Best Quotes About Absence

The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously. -Henry Kissinger

Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. -Baruch Spinoza

In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery? -Saint Augustine

Proverbs often contradict one another, as any reader soon discovers. The sagacity that advises us to look before we leap promptly warns us that if we hesitate we are lost; that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but out of sight, out of mind. -Leo Rosten

The enemy of art is the absence of limitations. -Orson Welles

Where choice begins, Paradise ends, innocence ends, for what is Paradise but the absence of any need to choose this action? -Arthur Miller

The job is to ask questions-it always was-and to ask them as inexorably as I can. And to face the absence of precise answers with a certain humility. -Arthur Miller

I dote on his very absence. -William Shakespeare

Total absence of humor renders life impossible. -Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the absence from Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum. -Thomas Paine

The longest absence is less perilous to love than the terrible trials of incessant proximity. -Edna St. Vincent Millay

The heart may think it knows better: the senses know that absence blots people out. We really have no absent friends. -Elizabeth Bowen

Our hours in love have wings; in absence, crutches. -Miguel de Cervantes

Let me tell you I am better acquainted with you for a long absence, as men are with themselves for a long affliction: absence does but hold off a friend, to make one see him the truer. -Ovid

Absence of proof is not proof of absence. -William Cowper

Being solitary is being alone well: being alone luxuriously immersed in doings of your own choice, aware of the fullness of your won presence rather than of the absence of others. Because solitude is an achievement. -Alice Koller

Discouragement is not the absence of adequacy but the absence of courage. -Neal A. Maxwell

Never part without loving words to think of during your absence. It may be that you will not meet again in this life. -Jean Paul

The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions. -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict – alternatives to passive or aggressive responses, alternatives to violence. -Dorothy Thompson

In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. -Alan Greenspan

The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism. -Karl Marx

When I came back to Dublin I was courtmartialed in my absence and sentenced to death in my absence, so I said they could shoot me in my absence. -Brendan Behan

To observe people in conflict is a necessary part of a child's education. It helps him to understand and accept his own occasional hostilities and to realize that differing opinions need not imply an absence of love. -Milton Sapirstein

White… is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black… God paints in many colours; but He never paints so gorgeously, I had almost said so gaudily, as when He paints in white. -Gilbert K. Chesterton

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. -Mark Twain

Sport is part of every man and woman's heritage and its absence can never be compensated for. -Pierre de Coubertin

Most of what matters in your life takes place in your absence. -Salman Rushdie

Absolute liberty is absence of restraint; responsibility is restraint; therefore, the ideally free individual is responsible to himself. -Henry Adams

It is not opium which makes me work but its absence, and in order for me to feel its absence it must from time to time be present. -Antonin Artaud

There is nothing so unthinkable as thought, unless it be the entire absence of thought. -Samuel Butler

While formal schooling is an important advantage, it is not a guarantee of success nor is its absence a fatal handicap. -Ray Kroc

Tact is one of the first mental virtues, the absence of it is fatal to the best talent. -William Gilmore Simms

In dreams the truth is learned that all good works are done in the absence of a caress. -Leonard Cohen

So far as discipline is concerned, freedom means not its absence but the use of higher and more rational forms as contrasted with those that are lower or less rational. -Charles Horton Cooley

Love is the total absence of fear. Love asks no questions. Its natural state is one of extension and expansion, not comparison and measurement. -Gerald Jampolsky

Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness. -Zhuangzi

Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones. -Bertrand Russell

Grace is the absence of everything that indicates pain or difficulty, hesitation or incongruity. -William Hazlitt

The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw. -Havelock Ellis

Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists… When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been lost. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence. -Edmond de Goncourt

With her high pale brow under her faded brown hair, she was like a rock washed clean by years of her husband's absences at conventions, dinners, committee meetings or simply at the office. -Louis Auchincloss

The deeper the experience of an absence of meaning – in other words, of absurdity – the more energetically meaning is sought. -Vaclav Havel

I am truly horrified by modern man. Such absence of feeling, such narrowness of outlook, such lack of passion and information, such feebleness of thought. -Alexander Herzen

The human father has to be confronted and recognized as human, as man who created a child and then, by his absence, left the child fatherless and then Godless. -Anais Nin

For many Americans, including many who are employed, going to the doctor when they fall ill or become injured may not be an option because of the absence of health insurance. -Ben Nelson

Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. -Ronald Reagan

I would much prefer to be a judge than a coal miner because of the absence of falling coal. -Peter Cook

I just want to make a point that it's not just great teachers that sometimes shape your life. Sometimes it's the absence of great teachers that shapes your life and being ignored can be just as good for a person as being lauded. -Julia Roberts

In the absence of love, there is nothing worth fighting for. -Elijah Wood

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. -Nelson Mandela

Judicious absence is a weapon. -Charles Reade

To me, its seems necessary to rediscover – and the energy to do so exists – that even the political and economic spheres need moral responsibility, a responsibility that is born in man's heart and, in the end, has to do with the presence or absence of God. -Pope Benedict XVI

The absence and suppression of justice can only open the way for extremists to exploit such a condition to perpetrate acts of violence against innocents. -Hussein of Jordan

In the absence of evidence, superstition. It's a Middle Ages thing. That's my theory anyway. -Tucker Carlson

Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence! -Edsger Dijkstra

Wives in their husbands' absences grow subtler, And daughters sometimes run off with the butler. -Lord Byron

Actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness; wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness. By happiness is intended pleasure and the absence of pain. -John Stuart Mill

The question we all face is what sort of culture we will live in for the rest of our lives and then hand on to the next generation – one that embraces these most basic of values, or one that collapses because of their absence. -Tammy Bruce

In the absence of that, I am happy to play solo, but I don't think there is any comparison. -Derek Bailey

Life has become the ideology of its own absence. -Theodor W. Adorno

Inasmuch as society cannot go on without discipline of some kind, men were constrained, in the absence of any other form of discipline, to turn to discipline of the military type. -Irving Babbitt

My dear, the duty that devolved wholly on you in my absence of guiding and expanding the minds of our dear children is a laborious one and a responsible one. -Ezra Cornell

