Best Quotes About Airline

The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage. -Mark Russell

One very clear impression I had of all the Beautiful People was their prudence. It may be that they paid for their own airline tickets, but they paid for little else. -James Brady

You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer. -Frank Zappa

Americans have an abiding belief in their ability to control reality by purely material means… airline insurance replaces the fear of death with the comforting prospect of cash. -Cecil Beaton

This is absolutely bizarre that we continue to subsidize highways beyond the gasoline tax, airlines, and we don't subsidize, we don't want to subsidize a national rail system that has environmental impact. -Joe Biden

I have to say that flying on Air Force One sort of spoils you for coach on a regular airline. -Ron Reagan

It really costs me a lot emotionally to watch myself on screen. I think of myself, and feel like I'm quite young, and then I look at this old man with the baggy chins and the tired eyes and the receding hairline and all that. -Gene Hackman

I technically have two last names, which is a lot of fun when you're making airline reservations. -Mackenzie Astin

These subsidies from four European governments, which include aircraft launch assistance, capital injections, debt forgiveness, have enabled Airbus to develop and range market airliners well below cost. -Norm Dicks

If anyone wonders why the airlines are not doing well it is because flying has been made such an unpleasant and degrading experience. -Keith Henson

Let me be very honest and just say that if any airline would let me take the violin and the laptop on board I would fly that airline all the time. -Lara St. John

Juan Tripp was a friend. Good name for an airline man, huh? Juan Tripp after another? -Fay Wray

Check bags are fun. I just make sure there won't be anything illegal in my check bag which is forbidden at a cabin of a plane. Just leaving things like scissors and such out of my carry-on things in order to avoid troubles with some certain airline, y'know. -Kerry King

Many of the critics today get airline tickets, hotel accommodation, bags, beautiful photographs, gifts and other expenses paid by the distributors, and then are supposed to write serious articles about the movie. -Wim Wenders

The easiest gift to give my husband is anything to do with airlines and flying. -Kelly Preston

I think to be shot in a mountain valley somewhere or other is altogether less glorious than crashing an airliner into a skyscraper. -John Keegan

In 1975 I decided that there was no future in flying (airline jobs were impossible to get, and who wants a job where you are judged only by seniority?) and headed off to grad school. -W. Richard Stevens

I don't enjoy traveling in America. I don't like the food, the cars. It is not exotic enough. It all tastes a bit like airline food. -Carla Bley

The guest gets at least as much service with us as with some established airline, if not even more. And at by far a favourable price. Thus the passengers remain gladly with us. -Niki Lauda

The alliance with air Berlin is attractive for me. I can use the whole sales network of the air Berlin and 24 percent of my own airline at air Berlin sold. -Niki Lauda

Running an airline is a normal job. Racing is more. -Niki Lauda

The whole world loves American movies, blue jeans, jazz and rock and roll. It is probably a better way to get to know our country than by what politicians or airline commercials represent. -Billy Joel

Actors worry about bad breath, weight, receding hairlines and why their leading lady looks like their daughter. -Matthew Ashford

I had some airline stock, but the airlines tanked. I didn't have a lot of money in them, though. -Mickey Gilley

A lot of airlines have come and gone. -David Neeleman

Over the last six years, airlines have experienced severe financial pressure to leave smaller communities, making demands on the EAS program even greater. -Nick Rahall

I had redesigned my entire amplifier system for this tour because airlines are very strict now. -Lee Ritenour

Occasionally we have to interpret an international treaty – one, perhaps, affecting airlines and liability for injury to passengers or damage to goods. Then, of course, we have to look to the precedents of other member nations in resolving issues. -Sandra Day O'Connor

First, we have to lower our costs to levels that are more competitive. This will prevent the lower-cost airlines from pushing us out of the markets we want to serve. We've made great progress on this front, but we need to keep pushing. -Gerard Arpey

This airline is grateful for his extensive contributions and we will miss his friendship and support. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Casey family on its personal loss. -Gerard Arpey

These are times of unprecedented challenge and change in the airline industry, and the appointments we are announcing today will put American in an even stronger position to continue the substantial progress that has already been made under the tenets of our Turnaround Plan. -Gerard Arpey

We've got fuel prices coming down and good travel numbers coming out, so it's not surprising airline stocks are going up. -Andrew Sullivan

