying that I'm an alcoholic, and that's not true, because I only drink when I work, and I'm a workaholic. -Ron White

It was my Uncle George who discovered that alcohol was a food well in advance of modern medical thought. -P. G. Wodehouse

If they took all the drugs, nicotine, alcohol and caffeine off the market for six days, they'd have to bring out the tanks to control you. -Dick Gregory

When I drank, I had a very different attitude towards my playing. It was sloppier but I kind of liked it that way. It was like the alcohol was telling my mind what to do. -Mick Mars

If we became students of Malcolm X, we would not have young black men out there killing each other like they're killing each other now. Young black men would not be impregnating young black women at the rate going on now. We'd not have the drugs we have now, or the alcoholism. -Spike Lee

It is the unbroken testimony of all history that alcoholic liquors have been used by the strongest, wisest, handsomest, and in every way best races of all times. -George Saintsbury

I don't want to get in a big, long discussion about right and wrong, but our company has been working on the issue of underage drinking and alcohol abuse for a long time. I've been outspoken about it. -Pete Coors

The 21st Amendment gives the states the right to decide what the drinking ages should be and other aspects relative to alcoholic beverages, and I support that. As a United States senator, I want to weigh in – this is not my agenda. -Pete Coors

Drugs, alcohol and ego. They are a bad mix. -Don Dokken

She hits me and she beats me and she drinks. My mom is an alcoholic. -Tonya Harding

Cigarettes and coffee: an alcoholic's best friend! -Gerard Way

It's absolutely absurd to even consider voting on Sunday alcohol sales. I am opposed to alcohol period. It doesn't do anybody any good in the long run. It's a dangerous drug. -John Hunter

We must do all we can to empower parents and communities to protect our youth and to encourage healthy behavior free from binge drinking and other forms of alcohol abuse. -Jon Corzine

My mother was a professional sick person; she took a lot of pain pills. There are many people like that. It's just how they are used to getting attention. I always remember she's the daughter of alcoholics who'd leave her alone at Christmas time. -Jim Carrey

I can't convince you to put the drink down if you're an alcoholic, you have to want to do that. I can't convince you to stop eating the cookies when you're a diabetic. You have to do that. And that takes responsibility. -Don Young

I don't even drink! I can't stand the taste of alcohol. Every New Year's Eve I try one drink and every time it makes me feel sick. So I don't touch booze – I'm always the designated driver. -Kim Kardashian

I hate the taste of alcohol. When I'm drinking, I'm drinking Red Bull. -Paris Hilton

Just as the process of repealing national alcohol prohibition began with individual states repealing their own prohibition laws, so individual states must now take the initiative with respect to repealing marijuana prohibition laws. -George Soros

I don't smoke marijuana anymore. I don't drink. Marijuana is a handicap. So is alcohol. Alcohol is a terrible handicap. But in spite of being a handicap, it shouldn't be criminal. -Gary Johnson

I wish all teenagers can filter through songs instead of turning to drugs and alcohol. -Taylor Swift

Some people have therapy, some people are alcoholics or they're in AA. Some people jump out of planes on weekends or find ways to release this kind of thing. And for me, it's acting. I find acting very therapeutic for whatever it is. -Kevin Bacon

I think once I made up my mind that I was allergic to alcohol, and that's what I learned, it made sense to me. And I think it was kind of pointed out that you know if you were allergic to strawberries, you wouldn't eat strawberries. And that made sense to me. -Betty Ford

And I have always told the patients when I talk to them. When they come around and say, 'What will you have to drink? Oh that's right you don't drink.' Just speak up and say, 'Of course I drink. But I just don't drink alcohol.' -Betty Ford

I know I was an alcoholic because I was preoccupied whether alcohol was going to be served or not. -Betty Ford

I drank for about 25 years getting over the loss of my father and I took the anger out on myself. I did a good job at beating myself up at sometimes. I don't drink anymore but my alcoholic head occasionally says different. 'Nil By Mouth' was a love letter to my father because I needed to resolve some issues in order to be able to forgive him. -Gary Oldman