And as far as false hope, there is no such thing. There is only hope or the absence of hope-nothing else. -Patti Davis

A month after the scandal broke, I tried to go back to work at the pharmaceutical company after a leave of absence. But because of all the publicity and resulting pressure and stress, I finally resigned. -Donna Rice

I called their attention also to the absence of all means of ventilating the hall, remarking that, as we had already breathed the air which it contained for a full hour, it must have lost much of its vital properties and needed to be renewed. -George Combe

The surest test of discipline is its absence. -Clara Barton

Instead, in the absence of respect for human rights, science and its offspring technology have been used in this century as brutal instruments for oppression. -John Polanyi

But I still always felt the absence of a mother. -Marcel Carne

We seem, as it were, to have conquered and peopled half the world in a fit of absence of mind. -John Robert Seeley

With the absence of a flu vaccination last year, I did not take a flu shot; but there is still some immunity that carries over from year to year; but about every 30 years, there is a major change in the genetics of the flu virus. -Michael C. Burgess

It would be hard to ignore the absence of democracy in any Arab nation. -Jack Schwartz

I'd excluded New York from my writing, and then I came back and I fell in love with it all over again. The energy comes from an absence, that yearning for New York when you are not there. -Jonathan Lethem

A necessary consequent of religious belief is the attaching ideas of merit to that belief, and of demerit to its absence. -Frances Wright

In the 5 years, well over 60,000 American families have been broken apart by the absence of insurance because the only way for parents to get treatment for their children is to turn the custody of those children over to the State. -Patrick J. Kennedy

There can be little doubt that absence from work, and inefficient work, are frequently due to intemperance. -William Lyon Mackenzie King

The situation in the region is flammable and may explode at any moment, because of the crucial events and because of the absence of justice in executing the international legitimacy resolutions, regarding the Israeli Arab cause and the oppression on Palestinians by Israelis. -Ali Abdullah Saleh

In the absence of a magnetic field the period of all these oscillations is the same. But as soon as the electron is exposed to the effect of a magnetic field, its motion changes. -Pieter Zeeman

For the signifier is a unit in its very uniqueness, being by nature symbol only of an absence. -Jacques Lacan

The weather was fine and moderate. The hunters all returned, having killed during their absence three elk, four deer, two porcupines, a fox and a hare. -Meriwether Lewis

It is the maintenance of slavery by law in a state, not parallels of latitude, that makes its a southern state; and the absence of this, that makes it a northern state. -William H. Seward

I wish you to inform the Court that my absence, though deliberate, is not intended in any way to be disrespectful. Nor is it prompted by any fear of the punishment which might be inflicted on me. -Bram Fischer

Peace must be more than the absence of war. -Helmut Kohl

Happiness is the absence of suffering. I think it's an interesting way of looking at it. I think the absence of suffering exists very rarely in the world we live in. -Julie Christie

Coughs seem very common here, especially among the children, though people look strong and healthy, but in the absence of proper statistics one cannot undertake to say whether the district is a healthy one or not. -Edward Burnett Tylor

That a great battle must soon be fought no one could doubt; but, in the apparent and perhaps real absence of plan on the part of Lee, it was impossible to foretell the precise scene of the encounter. -Edward Everett

The alarming thing in China is the almost total absence of primary care. Even in cities, there are no independent doctors' offices or neighborhood clinics, so people have to go to the hospital for every health care need. -Nancy Travis

We want to see Israel withdraw from our territory. But we don't want to be accountable vis-a-vis Israel on the security basis, because we don't see, in the absence of a peace agreement, that Lebanon can really be accountable to Israel if anything happens. -Rafik Hariri

In 1916 I was discharged from military service, or rather, given a sort of leave of absence on the understanding that I might be recalled within a few months. And so I was a free man, at least for a while. -George Grosz

It is a sign of the times that the absence of meaningful ID requirements in many states leaves our voting process vulnerable to fraud and allows legal votes to be cancelled out by illegally cast ballots. -Virgil Goode

If Bill Finger created Batman, where is Bill Finger's byline on my strip? It is conspicuous by its absence. -Bob Kane

Not longer loved or fostered by religion, beauty is lifted from its face as a mask, and its absence exposes features on that face which threaten to become incomprehensible to man. -Hans Urs von Balthasar

Wilderness is not defined by the absence of certain activities, but rather by the presence of certain unique and invaluable characteristics. -Nick Rahall

In general, if signs of sectarianism do appear in a Socialist Party, these are only the products of the absence of a broad Labour movement in the country. -Karl Radek

There is a movement to get an international criminal court in the world, voted for by hundreds of states-but with the noticeable absence of the United States of America. -Harold Pinter

The absence of the heavy boot of Europe has preserved to these people the agile walk of the wild animal, while the general simplicity of their lives has given them many other points of physical perfection. -John Millington Synge

One of the best known, and one of the least intelligible, facts of literary history is the lateness, in Western European Literature at any rate, of prose fiction, and the comparative absence, in the two great classical languages, of what we call by that name. -George Saintsbury

Yes, the meeting of dear friends atones for the regret of separation; and like it so much enhances affection, that after absence one wonders how one has been able to stay away from them so long. -Marguerite Gardiner

In France, a woman may forget that she is neither young nor handsome; for the absence of these claims to attention does not expose her to be neglected by the male sex. -Marguerite Gardiner

God is absence. God is the solitude of man. -Jean-Paul Sartre

The greatest threat to freedom is the absence of criticism. -Wole Soyinka

You'll find boredom where there is the absence of a good idea. -Earl Nightingale

Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others. -Wayne Dyer

Peace is not the absence of war, but a virtue based on strength of character. -Baruch Spinoza

In the matter of furnishing, I find a certain absence of ugliness far worse than ugliness. -Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

Freedom in general may be defined as the absence of obstacles to the realization of desires. -Bertrand Russell

The total absence of humor from the Bible is one of the most singular things in all literature. -Alfred North Whitehead

In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless. -Aleister Crowley

Friendship, like love, is destroyed by long absence, though it may be increased by short intermissions. -Samuel Johnson

Belief in the absence of illusions is itself an illusion. -Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Courage is not the absence of despair; it is, rather, the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair. -Rollo May

