Best Quotes About Accessories

The basic thing nobody asks is why do people take drugs of any sort? Why do we have these accessories to normal living to live? I mean, is there something wrong with society that's making us so pressurized, that we cannot live without guarding ourselves against it? -John Lennon

Men who care passionately for women attach themselves at least as much to the temple and to the accessories of the cult as to their goddess herself. -Marguerite Yourcenar

I design for real people. I think of our customers all the time. There is no virtue whatsoever in creating clothing or accessories that are not practical. -Giorgio Armani

I loved playing Go Go, because the character's so extreme. And she's pretty close to my real character. Especially the fact that she liked her sword with a lot of accessories. -Chiaki Kuriyama

We estimated that we could make one of four cylinders with 4 inch bore and 4 inch stroke, weighing not over two hundred pounds, including all accessories. -Orville Wright

I think the accessories look very modern and very exciting. These big earrings, these big hoops. I think the girls are sort of falling in love with… collars, neck collars. -Ralph Lauren

Always a godmother, never a mother. That sucks. I've got to get me one of those little accessories. -Courteney Cox

I can't stand accessories. -Jules Asner

I love working with a stylist but I also love having personal relationships with designers. A stylist is great for pulling together an entire outfit, accessories included, and for shaking me out of my comfort zone. -Elizabeth Banks

It's not what you spend but how you wear it that counts. The key is often to dress up inexpensive basics with accessories. Something like a beautiful designer bag or belt can make everything else look richer and more luxurious. -Chloe Sevigny

I love street style, seeing how girls wear pieces and how their pair accessories with their outfit. How they pair shoes with a bag and go to day to night and change things up. -Maria Sharapova

I have always had an interest in fashion and design and I appreciate style and timelessness within my footwear and accessories both on and off the court. -Maria Sharapova

My motto is to go wild on the accessories – the belts, the hair clips, the jewelery. -Heidi Klum

We expanded the brand to include a whole line of apparel and accessories, but we quickly learned that it was not good to have one channel of distribution. -Kathy Ireland

I have a very classic take on fashion. I like my accessories to pop, but in general, my style is pretty classic. -Ashley Greene

Frankly, too many women treat their husbands as accessories instead of priorities. -Laura Schlessinger

In the summer I wear shorts with a bright top and ankle boots or just sandals. I'll add a nice scarf, maybe a hat, some cool sunglasses. It's all about the accessories. -Alessandra Ambrosio

Politics is traditionally a male domain in Russia. Until now, women have only been accessories. Now, female protest groups are emerging – not because men came up with the idea, but through their own efforts. That's something new for Russia. -Alexei Navalny

I've never had a specific style philosophy. I wear what I know works on me and I'll play around with accessories or some other fun additions for the outfit. -Hilary Rhoda

I love bold, colorful party dresses because they don't need accessories. Just throw one on and you're done. -Cat Deeley

I'm so excited for my first fragrance! I chose to partner with Dots because I love what they do for their customers, bringing them the hottest trends in fashion, accessories and fragrance at unbelievably low prices. It's amazing! -Jordin Sparks

Everyone has a best feature, so find clothes and accessories to accentuate those, whether it's your shoulders or your long legs! -Tim Gunn

I tend not to wear accessories. I'm not one of those gals with a drawerful of amazing jewelry. I don't even have my ears pierced! But I have one bracelet that never comes off my wrist. -Rachael Taylor

In every woman's wardrobe, there are certain accessories that cannot be separated from their back stories. -Sloane Crosley

Cute accessories always help bring out your outfit and pull it all together. -Ciara

I love accessories. I'm a girl. I love shoes. I love handbags. -Petra Stunt

I'm essentially a jeans girl, and I dress them up or down with accessories. For me, it's ultimately about a great pair of shoes. -Jessalyn Gilsig

I need to have a quick wardrobe. Two or three blazers with dark gray pants, two pairs of jeans, two light blue shirts, a casual shirt, two pairs of shoes, one formal one not. Small accessories like Tod's Greca belt and our woven bracelets for a wild touch. -Diego Della Valle

Matching your hat to your shoe to your bag, or your necklace to your earrings, has a tendency to look dated. Mixing up your accessories adds interest to an outfit, and can make you look much more modern and polished. -Stacy London