It wasn't being an alcoholic – it was going wild. It happened when I got famous. It was like having my teens in my early thirties: blotting out your life, not having to think about anything. -Julie Walters

Our young people are out on the streets looking for parties, a place to dance, looking for a scene. No institutions are providing them with alternatives, fun things to do that don't necessarily have alcohol at the center. -Donna Shalala

My life was a complete catatrophe. I was very, very sick from drugs and alcohol. -Trey Anastasio

Millions of people die every day. Everyone's got to go sometime. I've came by this particular tumor honestly. If you smoke, which I did for many years very heavily with occasional interruption, and if you use alcohol, you make yourself a candidate for it in your sixties. -Christopher Hitchens

I never did drugs and I can't really drink because I have zero tolerance for alcohol, so my vice became women. I was never faithful to most of them. -Scott Baio

I don't know of any issues associated with alcohol before flight. -Ellen Ochoa

I don't really drink very much, although I have abused alcohol in the past. -Daniel Baldwin

I had a real good thing going for me, and I got sidetracked. It doesn't have to be that way. It doesn't have to be drugs. It doesn't have to be alcohol. That part of my life is over. -Ken Caminiti

I was an alcoholic, for sure. It became a problem steadily over the course of six years. -Jordan Knight

We'd boil this whisky because we thought that would make it stronger. So we thought we were getting drunk, but in fact there'd be no alcohol left in it. -Neneh Cherry

Minimum sales prices for alcohol are a startlingly bad idea. As with excise duties, the effects are regressive. -Nigel Farage

It's not cool to be an alcoholic. -Chester Bennington

In England, it's a rare thing to see a player smoking but, all in all, I prefer that to an alcoholic. The relationship with alcohol is a real problem in English football and, in the short term, it's much more harmful to a sportsman. It weakens the body, which becomes more susceptible to injury. -Alex Ferguson

I do like to have fun. I don't need alcohol to have fun. -Rima Fakih

My advice is to give up stevia, aspartame, sucralose, sugar alcohols like xylitol and malitol, and all of the other heavily-used and marketed sweeteners unless you want to slow down your metabolism, gain weight, and become an addict. -Mark Hyman

Yeah, I admit to myself, yeah, I'm an alcoholic. -William Perry

One Saturday in 1984, I walked into my first AA meeting. I went regularly for six years and only stopped when I came to realize my underlying problem was not genuine alcoholism, but depression. -Jack Dee

When you live in an alcoholic family or an abusive family, you tiptoe, you don't want to step on any mines. -Glenn Beck

As women slowly gain power, their values and priorities are reshaping the agenda. A multitude of studies show that when women control the family funds, they generally spend more on health, nutrition, and education – and less on alcohol and cigarettes. -Dee Dee Myers

I worry about the kids who have too much. As a parent living in a so-called good neighborhood with children who went to private high school, I found myself spending much time in parent groups worrying about alcohol, unsupervised parties, and parents not being parents. -Marian Wright Edelman

I don't like dirty. That's why I hate cigarettes. A little bit of alcohol is O.K., but no drugs. And I like to sleep alone because I wake up, I walk around, I bring my computer with me to bed, I have a great time. -Jean Pigozzi

Being raised Catholic in a pressure-cooker household besieged by alcohol and bill collectors enforced and heightened a sense of sentry duty in me, the oldest of five children and the one most responsible for keeping everything from capsizing. Wild indulgence was for other people, the non-worriers. -James Wolcott

I am fussy, about my diet and straining my voice. I know, sounds a bit over the top. But I'm not as bad as I used to be. These days I don't drink alcohol for five days before a show – very dehydrating for the vocal cords, and all that acid reflux. I used to ban it for a fortnight. Nightmare. -Katherine Jenkins

