Best Quotes About Addiction

Nothing is more singular about this generation than its addiction to music. -Allan Bloom

Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism. -Carl Jung

Everybody smokes! Models, actresses, everyone! Don't they realize that it's gross? I understand it's an addiction, but it still pains me to see my friends do it. -Kirsten Dunst

A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health. -Clarence Day

All sins tend to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is damnation. -W. H. Auden

Money doesn't mind if we say it's evil, it goes from strength to strength. It's a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy. -Martin Amis

We must move in our recovery from one addiction to another for two major reasons: first, we have not recognized and treated the underlying addictive process, and second, we have not accurately isolated and focused upon the specific addictions. -Anne Wilson Schaef

We may think there is willpower involved, but more likely… change is due to want power. Wanting the new addiction more than the old one. Wanting the new me in preference to the person I am now. -George A. Sheehan

We are taught to consume. And that's what we do. But if we realized that there really is no reason to consume, that it's just a mind set, that it's just an addiction, then we wouldn't be out there stepping on people's hands climbing the corporate ladder of success. -River Phoenix

I wanted to write about the moment when your addictions no longer hide the truth from you. When your whole life breaks down. That's the moment when you have to somehow choose what your life is going to be about. -Chuck Palahniuk

Marijuana is a much bigger part of the American addiction problem than most people – teens or adults – realize. -John Walters

It is hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it. -Ken Hensley

I love making people laugh. It's an addiction and it's probably dysfunctional, but I am addicted to it and there's no greater pleasure for me than sitting in a theater and feeling a lot of people losing control of themselves. -Jay Roach

For decades the American people have had an addiction to oil and gas. -Lee H. Hamilton

Religious work is one of the best ways to keep from facing your reality if you are Christian, if you are using it to calm the pain, because that it what all addictions are, attempts to cover the pain of this spiritual disease. -Keith Miller

Beneath all of these addictions is this disease, this control disease which is the mark of our society. -Keith Miller

We have seen what the dependence and addiction to foreign oil has done to us economically. -Ron Kind

We clearly need to break our addiction on Saudi Arabian oil that is a security threat to the United States. -Jay Inslee

The need to help spread democracy and the ability to do that will be much greater if we break this addiction to oil, which gives the oil princes and sultans the power in the Mideast. -Jay Inslee

It is time to end the discrimination against people who need treatment for chemical addiction. It is time for Congress to deal with our Nation's number one public health problem. -Jim Ramstad

It's about avoiding reality through various escape routes that become addictions and lead to Hell. My character is addicted to television, chocolate, coffee, to her dream of her son, which has no basis in reality. -Ellen Burstyn

Although the Chinese had used opium as a medicine, there was no widespread addiction before the British arrived. -Robert Trout

I had always turned it down-to me, smoking pot was absolutely the worst thing in the world. I thought of it as an addiction, and all my friends who smoked it, I felt they really needed help. -Tommy Rettig

One trait of addictive families is that we never recognize our own addictions. -Lorna Luft

No one is immune from addiction; it afflicts people of all ages, races, classes, and professions. -Patrick J. Kennedy

I started producing work with an ecstatic addiction. -Ben Nicholson

People who have never had an addiction don't understand how hard it can be. -Payne Stewart

You can change a person's life in an instant; put him in a movie, and you start thinking differently, you want to be in another movie. It's like an addiction almost. -Dennis Farina

People should watch out for three things: avoid a major addiction, don't get so deeply into debt that it controls your life, and don't start a family before you're ready to settle down. -James Taylor

I have a bit of a traveling addiction, and, ah, yeah. I went to, ah, Bali this summer. -Fisher Stevens

I wanted to do an episode about Chuck having a gambling problem. I wanted to portray my addiction on the show. But I think it's a little edgy for Saturday night. -Fisher Stevens

Coffee and smoking are the last great addictions. -Lara Flynn Boyle

When the President was asked about global warming at a public appearance yesterday, he responded by talking about America's addiction to oil. You make the connection. -Gwen Ifill

I admire anyone who rids himself of an addiction. -Gene Tierney

I've triumphed over addiction. -Tatum O'Neal

Despite the previous efforts of Congresses, our addiction to foreign oil, as the President stated, is greater today than ever before. That dependency is a threat to our national security, and we must address that threat. -Jim Costa

