Best Quotes About Aids

One does nothing who tries to console a despondent person with word. A friend is one who aids with deeds at a critical time when deeds are called for. -Euripides

I'm not really religious but very spiritual. I give money to this company that manufactures hearing aids on a regular basis. More people should really hear me sing. I have a gift from God. -Christina Aguilera

Old maids sweeten their tea with scandal. -Josh Billings

Electronic aids, particularly domestic computers, will help the inner migration, the opting out of reality. Reality is no longer going to be the stuff out there, but the stuff inside your head. It's going to be commercial and nasty at the same time. -J. G. Ballard

Maids want nothing but husbands, and when they have them, they want everything. -William Shakespeare

Men are April when they woo, December when they wed. Maids are May when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives. -William Shakespeare

Neither the Army nor the Navy is of any protection, or very little protection, against aerial raids. -Alexander Graham Bell

Old maids do not mind giving people trouble. -Thomas Nelson Page

It doesn't upset artists to find out that artists used lenses or mirrors or other aids, but it certainly does upset the art historians. -Chuck Close

First of all, just knowing people who grew up in the movie business at that time, no one had Mexican maids. -Bill Condon

In Hollywood through the 50s, there were black, English, and Middle European housekeepers and maids. -Bill Condon

I have just come from a couple of raids, where we had a very lively time, and some of them had to pull their guns. I found it necessary to punch a few sports myself. -Richard Harding Davis

Why is it that men who can go through severe accidents, air raids, and any other major crisis always seems to think that they are at death's door when they have a simple head cold? -Shirley Booth

I learned to speak first, and then to sign. I have never really known what it was like to hear, so I can't compare hearing aids to normal hearing. -Marlee Matlin

I've always wanted to write a book relating my experiences growing up as a deaf child in Chicago. Contrary to what people might think, it wasn't all about hearing aids and speech classes or frustrations. -Marlee Matlin

If I were offered a cochlear implant today, I would prefer not to have one. But that's not a statement about hearing aids or cochlear implants. It's about who you are. -Marlee Matlin

The hearing aids are very helpful for speech reading. Without the hearing aids, my voice becomes very loud, and I cannot control the quality of my voice. -Marlee Matlin

Small aids to individuals, large aid to masses. -Maria Mitchell

Being, belief and reason are pure relations, which cannot be dealt with absolutely, and are not things but pure scholastic concepts, signs for understanding, not for worshipping, aids to awaken our attention, not to fetter it. -Johann Georg Hamann

So the first thing that went on was to decide… trying to find a time when we could get reprisal raids out. -James Stockdale

On the eighteenth of December 1972, when we thought we were getting another of the hundreds of little tactical air raids, we heard the bombs going in out there in the railroad yards and this went on for about thirty minutes. -James Stockdale

Genetic studies in Iceland have found that many of the women who were the founding stock of Iceland came from England and what is now France. Some were probably captured and carried off in Viking raids only 40 generations ago. -Keith Henson

I think every little girl is fascinated with mermaids. -JoJo

There were air raids at night. The factory was dark and dirty. And I remember thinking – well – I must find somebody or something because like this I cannot go on. -Ruth Pitter

But it is true that sometimes an enveloping darkness aids one to clearer vision; as in a panorama building, for example, where the obscurity about the entrance prepares one better for the climax, and gives the scene depicted a more real and vivid appearance. -Pierre Loti

Because I found myself telling the story of his family to people without the visual aids that I was able to employ by filming them eventually. But I very much knew exactly what I was going to do. -Terry Zwigoff

Just about every year, Congress passes another crime bill – spending billions of dollars to build more prisons, to place more band-aids on society's scars. -Carrie P. Meek

Prosperity cannot be restored by raids upon the public Treasury. -Herbert Hoover

Old maids, having never bent their temper or their lives to other lives and other tempers, as woman's destiny requires, have for the most part a mania for making everything about them bend to them. -Honore de Balzac

You know it's very difficult to be an actor, and to have people depending on you to say the right line, at the right time, and to not be able to hear your cues! I can't tell you how many times I would've had to have said What? if I didn't have my hearing aids. So my hearing aids are a life saver, and they allow me to practice my craft. -Leslie Nielsen

It's not really that I've been an advocate for hearing aids for a long time, it's just that I've been losing my hearing for a long time! So it's actually very important for me because I'm actually hearing impaired and I simply want to hear better! -Leslie Nielsen