It's maybe hard to believe, but as a kid I really had a lot of self-doubts. My father was very ill – he was an alcoholic – so there were a lot of things that built up for me. And because I was going to a Catholic school in a small German town, a lot of it was suppressed. I was angry and didn't know how to get it out. -Diane Kruger

I come from an alcoholic Irish background – I know where I was going! But I met my wife and started to practise Buddhism, which is a levelling experience for me, and there hasn't been a day I've missed in 40 years. I apply it to everything – to my work and relationships. I try to be a compassionate person. -Patrick Duffy

Children are coming to school with trauma, everyday trauma, that they live under: violence in the homes, alcoholism in the community, unemployment that's 80 percent, not just during the recession. We need to help treat that before they can even go sit in a class and learn about math. -Denise Juneau

I vowed that I'd never allow any man to control me or to be an alcoholic or anything like that around me, because I don't want my children seeing that. -Nicki Minaj

After shows my face feels dirty with makeup and sweat, especially in the smaller venues, so it feels good to get back to the bus and smooth it away. Sometimes you need something alcohol-based, especially on tour when you don't always get a chance to keep washing your face all the time. -Ellie Goulding

I'd worked at a small town newspaper, and I was thinking of all the strange stories that I had seen float through the newsroom in my time there that were dismissed as kind of amusing curiosities. Somehow from that I got to this idea of an eccentric alcoholic who built a lighthouse in the woods. -Michael Koryta

I don't really like to drink. I don't like the way alcohol feels or tastes. On occasion I'll do it as a social thing, just to kind of go, 'Hey! I did something with you guys!' -Reggie Watts

My mother is a special education teacher but also an artist, and my father an advertising executive. They are about as wacky as you can get without being alcoholics. -Sloane Crosley

Writing is the process of finding something to distract you from writing, and of all the helpful distractions – adultery, alcohol and acedia, all of which aided our writing fathers – none can equal the Internet. -Adam Gopnik

Lucy Mercedes Martinez, my mother, was probably my first mentor. She really tried to take care of me in spite of myself, and in spite of her own struggles with alcohol. She was an immigrant who had never finished school. But she was also a Renaissance woman who read voraciously. She spoke several languages. -Richard Carmona

Some parents let their kids sleep at other people's houses, where they drink alcohol, watch TV for hours and God knows what else. But if you say you have to get all A's and practice the violin for two hours, then they consider that abusive. That upsets me. -Amy Chua

We put more emphasis on who can drive a car than on who can be a parent. And I think there ought to be mandatory parenting classes starting in high school, and you should have to have a license to be able to be a parent to explain that you don't give alcohol to kids. -Dale Archer

Allowing your kids to watch TV doesn't have to mean they have no choice but to see commercials for junk food and alcohol. -Charlie Ergen

Negative freedom is freedom from – freedom from oppression, whether it's a colonial power or addiction to alcohol oppressing you. You need to be freed from negative freedom. Positive freedom is freedom for, freedom to be. And that's what's routinely ignored today. -Os Guinness

Taking B12 is the price of getting to be vegan, the way wearing a helmet is the price of getting to ride a motorcycle and giving up alcohol for nine months is the price of getting to have a baby. -Victoria Moran

There'd never been a more advantageous time to be a criminal in America than during the 13 years of Prohibition. At a stroke, the American government closed down the fifth largest industry in the United States – alcohol production – and just handed it to criminals – a pretty remarkable thing to do. -Bill Bryson

Why do alcoholics begin down the same hazardous road day after day? They are in search of that elusive window of well-being that opens when you drink your way out of a hangover and aren't yet drunk all over again. The alcoholic's day consists of trying to keep that window open. -Roger Ebert

We tax air passengers like cigarettes and alcohol – we impose sin taxes on travellers. -Gordon Bethune

At Linfox we have zero tolerance. If any alcohol or drugs are found in any drivers' blood, they are instantly dismissed. -Lindsay Fox

I'm not a big drinking person and hardly ever have alcohol. Perhaps it's not sweet enough for my sweet tooth. -Dawn French