Practically every environmental problem we have can be traced to our addiction to fossil fuels, primarily oil. -Dennis Weaver

There's a pattern when tours start – a pattern of infighting, of making up, of breaking up, of addiction. There's a pattern of going to jail. There's a pattern of passion for music. -Nikki Sixx

We need to reduce or at least limit U.S. demand for oil as quickly as possible, and we need to develop new technologies that can further help address our addiction to oil in the future. -Sherwood Boehlert

The effect of the mass media is not to elicit belief but to maintain the apparatus of addiction. -Christopher Lasch

The model of ownership, in a society organized round mass consumption, is addiction. -Christopher Lasch

Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction. -Edward Teller

This dark diction has become America's addiction. -Kanye West

It's an addiction… and addiction is something I should know something about. -Keith Richards

The addiction to sports, therefore, in a peculiar degree marks an arrested development in man's moral nature. -Thorstein Veblen

We've observed that people who stall in their personal growth work often have counterproductive soft addictions that stand in their way of growth and having the life they say they want. It can be a simple thing, such as watching TV instead of finishing a project. -Judith Wright

Soft addictions are an alluring, seductive aspect of our culture – they are easy to attain and socially acceptable, they are even encouraged in many cases. Yet they are lethal to the spirit. -Judith Wright

I remain convinced that obstinate addiction to ordinary language in our private thoughts is one of the main obstacles to progress in philosophy. -Bertrand Russell

I really love to act; I love everything about it. I've never had this addiction to being known. I mean, sure, if you go into acting, there's part of you that is saying, 'I want attention' but I was brought up to work to deserve attention, and it is the work, not the trappings that are important. -Christopher Meloni

The Gillard government must give up its addiction to wasteful spending borrowing and taxing. -Julie Bishop

It's an addiction. I love clothes. I like to go down Melrose and look in all the windows and I go to different flea markets. I have lots of costumes. You never know when you're going to have to dress up like a milkmaid from the 1600s. -Zooey Deschanel

Learning about all those different things psychologically – about grief and my own addictions and problems and stuff like that, and really getting an education on it, I think it was part of the process of it, learning about it and trying to lick it. -Richie Sambora

Smoking sucks! The one thing I would say to my kid is, 'It's not just that it's bad for you. Do you want to spend the rest of your life fighting a stupid addiction to a stupid thing that doesn't even really give you a good buzz?' -Katherine Heigl

I always think I am one of the millions and millions of people that struggles with an addiction to food. I don't know how to relax, that's my problem. -Carnie Wilson

For a while, I had this uncontrollable urge – this addiction to danger. Now I look back and I think, 'Gee, what an idiot. I was risking my life just for the sensation of it.' -Steven Seagal

Life without oil, in fact, would be so different that it is frightening to contemplate. We are addicted, and it is no comfortable addiction. -James Buchan

MySpace is an addiction. -Paulo Coelho

I have the obsessiveness of someone who's a sober, recovering addict displacing his addiction. Except I never had the addiction. -John Mayer

I have a writing addiction. -Prince

When I have a creative insight, there is a high. I think back in the day, I made music as much as I did because it made me feel so good. I think you could argue that there is a creative addiction – but, you know, the healthy kind. -Lauryn Hill

I started riding bikes when I was really young, but I stopped when I was 19 because my mother asked me to, so I stopped riding for 35 years and now I'm just addicted. It is my only addiction. -Mark Boone Junior

I have an addiction to caffeine. -Bill Ayers

Let us build a 21st-century rural economy of cutting-edge companies and technologies that lead us to energy and food security. Such an investment will revitalize rural America, re-establish our moral leadership on climate security and eliminate our addiction to foreign oil. -Tom Vilsack

Americans' addiction to sports, with the NFL at the top, is based on the excitement generated by the potential for the unexpected great play which can only happen with honest competition from great athletes. -Arlen Specter

Gang members have invariably grown up in broken, chaotic homes, often experiencing domestic violence; they have truanted from school and many have been formally excluded; and they live in neighbourhoods where worklessness, addiction and crime are rife. -Iain Duncan Smith

My three addictions of choice are food, love and work. -Alanis Morissette

I have a little bit of an addiction to work. So I'm always hiding in the bathroom with my Blackberry to work when I'm on holiday. -Penelope Cruz

