Best Quotes About Airborne

To allow public access to orbit, we would need breakthroughs that would lower the cost by a lot more than an order of magnitude and increase safety by a factor of 100 as compared to every launch system used since the first manned space flight. I think airborne launch will be a significant part of the safety solution. -Burt Rutan

Green synthetic practice mats are the worst thing for your golf game that I know of. You can hit six inches behind the ball and not even know it, because the ball still gets airborne. Practice nets are awful, too. Swing a weighted club instead. -Lee Trevino

Ebola isn't a respiratory virus. It doesn't spread through the airborne route. So it's not likely to spread like wildfire around the world and kill tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. That's what I think of as the next big one. -David Quammen

Initially, there were a lot of fears that Ebola could mutate to become the airborne Andromeda strain that would wipe us all out. -Richard Preston

What the experts are telling me is that there's very little chance that Ebola is going to mutate into something that could spread directly through the air. The real concern is not whether Ebola could go airborne, but whether it could spread faster. -Richard Preston

We don't know what we don't know about Ebola. We think we know it's a virus, but is it mutating? Can it be spread by airborne? -Jeff Duncan

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