The secret to everything for me is doing yoga every day. It does do nice things for your body, but it also kind of calms you down and chills you out. Other than that, I don't really drink alcohol and I always take my makeup off at night! -Kate Beckinsale

I'm a germ-phobe when I meet a lot of people or shake a lot of hands. I always have hand sanitizer and alcohol swabs so I can sort of go back and forth between the two. -Mandy Moore

'Comfy,' that's one of the worst words! I just picture a woman feeling bad, with a big bottle of alcohol, really puffy. It's really depressing, but she likes her life because she has comfortable clogs. -Christian Louboutin

As a civil servant in charge of the government's Strategy Unit, I brought in many people from outside government, including academia and science, to work in the unit, dissecting and solving complex problems from GM crops to alcohol, nuclear proliferation to schools reform. -Geoff Mulgan

An alcoholic father, poverty, my own juvenile diabetes, the limited English my parents spoke – although my mother has become completely bilingual since. All these things intrude on what most people think of as happiness. -Sonia Sotomayor

I'm not really the party person. I don't 'become myself' once I'm drunk. I don't use alcohol to be happy. -Jessie J

I really like 'Shameless' because it brings up important issues, but we get to talk and laugh and look at something that's really important that's a problem, like alcoholism and bad parenting. It's done in a funny, smart way. -Justin Chatwin

Chess: It's like alcohol. It's a drug. I have to control it, or it could overwhelm me. I have a regular Monday night game at my home, and I do play a little online. -Charles Krauthammer

I had the taste of the alcohol since I was 11. It allowed me to be clever, charming and to behave outrageously. Acting also allowed me not to be me. So I could indulge every fantasy in this paradise of America. -Malachy McCourt

I think a person who is disabled should be disabled by no act of their own. If you become disabled because of alcoholism, drugs, or things of that nature, I do not think those conditions qualify someone to be called disabled. I think those conditions result from personal decisions. -Jesse Ventura

'Master Harold' is about me as a little boy, and my father, who was an alcoholic. There's a thread running down the Fugard line of alcoholism. Thankfully I haven't passed it on to my child, a wonderful daughter who's stone-cold sober. But I had the tendency from my father, just as he had had it from his father. -Athol Fugard

If you came from Mars and tried to analyse British or American society through novels, you'd think our society was preponderantly full of middle-aged, slightly alcoholic, middle-class, intellectual men, most of whom are divorced from their families and have nothing to do with children. -Mark Haddon

My childhood was rough, we were poor and my parents were alcoholics, but nobody was mean. I knew I was loved. We were on welfare, but I never felt abandoned or unloved. -Carol Burnett

Being smarter gives you a tailwind throughout life. People who are more intelligent earn more, live longer, get divorced less, are less likely to get addicted to alcohol and tobacco, and their children live longer. -Steven Pinker

I think, at a certain point, it's better for women not to have any alcohol because it can make your face, breasts and midsection get very bloated. -Sharon Stone

The main bone of contention is whether Islamic injunctions are legal or moral categories. When Muslims say Islam commands daily prayers or bans alcohol, are they talking about public obligations that will be enforced by the state or personal ones that will be judged by God? -Mustafa Akyol

Hindered by asthma since I was six weeks old, I had begun experimenting with my diet and discovered a disquieting correlation. When I stopped eating the normal American diet of sugar, fats, alcohol, chemicals, and additives, I felt better. I could breathe freely. When I tried to sneak in a hamburger and a Coke, my body rebelled. -Paul Hawken

I just don't drink alcohol. I never have; I never will. -Kat Graham

When Prohibition was first enacted in 1920, most people stockpiled alcohol, thinking they'd have enough to last them for years. By 1923, that was starting to run out, so your average person started to rely more and more on criminals. -Terence Winter

I'm sure there have been a lot of boys I've chased over the years that has been fueled by alcohol and stupidity. But that's kind of how things happen – sometimes you have to do something really stupid, and sometimes it works out, and sometimes you fall flat on your face. -Noel Wells