I'm a former bulimic myself and it's a horrible, horrible addiction. -Janice Dickinson

I was in my mid-40s. I was a bulimic, and I realized if I continue with this addiction of mine, I will not be able to continue doing my life. The older you get the more damage it does; it takes longer to recover from a binge. And it was very hard. -Jane Fonda

Human decision-making is complex. On our own, our tendency to yield to short-term temptations, and even to addictions, may be too strong for our rational, long-term planning. -Peter Singer

If we want to address global warming, along with the other environmental problems associated with our continued rush to burn our precious fossil fuels as quickly as possible, we must learn to use our resources more wisely, kick our addiction, and quickly start turning to sources of energy that have fewer negative impacts. -David Suzuki

We humans have become dependent on plastic for a range of uses, from packaging to products. Reducing our use of plastic bags is an easy place to start getting our addiction under control. -David Suzuki

My addiction has always been beautiful women, being surrounded by them. -Corey Feldman

Sugar is more present in America or England than it is in France. I think there is an addiction to sweetness. -Pierre Dukan

My bulimia was my addiction. Hurting myself was my addiction… The music is what saved me. That's the only thing I can trust. -Nicole Scherzinger

Life is a series of baby steps along the way and if you add up these tiny little steps you take toward your goal, whatever it is, whether it's giving up something, a terrible addiction or trying to work your way through an illness. When you total up those baby steps you'd be amazed over the course of 10 years, the strides you've taken. -Hoda Kotb

The disaster in the Gulf was no accident. It was the result of years of oil money buying off politicians to lead to an unregulated and ill focused addiction to oil and drilling. The doomed fate of the local fisherman and the environment were foretold in the infamous chants of 'Drill, Baby, Drill.' -Robert Greenwald

All behavioral or mood disorders – including depression, OCD, ADHD and addiction – have some neurochemical components, but sufferers can still work to overcome them. -Jeffrey Kluger

It seems to me like Mother Nature's mercy and forgiveness have run dry, as we ceaselessly abuse her and take her for granted in order for us to continue our addiction to using fossil fuels. I've gotta say, I don't blame her. Not one bit. -Gloria Reuben

I am convinced now that virtually every destructive behavior and addiction I battled off and on for years was rooted in my (well-earned) insecurity. -Beth Moore

I've always thought legal addictions are a great way to create a business. Starbucks is a wonderful example. -Nolan Bushnell

All the suffering, stress, and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for. -Jon Kabat-Zinn

Contemplation is an alternative consciousness that refuses to identify with or feed what are only passing shows. It is the absolute opposite of addiction, consumerism or any egoic consciousness. -Richard Rohr

Anything that you can become obsessed with, and you do so much that you don't do the things you need to do with family, friends, school, job – that can be an addiction. And texting absolutely can qualify. -Dale Archer

Negative freedom is freedom from – freedom from oppression, whether it's a colonial power or addiction to alcohol oppressing you. You need to be freed from negative freedom. Positive freedom is freedom for, freedom to be. And that's what's routinely ignored today. -Os Guinness

Sometimes, when I hear people without experience of addiction blame addicts for their behaviour, I feel like saying to them: 'You simply don't understand – how can a child be held responsible for doing such a dreadful thing to himself?' But then again, at other times I have to acknowledge: it was done wilfully. -Will Self

It wasn't a deliberate decision to become a poet. It was something I found myself doing – and loving. Language became an addiction. -Yusef Komunyakaa

I have made an art form of the interview. The French are the best interviewers, despite their addiction to the triad, like all Cartesians. -Orson Welles

I was happier when pursuing success than I was when savoring its fruits; the attraction, perhaps the addiction, was in the process, as much as in its end. -Michael Steinhardt

Collection is an addiction. -Judith Miller

What fascinates me about addiction and obsessive behavior is that people would choose an altered state of consciousness that's toxic and ostensibly destroys most aspects of your normal life, because for a brief moment you feel okay. -Moby

There are all kinds of addictions, and I've got every single one. If you set me in front of anything, I will do it until I ram it into the ground and it's done working for me. -Andy Dick

Years of research in psychology has shown that rewards and punishments can be very effective in changing behavior. But, at the same time, they can create an addiction to rewards and punishments. -Barry Schwartz