So I've seen life as one long learning process. And if I see – you know, if I fly on somebody else's airline and find the experience is not a pleasant one, which it wasn't in – 21 years ago, then I'd think, well, you know, maybe I can create the kind of airline that I'd like to fly on. -Richard Branson

As the head of security for an airline, I can't ask my passengers to risk their lives and jump on a terrorist. This is why we need air marshals on every flight. -Isaac Yeffet

Let's make a statement to the airlines just to get their attention. We'll pick a week next year and we'll all agree not to go anywhere for seven days. -Andy Rooney

In 'Thor,' that was my own hair. I grew it out. But I have naturally curly, blonde hair, so I'll never look like that. By the time I got to 'The Avengers,' I had come off two other films, which required me to have it very short. So I dyed it again and it was long enough to use a part of my hairline. -Tom Hiddleston

Not having an administrator sends the wrong message to the airline industry. -Maria Cantwell

There has to be so many other ways of approaching airline security than demeaning ourselves by giving up a lot of our dignities and our liberty to do this. -Quico Canseco

If you want to be a Millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline. -Richard Branson

Someone once said that history has more imagination than all the scenario writers in the Pentagon, and we have a lot of scenario writers here. No one ever wrote a scenario for commercial airliners crashing into the World Trade Center. -Paul Wolfowitz

I've got stuff about airline mergers, which just shows that my stand-up is getting more insane by the minute. -Lewis Black

I have one brother, John, an airline pilot, who is seven years younger. He's adopted, though we're still blood related – he's my cousin. My parents couldn't have any more children after me, so when Dad's brother died, they adopted John, then just a baby. -Gary Numan

Any serious airline has to look at a worldwide network. -Vijay Mallya

The economic tsunami has hit all airline employees. With the 2001 terror attacks, airline bankruptcies, pension terminations, loss of pay, changes in work rules – we're all working harder and longer than we used to. -Chesley Sullenberger

Curiously, a principle affects your life whether you are aware of it or not. For instance, the principle of gravity was working long before the apple ever fell on Newton's head. But once it did, and he understood it, then we as a society were free to harness this principle to create, among other things, airline flight. -Andy Andrews

By 1931, after a few years' experience of flying scheduled airlines, those planes were operating at roughly 600 times the safety of the space shuttle. I look at safety not in terms of fatalities per passenger-mile, but when you get in and close the door, what is the risk of dying on this flight? -Burt Rutan

With any luck, by the time NASA's space probe hits Pluto, you'll be booking a spaceflight with a privately run suborbital airline. -Burt Rutan

Carl Icahn told me to stay away from airlines. In good times, the unions take away the profits, and in bad times, the cost of oil kills you. -Mian Muhammad Mansha

Southwest Airlines is successful because the company understands it's a customer service company. It also happens to be an airline. -Harvey Mackay

When I was younger I wanted to be an airline pilot, but that lasted for about 30 seconds. -John Barrowman

Failure saves lives. In the airline industry, every time a plane crashes the probability of the next crash is lowered by that. The Titanic saved lives because we're building bigger and bigger ships. So these people died, but we have effectively improved the safety of the system, and nothing failed in vain. -Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Most estimates of the mortality risk posed by asteroid impacts put it at about the same risk as flying in a commercial airliner. However, you have to remember that this is like the entire human race riding the plane – it is one of the few risks that really could wipe us all out. -Nathan Myhrvold

I was a mechanic in the Navy. And mechanics in the Navy are like mechanics in airlines. You may have more stripes than I do, but you don't know how to fix the airplane. -Gordon Bethune

It's the old adage: You can make a pizza so cheap, nobody will eat it. You can make an airline so cheap, nobody will fly it. -Gordon Bethune

There is no economy without airlines. Airfreight runs the world. There is no Honolulu without an airplane. This is a very complex system. If you take it down, you can't build it back up overnight. -Gordon Bethune

I've spent my life as an airplane mechanic, pilot, aircraft manufacturer and airline CEO who never lost a life or an airplane. I am considerate of the risk we take every time we fly. I also know we need to fly and always to improve safety. -Gordon Bethune

The airline business is the biggest team sport in the world. When you're all consumed with fighting among yourselves, your opponents can run over you every day. -Gordon Bethune

I'm involved in everything from highly progressive lighting systems to airline interiors. In the field of transportation I can go from the micro to the macro: architecture, transportation, industrial product design, right across the board. It's Russian dollism, because they all interrelate: one goes into the other. -Ross Lovegrove