I was always going to church with my mom, dad and sister. I was literally raised under the godly influence both at home and church. There was no alcohol and no smoking at our house. That was the way a Bowden was supposed to live. My dad always told me to represent the Bowden name in a respectful manner. -Bobby Bowden

There's nothing like taking two flights when you have a horrible hangover. It's bad when people can see actual alcohol seeping out of your disgusting pores. -Ike Barinholtz

After my hip operation, I had to cut out butter, which I loved, and salt. I no longer eat desserts with lots of cream, and I've cut right back on alcohol. -Maeve Binchy

I was 10th of 11 kids in an alcoholic, abusive, poor family. We all want things that we can't have. And I found comedy. -Louie Anderson

The wine world is so big. Yes, there are styles of wines I don't like. Orange wine, natural wines and low-alcohol wines. Truth is on my side, and history will prove I am right. -Robert M. Parker, Jr.

Back in 1990, there were fewer than 20 wineries in and around Paso Robles, a farming community midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Most of the wines produced there were rustic, highly tannic and alcoholic, with little charm or finesse. -Robert M. Parker, Jr.

I know it sounds weird, but the food that I eat, it doesn't make a big difference, and it never has. So, I've saved a ton of money not buying a lot of alcohol, not going out to restaurants too much. So, I think it's part of our culture, and it's part of a social activity more than anything else. -Aaron Patzer

Once you avoid the things that accelerate aging like smoking, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, and excessive sun exposure, you've done about as much as you can to influence your aging process. -S. Jay Olshansky

Any kid who grew up with an alcoholic parent will tell you how nauseating it feels never to know what it will be like when you come home. -Steve Largent

In organic chemistry, we have learnt to derive from compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen, i.e. from the hydrocarbons, all other types of combinations, such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acids, etc. -Otto Wallach

I don't drink at lunchtime because I'm very weak at alcohol like most Asians. -Ha-Joon Chang

I try to do things that make me feel good. I go to yoga classes, drink a lot of water, eat healthily and keep things like alcohol and coffee to weekends. I don't overdo anything. -Abbey Lee Kershaw

During the period 1901 to 1905, together with Senderens, I showed that nickel is very suitable for the direct hydrogenation of nitriles into amines and, no less important, of aldehydes and acetones into corresponding alcohols. -Paul Sabatier

Pubs are, disturbingly, where I hatch most of my best idea-sculptures: possibly it's something to do with the disinhibiting effects of alcohol, or maybe it's just having company to yack at. -Charles Stross

My nan tells me to eat her fish balls and not drink alcohol. I'd rather have the fish balls. -Jess Glynne

All my life, I had this idea that if I could unravel the mystery that was my mother, then I could help save her. But it didn't really work. We were close, but she struggled with mental illness and alcoholism, and it was rough at times. -Jennifer McMahon

I remember seeing Amy Sedaris in a stint where she played somebody's alcoholic mother in one scene and in the next she was Ross Perot. I remember thinking she was so awesome. -Stephnie Weir

When I told the fans I was an alcoholic, they all applauded. When I told them I had given myself to a higher power, they cheered again. -Grace Lee Whitney

My unworldliness, even at 21, was abnormal. Not only had I never smoked tobacco nor touched alcohol of any description, but I had never yet set foot inside a theatre, or gone to a race course I had never seen, nor held a billiard cue, nor touched a card. -Algernon Blackwood

A conventional crime story is simple – it's just a corpse in the river or something, and a detective with an alcohol problem. -David Lagercrantz

No party is complete without cocktails! My friends all have different tastes when it comes to their drink of choice, so I like to maintain a well-stocked bar with different kinds of alcohol to keep everyone happy. -Khloe Kardashian

I feel like girls are always fighting guys off at bars, always. Usually girls don't really have to do anything except be there. And if alcohol is involved, you're gonna get hit on. No matter what. -Brody Jenner