There is no surer mark of the absence of the highest moral and intellectual qualities than a cold reception of excellence. -Philip James Bailey

For peace is not mere absence of war, but is a virtue that springs from, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. -Baruch Spinoza

Without feeling abashed by my ignorance, I confess that I am absolutely unable to say. In the absence of an appearance of learning, my answer has at least one merit, that of perfect sincerity. -Jean Henri Fabre

In the absence of any short term in common use to represent all desirable things, or things that satisfy human wants, we may use the term Goods for that purpose. -Alfred Marshall

Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people. -Jawaharlal Nehru

I was court-martialled in my absence, and sentenced to death in my absence, so I said they could shoot me in my absence. -Brendan Behan

Grief at the absence of a loved one is happiness compared to life with a person one hates. -Jean de la Bruyere

Barbarism is the absence of standards to which appeal can be made. -Jose Ortega y Gasset

I used to say, 'There is a God-shaped hole in me.' For a long time I stressed the absence, the hole. Now I find it is the shape which has become more important. -Salman Rushdie

Of all the bewildering things about a new country, the absence of human landmarks is one of the most depressing and disheartening. -Willa Cather

This is a big deal. My wife and I sat in our home and we watched those young men get slaughtered on the streets of Mogadishu in the absence of a plan. It broke our heart. -Dick Armey

Every one knows, that the mind will not be kept from contemplating what it loves in the midst of crowds and business. Hence come those frequent absences, so observable in conversation; for whilst the body is confined to present company, the mind is flown to that which it delights in. -Mary Astell

In the absence of sound oversight, responsible businesses are forced to compete against unscrupulous and underhanded businesses, who are unencumbered by any restrictions on activities that might harm the environment, or take advantage of middle-class families, or threaten to bring down the entire financial system. -Barack Obama

The appalling crackdown that we witnessed in Hama and other Syrian cities on 30 and 31 July only erode the regime's legitimacy and increase resentment. In the absence of an end to the senseless violence and a genuine process of political reform, we will continue to pursue further EU sanctions. -William Hague

If your parent is deployed and you are that young, you spend the whole time wondering where they are and waiting for them to come home. As time passes and the absence is longer and longer, you become more and more concerned – but you don't really have the words to express your concern. There's only this continued absence. -Suzanne Collins

I actually had kind of one of those crazy experiences where when I hit, it was black out excruciating pain, and then white out absence of pain, and the subconscience thought that I want to go back. -Brooke Burns

During the whole 'Jeopardy' experience, I felt like I was living a bit of a double life, I would be secretly flying out to L.A. to tape new shows, hoping that none of my coworkers would notice the absence and figure out what was going on. 'Jeopardy' tries very hard to keep their secrets. -Ken Jennings

In the history of women's tennis the great players have come back from long absences with no problems. -Lindsay Davenport

I'm constantly reading books on God or the absence of God and atheism. -Liam Neeson

The war on terror, if this is a war on terror, can only be won by a sincere regional and international cooperation. All have to believe they have something at stake and work together. In the absence of this it will become political and interest-oriented. -Hamid Karzai

When you're having a bad day at work, a lot of times it's your head. When you're having good days, a lot of times it's the absence of the mind. -Curt Schilling

Straight couples don't have to be monogamous to be married or married to be monogamous. Monogamy no more defines marriage than the presence of children does. Monogamy isn't compulsory and its absence doesn't invalidate a marriage. -Dan Savage

There were a lot of rumors spread about me. Of course, I didn't show up to defend myself, so my absence helped create even more. -Sean Young

Simplicity is not the absence of clutter, that's a consequence of simplicity. Simplicity is somehow essentially describing the purpose and place of an object and product. The absence of clutter is just a clutter-free product. That's not simple. -Jonathan Ive

To some extent, the mainstream's absence means the Tea Party is the Republican Party. -David Remnick

The universal human laws – need, love for the beloved, fear, hunger, periodic exaltation, the kindness that rises up naturally in the absence of hunger/fear/pain – are constant, predictable, reliable, universal, and are merely ornamented with the details of local culture. -George Saunders

Confront a corpse at least once. The absolute absence of life is the most disturbing and challenging confrontation you will ever have. -David Bowie

The absence of Saddam is a huge weight off the Arab world. -Paul Wolfowitz

I like to think I get better with age, but maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder. -Bonnie Raitt

I said peace is sometimes narrowly interpreted; it's the absence of conflict between nations or something. But peace is more inherent, more basic to human life, human beings, what we feel about each other, what we feel about life around us and what we see in our future. -Muhammad Yunus

The Middle East is ailing. The malady stems from pervasive violence, shortages of food, water and educational opportunities, discrimination against women and – the most virulent cause of all – the absence of freedom. -Shimon Peres

The absence of political personalities in the government will help rather than hinder a solid base of support for the government in parliament and in the political parties because it will remove one ground for disagreement. -Mario Monti

The bond between a parent and child is the primary bond, the foundation for the rest of the child's life. The presence or absence of this bond determines much about the child's resiliency and what kind of adult they will grow up to be. -Jane Fonda

At first I had some idea that the absence of color made the work more physical. Early on I was very involved with the notion of the painting as an object and tended to attack that idea from different directions. -Jasper Johns

Where there is an absence of international political leadership, civil society should step in to fill the gap, providing the energy and vision needed to move the world in a new and better direction. -Daisaku Ikeda

I never suffered from the absence of a father. On the contrary, as a child I was more inclined to see men as a disturbing factor. It made things difficult for me when I started working as a director. -Michael Haneke

What is faith? If you believe something because you have evidence for it, or rational argument, that is not faith. So faith seems to be believing something despite the absence of evidence or rational argument for it. -Peter Singer

In the absence of a limitation on local enforcement powers, the states are bound by the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution to enforce violations of the federal immigration laws. -Russell Pearce

Civility is not not saying negative or harsh things. It is not the absence of critical analysis. It is the manner in which we are sharing this territorial freedom of political discussion. If our discourse is yelled and screamed and interrupted and patronized, that's uncivil. -Richard Dreyfuss

I'm busy, man, too busy. There's a lamentable absence of free time. -Juan Pablo Montoya