For many years I've been using Swarovski accessories when styling editorial photo shoots and also for red carpet appearances. -George Kotsiopoulos

I always like to incorporate one or two chic accessories that contrast with the more gritty look of my daily uniform: a leather jacket and jeans. -Johan Lindeberg

When I was a young boy, growing up in Durham, North Carolina, the women in my family were truly passionate about their clothes; nothing was more beautiful to me than women dressing with the utmost, meticulous attention to accessories, shoes, handbags, hats, coats, dresses and gloves to attend Sunday church services. -Andre Leon Talley

I started to grow microbial cellulose to explore an ecofriendly textile for clothing and accessories but, very quickly, I realized this method had potential for all sorts of other biodegradable consumer products. -Suzanne Lee

The older I get, the more I like the idea of utilitarianism. I think that I'm not a trend-driven person. I really believe in keeping your canvas very basic and sort of adding the accouterments from there. I look at creating intrigue with outfits through accessories. -Erin Wasson

I like Louis Vuitton accessories, but I'd never wear their clothes. No offense, it's just not my steeze. -Kid Cudi

I barely finish one pre-collection before I must start on another. Sales start, but I am already elsewhere creatively. The men's show is being prepared, but we also need to think about accessories, perfumes and other items. In sum, I never stop. -Alber Elbaz

I decided to do everything around fashion but fashion itself, and that's accessories. -Paloma Picasso

Once 'A.N.T. Farm' started, I was inspired by Chyna to jazz up my style. Now I paint my nails bright, fun colors and add a bunch of accessories and some cool shoes to jeans and a T-shirt. -China Anne McClain

I usually just dress myself. I typically make something or buy something and fix it up. I really like to spend my money on accessories like bags, shoes, belts. I don't really spend on things I can make. -Samaire Armstrong

When I think of Italy now, I think of accessories, possessions, bad TV, fake boobs, BMWs. -Valeria Golino

My favorite days are the ones where I deal only with my own team, design, marketing, working on the next accessories collection. -Diane von Furstenberg

What I think I sell with my clothes is confidence, so hopefully all my dresses, my accessories, are friends to the women. When you open the closet, and your eyes are swollen, and you don't like the way you look, you go to your friends. -Diane von Furstenberg

I just love clothes! I'm a girl who loves clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and jewelry. -Kelly Rowland

Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it. -Marc Jacobs

I've learned a lot about doing accessories and making shoes and handbags. I don't think my perspective has really changed. The subtlety of understanding yarns, what makes a fabric what it is – I've learned technical skills and more about the craft. -Marc Jacobs

When I finish dressing before a night out and have put on all the accessories, I usually look at myself in the mirror long and hard and then end up removing something. Whether it's a belt, bracelet or a bauble, less is always more. -Joan Collins

You should only have so many accessories. You have to make sure you have the right ones at the right time. -Olly Murs

As far as accessories are concerned, I think it is always best to be as minimalist as possible. -Alice Temperley

Remember, its all about you and the dress. Nothing more, so keep the accessories very discreet. -Alice Temperley

For my wardrobe, I like to invest in classic pieces and pair them with more trendy new pieces and accessories each season. -Liya Kebede

My closet is a sea of black pants, skirts, tops, and bags, so it's great to come across a brand that makes me want to break out of my fashion rut! The Sequence Collection is an accessories line that is all about color, from funky woven bracelets to brightly-patterned bags. -Amanda Hearst

The goal of mass transit is to convince people to abandon their cars, which feature such enticing accessories as CD players and elbow room. -Brendan I. Koerner

I love watches. I have a Hublot, a Breitling, and a Cartier. Different accessories that I match together just to be comfortable and casual. -Chandler Parsons

I'm pretty casual, but I'm starting to obsess a little bit; like, one of my favorite things to do is to pair really feminine accessories with edgier outfits or vice versa. -Kara Hayward

For clothes and accessories, I love my friend's boutique; One by One and UT.LAB for shoes. -Fei Fei Sun

I don't want to start producing dressing gowns and cuff links with the Purdey name stamped on them. Making Purdey the leading gunmaker is our priority. Once we have succeeded in doing that, then we might look at some accessories, but it is a long haul. -Johann Rupert