Making money is certainly the one addiction I cannot shake. -Felix Dennis

What I've learned to do is arrest my addiction – arrest it myself, so I don't get arrested. -Rodney King

Pomegranate juice has staying power. It's not a fad. Once people have tasted POM Wonderful, they say they are addicted – and it's a good addiction to have. -Lynda Resnick

I have a severe addiction to 'Angry Birds.' I always tell myself, 'One more game…' But then there's always another and another and another. -Kevin Nealon

I talk to my kids about my mother's energy and how she would have loved them. I talk about how kind and polite my father was. So that they have some kind of remembrance that even though my parents died from their addictions and so that they know they were genuine in how they were. -Lemon Andersen

Romantic love is an addiction. -Helen Fisher

I know being pregnant and giving birth is the most wonderful thing on Earth. I know that after you have a baby, there is a sense of addiction, a need to have another. It's biological. -Janine di Giovanni

Exercise is like an addiction. Once you're in it, you feel like your body needs it. -Elsa Pataky

Stand-up, for me, is really more of an addiction, so you have to feed the beast whenever you can. -John Oliver

If trees can create art, if they can encircle the globe seven times in one year, if prisoners can grow plants and raise frogs, then perhaps there are other static entities that we hold inside ourselves, like grief, like addictions, like racism, that can also change. -Nalini Nadkarni

I think I have an addiction to pretty much everything. I mean, I have to be very careful with myself as far as that goes, which is why I have a support group around me consistently. -Corey Haim

I started to write in about 1950; I was thirty-five at the time; there didn't seem to be any strong motivation. I simply was endeavoring to put down in a more or less straightforward journalistic style something about my experiences with addiction and addicts. -William S. Burroughs

Not everybody is comfortable with the idea that politics is a guilty addiction. But it is. -Hunter S. Thompson

I am a professional sportswriter, among other things, and I take the games seriously. It is only one of my many powerful addictions, and I don't mind admitting any of them. -Hunter S. Thompson

Trying to overcome addiction is one of the hardest things for a person to do. And the fact that I had to do it under the scrutiny of tabloid press at first made it seem even more difficult. But in fact, it oddly ended up being a plus. Because of the tabloid stuff, it wasn't like I could walk into a bar and order a drink. -Matthew Perry

A lot of people think that addiction is a choice. A lot of people think it's a matter of will. That has not been my experience. I don't find it to have anything to do with strength. -Matthew Perry

I think we need to educate our doctors about addiction. -Matthew Perry

Over-eating is the addiction choice of carers, and that's why it's come to be regarded as the lowest-ranking of all the addictions. -Caitlin Moran

My father left when I was really young, but he's still living. There are things I wish I'd said that I didn't and I don't think I'll ever get the opportunity to say. He's battled addiction problems his entire life. I wish things were different. I wish there were a way my son could know him, know the good parts of him. -Sarah Shahi

The end of my addiction to fame happened at the exact moment 'Roseanne' dropped out of the top ten, in the seventh of our nine seasons. It was mysteriously instantaneous! -Roseanne Barr

I think golf is literally an addiction. I'm surprised there's not Golf Anonymous. -Larry David

There is no life to be found in violence. Every act of violence brings us closer to death. Whether it's the mundane violence we do to our bodies by overeating toxic food or drink or the extreme violence of child abuse, domestic warfare, life-threatening poverty, addiction, or state terrorism. -bell hooks

I think I have an adrenaline addiction, no question about that. -Tom Waits

I've become very interested in the spectrum of political discourse as seen on the cable news channels that are conveniently right in a row on my cable provider's dial. I can flip from Fox to CNN to HLN to MSNBC, and I find myself at night flipping it back and forth through them, and it's something of an addiction. -Chris Carter

I have to be careful with surfing. It's still an addiction to me. It's all I want to do, and that's the big dilemma I have with it. -Chris Carter

Twitter is a real addiction, like the color of it, the process of it. -Earl Sweatshirt

My mum thought my TV and film addiction was laziness. If you're an immigrant, you know you'll never be an accepted part of society, but you hope your children will be, and you try to make them essential to the community in a practical way – being a doctor or a lawyer. Acting was beyond their comprehension. -Sanjeev Bhaskar