The best thing about science is that hard, empirical answers are always there if you look hard enough. The best thing about religion is that the very absence of that certainty is what requires – and gives rise to – deep feelings of faith. -Jeffrey Kluger

Being brave isn't the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it. -Bear Grylls

I seem to enjoy telling stories with a central absence, with a lacuna tunnelled into them. -Junot Diaz

There are a couple of strategies for writing about an absence or writing about a loss. One can create the person that was lost, develop the character of the fiancee. There's another strategy that one can employ, maybe riskier… Make the reader suffer the loss of the character in a more literal way. -Junot Diaz

In Chicago, you have an absence of strong family units, and that absence gets filled by gangs. You have a failure in the school system, after-school programs and other social programs to help keep kids off the streets. Amnesty International speaks to that in some way, by keeping these issues in the forefront. -Lupe Fiasco

Six is the hardest number for me to experience, the smallest. It's the absence of something – it's cold, dark, almost like a black hole. If someone tells me they are depressed, I might imagine myself in the hole of a six to help me empathise. -Daniel Tammet

Think about one of the most powerful influences on a young child's life – the absence of a father figure. Look back on recent presidents, and you'll find an absent, or weak, or failed father in the lives of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. -Jeff Greenfield

I've been fascinated by the idea that evil is the absence of empathy. -John Connolly

We were a religious, practicing, Catholic family – Mass together on Sunday, Catholic schools, and parents who practiced everything they preached. A great gift was their total absence of any derogatory talk about people of any race or culture and we were on a street of many faiths, though no other races at that early time. -Trina Paulus

Success is about honour, feeling morally calibrated, absence of shame, not what some newspaper defines from an external metric. -Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I started writing because there's an absence of things I was familiar with or that I dreamed about. One of my senses of anger is related to this vacancy – a yearning I had as a teenager… and when I get ready to write, I think I'm trying to fill that. -Ntozake Shange

Sometimes the crowd is the madness – at others it's the absence of the crowd that is. -Will Self

In the absence of full-fledged Congressional investigations, American policymakers rarely look back. They are bound by continuity and fealty across administrations and generations. -Samantha Power

I know that part of the reason I read Tolkien when I'm ill is that there is an almost total absence of sexuality in his world, which is restful. -A. S. Byatt

To return after long years of painful absence to some place which has been the scene of our former joys, and whence the force of circumstance, and not choice, has driven us, is oppressive to the heart. -Samuel Lover

Enlightenment is not something you achieve. It is the absence of something. All your life you have been going forward after something, pursuing some goal. Enlightenment is dropping all that. -Joko Beck

In the dream state, the only essential difference from waking is the relative absence of sensory input, which makes dreaming a special case of perception without sensory input. -Stephen LaBerge

I was a shy, awkward sort of a boy and my father's frequent absences from home, along with my hero worship for him, made me even shyer. -Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Coming back to your native land after an absence of many years is a surprisingly unsettling business, a little like waking from a long coma. Time, you discover, has wrought changes that leave you feeling mildly foolish and out of touch. -Bill Bryson

I haven't changed my mind about modernism from the first day I ever did it… It means integrity; it means honesty; it means the absence of sentimentality and the absence of nostalgia; it means simplicity; it means clarity. That's what modernism means to me. -Paul Rand

Funk is the absence of any and everything you can think of, but the very essence of all that is. And saying that, I'm saying funk is anything that we create in our minds that we want to do, what we want to be, but we don't have the resources. -Bootsy Collins

The Central Bank should have a permanent window for discounting high quality securities where banks could go and discount these. It gives peace of mind to the banks. In the absence of this facility, what banks tend to do is to keep a liquidity cushion for emergency requirements. This is a very expensive way of managing liquidity. -Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair

Will capitalist economies operate at full employment in the absence of routine intervention? Certainly not. Are deviations from full employment a social problem? Obviously. -Janet Yellen

If the myth of pure evil is that evil is committed with the intention of causing harm and an absence of moral considerations, then it applies to very few acts of so-called 'pure evil' because most evildoers believe what they are doing is forgivable or justifiable. -Steven Pinker

I find this in all these places I've been travelling – from India to China, to Japan and Europe and to Brazil – there is a frustration with the terms of public discourse, with a kind of absence of discussion of questions of justice and ethics and of values. -Michael Sandel

Experiments show that children in unsupervised groups are capable of answering questions many years ahead of the material they're learning in school. In fact, they seem to enjoy the absence of adult supervision, and they are very confident of finding the right answer. -Sugata Mitra

It is definitely true that the fundamental enabling technology for electric cars is lithium-ion as a cell chemistry technology. In the absence of that, I don't think it's possible to make an electric car that is competitive with a gasoline car. -Elon Musk

Freedom is not the absence of obligation or restraint, but the freedom of movement within healthy, chosen parameters. -Kristin Armstrong

When I started really writing fantasy, one of the things I noticed was a real absence of sexuality in the genre at all. And it's such a profound part of the human experience that it's a really big thing to leave out. -Jacqueline Carey

I think I am a very kind person. I think I'm joyful, but I could be kinder and I could be more joyful. I do believe peace is a state of grace, and not the absence of violence. -Dave Matthews

The U.N. is worse than disaster. The U.N. creates conflicts. Look at the disgraceful U.N. Human Rights Council: It transmits norms which are harmful, anti-liberty and anti-Semitic, among other things. The world would be better off in its absence. -Charles Krauthammer

Over the last couple of decades, the personalization of the office changed dramatically… there's an informality people often take for the absence of rules – which it's not. -Judith Martin

Let there be an end to the arrogance of the big powers who miss no opportunity to put the rights of the people in question. Africa's absence from the club of those who have the right to veto is unjust and should be ended. -Thomas Sankara

No-tech tourism is a form of temporal eco-tourism in which one reads books or watches film and TV precisely because of the absence of 21st-century technologies. -Douglas Coupland

Religion cannot and should not be replaced by atheism. Religion needs to go away and not be replaced by anything. Atheism is not a religion. It's the absence of religion, and that's a wonderful thing. -Penn Jillette

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. -Carl Sagan

It is possible to rise to the lofty standard set by the Lord for priesthood holders in making decisions in quorums. It is possible when there is great faith and love and the absence of contention. -Henry B. Eyring