As children, we looked up to our maids and our nannies, who were playing in some ways the role of our mothers. They were paid to be nice to us, to look after us, teach us things and take time out of their day to be with us. As a child you think of these people as an extension of your mother. -Kathryn Stockett

The music aids the message, it's there to punctuate and abbreviate and shape the silence. -Saul Williams

Up until 'Bridesmaids', the general consensus was that women preferred comedy a bit softer. -Judd Apatow

Lots of models have played mermaids throughout history and it is, kind of, a funny rite of passage. -Gemma Ward

To this day I clean better than most maids. -Ernest Borgnine

I think every little girl is fascinated with mermaids whether you are familiar with 'Splash' or 'Little Mermaid' or things like that. I did remember the film but I didn't watch it going into 'Aquamarine.' -JoJo

Had 'Bridesmaids' not ended up being so amazing and successful, we would never have been able to make 'Bachelorette.' So we are in awe of 'Bridesmaids' and totally owe them so much. -Lizzy Caplan

Listen, I didn't know how to make coffee when I came to the United States. Because in Colombia the maids do it. -Sofia Vergara

It's wonderful that so many people want to contribute to fighting aids or malaria. But, if somebody isn't paying attention to the overall health system in the country, a whole lot of money can be wasted. -Paul Wolfowitz

Bridesmaids are never going to upstage the bride. -Georgina Chapman

The American audience has really opened up to women being A.) funny and B.) kinda crude. 'Bridesmaids' is R-rated, and I think it was a major coup for women to have an R-rated comedy that did really well. Same as 'Bad Teacher.' -Chris Pratt

After 'Bridesmaids,' women know who I am. -Chris O'Dowd

I'd love to do a comedy like 'Bridesmaids;' I think that would be so fun. I would play the Kristen Wiig character. -Emma Roberts

Really good comedic roles for women are far and between, with the exception of 'Bridesmaids,' where everyone said it broke down so many doors for women – and it did. I would like to do something like that. I think it would be really great! -Sara Paxton

You ready? I have gold teeth, I have braids, I'm wearing Rick Owens moon boots, I have rips in my denim, a biker vest, I love artsy girls, my favourite artists are Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. I'm obsessed with being different. -ASAP Rocky

When I started, it was all meter maids or the sassy nurse, or the sassy receptionist in the hospital. And I felt like: Are those the only jobs that large, black women have? -Retta

I think audiences have always wanted to see women in the movies, but every time a movie like 'Bridesmaids' comes out, everyone says, 'Oh how funny, people do want to see women in the movies.' -Isla Fisher

When I came to America I thought, 'Wouldn't it be awesome to get into one movie?' And then I get cast in 'Bridesmaids' as my first job here and it's such a huge movie. -Rebel Wilson

It is true that raids and battles killed a tiny percentage of the numbers that die in modern warfare. But in tribal violence, the clashes are more frequent, the percentage of men in the population who fight is greater, and the rates of death per battle are higher. -Steven Pinker

I tell people that if I'm ignoring them, chances are I may not have heard them. I depend on hearing aids, but I've not found it a problem. I'm visually very aware! -Joseph Mawle

During World War II, the pilot losses were staggering. In some bombing raids, as many as 80% of the planes that left did not return. -Simon Sinek

Maids in India have egos. Big egos. They do not like being spoken to curtly, and they do not like to be abruptly instructed by a woman they do not know. They come with the feeling that they already know everything. So while training them to do things your way, speak gently, and when they do it right, appreciate it. -Karisma Kapoor

When I work out, I wear two in-the-ear hearing aids for comfort, and then I wear the behind-the-ears for my day-to-day non-physical activities, when I need maximum hearing and to communicate with people and do interviews! -Lou Ferrigno

Those who have come into Formula One without experiencing cars devoid of electronic aids will find it tough. To control 800 horse power relying just on arm muscles and foot sensitivity can turn out to be a dangerous exercise. -Michael Schumacher

In my college days, I went wild with my hair. I dyed it every color in the book and, quite naturally, my hair would break off from all the damage. When our hair breaks off, of course, there's only one thing to do – braid it up. I wore braids for a while and would always feel like I just never knew what to do with my hair. -Kimberly Elise

I go to this gym full of stunt men. There aren't any TVs or treadmills there. This is a spit-and-sawdust kind of place. It has a lot of great training aids – trampolines and bags and every weapon ever invented to do harm to a human being. If you want to know how to throw a knife, it's great. -Jason Statham