I'm trying to be as green as I can. As an airline pilot, I have a carbon footprint that's a size 10, so it's pretty hard. -Bruce Dickinson

I do not have a merchandise line. I don't sell knives or apparel. Though I have been approached to endorse various products from liquor to airlines to automobiles to pharmaceuticals dozens of times, I have managed to resist the temptation. -Anthony Bourdain

You can't have a mid-life crisis in the airline industry because every day is a crisis. -Herb Kelleher

I am obsessed with planning travel! Not just traveling, which I love, but the whole planning process and all the details that go into it. I subscribe to all these travel blogs and airline forums and research hotels and activities and destinations for hours on end, and I volunteer to plan trips for everyone I know. -Lauren Weisberger

Sometimes I take off my skully and wear glasses, so I've gotta brush and make sure my hairline is straight. -French Montana

Every penny I've ever saved has been spent on airline tickets to different corners of the world. -JJ Feild

In the early years of America's skyjacking epidemic, the airlines were reluctant to let the FBI attempt to end hijackings by force; they feared that innocents would get caught in the crossfire, thereby sparking a wave of negative publicity. -Brendan I. Koerner

You cannot manage an airline from a corner office in Willis Tower. That doesn't work. You've got to manage by walking around. -Jeff Smisek

My father was an airline pilot, so we travelled more spontaneously than a lot of families. On a Thursday, we could decide to go somewhere like Barbados the next day for a long weekend. -Chris Hadfield

If you don't like airline food, you'll probably have the same impression of space station food. I would not fly to space for the food. -Chris Hadfield

Today, we have private airline companies, but if you take a look at a Boeing plane next time you travel, you'll see that you are basically taking a ride on a modified bomber. -Noam Chomsky

The fact is Qatar, Etihad, Emirates, Singapore, Garuda, all of the three Chinese airlines, Air New Zealand – the fact is that international aviation relies very much upon agreements between nation-states, and it is not an area in which you have free market operations. -Anthony Albanese

I've always dreamed of franchising an airline, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do it. -Henry Silverman

The intriguing aspect of food charges on airlines is that they create the perfect laboratory for any economist who wishes to study the question of how to price a good that possesses, by universal consensus, absolutely no objective value. -Timothy Noah

One October day in 1976, a Cuban airliner exploded over the Caribbean and crashed, killing all 73 people aboard. There should have been 74. I had a ticket on that flight, but changed my reservation at the last moment and flew to Havana on an earlier plane. -Stephen Kinzer

Driving around with a receding hairline and two kids in a Prius feels a bit boring for me. -Greg Fitzsimmons

One of the Internet's highest-profile companies, Priceline once dreamed of transforming the way consumer goods are bought and sold by offering customers the chance to 'name your own price' for a variety of products, including airline tickets. -Alex Berenson

I played football; I was a running back, and I took a hit, and I had a hairline fracture in my leg which no one spotted, and I was playing basketball all winter and it got worse. And then I was long jumping, about 20 feet, and I landed one time and there was this big crack, and all the bones were jutting out of my leg. -Nick McDonell

Afghanistan does have an air force: It has two C-130s. I saw one of them. It was nice, a gift from the United States. But two planes don't even make a Caribbean charter airline, let alone an air force for a country at war. -Richard Engel

Captain Richard Phillips of the good ship Maersk Alabama – and Sully Sullenberger splashing down his crippled airliner in the Hudson River – broke through the poisonous smog of economic depression and Wall Street skullduggery with a reminder that pure individual heroism is a daily occurrence if we know where to look for it. -Tina Brown

The Asian airlines have the best wine programs. -Alain Ducasse

When you have armed militants, aided and abetted by a major country like Russia, able to use surface-to-air missiles to bring down a commercial airline, that is a form of terrorism. -Hillary Clinton

I consider myself a frequent flyer, flying roughly 200 times a year on mostly mainstream airlines. -Jeffrey Gitomer

When I started my airline business, I didn't know everything, right? If I start up a newspaper tomorrow, I might get ripped off by journalists. You'd be naive to think you know everything from day one. -Tony Fernandes

I think airlines have been very much parrots. They'll just follow what everyone else is doing. Why change a model that they're happy in? And it takes someone like myself or Richard Branson who comes from outside the industry to say, 'Hey, let's try something new.' -Tony Fernandes

I came from the music business, which reputedly has the biggest egos, but I really think the airline world caps it. -Tony Fernandes

The music and airlines businesses are tough, but I've been successful in them. -Tony Fernandes