Peace should be understood in a human way – in a broad social, political and economic way. Peace is threatened by unjust economic, social and political order, absence of democracy, environmental degradation and absence of human rights. -Muhammad Yunus

Poverty is the absence of all human rights. The frustrations, hostility and anger generated by abject poverty cannot sustain peace in any society. -Muhammad Yunus

With Charlie Brown, it was about loneliness and isolation. I always thought that the thing about Charlie Brown and those characters was the absence of the parents. Half the strip was about who wasn't there. The parents were never in the picture. -Matt Groening

I boldly assert, in fact I think I know, that a lot of friendships and connections absolutely depend upon a sort of shared language, or slang. Not necessarily designed to exclude others, this can establish a certain comity and, even after a long absence, re-establish it in a second. -Christopher Hitchens

If colleges and universities are really concerned about women's rights, then they must adjust to a far more flexible structure to allow young women students to take leaves of absence if they want to have children early. -Camille Paglia

It's not that hard to imagine the natural world recovering it's health in our absence: it's more difficult, and more necessary, to imagine it recovering its health in our presence. -Alex Steffen

The absence of God in most spheres of life is perceived to be normal, and even Christians feel it as normal – which is why absorbing the culture all around us and its priorities is so dangerous. -John Piper

If you're a scientist, and you have to have an answer, even in the absence of data, you're not going to be a good scientist. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

One of the symptoms of an absence of innovation is the fact that you lose your jobs. Everyone else catches up with you. They can do what you do better than you or cheaper than you. And in a multinational corporate-free market enterprise, it is the company's obligation to take the factory to a place where they can make it more cheaply. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

I see all this talk about jobs going overseas as a symptom of the absence of innovation. And the absence of innovation is a symptom of there being no major national priority to advance a frontier. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

I don't know the definition of a star; I am just an actor. I prefer doing hard work, as I feel luck can't do much in absence of hard work. I am a lazy person – when I entered into this industry, I thought it was a cakewalk, but I have realised it needs a lot of patience and hard work. -Emraan Hashmi

'I Spy' represents the absence of the tension of the black man or black woman or anyone of that color walking in, so that the white racist person can become entertaining to a viewer. -Bill Cosby

My childhood was defined by my father's absence. His presence looms so large. Up until the age of 18, he was a superstar for me. -Said Sayrafiezadeh

Endurance in ministry is rooted in the eternal perspective. The absence of an eternal perspective makes you vulnerable to losing heart. -C. J. Mahaney

We should have scant notion of the gardens of these New England colonists in the seventeenth century were it not for a cheerful traveller named John Josselyn, a man of everyday tastes and much inquisitiveness, and the pleasing literary style which comes from directness, and an absence of self-consciousness. -Alice Morse Earle

I am often criticized, or at least questions are raised, about what appears to be the absence of the Holy Spirit in my work. -Stanley Hauerwas

Heartless though it may seem to some, among the least harmful things to eat are sustainably culled wild animals. In the absence of natural predators, deer populations in parts of Britain have reached such dense numbers that the woodlands they browse fail to regenerate. -Tristram Stuart

In the absence of love, we began slowly but surely to fall apart. -Marianne Williamson

Spaniards were condemned for appeasing terrorism by voting for withdrawing troops from Iraq in the absence of U.N. authorization – that is, for taking a stand rather like that of 70 percent of Americans, who called for the U.N. to take the leading role in Iraq. -Noam Chomsky

It was no accident that just minutes after Israel became a nation, the United States… became the first nation in the world to recognize what was prophesized throughout the Old Testament about Israel returning after its absence. -Louie Gohmert

I think if you see that no one is going to laugh at you for it, I think the concept of living nicely will be infectious. I believe there is room for the absence of cynicism. -Mitch Leigh

Wellness seeks more than the absence of illness; it searches for new levels of excellence. Beyond any disease-free neutral point, wellness dedicates its efforts to our total well-being – in body, mind, and spirit. -Greg Anderson

I was nerdy and really into computers. I was a good student until my senior year, when I started traveling and had a lot of absences. -Tony Hawk

Sometimes, patients with serious mental illness, just as with other serious medical illnesses, require hospitalization. In the absence of available public or private hospital beds, there are few options. -Thomas R. Insel

Every day, we at the United Nations see the human toll of an absence of regulations or lax controls on the arms trade. We see it in the suffering of civilian populations trapped by armed conflict or pervasive crime. We see it in the killing and wounding of civilians – including children, the most vulnerable of all. -Ban Ki-moon

Businesses succeed when societies themselves succeed. When countries are affected by violence and the absence of the rule of law, business can and must be a messenger of peace. -Ban Ki-moon

In the end, there is no absence of irony: the integrity of what is sacred to Native Americans will be determined by the government that has been responsible for doing everything in its power to destroy Native American cultures. -Winona LaDuke

During Grover Cleveland's second term, in the 1890s, the White House deceived the public by dismissing allegations that surgeons had removed a cancerous growth from the President's mouth; a vulcanized-rubber prosthesis disguised the absence of much of Cleveland's upper left jaw and part of his palate. -Robert Dallek

True net-heads sometimes resort to punctuation cartoons to get around the absence of inflection. -Barton Gellman

Many are observing Ferguson and witnessing the anger, demonstrations, looting and vandalism and calling for quiet. But quiet isn't enough. The absence of noise isn't the presence of justice – and we must demand justice in Ferguson and the other 'Fergusons' around America. -Jesse Jackson

In the sudden absence of husbands, fathers, brothers and beaus, white Southern women discovered a newfound freedom – one that simultaneously granted them more power in relationships and increased their likelihood of heartbreak. -Karen Abbott

For me, it's not necessarily interesting to play a strong, fearless woman. It's interesting to play a woman who is terrified and then overcomes that fear. It's about the journey. Courage is not the absence of fear, it's overcoming it. -Natalie Dormer

True heroics, obviously, is not the absence of fear, but having that fear and doing something anyway. -Martin Freeman

In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence. -Isaac Newton

You can see the absence of women in governing bodies from Congress to state legislators, on corporate boards, in tenured positions in academia, and as forepeople in factories. -Gloria Steinem