Having Black hair is unique in that Black women change up styles a lot. You can walk down one street block in New York City and see 10 different hairstyles that Black women are wearing: straight curls, short cuts, braids – we really run the gamut. -Queen Latifah

I'm particularly proud of my work with the Starkey Hearing Foundation for whom I raised a million dollars in one day on 'Celebrity Apprentice.' They do great work around the world helping deaf children in developing countries get proper attention and free hearing aids. -Marlee Matlin

I'm a 'Bridesmaids' type of girl. I love silliness. That's who I am at heart, and I know I can do it. If my career path takes me elsewhere, that's great. But comedy is my forte. -Kaley Cuoco

When I ask my medical students to describe their image of a woman who elects to birth with a midwife rather than with an obstetrician, they generally describe a woman who wears long cotton skirts, braids her hair, eats only organic vegan food, does yoga, and maybe drives a VW microbus. -Alice Dreger

You should know that I've been hearing-impaired, not quite since birth, but I've been wearing hearing aids since I was 13, so I'm very conscious of the difficulty of voice communication. -Vint Cerf

One year, I was a go-go girl for Halloween, and I got all this glitter eye shadow, my hair was poufy with braids, I was wearing all these different colors and fake eyelashes that went all the way up to my eyebrows. I totally enjoy the whole Halloween feel. -Olivia Holt

If you want to lose weight, you have to be obsessed with it. You can't depend upon your dietician, your trainer or various health aids that you have. You have to be organised. And believe me, it isn't that difficult. The first 10 days are terrible because you have to break the lifelong habits that you have made. -Kajol

Any charity that aids or supports trying to find a cure for cancer is very close to my heart. My mom had cancer multiple times, so it's something that I can relate to. -Jennette McCurdy

Since the nineteen-fifties, rural Florida has marketed itself to Northerners and Midwesterners as an unexplored paradise of citrus and mermaids. -Anne Hull

The Internet is emblematic of an era in which what happens in Southeast Asia or southern Africa – from democratic advances to deforestation to the fight against aids – can affect Americans. As has been observed about water pollution, we all live downstream now. -Shashi Tharoor

I don't have maids or servants, and my husband and I love waking up early and going to the 24-hour supermarket when there is nobody else there. -Dolly Parton

When I was a kid, I'd wake up extraordinarily early every morning and turn on the television, scanning for episodes of 'The Jetsons.' For some reason, I loved the notion of a future where there would be flying cars, supercomputers, and most of all, robot maids to take care of the chores. -Ben Shapiro

I sometimes wish I had been educated a Catholic, in order to unite the poetry of religion with its higher principles. Are they necessarily inseparable? Is man really so much of a philosopher, that he can conceive of truth in its abstract purity, and divest life and the affections of all the aids of the imagination? -James Fenimore Cooper

Because of the earlier loss of the two elder siblings, my brother and I lived a very pampered and protected life. Nursemaids kept constant watch. With my parents busy at dinner parties and social events, we only met them as if for a daily royal audience. -Charles K. Kao

The raids on Freedom House, the National Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute, the Adenauer Foundation, and other groups helping Egyptians move toward respect for democratic politics and human rights were of a piece with the practices of Hosni Mubarak – only bolder and more repressive. -Elliott Abrams

Barack Obama's military triumphs will come neither in long wars nor even short ones, but in a series of raids. -Elliott Abrams

We all wish there were more 'Bridesmaids' out there. -Gillian Jacobs

It was really exciting to see how 'Bridesmaids' was accepted and how well it did. -Lauren Miller

'Bridesmaids' proved there was an audience there that we knew was there. It proved that women go to the movies. They want to see story about themselves. -Lauren Miller

With 'Titanic,' you have all the first-class passengers interwoven with wonderful stories about the maids and the engineers, the people downstairs in the galleys. -Sophie Winkleman

I'm living in New York, getting paid to do what I love. I get to boss people around, wear a fancy costume, dance with beautiful mermaids, and meet my fans every night at the stage door. I'm loving it. -Drew Seeley

Kids flew B-17s in daylight bombing raids over Germany in World War II. Kids fought in Korea and Vietnam. -Dan Jenkins

I love Jennifer Aniston. I'm a bit obsessed with her. I also love Kristen Wiig, and obviously, 'Bridesmaids' is one of the funniest movies ever. I do have some of her 'SNL' skits that I've saved on my computer and stuff. -Jillian Rose Reed