There are many people talking about access to space and, 'How can we make that cheaper? How can we turn that into a Southwest Airlines versus the big airlines?' -Buzz Aldrin

If you pay your credit card off every month, get a rewards card. One that gives you airline miles or that will give you 1 percent cash back at least on every purchase. -Aaron Patzer

Whether it's steamships disrupted by the railroads or railroads disrupted by the airlines, it's typically the large entrenched incumbents that are displaced by innovators. -Peter Diamandis

The U.S. government doesn't build your computers, nor do you fly aboard a U.S. government owned and operated airline. Private industry routinely takes technologies pioneered by the government and turns them into cheap, reliable and robust industries. This has happened in aviation, air mail, computers, and the Internet. -Peter Diamandis

I've long loved emerging markets airlines because they usually sell at bargain prices. The troubled history of developed market airlines unfairly taints these stocks. In the emerging world, they're growth stocks. -Kenneth Fisher

There aren't many people around with the stomach or the knowledge to delve into the airline industry. -James Coulter

When I look in the mirror, I see the ageing process at full pelt, the hairline in retreat, the bags under the eyes growing and darkening, that kind of thing. I suppose it would be easier if I weren't an actor, but I am fairly philosophical about it. -Robert Webb

I see easyHotel as one of the best, most natural extensions of the 'easy' brand from the airline. EasyHotel is raising money to accelerate growth at a much faster rate than I could have grown it as a private company, whilst enabling me to spend more time on my diversified portfolio of other investments. -Stelios Haji-Ioannou

I wanted to be my own boss. I was fascinated by airlines and how I could change travel for the average person. Then I wanted to diversify. -Stelios Haji-Ioannou

The whole concept of the travel agent is absurd. They appear to be agents of the traveller but are actually agents of the airlines. -Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Salvation cannot be bought with the currency of obedience; it is purchased by the blood of the Son of God. Thinking that we can trade our good works for salvation is like buying a plane ticket and then supposing we own the airline. Or thinking that after paying rent for our home, we now hold title to the entire planet earth. -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

During my career as an airline pilot, I had the opportunity to be a check and training captain. Part of this job was to train and test experienced pilots to ensure that they had the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently operate those magnificent big jets. -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I read, studied, and learned everything I could find about aviation. It was my greatest desire to become a pilot. I could already picture myself in the cockpit of an airliner or in a military fighter plane. I felt deep in my heart this was my thing! -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

During my training to become an airline captain, I had to learn how to navigate an airplane over long distances. Flights over huge oceans, crossing extensive deserts, and connecting continents need careful planning to ensure a safe arrival at the planned destination. -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

There is something about the airline industry that really grabbed me. -Maurice Flanagan

Anybody with my background in the airline business who is not deaf is a fraud. -Maurice Flanagan

I actually don't have a bad hairline. -Donald Trump

I wore white kabuki makeup, had blue-black hair. At one point, I shaved an inch and a half around my hairline and continued the white makeup up so it made my head look slightly deformed. I thought it was hilarious. -Melissa McCarthy

I have heard from many readers since 'The Girl in the Blue Beret' came out. The story of my airline pilot, former B-17 bomber pilot Marshall Stone, on his search to find the people who helped him during World War II has struck a chord. -Bobbie Ann Mason

The winters are too long, and there's only one airline, so it's difficult to escape when you feel frustrated or claustrophobic. The audience for our films isn't very large, so it's difficult to support an industry. But, Iceland is beautiful. Sometimes it's hard to imagine living anywhere else. -Baltasar Kormakur

There's more GPS in the phone in your pocket than on most of our 21st century airliners – that's frightening. -Elizabeth Esty

The cost of airline tickets will never be transparent as long as the Department of Transportation requires airlines to hide taxes, surcharges, and fees from consumers. -Tom Graves

If the goal of the DOT's rule is to prevent companies from deceiving passengers about the total cost of their ticket, why is the department mandating that airlines hide the taxes, surcharges and government fees in the fine print? -Tom Graves

I would be lying if I didn't admit sadness that our wonderful airline is merging with another. Because I'm not American, the U.S. Department of Transportation stipulated I take some of my shares in Virgin America as non-voting shares, reducing my influence over any takeover. So there was sadly nothing I could do to stop it. -Richard Branson

As more airlines consolidated and grew larger and more focused on the bottom line, flying in the U.S. became an awful experience. Despite moves to block our airline from flying, Virgin America began service in August 2007 – with the goal of making flying good again. -Richard Branson