My stroller of choice is the Graco Classic. It's the '70s Buick of strollers, bulky with a complete absence of style. There are no good lines on the Graco. Yes, it has cup holders, like any self-respecting car or stroller does these days, but the luxuries stop there. -Shawn Amos

In late 2009, I returned to Baghdad after a lengthy absence. I was living alone, in the Hamra Hotel, the twice bombed-out de facto international news bureau. -Michael Hastings

In the absence of a Congress ready to act to reduce gun violence, we will keep working to create a different Congress. -Gabrielle Giffords

Science sent the Hubble telescope out into space, so it could capture light and the absence thereof, from the very beginning of time. And the telescope really did that. So now we know that there was once absolutely nothing, such a perfect nothing that there wasn't even nothing or once. -Kurt Vonnegut

You have to approach something with indifference, as if you had no aesthetic emotion. The choice of readymades is always based on visual indifference and, at the same time, on the total absence of good or bad taste. -Marcel Duchamp

The absence of significant development aid has only increased the importance of trade for Central America's future. -Óscar Arias

Los Angeles has been known as the center of creativity but has often been equally known for the absence of spirituality. -Erwin McManus

You don't realize how much a dog's presence defines the contours of your home until, in its absence, the walls seem to relocate themselves. -Meghan Daum

What I have experienced, and experienced repeatedly, is the silence of God. For many years, this was a distressing matter for me. I did not consider it an experience, but the absence of an experience. -James P. Carse

Love, in the eyes of the world, is either a carnal appetite or a vague fancy, which possession extinguishes or absence destroys. That is why it is commonly said, with a strange abuse of words, that passion does not endure. -Victor Hugo

This was the wonder of advertising; the complete absence of cynicism. It may have many mansions, but it has no room for Doubting Thomases. -Clive Sinclair

The history of Rome presents various men of greater genius than Scipio Aemilianus, but none equalling him in moral purity, in the utter absence of political selfishness, in generous love of his country, and none, perhaps, to whom destiny has assigned a more tragic part. -Theodor Mommsen

Sixteen years as a freelance features journalist taught me that neither the absence of 'the Muse' nor the presence of 'the block' should be allowed to hinder the orderly progress of a book. -Jim Crace

Increased sympathy for an Islamist cause, lack of integration, and the absence of acceptance of Muslims into British society makes it harder for Muslims to challenge Islamism and tough for non-Muslims to understand it. -Maajid Nawaz

In some ways, I've been left with this great 'idolic' image of my father, but there's a sense of absence, too. You miss his advice and, also, his getting to know the person I have become. -Rory Kinnear

I always miss my mom. Mother's Day would be just one more day I'd feel her absence but for the relentless commercialization. Thanks to that, this day is even harder to deal with. -M. J. Rose

My experiment in money exchange was the temptation to set up a bank. The absence of any Islamic banking was also another factor in establishing Al-Rajhi Bank, which is now the world's biggest Islamic lender by market value. -Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi

Some say economics has all kinds of good tools and techniques, but it has an absence of interesting problems. I look around the world, and I see all kinds of interesting, important problems we ought to solve with the tools we have. -Alvin E. Roth

Cinema is a thankless industry where sometimes to appear on the cinematic scenery is a thing for late bloomers and people who are very patient. The places are accounted, and the space is often unwelcoming. Money is rare, and independent voices are muted by the almost complete absence of risk takers. -Xavier Dolan

So many people condemn me for risk taking, but I find it sort of hypocritical because everybody takes risks. Even the absence of activity could be viewed as a risk. If you sit on the sofa for your entire life, you're running a higher risk of getting heart disease and cancer. -Alex Honnold

In the South, there was absence of any leadership corresponding in breadth and courage to that of Abraham Lincoln. -W. E. B. Du Bois

What is newest to one in foreign countries is not always the people, but their surroundings, and those same little details of life and circumstance which make no impression on a man in his own land until he returns to it after a prolonged absence, and then they stand out very sharply for a while. -Thomas Bailey Aldrich

The number of known human fossils only increases slowly. But the manner of regarding and assessing them is capable of progressing rapidly, as indeed it does. In the absence of any absolutely sensational discovery in prehistory, there is an up-to-date and scientific manner of understanding man, which is solidly based on palaeontology. -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

All the great evils which men cause to each other because of certain intentions, desires, opinions, or religious principles, are likewise due to non-existence, because they originate in ignorance, which is absence of wisdom. -Maimonides

I knew medicine only by its absence – specifically, the absence of a father growing up: one who went to work before dawn and returned in the dark to a plate of reheated dinner. -Paul Kalanithi

In Judaism, almost every ritual entails either food or the absence of food. Yom Kippur, for instance, is the absence of food. Part of it is Talmudic, part of it is custom. So much of Judaism was bound up in dietary laws. So everything you ate – the very act itself – was part of religion. -Gil Marks

My parents' relationship with Kolkata is so strong. Growing up, the absence of Kolkata was always present in our lives. -Jhumpa Lahiri

When you live in a country where your own language is considered foreign, you can feel a continuous sense of estrangement. You speak a secret, unknown language, lacking any correspondence to the environment. An absence that creates a distance within you. -Jhumpa Lahiri

I have my husband and children near me in Rome, and I feel this is where we are temporarily belonging. But personally, all my life, I have felt the absence of a sense of history. -Jhumpa Lahiri

What I have realized is I cannot guarantee the absence of discrimination or hatred or prejudice, but I can guarantee the presence of justice. -Loretta Lynch

I'd love to see lower spending levels, and in absence of lower spending levels, I'd love to see us reallocate where some of that spending is and really address the entitlements that continue growing. -Jeff Duncan

The absence of diverse voices leads to policies and programs that adversely impact African-Americans. -Marcia Fudge

The state must protect the media. In a democracy, the role of media is very important. In the absence of a credible opposition party, you can rely on the media. -Rodrigo Duterte

Success is not the absence of failure; it's the persistence through failure. -Aisha Tyler

