Best Quotes About Acknowledgement

Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement. -Ludwig Wittgenstein

What we call 'evil' doesn't necessarily deserve any kind of respect or understanding, by any means; it just deserves an acknowledgement of its complexity so we can better understand it – so we can help prevent it. -Bryan Singer

With acknowledgement of residues, we can be more easily prepared to grant the unit of science, the overlapping of disciplines, and the total coherence of all facts. -Kenneth L. Pike

Money's not important to me. Movie star acknowledgement is not important to me. I don't want to be a big studio actress. I don't want to be in the limelight. -Moira Kelly

Indeed, the acknowledgement of God is not synonymous with religion. -Roy Moore

Anytime you deny the acknowledgement of God you are undermining the entire basis for which our country exists. -Roy Moore

The definition of a modern approach to war is the acknowledgement of individual lives lost. -Maya Lin

One can't doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed – different plans have to be made. And the kernel here is the acknowledgement of defeat. -William F. Buckley, Jr.

There are things coming from me that I felt I wanted to talk about. My search for my own blend of spirituality, my acknowledgement of my sexuality, my being the single mother of a young man. -Ana Castillo

I am highly offended by the total lack of acknowledgement of my contribution to Laker success. -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

'We, The People' is more than a statement of purpose. It is an acknowledgement of an obligation to each other. -Charlie Pierce

Meekness implies a spirit of gratitude as opposed to an attitude of self-sufficiency, an acknowledgement of a greater power beyond oneself, a recognition of God, and an acceptance of his commandments. -Gordon B. Hinckley

If there is something I am arguing, it is a critique of science. Science has consistently denied the existence of consciousness other than human. Only in the last 20 years do we have acknowledgement of animal feeling or culture or experience. -Barbara Ehrenreich

In England, there's no acknowledgement the invention of slavery came from Britain. -Chiwetel Ejiofor

Sometimes the best coaching advice you can get is simple acknowledgement that there's nothing else you could have done. -Hannah Kearney

If I audition for a job that I don't get, to be honest with you, I'd rather my friend get it. I think there also has to be an acknowledgement of the fact that, as an actor, being in employment is not the norm. -Ben Schnetzer

Like most readers, I tend to skip the acknowledgements at the beginnings of books: the 'To-My-Wife-Without-Whose-Invaluable-Assistance' kind of thing. -Gore Vidal

The feeling of being accepted and acknowledgement and recognition and fame – I'm vain like everybody else. The feeling of achievement that I've helped the poor or somebody in need far outweighs the money. -Joe Jamail

In schools giving students a full education, not to create great artists but about the right to have full expression and imagination and creativity, along with an acknowledgement that everybody learns differently. You try and you fail and you try again. All those skills are useful in the workplace, too. -Damian Woetzel

I didn't learn Chinese to write 'Confucius.' That would've been a monumental task. I have three friends who can translate Chinese text for me; all three helped me with my research on Confucius. They are acknowledged in my acknowledgements in the book. -Russell Freedman

Belief in God is an elementary form of selflessness – the acknowledgement of responsibility toward a hypothetical 'Other'. -Brian Stableford

When I was in school, my first acknowledgement of 'Roots' was Kunta Kinte. -Malachi Kirby

It's sad that people forget sometimes that there is a whole legitimate world of artists and actors out there that work their entire life, every day on perfecting their craft, but yet don't get any acknowledgement for their extraordinary commitment to their profession. -Yolanda Hadid

Men are much more likely to make sure the boss knows they were in the office until midnight. But women tend to avoid seeking that kind of acknowledgement for their work. They just assume that the boss knows – but the boss usually doesn't. I experienced that firsthand. -Caroline Ghosn

The acknowledgement and celebration of Juneteenth as an American and possibly international holiday is something that I would put in the life goals column for me. -Kenya Barris

There will always be people who think that money and benefits and even just having a job should be thanks enough. There are also those that think they do a great job without anyone having to thank them. But study after study has shown that no one is immune from the motivating effects of acknowledgement and thanks. -Mark Goulston

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