My crash and burn over drugs and alcohol is very well known; I've never, ever hidden that story. If there are people who would not vote for me because of that history, I understand. -Lawrence Kudlow

Not having alcohol has kept the weight off around my waist; my skin feels so much better, and I am sleeping really well. -Marie Helvin

Once you're known to be an alcoholic, that's how many people identify you, which could be a reason not to talk about it. -Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

I think anybody who's had an alcoholic in their life, or somebody with a drug problem, realizes that until things get bad enough, there's no incentive to change. -Blake Farenthold

I'll be seeking professional help with regards to alcohol and, until myself and the club feel this is under control, I'll be off the drink. -Sonny Bill Williams

When we drink a cup of coffee or spoon heated chicken noodle soup or chili out of a Styrofoam cup, we are also taking in small doses of chemicals that leach from the container. Heat activates this transfer, as does oil, acids and alcohol. -Chuck Norris

Oh, I can't sleep, whatever – it's a huge problem. The comedian's thing is you self-medicate with alcohol and knock yourself out – but obviously, that's not a long-term strategy. -Stewart Lee

The guerrilla fighters should be required to go to bed and get up at fixed hours. Games that have no social function and that hurt the morale of the troops and the consumption of alcoholic drinks should both be prohibited. -Che Guevara

My dad was a violent alcoholic. Really aggressive. -Jason Day

There is no evidence to show that prohibition has ever had its intended impact. Of course, just as banning beef has reduced beef consumption, banning alcohol will lead to reduced alcohol consumption. But, there appears to be little or no correlation between, say, domestic violence or household impoverishment and prohibition. -Vikram Patel

Prohibition, like so many other policies imposed from the moral high ground, typically by those who do not drink, disproportionately affects the poor who resort to illegally brewed alcohol when they want a drink, not infrequently leading to their death, and are more likely to be harassed by the police. -Vikram Patel

I don't believe in alcohol. It's a sort of a medicinal necessity for the human condition, none of that stuff. I'm not a gambling man. -T. J. Miller

People come up to me and talk about the alcoholism in their family. -Frank McCourt

In 1969, I gave up women and alcohol – it was the worst 20 minutes of my life. -George Best

I will never have a sip of alcohol and get behind the wheel again. Regardless if I'm 300% sure that I just had a sip and I can drive. It doesn't matter. -Dak Prescott

Cows' milk and soya milk isn't good for me. Almond milk and rice milk is OK. I don't really drink alcohol, either. Maybe wine but only sometimes. -Robert Lewandowski

The evangelical Christian faith I'd grown up with sustained me. It demanded that I refuse the drugs and alcohol on offer in our southwestern Ohio town, that I treat my friends and family kindly, and that I work hard in school. Most of all, when times were toughest, it gave me reason to hope. -J. D. Vance

Even if you've gone easy on the vermouth, there are still serious downsides to alcohol consumption, including but not limited to the sense that you're a good dancer. -W. Bruce Cameron

My dad was a serious alcoholic, and ultimately, that's why he died. When you're a child of someone who struggled with things like that, you look for the common thread. Is there a pattern? Is there an inheritance of pathology in some way? That haunts me. -K. Flay

These diseases, both alcoholism and addiction, much like bipolar or depression and different illnesses, are still not seen as real diseases. People shy away from seeking help because it's viewed as being somewhat morally off the path, that they've lost their way. -Jim Irsay

I really think the disease aspect gets lost when you're talking about alcoholism and addiction; it's not like you're battling leukemia or a heart problem; it is that. -Jim Irsay

I've dealt with a lot of physical pain, with a lot of emotional pain; anybody's who's ever been an alcoholic has handled both of those in extreme. -Jason Isbell

Your hair loves it; everything loves water, you know. So I don't drink soda. I don't drink the devil's juice. Everyone knows what I mean when I say that. I don't drink no alcohol, never! -Rozonda Thomas

My mother and stepfather were in Vaudeville. And my stepfather was an alcoholic. It was a lot of roller coaster times. But it's all I knew. I think they did the best they could under the circumstances, with me and all the family. -Julie Andrews