My humor is a lot like Kristen Wiig's from 'Saturday Night Live' or 'Bridesmaids.' Quirky, off the beaten path. -Nicole Ari Parker

With female-oriented movies, unless it's something like 'Bridesmaids' or a romantic comedy, you've got to really worry about your opening weekend. And I'm always telling stories about women, not younger women, and it's just a much tougher audience to get to the movie theater. -Callie Khouri

I miss my hair, but I feel like going out there with some fake braids wouldn't be right. I want to be the most genuine performer I can be. -Sharon Jones

My nan was a nursery maid. Most people weren't in big houses. They were maids of all work. -Sarah Waters

My sister and I used to act as maids and waitresses at my great aunt and uncle's cocktail parties, which were very much sort of retired, minor stars of the Yiddish theater and the Yiddish opera. -Amy Bloom

I have serious hearing loss. I'm challenged if I don't have my hearing aids in. -Al Jarreau

I grew up using hearing aids, and I had speech therapy and so forth, and that helped me to develop a passion for music and helped me to develop my drumming talents. -Sean Berdy

I remember sitting in the theater watching 'Bridesmaids,' and I'm doubled over laughing, and then I'm crying in the same movie. It's the overwhelming feeling, as I'm looking up and seeing these women, and I'm realizing how rare it is to see that. -Gina Prince-Bythewood

What too few people mention when discussing crime is the degree to which concentrated poverty, hopelessness and despair are the chambermaids of violence and incivility. -Charles M. Blow

Every time a person sacrifices himself for a larger injustice, it aids in the cycle of change. -Amy Carter

We fill our lives with all sorts of things that make it easier for us to get along in the world: wheelchairs, crutches, grabber sticks, hearing aids, canes, guide dogs, modified vehicles, ramps, as well as other kinds of services and supports. Disability does not necessarily mean dependence on other people. -Stella Young

My parents were born in the 1930s, and they experienced the air raids on Tokyo. -Hideo Kojima

I just love mermaids. I was a mermaid in my past life. I just feel it when I go in the sea. I just feel a connection there between me, and the water, and the fish – they speak to me – and the shells – they ring out to me. -Ella Henderson

I had a great career in Australia, so it was a hard decision to move to America. But in 2010, I was asked to audition for the part Melissa McCarthy ended up playing in 'Bridesmaids.' -Rebel Wilson

I think 'Bridesmaids' has changed things socially and culturally. Before, it was really difficult for women to do scatological humour without seeming gross. -Rebel Wilson

Predicting what content is going to fly is like looking into a crystal ball. I try not to say, 'Yeah, 'Bridesmaids' opened the door to make more movies about women.' I mean, did it? I don't know; where are they? -Elizabeth Banks

One of the advantages of something like Slack is that I tap on the app icon, and it's just the people at my company and just the people I work with. There's a strong boundary there which aids in comprehension. It's one less molecule of glucose in my brain to manage it all. -Stewart Butterfield

When I wrote my first book, 'Koolaids,' I felt rejected and not wanted. -Rabih Alameddine

Drama aids self-discovery like nothing else. In removing it from our schools, we remove the inestimable benefits of it from our society. No amount of studying oxbow lakes was ever going to help me emotionally through the death of my father. -Rory Kinnear

I don't play Hollywood maids, the hee-hee kind of people who are so in love with their madam's children they have no time for their own. -Esther Rolle

'Hollywood maids' are so idiotic. They grin at everything. I told Norman Lear I didn't want to play a maid because of that 'hee-hee/grin-grin' attitude, and he said, 'Who said I wanted that?' He told me he wanted two strong women that are the black and white of the same coin. I said, 'Oh, well – in that case, I'll be right there!' -Esther Rolle

I didn't go Hollywood on the outside with flashy cars, upstairs maids and mink-covered bathroom fixtures. I went Hollywood on the inside, and that's worst of all. I tried to avoid being natural. I lowered my voice. I copied the mannerisms of other stars. I struck poses. -Joan Caulfield

Night raids are only the first step in the American detention process in Afghanistan. Suspects are usually sent to one of a series of prisons on U.S. military bases around the country. There are officially nine such jails, called Field Detention Sites in military parlance. -Anand Gopal

If night raids and detentions are an unavoidable part of modern counterinsurgency warfare, then so is the resentment they breed. -Anand Gopal