I grew up accepting that my nationality was not depicted on TV or film. To be honest, it was something I didn't acknowledge as a kid. But once I realized my love for acting and the possibility of pursuing a career in it, I quickly noticed the absence of Asians in general and thought, 'Well, I'm gonna try to change that.' -Vincent Rodriguez III

A woman can slip on a pair of embellished cage heels one night and a pair of streamlined, lightweight sneakers the next day. The beauty of modern luxury is the absence of rules. -Giuseppe Zanotti

People of the future may suffer not from an absence of choice but from a paralysing surfeit of it. They may turn out to be victims of that peculiarly super-industrial dilemma: overchoice. -Alvin Toffler

I may worship the image of the Lord; but that act is worthless if it is not accompanied with devotion. In the absence of devotion, the idol will just be a piece of stone, and so shall I; and the worship will only mean that a stone is facing a stone! -Vinoba Bhave

As far as I was concerned, it was the absence of women in the poetic tradition which allowed women in the poems to be simplified. The voice of a woman poet would, I was sure, have precluded such distortion. It did not exist. -Eavan Boland

The EPA code needs to set forth a clear, regular, and rational system of penalties for violations of its code, with the amount of the penalty set in proportion to the amount of pollutant released by a given defendant, and no penalties imposed in the absence of any pollutant released. -Robert Zubrin

The problem is that the American public is suspicious of executive power shrouded in secrecy. In the absence of an official picture of what our government is doing, and by what authority, many in the public fill the void by envisioning the worst. -Jeh Johnson

I love actors that are brave, that are courageous. And courage to me is not the absence of fear, it's the presence of fear, and they go to places that really scare them, because as an audience, that's where you feel danger. -Derek Cianfrance

So often, when we don't have people that can be representative or symbolic of leadership and of faith, of purpose, in that absence we become bitter and resentful. -Nate Parker

Being a dad is like – there's nothing more important. So the exploration of that in stories, with parents and fathers and brothers, siblings, I just think that you're always in the terrain of love, whether it's absence of love or the giving of love or the desire for love. -Gavin O'Connor

A sister is the one person you can call in the middle of the night when you can't sleep or the one who doesn't want to hear about your problems unless you're ready to do something about them. She's the one who is there when you need her or the one whose absence when you need her hurts the most. -Deborah Tannen

It is easy to understand why conflict is so often highlighted: Writers of headlines or promotional copy want to catch attention and attract an audience. They are usually under time pressure, which lures them to established, conventionalized ways of expressing ideas in the absence of leisure to think up entirely new ones. -Deborah Tannen

A lot of people pulled me up after 'Trainspotting' for its absence of politics, but the argument I make is that the absence of politics is political as well. -Irvine Welsh

Strength doesn't mean an absence of pain. -Aja Naomi King

The appointing power vested in the president imposes delicate and onerous duties. So far as it is possible to be informed, I shall make honesty, capacity, and fidelity indispensable prerequisites to the disposal of office, and the absence of either of these qualities shall be deemed sufficient cause for removal. -Zachary Taylor

The absence of men in the household has caused people to not know how to respond to authority with respect. There's a major problem with the patriarchs having been chased out of the house. -Alveda King

Absence is absence, you know? The loss of someone can be just as devastating if they're alive as if they're dead. -Adam Silvera

It's sometimes better to have a father figure to rebel against than nothing, than just a black hole or an absence. -Jean-Michel Jarre

The challenge for us is to try and come back and raise the bar above what we did the last time. We're coming back with season three of 'Twin Peaks' after a 25-year absence. -Mark Frost

There's a lot of noise in the world. And one of the beautiful things about doing theater and film is the absence of that noise or, perhaps, the adding of that noise where it's helpful in telling the story. I'm always trying to get rid of that noise. The more you do it, the better you get. -Michael Stuhlbarg

When I went back to finish my undergrad, after a long and ignoble absence, my very first class was Intro to C for Cognitive Modeling. Unlike any educational experience before, I aced the class. -Vivienne Ming

In a free market and in the absence of planning, developers will flatten every hillside, fill every canyon, obliterate every endangered species, and pave over every wetland they think they can make a buck on. -Peter Navarro

Dullness is more than a religious issue, it is a cultural issue. Our entire culture has become dull. Dullness is the absence of the light of our souls. Look around. We have lost the sparkle in our eyes, the passion in our marriages, the meaning in our work, the joy of our faith. -Mike Yaconelli

The potential for regional conflict in the absence of an internationally active America is real. -Zbigniew Brzezinski

In the absence of specific solutions or evidence that we have people in Washington, D.C., who can make a significant difference… people will cling to those who at least speak to their frustrations. -Todd Young

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. -Alan Stern

Tensions and violence in cities across America are reminders of how quickly communities can erupt with an absence of social trust. -Stanley A. McChrystal

In the absence of federal leadership, Coloradans should take our rightful role as leaders seriously and work with other states and countries to reduce carbon emissions. -Jared Polis

I can't think of a single example of two mature democracies going to war with each other in the 20th century. It's where there was an absence of democracy and a breakdown of democracy that we finish up with these wars. -Nigel Farage

The minor choices we make are themselves a kind of vote. Our words and gestures, or their absence, count very much. -Timothy D. Snyder

Think up your own way of speaking. When we repeat the same words and phrases that appear in the daily media, we accept the absence of a larger framework. -Timothy D. Snyder

My mother, who is nearly ninety now, still talks continually about my father. All my life, I've been aware of her grief about his absence and her strong pride in his conduct. -Derek Walcott

During the time I didn't play for England, they were losing Test matches, and the Yorkshire committee were telling me that I should be batting for my country. Then, when I decided to make myself available to play for England again in 1977, and Yorkshire lost a couple of matches in my absence, they criticised me for not being there. -Geoffrey Boycott

Parents are the centre of a person's solar system, even as an adult. My dad had a stronger gravitational pull than most, so his absence was bound to leave a deep and lasting void. -Justin Trudeau

Gangs are born of a lethal absence of hope, and hope has an address: 130 W. Bruno St. in Los Angeles, CA 90012. -Greg Boyle

Lies are an absence of facts and, in many cases, a direct contradiction of them. -Daniel Levitin

Major miscarriages of justice have occurred because of the absence of proper legal representation. -Sadiq Khan