That is the one single word that the food industry hates: 'addiction.' They much prefer words like 'crave-ability' and 'allure.' -Michael Moss

I'm always very stressed about making a new proposition every season. But in a way, it's a kind of addiction. -Nicolas Ghesquiere

I'm focused on the next generation, because I think it's very hard to break the habit of adults who've got salt and sugar addictions and just ways of being in this world. It's very hard even for the most enlightened people at famous universities that are very wealthy to spend the money that it takes to feed the students something delicious. -Alice Waters

In a storm of struggles, I have tried to control the elements, clasp the fist tight so as to protect self and happiness. But stress can be an addiction, and worry can be our lunge for control, and we forget the answer to this moment is always yes because of Christ. -Ann Voskamp

No addiction is good. -Jose Mujica

I had an addiction to play baseball. -Pete Rose

Everyone likes to hear that their eccentricities and their addictions are simply evidence of their sensitive artistic nature. -Russell Smith

I don't see my artist friends as any more neurotic or addiction-prone than the others. The roommates I have had who were into triathlons or environmentalism were just as crazy as the poets, just as prone to tears over gardening or air conditioners, just as ready to kite a cheque or binge on cookie dough. -Russell Smith

I am trying to break free from my stripes addiction, but the pull is strong! I need help buying non-stripes. -Gillian Jacobs

I am glad that Wimbledon is my last slam. I love the atmosphere and courts of SW19, and it is an addiction, which I will find tough to give up. -Mahesh Bhupathi

I don't have, you know, an 'overcoming addiction' story, other than the guitar itself, and I haven't overcome that. I don't have a jail time, you know, story, or any arrests. -Brad Paisley

Comics are in my blood. It's my strange addiction, and I love it. -Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

When I was at school, I wanted to join the army. At college, I started acting in college plays, and it became a kind of addiction. I was very shy when I was at school, but the plays seemed to give voice to my feelings. -Om Puri

Aleta St. James is an internationally renowned energy healer, life coach, best selling author, and more. Aleta does private sessions to release old resistance and shift out of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, addictions, infertility, and insecurity at a cellular level. -Jenna Morasca

Dyeing my hair has become a kind of addiction. I can't see myself as anything other than blond. Once you go blond, you stay blond forever. -Valeria Mazza

Checking your ego, abandoning it, letting it go, is a huge part of recovery from addiction. -Susannah Grant

At the end of a project I get very weird, you know, in my head because I'm not doing it. It's like an addiction. I have to do it. -Roberta Williams

At school, I was only allowed four sweets every Wednesday, so I've developed an addiction. -Trinny Woodall

Ottolenghi sells lots of delicious sweet things, but my daily addiction is their unbelievable dark chocolate salted caramel biscuits. They're the best things in the world – I go through half a packet every night. I bring them out after pudding at dinner parties. -Trinny Woodall

If I have one addiction in life, it's probably food. -Liam Hemsworth

I have a slight addiction to Diet Coke, and, of course, I absolutely shouldn't touch it because it makes the kidneys work really hard. -Sue Townsend

I taught myself computer. Then Macintosh came along, and it became a really bad addiction. If I wasn't in show business, I'd have pocket protectors growing out of my chest. I do everything on it. It's kinda sick. -Jeff Dunham

'Higher Power' was the result of a personal experience: a friend of mine who went through the process of addiction and recovery. It's a very, very tough thing – very easy to become addicted and very, very hard to become a recovering addict. -Tom Scholz

Method involves a slavish addiction to laws, and we can only aspire to anarchy. -Robert Pinsky

Gollum is entirely based on the notion of addiction. The way that the ring pervades him, makes him craving, lustful, depletes him physically, psychologically and mentally. -Andy Serkis

America's addiction to violence is partly evident in the heroes it chooses to glorify. -Henry Giroux

I bought myself a rubber brain, familiarized myself with its many parts, listened intently, and read more. In fact, I read obsessively, as my husband has told me repeatedly. He has even suggested that my rapacious reading resembles an addiction. -Siri Hustvedt

There is definitely an addiction to money that I have. -Conor McGregor

My heavily-cleverly disguised low self-regard manifested itself in my constant showing off, my addiction for publicity, and my intolerable 'me-me-me' attitudes and actions. But it's done, isn't it? And no one can really change, can they? And, hey, it has been a lot of fun being the life-long irresponsible, snarky, nasty art scamp. -Thomas Hoving