I come from a completely dysfunctional alcoholic family, so we kind of parented ourselves a little bit. -Sean Hayes

Grief has similar side effects of alcohol consumption, such as numbness, guilt, and depression, resulting in less alert and price-sensitive customers. In addition, the funeral industry is somewhat taboo in the sense that communities in general don't communicate with one another about what are acceptable practices in this industry. -Perianne Boring

The English are very indulgent to episodes of alcoholic insanity. -Lawrence Osborne

I will drink alcohol socially. That's really on the weekends. -Romeo Santos

I try to have little or no alcohol when I go to a big conference. Sorry to be a party pooper, but that stuff can regress you really fast, and this is not a good place to regress. -Timothy Morton

Other people's films are like a cocktail, a little alcohol with water and juice. My films are like pure vodka. -Jiang Wen

I don't drink gases, like Coke – just juice and water, and I don't drink alcohol. -Caster Semenya

I do not consume alcohol. You won't find a single picture that shows me drinking. -Yo Yo Honey Singh

I am a straight, non-alcoholic, non-partying guy who speaks straight. I have no knowledge of literature. This is my language of communication, and what I see, what I observe, I reflect. -Yo Yo Honey Singh

I used to be the occasional social drinker earlier. But now my intake of alcohol has ceased completely. I want to be fighting fit for the boxing ring. -Yo Yo Honey Singh

My love for my wife Roya is so intense that I gave up alcohol. My love for my father was so great that when he made me promise him that I'd lose weight, I did and lost 167 kg.! -Adnan Sami

Donald Trump does not touch alcohol, which is really respectable. But think about that. That means every statement, every interview, every tweet – completely sober. -Hasan Minhaj

I want to remind everyone that we have a no alcohol policy at Salesforce. Alcohol is a drug, and having alcohol on a Salesforce premise is simply unfair to the Ohana who either do not want it or are intolerant of it. -Marc Benioff

I don't drink alcohol too late in the evening; I read a good book. -Michael Rosbash

No matter how you handle alcohol at your wedding, you will most likely be upsetting someone. -Emily V. Gordon

If we were going to look at how pharmalogical drugs influence crime, we should probably look at alcohol. -Carl Hart

For me, alcohol has this endless fascination that there's this substance that can enhance life so beautifully and destroy it so completely. -Jonathan Miles

When I fly, I always drink a ton of water – no alcohol – and limit my food intake, which makes me feel best when I land. Otherwise, my body reacts to salty food and alcohol by puffing up immediately. -Candace Cameron Bure

I don't drink occasionally. I don't drink on the holidays. I don't drink alcohol, period. Not wine, not nothing. -Bernard Hopkins

I use Ecoco EcoStyler gel, but the alcohol-free protein one. That's the key. -SZA

I don't drink alcohol. I only really drink water. -Victoria Azarenka

Talking about my addiction to alcohol is therapeutic. Most definitely telling everyone about it is as well. -Walker Hayes

I did go to college with him, but everyone's always like, 'Did you meet Mark Zuckerberg? Did you hang out with him?' and I'm like, 'No,' because he was in a lab creating Facebook, and I was, like, learning about alcohol. Well, we did go to school, and I think I'm not really benefiting from that relationship in any way. -Colin Jost

I won't touch alcohol. -Sadio Mane

One night, I went out with my teammates. I don't drink alcohol, so I wasn't drinking. This girl walked up to me; she was talking to me. She was like, 'Why aren't you drinking?' I was like, 'I just don't drink. Alcohol is nasty.' She said, 'I might have something for you.' She went and got a Shirley Temple. Then I was like, 'Ohhh, OK.' -Joel Embiid

After match, in WWE, I do not drink alcohol. I just drink a lot of water. -Shinsuke Nakamura

My dad was an alcoholic, growing up, so I knew how scary that was from a child's perspective – the volatility. -Patricia Arquette