With Virgin, I've just loved creating things. And as a private company, I can get away with moving Virgin from records to airlines to train companies to space companies to whatever, without ever having to worry about analysts knocking the value of my stock. -Richard Branson

I was in Cairo, Egypt, where Sinai – ISIS conducted the Russian airliner downing. We're concerned about safety and security at these last point-of-departure airports flying directly into the United States – in that case, JFK. -Michael McCaul

I grew up kind of self-supported, that kind of environment, because my parents both worked for airlines. -T. J. Perkins

After high school in 1969, I was appointed to the Air Force Academy. In '73, I studied for my postgraduate degree and became a USAF pilot in 1974. After my discharge in 1980, I became a commercial pilot and flew my first airline flight at Pacific Southwest Airlines in 1980. -Chesley Sullenberger

The one thing about doing all those movies and all that television is I know what I'm doing. And I can do what Sean Connery can do. I can do what Clint can do. People even say I look a little like Clint. But that's just because I'm skinny and tall and old. With a receding hairline. -David Carradine

If you play a role, you want to familiarize yourself with that person's world. If I were playing an airline pilot or a doctor, I'd probably want to hang out with a doctor or an airplane pilot for a while, ask some questions. You don't get to hang out the kings. They don't help consult on movies. So your resources are, by necessity, secondary. -Colin Firth

Airline pilots are men to be admired and respected. Men to be trusted. Men of means. And you don't expect an airline pilot to be a local resident. Or a check swindler. -Frank Abagnale

Non-commercial general aviation flights serve as a lifeline to thousands of communities where airlines do not fly, while contributing a fraction of total U.S. air traffic congestion. -Mike Pompeo

Aircraft are always going to be something that terrorists are interested in because you bring down an airliner, you have drawn the world's attention. -Jack Keane

Back in the early '70s, there were two airlines that flew puddle jumpers from the Sarasota-Bradenton airport to Atlanta: National and Eastern, neither of which exists today. -Craig Sager

Our Congress passes laws which subsidize corporation farms, oil companies, airlines, and houses for suburbia. But when they turn their attention to the poor, they suddenly become concerned about balancing the budget and cut back on the funds for Head Start, Medicare, and mental health appropriations. -Coretta Scott King

The most horrifying thing I ever did was work as a steward on an airplane. I wanted to get hired by United. I thought, 'With my languages, this will be amazing; I will work in First Class.' But I could only get a job with an airline going from Newark, New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. -John Grant

I'm not opposed to talking about airline food. -Tig Notaro

I figured, correctly, that Berlin in February was not a destination coveted by tourists. I found good airfares on Lufthansa, an airline I quite like, and got a great rate at a brand new Ritz-Carlton, which clearly hoped to seduce visitors into forsaking Hawaii for Potsdammer Platz. -Erik Larson

As my friends will tell you, I am a superior agonizer. Believe me, you do not want me in the cockpit of an airliner. But in my defense, choosing an idea is also a high-stakes affair. -Erik Larson

If only we could get Muslims to boycott all airlines, we could dispense with airport security altogether. -Ann Coulter

I used to ask my mom to try and shave my head on the sides to give me a receding hairline because Adam Ant had one. -Paul Rudd

The safety of the flying public should not be for sale. Handing air traffic control over to a private entity partly governed by the airlines is both a risk and liability we can't afford to take. -Bill Nelson

If Warren Buffett could change his mind about investing in airlines, Mohnish Pabrai could change his mind about investing in autos. Pabrai, who has modeled his investment career and fee structure after Buffett's original partnership, counts General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, and Ferrari in his highly concentrated portfolio. -Kelly Evans

It's actually very important to put a little foundation up into your hairline, or else it looks like your face is not yours – like someone just Photoshopped it on! -Barbara Palvin

Dynamic pricing – charging more when goods and services are in high demand and short supply and less when the opposite is true – isn't new. Gasoline retailers, hoteliers, and airlines have been deploying the technique for years. -Adam Lashinsky

Flying small airplanes is not like being on airlines. -Doug Liman

My experience bears out an adage about airlines: People almost always opt for convenience and price, even while complaining loudly about crowded planes and a dearth of amenities. -James B. Stewart

Divestitures have long been the preferred remedy for horizontal mergers, where there's an overlap between the two companies. Airlines, for example, may have to sell routes or airport gates where the two airlines compete; cable operators may have to sell operations in cities where both companies operate. -James B. Stewart