There is a quality of selfishness that is associated with an individual when they are in the depths of addiction. -David Dastmalchian

I've had an addiction for a long time to the whole business of maximizing one's potential, what I call human activation. The vehicle for actualizing oneself is choice, options, seeking out the proper choices. -Padgett Powell

Much of the U.S. Midwest is already running on bitumen. Do we want to extend this addiction? And at what cost? Or should we set other goals and say one to two million barrels of oil a day from the tar sands is all we really need to make the transition? -Andrew Nikiforuk

In college – while figuring the things out that most people do in college – I had no game. No confidence. I had Birkenstocks. And overalls. A budding romance novel addiction. But no cool. No poise. I was trying on a thousand different personalities, but a lot of them were formed by the perceptions of others. -Molly O'Keefe

Everybody knows that L.A. is known for its addiction to the single-passenger automobile, the gridlock, the congestion on the freeways. -Antonio Villaraigosa

Drama can be an addiction. It's so, so sneaky. Jealousy – all of those things can really send you in a lot of different crazy directions. -Christian Slater

That's what we were exploring on 'Larry Sanders' – the human qualities that have brought us to where we are now in the world: the addiction to needing more and wanting more and talking more. We were examining the labels put on success – is it successful to be on TV every day, to be famous, to have a paycheck? -Garry Shandling

Although I eat healthily, I do enjoy a greasy fry-up, but usually only once a year. I've also got a big Kit-Kat addiction and buy them in bulk. -Marie Helvin

Habits can be good or bad, whereas addictions are always bad. -Nir Eyal

Working and being involved in multiple businesses and fixing things has almost turned into an addiction, but I can't seem to want to change it. -Marcus Lemonis

Poverty is about people lacking the tools they need to get on in life. And solving it is about tackling educational failure, antisocial behaviour, debt problems and addiction, and of course it's about work. -Theresa May

The drug war has been a war where the direct casualties have primarily been America's poor; America's minorities; and often, unfortunately, America's vulnerable, in terms of people with disease and addiction and mental health. -Cory Booker

Working together with Democrats and Republicans, I passed legislation to help break the grip of addiction. By investing in prevention, treatment, and recovery, empowering law enforcement, and stopping the overprescribing of painkillers, we can turn the tide. -Rob Portman

If all Henry Kissinger contributed to the Middle East were a regional arms race, petrodollar addiction, Iranian radicalization, and the Tehran-Riyadh conflict, it would be bad enough. His legacy, however, is far worse than that: He has to answer for his role in the rise of political Islam. -Greg Grandin

Cigars, cigarettes, and hookah tobacco are all smoked tobacco – addictive and deadly. We need effective action to protect our kids from struggling with a lifelong addiction to nicotine. -Tom Frieden

There is no ground on which House Republican leaders should compromise until Democrats are finally ready to give up their spending addiction. -John Fleming

I have always enjoyed vampire stuff without ever having been a full vampire geek. I suppose I love the idea of blood thirst because it can say so much about us, not simply about addiction but about all those desires that can tear a family apart. -Matt Haig

If you're like me and love chatting about your latest box set addiction, then Sky Box Sets Club has everything you'll need to kick start conversations with friends on Twitter or in the office the next day. -Rose Leslie

India remains one of the few nations which still focuses entirely on an archaic de-addiction model, administered by the ministry of social justice and empowerment, to address drinking problems, adhering to a centuries-old idea of these problems being a moral disorder rather than a health condition. -Vikram Patel

If you've ever had anyone in your life who has been struggling with something, struggling with addiction or struggling with anything, and it's about the resilience of love and how much you're willing to struggle with somebody to preserve your relationship and to try to preserve them as a person. -Sarah Gadon

I have a bag and shoe addiction. If I were a doctor or a lawyer, I'd still have it. -Eva Chen

There's a certain addiction to sweat, for sure. I'm not the same person without it. If I don't get my hour of exercise in every day, then I'm not the person that I want to be. -Ryan Kwanten