There's nothing worse than looking as if you've tried too hard or preened to within an inch of your life. If I'm wearing a strong item like a really beautiful dress, then I'll play down my shoes and accessories and make my hair really natural. -Louise Nurding

Since I've become a mom, I'm more about comfort and simplicity. I'm essentially a jeans girl, and I dress them up or down with accessories. -Jessalyn Gilsig

I'm definitely a vintage collector. I have a wardrobe of core basics that I like to spice up with different colors, new accessories, and I love to try on new things to invite something different. I find, with every new stage of my life, my self-image shifts with new duties and responsibilities, and so does my fashion style. -Camila Alves

There are so many female roles – particularly for young women – that are just somebody's girlfriend or somebody's daughter, or that are accessories to the main story rather than being three-dimensional characters. -Hannah Murray

I try to wear a watch all the time, because I think guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to jewelry and accessories. A watch is a very chic men's item, and you're sort of wasting it if you just look at your cell phone. -Derek Blasberg

On shooting days, I have all my accessories, and I style the final look. -Ashley Madekwe

When you're a young talent, and you want to launch your brand, you always have tons of questions: Where should I produce? Should I launch a second line? Should I do shoes, accessories? If you have someone who can coach you and give you advice and help you find the right supplier, it's a big help. -Delphine Arnault

I love to design and remodel houses, from working with the contractors to picking the colours, materials, kitchen and bathroom accessories to finally what furniture goes where. -Olivia Newton-John

We don't have one of those houses where there's a rope that separates the kids' area from the adult area. There's a happy medium. It's all about fabric choices, accessories. -Candice Olson

I'm a big believer that accessories can make or break a look. -Nina Garcia

More than 100 million women have worn my clothing and accessories,, and that's so fulfilling. My skincare line proves you don't have to spend a fortune to have beautiful skin. I've loved acting but if I never played another role and just focused on my business, I'd be happy. -Jaclyn Smith

To me, accessorizing is the most fun part of an outfit. While I don't think you can't rely on accessories to make a dress that isn't working work, I do love jewelry and handbags more than anything. -Anna Kendrick

My mom is big on moisturizer and water. She always reminds me to drink a lot of water and wear sunglasses because I always forget them when I go out, even though they are one of my favorite accessories. She always reminds me about wrinkles, and always did, so it's kind of been ingrained into me. -Brittany Snow

I had a fundamental love of fashion, of products and accessories. I loved the merchandising side of it and understanding how to maximize sales. -Marie-Chantal Claire

My mother was a big influence; she was exceedingly chic, completely dressed in a completely different manner than I did. I was a child of the Depression, so she taught me all about accessories, and I always tell everybody she worships at the altar of the accessory. -Iris Apfel

I'm not too big on accessories, but I love my basic black quartz watch from American Apparel. It's a simple piece that goes with my vintage, thrift store chic style. -Wynter Gordon

Writers on etiquette receive a continuous flow of questions on subjects such as 'When is it too early in the season to wear white accessories?' and 'What is the proper gift to send to a family in mourning?' -Letitia Baldrige

Makeup is no different than clothes and accessories – it's embellishments for your face. And it also gives you creative freedom. You get to have that moment in front the mirror every morning and give yourself self-love. You're making yourself up beautiful, which is essentially self-love. -Michelle Phan

When I grew up, scientists were anti-social people who worked in basements and wore coats and worked with bunson burners, and now they're in our technology every day, and our technology has almost become fashion accessories. -Johnny Galecki

I don't like to be rushed. I plan my outfits for the week in advance. I find the appropriate outfit for each occasion, try it on, make sure it is in good condition and have it all ready with shoes, handbag and accessories laid out in my dressing room. Fashion is such a huge part of my career, I have to think ahead. -Jerry Hall

I always polish my shoes and clean the bottom of them before I go out. I also wipe my handbags. I keep them in little bags to stop them getting dusty. You have to keep your accessories looking smart and clean. -Jerry Hall

I've always had a more classic approach to style as opposed to uber-trendy. Having said that, I do like to have a bit of an edge, and I tend to be more daring when it comes to accessories – in particular, shoes and bags. -Carly Steel

There's nothing I have more of in my closet than little white dresses. They're versatile and elegant, but sexy in a feminine way. And then I'll have a bit more fun with accessories – like a pair of neon sandals. -Ivanka Trump