Politics is too big a game to feel the absence of a Kamal Haasan. -Kamal Haasan

I have removed the spleen from a dog, from cats, and rabbits. In all cases, the animals survived the operation and did not appear to be in the least affected by the absence of the organ. -Henry Gray

People tend to see modernism as the opposite of a celebration. They see it as a fracturing and an art built round an absence, but it's really a celebration of our existence. -Ali Smith

One thing I am quite passionate about is the absence of dark-skinned women in the media, so I have a passion to show dark-skinned women as beautiful, as vulnerable, as people who can be sexually desired and loving people, because it is never really seen on TV. -Michaela Coel

The absence of doll babies in my toy chest didn't seriously influence my later decision not to become a mother; rather, I disdained Hasbro's Baby Alive wetting doll because I was already the kind of girl who would grow up to be childless by choice. -Lionel Shriver

The absence of state capacity – that is, of the services and protections that people in rich countries take for granted – is one of the major causes of poverty and deprivation around the world. -Angus Deaton

Our family always had animals, but they became more important to me as the years passed because they helped me deal with the absence of love. -Marlon Brando

I regard gratitude as an asset and its absence a major interpersonal flaw. -Marshall Goldsmith

We deify willpower and self-control – and mock its absence. People who achieve through remarkable willpower are 'strong' and 'heroic.' People who need help or structure are 'weak.' This is crazy – because few of us can accurately gauge or predict our willpower. -Marshall Goldsmith

I'm passionate about politics, but when it comes to political parties, I'm despondent. I'm disappointed at the absence of a sense of humanity and struggle to not become a cynic. -F. Murray Abraham

American popular culture has long been marked by an absence of empathy for American Indians. Westerns doubled as a campaign against so-called savages in a way that desensitized us to the savages we'd become. -Wesley Morris

Anyone who's ever read the lyrics of an already cherished song has most likely encountered that hollow sensation of something missing, the absence of certain emotional integers. It can be like viewing a loved one's X-rays. -Jonathan Miles

The absence of women within STEM programs is not only progressive, it is persistent – despite more than 20 years of programs intended to encourage the participation of girls and women. -Hope Jahren

The real gender inequality in marriage stems from the tendency to regard women as the default parent, the one who, in the absence of family-friendly work policies, is expected to adjust her paid work to shoulder the brunt of domestic responsibilities. -Stephanie Coontz

An absence of credible information prevents citizens from participating in public decision-making, particularly on key issues of concern such as education, health, and governance. -Ory Okolloh

In the absence of an answer that is complicated and sort of maybe troubling, we sometimes settle for the easy answer. It's easier to believe that my discomfort comes from some fact that is being hidden from me. -Kevin Young

The hoax is the very absence of truth, which usually means art is absent, too – hoaxes regularly substitute claims of reality for imagination, facts for form, acting as if artifice is the antithesis of art. -Kevin Young

In 10 years of being together – 6 while dating and 4 in marriage – my wife has never once complained about my physical or mental absence in our relationship. -Bhavish Aggarwal

I'm so voracious with books, movies, TV, and I'm always interested in the way that different cultural values are presented or, in their absence, are present. -Martine Syms

I think about freedom as not only as the absence of oppression but also the presence of justice and joy. -DeRay Mckesson

I know that the absence of my father in my life had its cost. -Bernice King

Because the American credit reporting system relies on both good and bad reports of creditworthiness, a consumer must have some kind of credit – not just the absence of bad credit. -Sarah Jeong

Forgiveness isn't just the absence of anger. I think it's also the presence of self-love, when you actually begin to value yourself. -Tara Westover

Peace is more than simply the absence of war; it is the absence of conditions that give rise to war. -Ron Dellums

The problem with Mexico isn't so much the men who govern but the lack of rules to govern by and the absence of institutions to rule with. -Denise Dresser

With Pablo, I lose my reason, and with me, he loses his head; and then all that's left is a man pursued by justice and a woman pursued by the media who know and take care of and need each other, despite the pain caused by all the absences, all his crimes and her sins. -Virginia Vallejo

Sometimes, taking a break and going somewhere else and, almost, for both parties, absence makes the heart grow fonder. -Edge

Awareness is key. In the absence of information, none of us know what is happening and what could be jeopardizing our health, our water supply, and our planet. -Erin Brockovich

People always say to me, 'Well, how can a marriage last when you're away as much as you are?' And I always say, 'Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder.' That time apart from each other has actually strengthened our relationship. -Mike Portnoy

It is quite normal these days to record a song in the absence of the composer. -Chinmayi

I feel many times we do all the hard work, but in the absence of smart work, we do not get the desired results. -Sandeep Singh

I was perhaps lucky to be born in a single-parent home where my mother, Shirin Mohammed Ali, was the sole figure I revered. My father's absence in my life in my formative years exposed me to only one person, who was my source of learning the lessons of life. So to me, listening to a woman and her worldly view is almost automatic. -Mahesh Bhatt

Policing is an integral part of governance. It is a whole, but it is also a part of the larger whole. Just like a human organ like the head, it's got intelligence, stamina, strategy and surveillance. But it cannot function independently in the absence of other life-sustaining organs. -Kiran Bedi

Neymar is the most important player in our national team. His absence is felt when he doesn't play. Same holds true for Barcelona. Such is his impact. -Rivaldo

Dad was, is, and always will be one of the kindest, most generous, gentlest souls I've ever known, and while there are few things I know for certain right now, one of them is that not just my world but the entire world is forever a little darker, less colorful, and less full of laughter in his absence. -Zelda Williams

It is known that some victims don't report crimes against their perpetrator. Many fear that they will not be believed. What is less understood is why anyone might expect people to believe they're the victim of a crime in the absence of evidence. -Andy Ngo

I took a leave of absence for a year to coach at San Francisco State under Vic Rowen, fully intending to go back to high school. -Mike Holmgren

As a result of the absence and weakness of black men, blacks have allowed every ungodly thing to influence their communities. -Jesse Lee Peterson

I am very lucky to have a wife who supports me, but the absence from my children was difficult from the moment I took a very difficult decision to have a career which requires so much dedication and focus, just like raising children. -Manuel Pellegrini

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