It would be a very good thing for all involved – the country, an independent judiciary, and the Left itself – if liberals take a page from David von Drehle and their own judges of the New Deal era, kick their addiction to constitutional litigation, and return to their New Deal roots of trying to win elections rather than lawsuits. -Neil Gorsuch

If there's an addiction in the Clinton family, it's to problem solving. -Mary Steenburgen

I have a healthy addiction to binge-watching TV. -Lucas Till

Since beginning my work in areas like addiction, for example, I have seen time and time again that the roots of poor mental health in adulthood are almost always present in unresolved childhood challenges. -Kate Middleton

If you don't know someone who's had a problem with addiction, you will. -Dana Boente

I think that addiction is a very, very important thing that has to be treated, but has to be treated as a health problem and not as a police problem. -Wagner Moura

We have all learned that addiction and mental illnesses are illnesses, and I think a lot of people overlook that it is a chemical imbalance; it's like cancer, a sickness, and people need to see it as that. -Poppy Delevingne

I love apple sauce. I have an addiction – I don't know what it is, but I just love the texture of it. It reminds me of baby food. Not that I like to eat baby food. -Normani Kordei

'Moonlight' isn't an issue film. It's not about addiction, it's not about sexuality, it's not about identity. It's about all these different layers, because they are all a part of the character. -Barry Jenkins

These diseases, both alcoholism and addiction, much like bipolar or depression and different illnesses, are still not seen as real diseases. People shy away from seeking help because it's viewed as being somewhat morally off the path, that they've lost their way. -Jim Irsay

I really think the disease aspect gets lost when you're talking about alcoholism and addiction; it's not like you're battling leukemia or a heart problem; it is that. -Jim Irsay

I've struggled with depression in my life and sort of the way that the depression itself becomes an addiction. -Joanna Going

I had an addiction to sugar growing up – major, major, major. -Yvonne Strahovski

It's so fantastic to see redditors thriving because Reddit was able to be a part of their journey. Over the last decade, we've seen countless people improve their lives because of it – from quitting addiction to getting a Hollywood screenwriting deal – and I hope there will be many more talents who'll be discovered on our platform. -Alexis Ohanian

If your social media addiction comes between your relationship, you might want to quit. -Retta

Work is an addiction. I've always done too much. It's in my nature. -Jonathan Anderson

I would say I work very emotionally: I have a very compulsive way of working, where I love something to the moment I am sick of it. I have no addiction outside of work, so my addiction is that process. -Jonathan Anderson

I think what television and video games do is reminiscent of drug addiction. There's a measure of reinforcement and a behavioural loop. -Walter Becker

In my family and in my community, I see people struggling with drug addiction, with poverty and the effects of generational poverty; I see people struggling with lack of access to healthcare. -Jesmyn Ward

I look at the way that my kids interact with technology, and it becomes a mirror to the ways in which I myself interact with technology. I can see the ways in which that addiction and compulsion starts to settle in on them, and it's much more unnerving to see it in them than it is to experience it myself. -Franklin Foer

As parents, we have kids who reflect back to us our addiction to devices, and we have all sorts of worries about whether this is a healthy thing. -Franklin Foer

The effects of unresolved trauma can be devastating. It can affect our habits and outlook on life, leading to addictions and poor decision-making. It can take a toll on our family life and interpersonal relationships. It can trigger real physical pain, symptoms, and disease. And it can lead to a range of self-destructive behaviors. -Peter A. Levine

Multitasking creates a dopamine-addiction feedback loop, effectively rewarding the brain for losing focus and for constantly searching for external stimulation. -Daniel Levitin

Dramas about addiction can be exciting to watch. And then dispiriting. Exciting because degradation is fascinating to follow from the relative safety and smugness of an 'appropriate' life, and dispiriting because if all that sad mayhem can happen to this or that character, what's to keep it from happening to me or you? -Hilton Als

We have developed a case of oil addiction in Saudi Arabia. -Mohammad bin Salman

My mother, Marnie Fahr Steyer, was a lifelong smoker – up to three packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day. I like to think that, if Mom were still with us today, she'd be happy with the strides we've made to protect our children from the ongoing health crisis of tobacco addiction. -Tom Steyer

I'm the ultimate beauty junkie – that inspiration, obsession, and addiction is one of the main reasons I founded Pat McGrath Labs in 2015. So, when fellow beauty junkies spot me, there's nothing I enjoy more than discovering what they're addicted to. It's so inspiring! -Pat McGrath