Even though beauty is very much my heritage, my real passion is accessories and home. -Aerin Lauder

My job is to make desirable, luxurious, beautiful clothing and accessories women want to buy. My first decision is always based on, 'Can I do this in a more sustainable way without sacrificing design?' If I can, then there is no reason not to. -Stella McCartney

I think that clothes and accessories define and describe who we are. I can't see many differences between them; they are indeed a way to introduce ourselves to other people, and they help us transmitting a message to others. -Margherita Missoni

If I'm going to mix gold and silver, I make my accessories all match. -Jillian Hervey

We have vehicles like the Opal Atom that we offer in Europe that offer consumers a huge ability to customize, from the color to the accessories. I'd say it's our vehicle that's the most customizable to give it quite a different look and feel. -Mary Barra

The only thing fame has changed in Wizkid is that I added some accessories. I have got nice chains, watches, and nice clothes. Asides that, I am still Wizkid. I no tall, still same height. -WizKid

I didn't have accessories when I started my career. Did you see me wearing bling-bling when I did 'Hola at Your Boi?' No! I hustled to get money to buy them, and there is no crime if I show it or flaunt it to my fans because they gave me money to buy them. -WizKid

Throwing on a black dress with black tights, cute booties, a great coat and throw a scarf over it. I think simple accessories and, if you want to make a pop, a great red lip. -Meghan Markle

Together, the Jenner sisters have left their mark on the jewelry and fashion accessories industry, first with The Kendall & Kylie Collection at PacSun in 2012, the Metal Haven jewelry collection in 2013, and a line of shoes and handbags for Steve Madden in 2014. -Fabrizio Moreira

We must boycott fur coats as well as all the accessories. -Brigitte Bardot

For our first album, we were our own dressers. We didn't have no stylists. We came up with all of the ideas when it came to dressing. At that time, Cross Colours and Jabos were really popular, so we were able to get stuff from them, but we always added accessories. -Rozonda Thomas

Everyone knows that life is very expensive and you can change, you can turn, you can play with clothes with a lot of accessories. -Sonia Rykiel

My first lip balms were Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, which, correct me if I'm wrong, sometimes had little bracelets attached to the caps-meaning your lip balm could idly dangle from your wrist like a charm bracelet when not in use, not unlike some iPhone accessories. -Emily Weiss

I like picking up accessories as and when I see something I like – whether its from my travels on the streets of a foreign country or more mainstream labels like Accessorize. -Hazel Keech

We're creating a brand image which didn't exist in the beginning, and I want to grow that. And in the way that the clothes and services we offer are a luxurious niche, I want to be doing that with accessories. -Emilia Wickstead

My character in 'Fanaah' has a cool and crazy look at the same time. I'm very particular about my accessories and clothes and love discussing and working on the look with the team. We all work on it together and gather loads of references. -Anita Hassanandani Reddy

I like to wear colors and prints in the summer and play with extravagant accessories. -Bianca Balti

What good is a wall without framed art? It is like the equivalent of the accessories that you choose to wear to decorate a black dress – precisely the stuff that makes the wall/dress you. -Leandra Medine

Sometimes simple accessories are all you need when your dress speaks for itself. -Jenny Packham

I'll probably always have some black in my accessories, but it's also important to have a pop of color. -Coco Rocha

If I am looking to impress people, I'll be in a Rent the Runway dress and great accessories. -Jennifer Hyman

My favorite thing is a black sweater and skirt, which you can wear all the time by changing the accessories. -Yves Saint Laurent

Proper British nannies put the child ahead of everything. They do not like to see children used as accessories, carried around in slings for the convenience of the parents' social life. They want a proper set-up, where the baby is rested and happy, not shown off to all-comers. -Jacob Rees-Mogg

When I found out how many accessories they have for babies, I was overwhelmed. -Amber Stevens

I'm a magpie – I collect accessories and trinkets. But I don't have expensive tastes. -Suranne Jones

I like to keep it bare minimum, be it make-up or accessories. -Mithila Palkar

We're not saying 'no guns.' We are saying we want to regulate semi-automatic weapons and the accessories that make them fully automatic because fully automatic weapons are banned. -Emma Gonzalez

Wearing shoes, clothes, and other accessories made out of exotic skin is as cold-blooded as it gets. -Raveena Tandon

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