My hairline is receding. So my days as a romantic lead – even though I've never had them – are behind me. -John Lithgow

We are dedicated to setting the standard for customer service among U.S. airlines, as we elevate the experience our customers have with us from booking to baggage claim. -Oscar Munoz

At United, I will dedicate myself to making our airline flyer-friendly. -Oscar Munoz

The airline industry has been closely watching, monitoring, exactly what the rail industry has done. -Oscar Munoz

At the end of the day, the differential, I believe, on the airline space has got to be about the product and the service that you provide. And again, I can't express that enough. That comes from people. It is a people business, and my primary focus is to get our 84,000-plus people back aligned, back engaged, and back focused on our customer. -Oscar Munoz

Malaysia Airlines is a robust airline – it's been around for many years. It has an excellent reputation, both for service and for safety. -Richard Quest

Flying commercial airlines has become an all-too-often unpleasant experience. -Dan Lipinski

In the fast-changing, information-filled world of the Internet, you never know what you might find. Maybe you'll discover a great price on an airline ticket, or maybe you'll come across that quote you've been racking your brain for. -Dick Durbin

Whether you are checking luggage or bringing a carry-on, always weigh and measure your bags to make sure they are below the airline's size and weight restrictions. Excess baggage fees can be costly. Avoid all baggage fees by only bringing a carry-on. -Gillian Tans

I have no artistic training – as you might have guessed from all the stick figures! – and there are a few things I have a really hard time drawing. I think the one that comes up the most is airplanes. Big airliners have such a weird wing shape, and I always have to redraw them 20 times before they're even recognizable. -Randall Munroe

When I got emancipated from the foster care program and I became homeless, it was a struggle. I was working at an airline, and then I stopped to pursue comedy 110%. -Tiffany Haddish

I'm embarrassed to admit that I thought the world was ending my junior year of high school after a dye job reacted badly with my perm and left me with a sparse and burnt up hairline. Even though I went natural a few years later, my edges never seemed to recover. -Franchesca Ramsey

Marlon Brando came up to me many, many years ago. He wanted me to do a little doodle for him on the back of an airline ticket. -Peter Max

When men get together, they moan about their wives. The commentary provided on marriage between groups of men is typically one from a viewpoint that assumes marriage to be life's greatest, most unfun mistake. Not only is it often as disingenuous as Joe Biden's hairline, but it's incredibly harmful. -Steven Crowder

Don't get me wrong: there have been many occasions where I wished I could be thinner or have a different nose or hairline to fit in, but I realized that fitting in is not always as important as it seems; I realized that I love standing out in positive ways! -Nia Jax

The AARP is a group of 3.8 million Americans bound together by a common love of airline discounts and insurance discounts. -Alan K. Simpson

The only airline I avoid like the plague is Ryanair. I don't like that, when you book, there are then all of these little extras to pay for, and you end up paying more than just flying with British Airways. -Eddie the Eagle

There is a serious effort going on by private airlines such as Spicejet and Vistara to benefit from this dismemberment of Jet Airways. -Subramanian Swamy

The effect of the foreign direct investment of Etihad in Jet Airways and the implied bilateral agreement of air services between India and the UAE has primarily damaged Air India, which is a government-owned airline with huge assets that are extremely valuable. -Subramanian Swamy

In 1996 – when, for the fifth year in a row, we had the best record among major airlines for on-time performance and for baggage handling and the fewest complaints for the number of customers carried – we dedicated an airplane to all of our 25,000 people. We put all their names on the outside of the overhead bins. -Herb Kelleher

Most people think of us as this flamboyant airline, but we're really very conservative from the fiscal standpoint. -Herb Kelleher

There's no anger in my act towards anyone other than myself… and maybe airlines. -Iliza Shlesinger

Running an airline is the most difficult job in the world. Racing was more dangerous for my life. -Niki Lauda

When I was in motor racing, I had taken the decision to risk my life. But when you run an airline, and more than 200 people want to go from A to B – and they don't arrive – that's a different responsibility. -Niki Lauda

Speed on its own isn't always so exciting. On a racing motorbike, I can do over 180 mph, which is fast, but not as fast as the airliners that we all climb aboard to fly off on holiday. Modern passenger jets can cruise at between 500 and 600 mph, but sitting in an aeroplane like that for hours on end isn't very exciting, is it? -Guy Martin

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