From the beginning of my career, I've used makeup as a vehicle to express my vision, my obsessions, inspirations, and addictions. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing young people recreate some of my iconic looks. -Pat McGrath

For the self-conscious or insecure girl, technology can become a crippling addiction, an insatiable hunger not just for connection but the elusive promise of being liked by everyone. -Rachel Simmons

Nothing good could ever have come of my life if I hadn't been able to get therapy and overcome my addictions. -Susan Burton

I do a lot of book signings and conventions every year, and I meet a great many readers who are struggling… they're working through illness, injury, addiction, depression, grief, or some other trauma. It seems to me that there's a lot of heroism in fighting those things as well, as best you can. -Gail Simone

The thing about addiction is you think you're getting off on people, and you're not, and the only person you're fooling is yourself. -Columbus Short

I have a sugar addiction – when I don't eat sugar, my body literally shakes. It's not something I'm proud of. -Lili Reinhart

It is like an addiction: I get addicted to performing and touring. I get itchy and think, 'I've got to do this.' -Natalie Prass

Dependence on oil from volatile foreign markets undermines our economic security and threatens our national security. Moreover, that addiction is producing toxic air and a public-health epidemic. -Kevin de Leon

There isn't enough renewable fuel in the world to crack our growing addiction to foreign oil. We need to decrease miles driven and increase engine efficiency. -Kevin de Leon

I have an iPhone, but that's just because I need to take pictures of my 5- and 8 1/2-year-old kids. It becomes quite easily an addiction for people who aren't even aware that they're addicted. -Miriam Shor

Americans struggling with addiction need treatment and reduced access to deadly drugs. -Rod Rosenstein

Under the leadership of President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice is delivering results. Many federal, state, and local agencies are working with us to combat opioid addiction. -Rod Rosenstein

Talking about my addiction to alcohol is therapeutic. Most definitely telling everyone about it is as well. -Walker Hayes

Everyone is connected to somebody with some type of addiction. It's so ramped now. Everyone has an uncle, a cousin, somebody who has addiction. We all have addiction. -Diamond Dallas Page

Everybody has some kind of addiction. It's about how you get around that addiction. First, you have to break the habit like anything. You have to define the hurdle or the objective. -Diamond Dallas Page

Boxing is an addiction. -Amir Khan

It's just such an addictive sport. Only now I can understand why ex-fighters come back. That addiction helps me set new goals and targets. -Amir Khan

I'm talking about some real subjects and issues in my standup. I'm attempting to make a point about technology and how it's changing our society and our lives, and our addiction to social media, and how it affects marriages and relationships. -Tom Green

Yemen is a symbol of our continued military hubris in the Middle East – an addiction Obama was supposed to cure but didn't. -Chris Murphy

My relationship with the 'Baby-Sitters Club' series bordered on addiction, and my mom got me heavily into the Trixie Belden mysteries as well. Trixie Belden was like Nancy Drew, but without the boyfriends and cute outfits, which I think is the reason my mother preferred her. -J. Courtney Sullivan

I've got an addiction to this game. An addiction to being perfect. -Karl-Anthony Towns

'In Another Time' talks about our addiction to technology. -David Draiman

Being a manager is the closest buzz I'll ever get to playing. For every low, you get a high, and that becomes an addiction and a feeling you are always chasing. -Chris Coleman

I quit drinking because I thought somewhere I had fallen in that trap of addiction, and the only way to get out of it was to acknowledge it to myself. -Pooja Bhatt

If you don't have God in your life, you have to fill up on something. And you usually reach for the four great substitutes, the classical addictions: wealth, pleasure, power, and honor. So you try to fill yourself up. -Dion DiMucci

I started stealing in ninth grade. And I don't mean a pack of gum from the convenience store here and there. I mean stealing on the regular. It got really bad. It was one hundred percent an addiction. -Gigi Gorgeous

Of course a striker wants to score as much as possible. It's nice scoring goals. Goals are like an addiction: when you score, you want to keep doing more and more. -Aleksandar Mitrovic

I have a chicken-wing addiction… I sometimes can't get out of a restaurant without at least trying their chicken wings. So that's my great downfall. -Tim Ryan

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