The letters I really love are from young actresses who were worried they had to fit a certain look. They say I've opened it up. And I don't just mean plus-size girls. You can push things now. With all the great performances in 'Bridesmaids', it changed how people see funny women. -Melissa McCarthy

I think 'Mean Girls' was a kind of significant movie. It was a very successful comedy, and it was also before 'Bridesmaids,' and it really launched some of today's biggest women in comedy. -Neil Flynn

I'm a black woman who loves hair. I enjoy changing my hair, having fun with it – just hair! I go from braids, to weaves, to wigs, to natural hair. -Tasha Smith

My natural hair is short and naturally grows to frame my face. So that's my favorite. I also like tree-braids. They're easy, fast, there's not much pulling on your hair, and they are very lightweight. -Erica Ash

My five best friends, who were my bridesmaids in my wedding, are still my best friends. -Jill Kargman

I didn't have any bridesmaids. Instead, one friend did my hair, another did my makeup, and a third loaned me her shimmering Jimmy Choo wedges! -Keltie Knight

I am especially fascinated with mermaids, and they are always coming out in pirate stories. -Yasmine Al Masri

Like the practice of breath control, meditation on the forms of God, repetition of mantras, food restrictions, etc., are but aids for rendering the mind quiescent. -Ramana Maharshi

I love all types of braids. Single, multiple, box braids – I try them all. -Zendaya

Braids are not new. Black women have been wearing braids for a very long time. -Zendaya

For a long time, I lived in West Hollywood and watched young gay men strolling through life having no idea what came before. They didn't know about the riots at Stonewall, the vice squad, the raids. -Taylor Negron

Though Washington had closed down for the holidays, the next day, December 26, a key message from Hanoi brought Kissinger racing back to his office. It was the signal the White House had anxiously been awaiting; it was also the day of one of the biggest raids by the giant B-52s. -Alistair Horne

I become so sentimental on planes: I could be watching 'Bridesmaids' and start crying. -Julia Stiles

For a time, I believed not in God nor Santa Claus, but in mermaids. They seemed as logical and possible to me as the brittle twig of a seahorse in the zoo aquarium or the skates lugged up on the lines of cursing Sunday fishermen – skates the shape of old pillowslips with the full, coy lips of women. -Sylvia Plath

I think the sea swallowed dozens of tea sets – tossed in abandon off liners or consigned to the tide by jilted brides. I collected a shiver of china bits, with borders of larkspur and birds or braids of daisies. No two patterns ever matched. -Sylvia Plath

It's hard to brief in the Oval. You know, you can't – no visual aids, hard to roll out something in front of somebody. -Michael Hayden

When people have hearing loss, I think they often take that burden and pass it on to their friends and family, and we make them scream and yell at us so we can hear! But I think it's better to take responsibility and wear hearing aids! -Norm Crosby

Hearing aids didn't cause any problem with my social life, my career, no problem at all, and I've been wearing them for a long time. As a matter of fact, once I became an entertainer and started working on television, I was probably the first performer to talk about hearing problems on the air. -Norm Crosby

In 'Bayou Magic,' I bring in the cultural tradition of African mermaids – Mami Wata, the mother goddesses. -Jewell Parker Rhodes

In 'Bayou Magic,' I write about African goddess-mermaids who accompanied slaves to America. -Jewell Parker Rhodes

There is a lot of contradictions of mermaids as a symbol. I'm always interested in contradictions. -Lydia Millet

Radio Astronomy has added greatly to our understanding of the structure and dynamics of the universe. The cosmic microwave background radiation, considered a relic of the explosion at the beginning of the universe some 18 billion years ago, is one of the most powerful aids in determining these features of the universe. -Robert Woodrow Wilson

'Bridesmaids,' I think, opened up a door to allow women to show a bunch of different women in different ways of being funny. It was kind of like an arrival moment. -Kay Cannon

They sell these golf aids that attach to your knee and your head and are supposed to keep your swing correct. It's futile beyond belief. I've never bought any, but I could watch those ads for 24 hours straight. People with straight faces saying this thing will take strokes off your game – that's my peculiar obsession. -Christopher Guest

My daughter recommended Chris O'Dowd to me after seeing him in 'Bridesmaids,' so I watched that and his sitcom, 'The IT Crowd.' When I was over in London, we met up, and I knew immediately he was the right person. -Christopher Guest