My father was an alcoholic. I come from a family of them, so it's genetic luck or malfunction that I've ended up with no enzyme that processes it. I literally can't drink. -Richard E. Grant

I wasn't really an alcoholic, but I was losing control. I still go for a beer, but I drink a lot less. -John Denver

I don't consume alcohol or colas. But I don't judge people who do. People make their own decisions. -Ayushmann Khurrana

I will never endorse a fairness product because I was not comfortable growing up being the darkest person in my family. Also, I won't endorse alcohol, as I believe that it's not good for health. -Shruti Haasan

It's not like I'm against alcohol. It's just a decision I made, and if you've never had it, you don't miss it. I've been drenched in champagne a few times over my career. I might have a drink if England win the World Cup. That's one moment where I might. -James Milner

I know this might be broadcast broadly. But I'm 52 years old, and I'm going to admit to you that I've never had a drop of alcohol. -Bryan Stevenson

I'm anti-drugs, 100 percent. I don't like drugs or alcohol. I never did either of the two, and I don't plan on it. -Hopsin

I don't know if I was born an alcoholic, but I was definitely born anxious. -Elizabeth Vargas

I am an alcoholic. It took me a long time to admit that to myself. It took me a long time to admit it to my family, but I am. -Elizabeth Vargas

Denial is huge for any alcoholic, especially for a functioning alcoholic, because I – you know, I'm not living under a bridge. I haven't been arrested. -Elizabeth Vargas

I've been living with anxiety much, much, much longer than I've been with living with alcoholism, that's for sure. I already knew from the sheer numbers and all the data that I'm not alone. I mean, the biggest mistake I did was spending most of my life thinking I was the only person who felt this way. -Elizabeth Vargas

As long as I don't overindulge, it's OK for me to eat burgers and ice cream occasionally. As for alcohol? I've never tried it. -Grigor Dimitrov

I've been working for this industry since I was 15, and every makeup artist I've known who's worth my time uses Jao Refresher on their hands and their brushes. It's like an all-encompassing sanitizer that smells way better than alcoholy Purell. -Logan Browning

I never drink alcohol. -Peter Scolari

I never had any alcohol on the golf course that I remember, except for one time, and that was the L.A. Open. -John Daly

I'm not an alcohol drinker. Instead of the real beer, I just go with root beer. -Tony Finau

I'm in the pink of health except for the weight I put on because I'm now a stressful producer. But being the daughter of an alcoholic makes you four times more susceptible to becoming one. -Pooja Bhatt

I want to bust the stigma attached to alcoholism in our country. Women particularly are discouraged from seeking help because it's a matter of shame for the family. We don't share our pain or frailties; we cover our weaknesses, and it becomes a cancer. -Pooja Bhatt

I grew up in an environment where I could see the kind of havoc alcohol can create. -Pooja Bhatt

I remember, in 1999, when we did the last Ozzfest that we were part of, and I think Disturbed was on it, Static-X, obviously Ozzy, us, and we were the only band on the tour that had a rider that had any alcohol. Nobody else had it. -Vinnie Paul

I don't abuse my body – I don't drink much alcohol, don't smoke and never have – but that's the same of many people. I don't think I've ever stopped ageing myself. -Morten Harket

The vast majority of Muslims view the consumption of alcohol or pork as deeply haram. -Andy Ngo

Here's the breakdown: alcohol dehydrates you and stimulates acid reflux. Then, when you sing on dry, irritated vocal folds, your folds swell. When your folds swell, they cause hoarseness, which makes you feel like you have to push harder to get a sound out. -Lzzy Hale

I thought divorce was for people that threw plates at each other, and I'd have to be an alcoholic or having affairs. But the truth is, sometimes a very sweet, well-meaning person just doesn't do it for you, and you need to get out of there. -Pete Holmes

Nationalism is like alcoholism: a short period of exaltation followed by a long period of headaches. -Frans Timmermans

I was probably born an alcoholic. -Jimmy Barnes

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