I generally like to wear my hair down, preferably with soft curls. But when I'm having a bad hair day, I like to wear my hair in French braids or fishtail braids. -Yami Gautam

In a lot of movies, African-Americans are either maids or slaves, but that's not all they were. We need to show that. And we can't keep erasing history. -Allison Schroeder

Ground operations are inherently very risky in Yemen. The two previous JSOC raids in Yemen were both in 2014. -Peter Bergen

In the past, Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC, of which SEAL Team 6 is a key component, has only launched ground raids in Yemen when the lives of hostages held by al Qaeda seemed at risk. -Peter Bergen

My favorite festival beauty look is definitely braids and hats: a messy fishtail braid and a cute outfit, and I'm ready! -Kelsea Ballerini

It's very hard to fake. When you see Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig in 'Bridesmaids,' you can tell they really love each other. -Jessica St. Clair

The odds of having films made which star women… Everyone still references one movie: 'Bridesmaids!' -Patricia Clarkson

When I was growing up, I actually went through, in New York City, blackouts when we had to close the windows and worry about air raids. I don't know whether or not those were realistic worries or not, but as a kid, when we all had to run around pulling down the drapes and turning the lights off; it was a very frightening experience. -George A. Romero

I come from a long line of below-stairs maids and gardeners. Good ol' peasant stock. My mother and her sister made a quantum leap out of that life. Then I made another quantum leap. -Julie Andrews

I ended up living in braids. It was the '90s – thin braids were very popular – and my mom took me to a lady's kitchen. I got it done, and I've never stopped. -Jessica Williams

My natural hair is who I am. I have lots of braids, and I have lots of twists, but it's all very low maintenance. I feel like I can get up and go and get out of the house. I just don't have it in me to get my hair done all the time. -Jessica Williams

My parents separated when I was young, and as a result, my father had to learn how to braid our hair on the nights my sisters and I would stay with him. We would arrive to school the next morning with these incredibly endearing lopsided braids he had fashioned. This may have expedited the process of my learning how to braid my own hair. -Hailey Gates

I think one of the great things about 'Bridesmaids' is that it's a big studio comedy, but all of the relationships in it are so grounded that you're watching a real movie. -Adam Scott

Parents want their children to excel, callers to a victims' hot line want help, and sick people want to get well. Offering aids is like providing an alarm clock: it may help people get to an appointment on time, but no one is forcing them to use it. -Richard Thaler

In the end, a lifeform is always a hybrid, a being endowed with some X-power such as being able to breathe for a few seconds out of water. That's how evolution works. Spectrally. We are all mermaids. -Timothy Morton

I played several maids in my career. I was tired of the maid after 'Far From Heaven.' I said, no more maids. Until I realized how difficult it was to get a role other than a maid, sometimes, in Hollywood, and sometimes you have to choose your battles, for lack of a better term. -Viola Davis

Particularly for back-to-school, braids are a great way of showcasing your personal style. It doesn't stop at your clothes; it extends to how you wear your hair. -Elaine Welteroth

I think braids over all allow you to play with your identity a little bit and just have some fun and show off your creativity. -Elaine Welteroth

When I was young, I dreamt of being a starlet in Hollywood. But there comes a point in every African American's life when you realize the limitations, that you could only play maids or some little supporting role. Even Lena Horne couldn't get good parts. -Ruby Dee

Dad could speak with a strong voice. And luckily, he was very good at lip-reading, so he was able to disguise his deafness well. He tried various hearing aids but would find them fiddly and uncomfortable, and worse, they often made horrible high-pitched noises. -Rachel Shenton

Every day. Every single day, I can watch 'Bridesmaids.' -Lashana Lynch

If you're the handsome white guy, you tend to get cast as guys who are meant to be convincing in their jobs. What I've been fortunate enough to do, whether it's playing a certified idiot on '30 Rock' or a weirdo in 'Bridesmaids,' is play against that in a lot of ways. -Jon Hamm

My hair was curly, and everyone else's was straight or in micro braids. I didn't have a lot of money, so I shopped at thrift stores. And I'm petite – I never looked shapely. I remember thinking, 'Will I ever have that stereotypical round, full butt that people think most black women have? I had to find another way to feel good about myself. -Ashleigh Murray

When people talked about O.J. Simpson being race-neutral, that was a race card. It just meant we don't think of him as black. But race-neutral is just like flesh-tone Band-aids. It's not neutral; it's white. -Kimberle Williams Crenshaw

I've always loved mermaids! -Jazz Jennings

Mermaids are just the most whimsical, mystical creatures of all time. -Jazz Jennings

Trump's racism has clearly driven his policy decisions during his first year in office – from his Muslim ban and his despicable treatment of DREAMers to his ruthless ramp-up of immigration raids and the callous termination of protections for Haitians and Salvadorans who fled natural disaster and violence. -Opal Tometi

Our rules need to keep pace with current technology so that Americans who use hearing aids can easily use phones. -Ajit Pai

I loved those movies from the eighties, movies like 'Working Girl,' 'Nine to Five,' 'Outrageous Fortune,' 'The Heat,' 'Bridesmaids,' 'Pitch Perfect,' and others. -Camille Perri

Ofglen is a little different than the other Handmaids because she has a really rebellious spirit and she has the hope that she could escape. -Alexis Bledel

I love braids and just generally playing around with different hairstyles, especially for festivals and photoshoots. -Anne-Marie

Our communities will become more – not less – dangerous when local police officers are pulled from their duties to arrest otherwise law-abiding maids, busboys, and day laborers for immigration violations. -Kevin de Leon

I think women have always been funny. But when Tina Fey became head writer at 'Saturday Night Live,' the culture shifted, and women gained a bigger voice in comedy. It's not as if Hollywood producers are feminists. It's more that Hollywood said, ''Bridesmaids' made us so much money, all we want now is funny women.' -Cecily Strong

I don't know what aids creativity. All I know is that it feels natural to hold a guitar in my hands and sing. -Mark Kozelek

'Bridesmaids' was phenomenal. It deserves every accolade it's gotten, and it's exciting for every woman in comedy. -Janet Varney

I am a little deaf now. Without my hearing aids in, I miss a lot of peripheral sounds. I had tinnitus, too, for a while. -Roger Taylor

When hearing aids were first mentioned, I pictured myself as that old geezer at the back of the church with the whistling ear trumpet, but you can't see these Phonak hearing aids, and people don't realise you've got them in. -Roger Taylor

Hearing loss has not affected my vocal range. I can still pitch perfectly, but without the hearing aids, I don't hear the intricate high parts of the actual spectrum. -Roger Taylor

Our immigration system is fundamentally broken, and ICE's role in supporting the existing system – including separating families seeking refuge in the United States and conducting indiscriminate deportation raids in our communities – is creating an atmosphere of toxic fear and mistrust in immigrant communities. -Ayanna Pressley

I get braids all the time. You can't tell me I'm acting black because I braid my hair. That makes no sense whatsoever. -Danielle Bregoli

I had braids before. They were real long, and they were black, but my mom made me cut them for the McDonald's job. Then, when I got the job, everybody had long braids and colored hair. -Lil Yachty

I love playing Rosie on 'Devious Maids,' and I think that if Rosie would have an NFL team to root for, she would also be a Cleveland Browns fan. -Dania Ramirez

When Melissa McCarthy came out with 'Bridesmaids,' all of a sudden you saw a plus-sized woman who had three dimensions, was not an appendage, was pivotal to the plot. -Donna Lynne Champlin

I was born in 1926, right. In 1939, war broke out. And that has a tremendous effect on everybody's life because the basic principle of a human being is whether they're gonna be alive or dead in the morning. Now with the war on, you can't guarantee that, especially living in a city like Leeds where we had air raids and all that. -Jimmy Savile

Man, I loved The Smiths so much. I thought they looked awesome, and Morrissey had hearing aids like my Papaw. -Ryan Adams

I decided that it's going to be both Joe and Nick. Dani has an older and a younger sister, so it works out really well. I can have two best men, and she can have two maids of honor. -Kevin Jonas

I would never mess around with braids and curls and everything. -Amanda Schull

When you go to hotels, who are the maids who work at most of those hotels? A lot of them are immigrants. We take pride in that because we're in a better place and want to provide for our families. -Kamaru Usman

I don't want to hear any more women talk about how they want to be… mermaids. -Iliza Shlesinger

When a government forcibly holds enough people indefinitely without trial, it evokes the kinds of raids, detention, and abuses of power associated with authoritarian states – or darker periods in American history. -Ari Melber

I was actually quite surprised how many more mythologies there are about mermaids than the ones our society knows. I was so pleasantly surprised for 'Siren' to add quite an original idea to that: One that is a predator. One that is very intelligent but still has to survive in the ocean with all of its challenges. -Eline Powell

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